Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3267

The woman in the snow robes is the mysterious heart, and the girl in green is the Luotian girl.

The two of them were sent by the hail saints and the Tianshu people to participate in the genius battle of the starry sky, showing out of the ordinary innate talent and strength, and they fell into the ranks of thousands.

Therefore, they are qualified to sit in the palace, but they did not want to be pegged.

“Two ladies!”

The elegant youngster came to the table and spoke gently to Xuan Xin and Luo Tian.

“this Eminence Qin Yang, Star Master Young Master and Capricorn Young Master have invited two to accompany a glass of wine, please!”

The elegant youngster is smiling and looks very polite, but in reality it reveals a hegemony that makes Xuan Xin and Luo Tian women irresistible.

“Qin Yang Young Master? It turned out to be Qin Yang Young Master!”

“The Star Master Young Master and the Capricorn Young Master actually invited the two women to meet the great good fortune!”

At the same table, the female cultívation from different races, looked at towards the eyes of Xuan Xin and Luo Tian, ​​full of embarrassment, and the surrounding genius are also talking.

Star Brake, Capricorn, and Qin Yang are the top three of the genius genius. They are all born in a strong race. Which female cultivator does not admire?

Mysterious eyebrows are slightly stunned, started talking: “Sorry, I don’t drink alcohol with my goddess younger sister.”

Qin Yang smiled and said: “That is, please sit down in the past and make a relationship with the Young Master and the Young Master of the Capricorn. Why does this lady refuse to be a thousand miles away?”

“I actually refused the Three Great Young Master, really fail to appreciate somebody’s kindness?”

At the same table, a female cultivator from the starry sky gave a sneer.

Luo Tian female sacred heart sound transmission: “Xuan Xin elder sister, if you offended the three, I am afraid that will bring no small trouble to the Hazel and the Tianshu people. In the past, there is no harm in knowing it.”

“It’s worth it.”

Xuan Xin’s dagger promised that she was not a vase. In the universe of Pan Cang, she also experienced countless winds and waves. This scene can naturally cope.

Came to the first place.

Xuan Xin and Luo Tianfu toasted the three genius. When it was the turn of the Luotian women to toast the Capricorn, Capricorn suddenly said: “The wine of the starry sky has no taste. Since you have come to help, can you have no good wine? Or try me. The evil spirits!”

After he finished grabbing a jade bottle, he poured out two large glasses of wine.

The wine is red and bloody, and it has a seductive atmosphere. Just sniffing it, it gives people a feeling of floating, followed by a passionate passion from within the body.

The silver-haired youngster star-shaded dashing eyebrows rose and immediately smiled. The elegant youngster named Qin Yang is a sinister color in the squat.

Luo Tian female looks like she is only fifteen years old, but she is a man of two generations. How can she not see the problem with wine?

I just didn’t think that this Capricorn Young Master was so unscrupulous, and actually made this shameless thing above the reception.

Luo Tian female coldly snorted, cold and ice: “This wine is still your own drink!”

Qin Yang said with a smile : “Miss Tian Tian, ​​Capricorn Young Master’s wine, how can you deny it?”

The Star Brake also followed the opening: “A glass of wine is only a part of the area. If the lady is deductive, it is too much to give the face of Capricorn Young Master.”

Xuan Xin is about to make a debut, suddenly startled, flashing the color of surprise in the eyelids, toward the Luotian girl: “God, go, he came to the starry sky!”


Luo Tian’s daughter stunned, and immediately understood it, and her eyes became very embarrassing.

The two immediately turned and left, leaving the palace without returning.

In the eyes of the public, the three Great Young Masters were left there by Xuan Xin and Luo Tian, ​​and they couldn’t stand their faces.

The atmosphere in the entire great hall suddenly became tense, and no one dared to laugh and drink.

Capricorn sullenly said: “Go, call the two women back, this Eminence wine, do not drink Hah!”

Immediately, there was a cultívation of the evil Mozu who left the palace and pursued Xuan Xin and Luo Tian.

Less than a musk time, the evil Mozu cultívation returned: “Capricorn Young Master, the two women…they, they were on a roadside stall in the city, with a human race man Together, and seeing how they look very intimate. Let them come back to accompany Young Master, the human race man is outspoken.”

There was a silence in the hall.

Mo Zhenran asked: “Human race? Human race is a strong race?”

Some people in the great hall responded: “What kind of race is human race? It is the lowest race, and the two women, although they are from the Hail and the Tianshu, are actually human races.”

“The human race of trivial ant, dare to be so arrogant in the starry sky?” Capricorn sneered, and then left the palace.

“This is more interesting than wine…” Star Brake smiled and followed Capri.

At the sight of the excitement, many genius from various ethnic groups in the palace have followed.

Star City Wangcheng.

A volley-filled building forms a long street, full of traffic and a prosperous scene.

A small stall outside the tavern, Su Fang is talking with Xuan Xin and Luo Tian women while drinking wine.

Seeing this scene, let the cultívation who came and go are all in sight.

“Where did the cultívation come from, so that these two stunning women will accompany you?”

“Hey, now this world, good food has been arched by pigs!”

“And I still arched two good dishes at once, it was so angry!”

Some people are talking about it.

Su Fang At this moment, the cultivator is suppressed, which is lower than the cultivation base of Xuan Xin and Luo Tian female.

Such a cultivation base, in the human race is already a powerhouse, and in the starry sky, at most it is an expert, and it is still an ordinary expert.

An ordinary Taoist in the district, actually holding two big beautiful women on the left and right, can you not hate people?


The Capricorn flew over and landed in front of the booth.

Seeing Su Fang and Xuan Xin and Luo Tian Nu are so intimate, the anger of the Capricorn’s eyes ignited.

Immediately moved towards the mysterious heart and Luo Tian female screamed: “Two refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit 贱 woman!”

Su Fang’s eyebrows are a roll.

Before he spoke, genius, such as Star Brake and Qin Yang, came one after another, and the stalls were immediately surrounded by water.

Xuan Xin and Luo Tiannu are nervous. Although they know the strength of Su Fang out of the ordinary, they are not sure about the true strength of Su Fang at this time, not to mention the starry sky.

Xuan Xin grabbed a Mark Symbol and asked for help from Xuezu. Suddenly Su Fang’s voice rang in her mind: “I am afraid, I am afraid.”

Seeing Su Fang’s light and faint look, Xuan Xin and Luo Tianfu are like a heart-breaking pill, and their hearts are suddenly fixed.

Qin Yang looked toward towards Su Fang and made a sneer: “human race 蝼 ants, you better ruin the cultivation base now, otherwise, it is difficult for you to leave the starry family alive.”

Su Fang picks up the wine glass, Chao Xuan and Luo Tiannv: “The wine here is very good, drink it!”

After drinking the wine from the wine glass, the words of Qin Yang, and the many genius around him, he was completely air.

With the strength of Su Fang at this time, it is difficult to have opponents under immortality. The cultívation of these Taoist heights is no different from the ants in his eyes. It is indeed possible to ignore them.

Su Fang This time, the starry sky family is an immortal powerhouse that has a desire for the starry sky. I didn’t want to provoke anything right or wrong.

However, Xuan Xin and Luo Tian female were bullied, and Su Fang could sit still and watch?

Under the gaze of everyone, Qin Yang was ignored by Su Fang, and a refined face suddenly showed an angry color, shouted: “蝼 ants, this Eminence is talking to you? Are your ears stunned?”

Su Fang put down the wine glass and took a look at Qin Yang. Indifferently said: “If you are now a cultivation base, I can spare you.”

Qin Yang was dumbfounded.

There are many genius around, and all laughed loudly.

Capricorn said with a smile : “蝼 蚁, this Eminence first abolished you, and then in front of your face, let these two women serve this Eminence …”

When the words were not lost, Capricorn broke out with an evil and overbearing will to crush the Su Fang Daogong.

Su Fang was indifferent, and a slaughter would spurt out, directly crushing the heart of Capricorn, and the consciousness was also wiped out, becoming an idiot, ploping down on the ground.

There was a dead silence around you.

“It turned out to be a powerhouse. Hey, the starry sky is not a place where you are arrogant. You abolish the Capricorn Young Master. Even if you are a Taoist, you can’t escape!” Qin Yang gave a sneer and retired.

Su Fang casually Authentic: “I just said that if you are abolishing the palace, I will spare you not to die.”

“lunatic !”

Qin Yang disdain sneer, and a melodious sound from the inside of the body, the whole person becomes nothingness, it must disappear from Su Fang’s eyes.

Su Fang thought of a move.

Qin Yang, who was about to go to see it, was caught by Su Fang from the emptiness and rolled to the ground, making a scream.

Su Fang broke the martial law of Qin Yang and revoked his Taoist palace.

In the face of the anger of the powerhouse, genius are also all weak chickens and ants.

Many genius were once again shocked, and each and everyone trembled and fled back.

Star Brake is self-defeating, but still not afraid, moved towards Su Fang shouted: “human race cultivator, you know what a disaster you have left?”

“I just forced my Taoist toast, and you? Your Majesty!” Su Fang released a will and landed on the Star Brake.

“You are not a Taoist, you are a Taoist…”

The will of the star brake collapsed and had to kneel down to Su Fang, and the look of looking towards Su Fang was full of awe.

“Dignified Daozu, even so bullying Junior, can the starry sky allow you?” A cryly shouted came, followed by more than a dozen cultívation people.

The cultívation with the starry sky, and the powerhouse of the Capricorn and Qinyang are all powerful figures of the Daozu.

The head of the person is a powerful ancestor of the starry sky, but not the height of the Taoist Peak.

“Bullying Junior?” Su Fang sneered with a sneer. “My buddies were bullied by them. Where are you? I was offended by these Juniors and I tried to abolish me. Where are you?”

A murderous amur murderous aura screamed and angered: “You abolish my evil genius genius, you are here to argue? This Eminence wants you to pay for your life!”

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