Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3271

As Qianqianzi and Tianzu’s seven ancestors said, the last few layers, breaking through each layer of the starry sky, are like transcending the heavens.

However, beyond the expectations of two immortal powerhouses, Su Fang shattered the three hundred and six 11th-layer stars, followed by three hundred and six 12th-layer and three hundred and six 13th-layer.

In the end, Su Fang exhibited the great returning technique and shattered the 360th 13th-layer starry sky.

However, his fleshly body and the Dojo were not hurt, and the speed of walking on the Starlight Avenue became slow and became commonplace with mortals.

In fact, he just went to the next layer of the starry sky, in the body to promote the blood of the king, smashing the life and energy of the blood pig, to quickly restore strength.

In the eyes of the public, Su Fang stepped into the 364th 14th-layer.

Above the star of the starry sky, a burst of sound is like a spring thunder.

Starry Road, the third hundred and six 14th-layer!

This height, since the creation of the Starry Way, only one star celestial ancestor has reached this height.

Although it did not pass this layer, this Taoist ancestor also rose from this heaven defying, and then successfully broke through the Daozu limit and became Eternal Immortal.

Bang bang bang!

Su Fang from the starlight boulevard, one into the 360th 14th-layer starry sky, feels like falling into a huge stone mill.

Countless stars are divided into two distinct types, one is dazzling, the other is bleak.

The two stars, light and dark, are arranged between the Great Dao of Yin-Yang formation, Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, and there is a terrible distortion and strangulation power, which is to crush everything.

Su Fang’s heart, the soul of the source is shaking for the first time.

However, his immortal heart and immortal soul are hard to be shaken.

His defense was constantly suppressed and grinded, and the fleshly body and the palace were under tremendous pressure and began to falter.

“I finally couldn’t bear it. I almost scared this Eminence!” Around the star peak, the middle-aged ancestor of the star robe said, long sighed in relief.

It’s amazing!

Three hundred and six 14th-layer, among the current starry sky, no one can achieve this step under immortality.

Star Brake stares at Su Fang’s body shape, and his heart is full of frustration.

He is so confident that even if he can become a Taoist prince in the future, he will never be able to reach such a height on the Starry Way.

This height cannot be exceeded!

“Su Fang, we must stick to it!”

Xuan Xin and Luo Tiannun always watched Su Fang’s every move. At this moment, Su Fang was injured. The two broke their lips and flowed out of the blood, but they didn’t notice it.

“Three hundred and six 14th-layer, it should be his limit… so a peerless person, you must not let him die here!” The hail saint to the powerhouse witnessed this scene, and his heart was also shocked.

Immediately passed the thoughts to Qianchenzi: “Qianchenzi, immediately save Su Fang out, if he died on the road of the sky, you and me will be decisive!”

Qianchenzi began to hesitate.

Su Fang’s amazing performance is enough to prove that he will definitely surpass the Dazu limit in the future and become an immortal.

At this time, if Qianchenzi is shot, it is equal to the Sir love of two immortal powerhouses. There is no loss for him. This account is cost-effective anyway.

Where do you know~

Not waiting for Qianchenzi to shoot, the sound of the Primordial Spirit of the seven ancestors of the Tianzu family followed: “Qianchenzi, if the human race cultivator is alive, my genius genius will die, you will save him, it is equal to heaven. The Zhou family made a big feud.”


The seven ancestors of the Tianzu family went on and said: “It is the human race cultivator that seeks dead end. It is also alive to die on the starry sky. If you can stand by and watch, it is a matter of heaven and earth.” You look at it!”

Qianchenzi hesitated again and again, or gave up the intention to save.

The third hundred and six 14th-layer in the sky.

“Going to the present step, you can only fight!”

Su Fang’s eyes flashed a decisive color, and then showed great good fortune.

From the destruction, the end, to the creation and evolution of the Force of Heavenly Dao, it burst into a pillar of Primal Chaos, shattering the stars, tearing the stars, and the yin and yang stars are broken.

One after another The stars fell and fell from both sides of the starlight avenue.

Among the stars flying in the sky, Su Fang walked step by step, although very slow, but the pace is extremely firm.

He grabbed more than a dozen medicine pills and swallowed them. He also spurred the bloody kings and vines to swallow the life and energy of those “blood pigs.”

The main star of the entire starry sky, the silence of death.

“That human race cultivator, heaven defying!”

“Through the three hundred and six 14th-layer stars, there is no such thing!”

“Immature, this person will be able to reach Avenue in the future, and achieve Eternal Immortal!”

The starry sky powerhouse around the star peak, at this time looked towards Su Fang’s eyes are not only shocking, but also incomparable awe.

Awe in powerhouse, this is true in any race.

Su Fang’s powerful strength has completely convinced the powerhouses of these starry people.

The previous contempt and contempt for Su Fang and the entire human race disappeared at this moment.

Quiet for a long time.

The middle-aged ancestor of the robes of the robes said: “The human race cultivator, it won’t… can’t you take the entire starry road?”


This is the first thought of every star family powerhouse.

Immediately, I began to question my own thoughts. Maybe this time, the human race cultivator can really create a miracle.

“Oh, it’s over, Su Fang really passed!”

Xuan Xin and Luo Tian female spirits are loose, and their body shape is awkward. If it is not Xuezu’s timely shot, it will fall to the ground.

“There is also the last layer of starry sky. If the 360th 15th-layer starry sky can’t pass, everything in front must be zero.”

The Tianzu people’s ancestors poured cold water on Xuan Xin and Luo Tian women without mercy, and the two women were nervous again.

“Thousands of thousands of children, do not need you to save, Su Fang himself passed the 360th 14th-layer starry sky, hey, see what else you can say!” Hail saints to powerhouse to pass the thoughts to Qianchenzi, A sneer at Qianchenzi.

Then he proudly said: “The legendary no one can pass the starry sky, the original method is just the same… Qianchenzi, you are still ready for Lei Diyin, wait for Su Fang to finish the starry road, directly pay give him.”

Qianchenzi said: “Hail Old Ancestor, you don’t want to be too early. Although the starry road of my family is not as good as Eternal Heaven Road, the human race cultivator wants to finish the starry road, impossible!”

“Let’s wait and see, wait for Su Fang to finish the starry sky, see where you and the face of the starry sky are!” Hail’s holy family to powerhouse responded politely, but he did not have much confidence in Su Fang.

Su Fang walks slowly on the starlight avenue.

He is deliberately delaying the time and trying to restore some strength as much as possible before entering the last starry sky.


Inside the Taoist Temple, one after another, an alien ancestor, including three Tianzu ancestors, was sucked up by the king of blood and cultivation base, and turned into a broken bone.

Su Fang’s original languid breath also began to recover at an alarming rate.

Fifteen days.

Su Fang finally stepped into the last starry sky.

At this moment, it is very eye-catching.

Not only those ordinary cultívation and starry ancestors powerhouse, there are several exist in the starry sky legendary immortal powerhouse, but also the consciousness comes, paying attention to Su Fang’s every move.

The thirty-sixth 15th-layer starry sky, although it is a starry sky, has no star in it, but a space where the high and pure source of the air is floating.

That breath is the Qi of Primordial Chaos.

As soon as Su Fang entered, he was immediately shackled, and his feet were stuck as if he had been stuck. It was extremely difficult to take a step forward.

On both sides of the starlight boulevard, the Qi of Primordial Chaos swells from the top, and there is a Heavenly Dao that brings all life back to its source, constantly slamming Su Fang’s defense.

Although there is no horrible attack on the last starry sky, there is a horrible power that makes everything disappear and everything goes to chaos, which is more amazing than any Divine Ability.

Not only Qi of Primordial Chaos.

The majestic and icy Heavenly Dao will in the space, like a tidal wave, rolled into Su Fang, impacting Su Fang’s heart and will.

There is also a powerful fortune in the operation of Heavenly Dao, which constantly oppresses Su Fang’s gas, and plunders and crushes his gas.

After walking for three days, I still couldn’t see the end, and Su Fang stopped.

“The last layer of the starry sky must be broken to break through this starry sky. However, with my current strength, it is impossible to break this square space!”

Su Fang no longer walks, sits down on the starlight avenue, and exerts defense while pushing and pondering.

“Great return to the art, great good fortune surgery, can not tear this layer of stars.

The longevity lamp, the scorpion stone, and all my bodies are hard to work. ”

“The last layer of the starry sky, the starry sky, unless it is the ultimate powerhouse limit, you can’t breakthrough!”

Eventually Su Fang came up with a result that made him almost desperate.

As the surrounding Qi of Primordial Chaos continued to slam and the rolling pressure continued to sweep, Su Fang was gradually compressed with the defense of the Qi of Primordial Chaos.

A hundred zhang, ten zhang, azhang…

“This last layer of starry sky was created by the starry sky immortal powerhouse simulation Heavenly Dao. I am not an immortal powerhouse for a long time, and it is difficult to fight against Heavenly Dao.”

“It’s not that the Divine Ability I created is not strong enough, but I can’t take the big return and great good fortune to the extreme.”

“How can I make the big form and the greatid fortune’s formidable power to the extreme?”


The more critical moments, the potential of Su Fang in all aspects was spurred to the extreme, and the fate of the body was deduced again and again, and between the electric and the flint, it was a billions of deductions.

However, what results can be derived in this short period of time?

Again and again, Su Fang consumes amazing lifespan.

His face began to age, his hair gradually became gray, and his breath quickly entered a state of wilting.

“It seems that I really want to die here this time…”

Su Fang smiled and smiled, but she was helpless and powerless.

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