Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3269

Starry road? !

Su Fang doesn’t know much about the starry sky, and naturally does not know what the starry sky is.

However, from the expression of white clothed old man and what is said, the so-called starry road is not only difficult, but also very dangerous.

Qianchenzi said indifferently: “If you want to get Lei Diyin, you will finish the starry road, otherwise you will not talk. Hail Old Ancestor, no wonder this Eminence does not talk about friendship, please, don’t send it!”

After he finished his roll, he directly issued the order.

“Qian Chenzi, the friendship between you and me, it seems to stop here, Su Fang, go!”

White clothed old man Annoyed, cast a god shiver to Su Fang, leaving the depths of the Milky Way.

“The relationship between this Eminence and the hail, plus the human race cultivator’s future achievements must be out of the ordinary, and the district’s Lei Di printed to the human race cultivator is no problem… but the Tianzu also wants to this Eminence Asking for Lei Diyin, this Eminence does not want to offend the Tianzu, and can only put the relationship aside.”

Qianchenzi reluctantly sighed.

Then he waved his hand and a divine glow flashed from nothingness, quickly turning into a phantom from the seven generations of the Zhou family.

“Qian Chenzi, have you rejected the old Ancestor?” asked the seven ancestors of the Tianzu.

“This Eminence lets the human race Su Fang go to the starry sky, and it is tantamount to rejecting him in disguise. Presumably he will retreat, so this Eminence will leave some to the old Ancestor. feelings.”

“Starry Sky Road? It’s the Secret Realm that you created by the Starry family to imitate Eternal Heaven Road? This Eminence has heard that, under immortality, there has never been a cultívation who can walk the entire starry path and is extremely dangerous. There are countless cultívation of all ethnic groups who died on the path of the Starry Way.

Qianchenzi reveals his own color: “Yes, it is the starry road.”

“Why is it so troublesome, directly rejecting the old Ancestor, let Su Fang break his mind, isn’t it better?”

“This Eminence used to owe the old Ancestor to the hail, and it is not good to directly reject it. What’s more, the starry road is extremely dangerous, then if the human race cultivator is dead on the road, is it as you wish?”

“It’s also true, it seems that this Eminence has to wait for some time.”

“I can’t wait for a long time. Maybe the old Ancestor is hopeless and has left the starry race with the human race cultivator.”


“Senior, where is the Starry Way?”

Returning to the starry star, Su Fang can’t wait to ask.

White clothed old man replied: “You don’t even ask, this Eminence will tell you. Do you know Eternal Heaven?”

Su Fang shook his head and said: “I have never heard of it.”

“Eternal Heaven Road is a path from the real World to the Temple of Eternity. This is also the beginning of the eternal temple. Many immortal powerhouses agreed that in order to give hope to the cultivating cultivating people, it was specifically created. A path to the Temple of Eternity.”

“As long as you walk through Eternal Heaven and reach the Eternal Temple that exists in Heavenly Dao, then even if the power is not immortal, you can enjoy the same identity and power as other immortal powerhouses.”

“And 闯Eternal Heaven Road, also a platform for those who are born out of the ordinary cultívation, if they show out of the ordinary on the Eternal Heaven road, they are valued by the immortal powerhouse, and they will fly from the sky.”

White clothed old man Xu Xudao, Su Fang knows what is Eternal Heaven Road.

Then white clothed old man said with a bitter smile : “Maybe the immortal powerhouse overestimates the cultívation in the chaotic people, or perhaps the Eternal Heaven road is too difficult, from the vast to the present, although rising from the Eternal Heaven road There are countless powerhouses, but no one has ever walked through Eternal Heaven Road.”

Su Fang understands that the so-called Eternal Heaven Road is the place where the immortal powerhouse is dedicated to the selection of potential cultívation, but it is impossible to pass.

Su Fang then asked: “What is the relationship between Starry Road and Eternal Heaven Road?”

“Starry Sky Road is the secret realm of the starry sky. Secret Realm is very similar to Eternal Heaven Road. Although it is not as good as Eternal Heaven Road, it is even more dangerous than Eternal Heaven Road. Since its opening, it has died. The cultívation of the various ethnic groups in the Starry Way, the bones of the corpse can be stacked on one side.”

The white clothed old man’s words made Su Fang sink.

Qian Chenzi proposed such a condition, clearly deliberately martyrdom, and even wanted Su Fang to die on the starry road.

“Like Eternal Heaven Road, the Starry Way has never been completed. The Starry Way is certainly not as good as the Eternal Heaven Road. The immortal cultívation may have such a glimmer of hope, but hope is very embarrassing. ”

“Su Fang, not this Eminence will not help you, this Eminence did not expect that the thousand-year-old will turn faceless, that’s all, you still completely dispel the thoughts of the starry road, and then think of other methods.”

“Senior has tried his best, this person, Su Fang will definitely remember in mind.” Su Fang moved towards white clothed old man, and then said: “Sir and back to the ice sanctuary, I will stay in the starry sky again. Maybe I can find a way.”

“This Eminence sees you still don’t give up? This said Eminence has already said, if you want to go to the starry sky, you have your own idea.”

White clothed old man Knowing that it is difficult to change Su Fang’s idea, shaking his head and sighing, his body shape disappeared into nothingness and disappeared.

Su Fang returns to the main star and collects information on the Starry Way.

Sure enough, as the white clothed old man said, the starry road is not only difficult, but also extremely dangerous.

In the starry sky, according to the arrangement of stars, the evolution of the law, cultívation to withstand the test of a variety of powerful attacks, shuttle three hundred sixty five stars.

Since the opening of the Starry Way, no one has ever reached the end, and there are countless cultívation people who have fallen in the middle, including many peerless figures.

However, there are also many cultívation people who show out of the ordinary in the starry sky. They are valued by the starry sky and are recruited by the starry sky.

On top of the end of the genius genius, the finals are placed in the stars, but they are placed in the lowest level of stars.

“I can’t get Lei Diyin, not only will I be obliterated by the original world of Lei Ze, but the entire human race will also be unable to escape the fate. Even if it is difficult, I will also get the Lei Di Yin, that starry road, no matter how Go and take a trip!”

Su Fang has no other choice but to go to the starry sky.

And he has a very confident self-confidence, and he may not be able to do things that others can’t.

Suddenly told Xuan Xin and Luo Tian, ​​Su Fang retired in Cave Mansion.

Knowing that Su Fang is going to go to the starry sky, Xuan Xin and Luo Tiannu are worried, but they all know what Su Fang shoulders and do not stop Su Fang.

About a hundred years.

Su Fang left Cave Mansion, Xuan Xin and Luo Tian Nu, as well as Xuezu and Tianshu, who had long waited outside Cave Mansion.

“Su Fang, take care!”

Xuan Xin and Luo Tian female seem to be very relaxed, but in reality, there is tension in the depths.

“Xuan Xin, Goddess, you are here to see how I walked through the starry road!”

Su Fang smiled domineeringly, then went straight to the place where the starry powers concentrated.

Come to a floating mountain surrounded by a nebula.

Su Fang was blocked by a powerful enchantment, a starry ancestral ancestor flew out, feeling Su Fang’s breath, divine light slightly changed, started talking: “Interracial cultívation, here is the star peak Sacred Land, unless it is to starry sky Law Road, otherwise no one can be close!”

Su Fang said indifferently: “Follow the life of Sir Qianchen, I am coming to the starry sky.”

“Thousands of Old Ancestor let you come to the Starry Way?”

Shouxing Xingfeng Xingkong Powerhouse is not awkward, carefully look at Su Fang, then open the enchantment channel and let Su Fang enter the top of the mountain.

The peak of the mountain is another sacred place, which is a vast formation composed of five hundred sixty five large altars.

The arrangement of the altar seems to be simple, but in reality it contains infinite changes. With Su Fang’s cultivation base and formation level, only some fur can be seen, and it is difficult to see the mystery of the formation.

After Su Fang enters the formation, he will come to the formation central disk under the guidance of the starry sky powerhouse.

“Interracial cultívation, the starry sky will be opened, once you step into it, you must be careful!” The starry ancestors moved towards Su Fang.

Su Fang said: “Know it, let’s get started!”

Bang bang bang!

Three hundred sixty Five altars, at the same time a path of dazzling starburst.

The stars are staggered and criss-crossed, distorting the Void, and a vast starry sky appears above the head of Su Fang.

The change in the sky above the stars has caused the attention of countless star-space families and cultívians from other races.

“Someone starred in the sky!”

“In the genius battle, the starry sky road has been opened once. It should be said that it will not be opened again in a short time. Now, how can anyone smash the starry sky?”

“Look, this time the Starry Way is being fully opened, not when genius fights, just open the bottom layer!”

“Who is so powerful, how dare to star the sky?”

“Another one is dead!”

Shua shua Shua!

Numerous cultívation people flew toward the peak of the stars, and countless cultívation people looked up at the starry sky.

Xuan Xin, Luo Tiannu, Xue Zu and the others, are also staring at the starry sky.

Luo Tiannuo asked nervously: “Xuan Xin Elder Sister, do you think Su Fang is not sure?”

“Reassuring, there seems to be no thing that Su Fang can’t do. How many miracles did he create since he met him from the Cang universe?”

“But…the sky is in the sky, and no one has ever come to an end, and the loser is ninee deaths and still alive …”

Luo Tian female’s words, so that Xuan Xin is also nervous.

Xuezu sighed: “Su Fang dared to go to the starry sky, this is the power, this Eminence is not as good as it is, no wonder he can have such heaven defying achievements.”

The Taozu Powerhouse from the Tianshu family said: “I hope he is not overestimate one’s capabilities.”

Under the eyes of the public, Su Fang flies up and flies directly into the starry sky.

Once stepped into the starry sky.

From his feet, he immediately rushed out of the star, quickly condensed into a starlight avenue, leading to the deepest part of the void.

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