Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3266

“Are you worried about your Taoist?” Sacred ancestors said with a smile, “Don’t worry, the mysterious Martial Nephew is now a genius carefully cultivated by the Hail Sanctuary. Even my family to the powerhouse are quite kind to her. For the attention, what else can there be in the Hail Sanctuary?”

“Where did Xuezu and Xuanxin go now?”

“You still don’t know, the Stars Protoss held the genius genius competition, and the Snow Sister Junior Sister took the mysterious Martial Nephew and other hail sacred genius to the Starry Protoss.”

Su Fang startled, asked: “Is the Starry Protoss? Is that the starry family with the immortal powerhouse?”

“Yes, Sir Qianzi is one of the seven immortal existences of the starry sky.”

Su Fang was shocked and embarrassed.

It’s a coincidence.

A Lei Di Yin was in the hands of the immortal powerhouse.

Su Fang This time, I came to the Hail Sanctuary, and I was planning to invite the Hazel saint to immortal powerhouse to get this Lei Diyin from Qianchenzi.

Soon, the sacred Taoist ancestor brought Su Fang to the depths of the ice field and entered an independent time and space, and came to the ice sage to the powerhouse where the huge ice peaks lived.

“Su Fang Xiaoyou, please come up!” The sound of the hail saint to the powerhouse was uploaded from the ice peak.

Su Fang moved towards The ice peaks fly over.

“To powerhouse actually called Su Fang as a friend…”

Shengxu Daozu heard the name of the powerhouse to Su Fang, and it was so shocking that the back of the looked towards Su Fang was full of shocking colors.

Su Fang flies down the summit of the ice peak, a white clothed old man stands on the top of the ice peak.

Su Fang senses that the atmosphere of the old man is very empty. It seems to be like the ordinary person. In fact, it is a powerful existence of Eternal Immortal.

For the first time, he was directly face-to-face with the immortal powerhouse, and he couldn’t help but feel the cup one fist in the other hand: “See you to powerhouse!”

White clothed old man hehe A smile: “Su Fang Xiaoyou is to be polite, just a few eras, you and I should be commensurate with the generations, why not stick to these vagrants?”

Su Fang will be interested in the old man.

White clothed old man White-browed old man, shaking his head and saying: “There are some conflicts between my family and the Qianyuan people. This Eminence can’t help you. But the thousand-year-old, this Eminence is Some friendship. According to the truth, Lei Di is useless in his hands. If you are willing to pay the price that will make him tempted, he should agree with it.”

Su Fang was overjoyed.

“You and later, let this Eminence meet with Qianchen in the Temple of Eternity and put on his tone.”

White clothed old man said very simply, and then fell into the void and disappeared.

Su Fang now knows that the Eternal Temple is a force created by the immortal powerhouse, dedicated to the coordination of the family, and the Eternal Temple is also the place where the immortal powerhouse meets.

After waiting for a while, no white clothed old man appeared, Su Fang grabbed a leaf-shaped Mark Symbol and passed it out.

After a while, from the Mark Symbol, the voice of Baoshu Shenmu came: “Su Fang, is it a life-and-death crisis that needs this Eminence?”

“Although it is not a life-and-death crisis, it is no different from the crisis of life and death. I don’t know if Mother Sri can help.”

Su Fang will test the Fifth Layer and see what he wants to get from the immortal powerhouse, and come to the treasure tree.

“Tianshu is not a big family, but the refining medicine pill is well-known among the chaos and has a relationship with all ethnic groups. This Eminence can go to see the immortal powerhouse, but whether it succeeds, this Eminence can’t guarantee it.”

Su Fang’s words made Su Fang surprised and happy. Anyway, there was hope, and it’s not so dark.

Then I talked with Baoshu Goddess. Su Fang accidentally learned that Luo Tiannv also happened to be in the Starry Sky and participated in the genius battle of the Star Gods.

“It’s a coincidence. It is estimated that Xuan Xin and Tian Nu are just together at this time.” Su Fang slightly smiled.

The end of the exchange with the treasure tree mother, and soon the hail saint to the powerhouse also appeared again.

Su Fang looked towards white clothed old man and asked: “Sir has seen the thousand-year-old Sir?”

“In the Temple of Eternity, I exchanged ideas with Qian Chenzi. He did not refuse, but he needs this Eminence to take you to the Starry Sky.”


“This Eminence mentions your out of the ordinary, and Qian Chenzi is also very curious, so I want to see you.”

Su Fang’s mind hidden path: “It seems that the thousand-year-old child wants to take advantage of the opportunity, but does not want to speak directly…”

However, things have finally had some eyebrows, and Su Fang has a lot of solid heart.

To the white clothed old man cup one fist in the other hand, thank you: “many thanks Sir, this love will be remembered in the heart.”

White clothed old man hehe smiled and said with white beard: “Your Taoist is my hail saint discrimination, this Eminence does not help you? And you must be beyond the Taoist ancestor to become the same existence as this Eminence In the future, when the Hail Sanctuary needs your help, you will not stand by.

The reality is that you have the strength and potential to be respected and get help from the powerhouse, otherwise who will put you in the eye?

White clothed old man Immediately took Su Fang, left the Hail Sanctuary, and went to the Starry Sky.

Su Fang also saw how the immortal powerhouse is the same as the Heavenly Dao.

White clothed old man Inhales Su Fang into the interior of the palace, and looks like a state of nothingness. It is in harmony with the ethereal Heavenly Dao. It is difficult to form any flaws in time and space, and it will shuttle through time and space.

When he released Su Fang from the interior of the Taoist palace, he had already come to the vast expanse of the starry sky, and he had already arrived at the starry sky.

Su Fang 掐 refers to a calculation, before and after is the time of three days.

White clothed old man Released the mind, after the exchange with Qianchenzi, his eyebrows suddenly twisted, started talking: “Qianchenzi said that he is refining a key Xuanbao, it will take some time to see you. ”

Su Fang said: “It will be fine for a while, just to see my heart.”

“It can only be like this. Go and go, wait for Qianchenzi to have an echo. This Eminence will contact you again and go to see Qianchenzi together.”

White clothed old man When the dagger was in the first place, the figure disappeared into nothingness and disappeared.

Su Fang moved towards the depths of the sky, teleporting, about three months, to a huge star.

At his speed, in the starry sky, it takes three months to see the time and space of the starry sky.

This is also Su Fang’s desire to appreciate the cultivation civilization of the Starry Sky. He did not go through the Xuanmen Gate and delayed a lot of time along the way.

On this way, Su Fang has seen a strong alien cultivation civilization, which is more than a million times stronger than the human race?

The starry sky occupied by the starry sky has countless stars. Almost every star has a virtual powerhouse, and the cultívation exceeds 100 billion.

In one after another, Su Fang sensed the atmosphere of Taoist and Taoist priests. These powerhouses are the top powerhouses in the human race, but in the starry sky, they are extremely common.

Su Fang also encountered a variety of extremely powerful flying Xuan Bao, as well as countless powerful Divine Beast mount, this scene, radically seen in human race World.

“One day, I will lead the human race, expand the territory in chaos, and create a cultivation civilization that belongs to the human race!”

Su Fang’s heart was shocked, and he also set his sights on the vast chaos.

Reze’s original world is no better, it can only be used as a human race. A human race, Sacred Land, will sooner or later enter the chaos and integrate into the family, so that it can become stronger.

Steady towards that big star, that is the main star of the starry sky.

“We must see mysterious heart and the goddess!”

Su Fang slightly smiled ,moved towards Entering the main star’s Xuanmen fly away.


Just as Su Fang arrived at the starry sky, a starry sky was over the starry sky, a palace floating in the nebula.

Every few thousands of years, the Starry Sky will convene a genius genius controversy to provide a platform for talents of all races to show their talents.

It is said that it is a hundred people. In fact, there are more than one hundred races. This time, the genius fights for a total of more than 3,000 races.

At this time, the genius battle has ended, and the starhouse’s powerhouse specially held this reception to entertain the various ethnic genius from all directions.

Those who can enter the interior of the palace are all genius genius who entered the thousand races in the genius battle.

Don’t look down on the top one.

A total of more than 3,000 powerful races, more than 10 million genius participated in the battle, and are carefully selected seedlings of all races.

The ability to participate in the genius battle, is the real genius, killing the first thousand, can be described as one of the best, genius in genius, in the future from these seedling, I do not know how many saints, ancestors, even immortal.

The genius in the palace is divided into circles one after another according to their respective origins and achievements in this genius battle.

The three youngsters sitting high in the first place are the top three genius in this genius battle.

Sitting in the middle of a silver-haired youth, born handsome out of the ordinary, a pair of eyes like two stars, noble temperament, is a peerless genius from the starry sky, is also the first place in this genius battle.

“It’s really boring!” The silver-haired youngster put down the wine glass, a look of interest.

“I knew that it was so boring, this Eminence should go to the brothel, where drinking is much more fun!”

On the right side, a youngster wearing a red robe shook his head with a smile, the face of the country, his face was rough, and he had a black horn on his head, revealing a supreme domineering.

“Beauty is not easy, as long as the Star Master Young Master and the Capricorn Young Master have a look, which beauty in the palace is not rushing to send a hug? Play that’s all, wait for the genius to end, and each time Family.” Another elegant youngster laughed.

The eyes swept in the interior of the palace, and finally fell on the table of the beautiful cultivator in the corner of the palace.

Seeing one of the women wearing a snowflake robes, and a green-clothed woman, the eyes of the elegant youngster immediately lit up: “I don’t think there is such a woman with such a look and temperament.”

Silver-haired youngster and black-horned youngster look past.

Silver hair youngster slightly smiled, the first words: “The white clothed woman, this Eminence.”

Black-horned youngster grinned: “This Eminence likes the youngest, the little girl in green clothes, this Eminence is going to be.”

“It seems that I have to find another goal.”

Elegant younger hehe smiled and got up and walked towards the corner of the palace.

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