Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3272

Touch the Sky Gate, vowed to be a cultivator.

At Small World, he was forced into the door of Xianyu by Xue Crown Prince.

In the Great World, All Heavens and Myriad Realms, and the nine Xuan Shen domain, encountering strong enemies, life and death, and repeatedly surpassing Peak’s experience.

From the beginning of cultívation, to the present scene, I have been flashing in my mind.

“I want to embark on the Avenue of Peak, I can’t think of the last step in the pedestrian Peak, but in the end I am defeated… I am not willing!”

“But… I don’t regret it, at least I am dead on the way to Peak!”

I miss this.

Su Fang’s heart was relieved, and his mind was laid down.

He closed his eyes and smiled calmly.

“That human race cultivator gave up!”

“This person is amazing, but it is difficult to heaven defying for a long time, still can not pass the last layer of stars.”

“It’s a pity, it’s a pity!”

“This person, though he failed, is a true repairer and deserves my generation’s respect!”

Seeing Su Fang’s intention to give up, there was a sigh on the starry star.

The starry sky ancestors powerhouses are also sighing, someone moved towards Su Fang cup one fist in the other hand.

Su Fang was able to take this step and let all star-space powerhouses be impressed.

At this time, it is difficult for Su Fang to go beyond the final step. While he feels sorry for them, these powerhouses are also full of respect for Su Fang.

“Su Fang …”

Luo Tian female made a scream, immediately fainted, was inhaled into the palace by the tree ancestors of that day.

Xuan Xin also closed his eyes in pain.

Just as she was desperate, her abdomen twitched, her spirit suddenly rose, her hands covered her abdomen, and her eyes showed a gratifying and decisive color.

The hail saint to the powerhouse still did not give up, continue to pass the thoughts to Qianchenzi: “Qianchenzi, if you take Su Fang out of the starry road at this time, this Eminence promised to give you a Hongmeng Tianbao!”

“Hong Meng Tian Bao?! What kind of Hong Meng Tian Bao?” Qian Chenzi was shocked and happy.

Immediately calm down, “Hail Old Ancestor, you should not save the human race cultivator, will you want to bring out your hail saint Clan Protecting Treasure to this Eminence?”

“Of course not. It is not the treasure of the Hazel saint, but the human race Su Fang. He has a Hongmeng Tianbao. It is the treasure of the gods and sons of the Vibrant Chaos… the longevity lamp!”

“The longevity lamp? The longevity lamp actually falls in the hands of the human race cultivator?”

“This Eminence will lie to you? If you save him at this time, I will let him give you the longevity lamp.”

“A word is fixed!”

Qian Chenzi promised to come down.

Where do you know~

Just as Qianchenzi is ready to shoot, in the 360th 15th-layer starry sky, the mutation is sudden.

Hong long long !

A whimsical thunder sounded in the 360th 15th-layer starry sky.

The will of Heavenly Dao will come suddenly, and everything in the space of Hongmeng will be difficult to stop this will.

The entire Hongmeng space is still at rest, and the various attacks engulfed by Su Fang are also quiescent.

Through the ruthless Heavenly Dao will, strength, quickly condensed over Su Fang’s head into a blade, thousand zhang size, thunder light flashing.

“That is… three corpses!”

“The human race cultivator cultívation is Supreme Great Dao. You need to smash three corpses. At this time, he is on the last floor of the Starry Way, and he has to take a corpse!”

The old Ancestor, the thousand-year-old and the seven ancestors of the Tianzu, and the starry sky in the dark, the immortal powerhouse, no one is not surprised and embarrassed.

“If you go to the three corpses, you will go to everything, and you will be with Heavenly Dao. The human race cultivator has already taken a corpse, and if you smash another corpse, the strength will surely skyrocket several times!”

“out of the ordinary, this human race cultivator big out of the ordinary !”

“If he can walk out of the starry sky, it will take a long time, and there will be an immortal seat in the Temple of Eternity!”

The starry sky immortal powerhouse communicates in secret.

Hail Old Ancestor was also an accident, and immediately laughed: “Qian Chenzi, it seems that you do not need to shoot.”

Qian Chenzi said: “Hmph, even if it is a breakthrough, his chance to pass this last layer of starry sky is still not big.”

Hail Old Ancestor said: “Qian Chenzi, Su Fang If it is an immortal achievement, it must be an immortal powerhouse. If you help him at this time, can he have no return? You have to think clearly.”

Qianchenzi began to hesitate.

“originally is this way …”

Su Fang looked towards the thunder light knife above the head, his eyes were calm and his heart was clear and open-minded.

lay down.

It means detachment.

It is because of the inability to let go of the mind, so that Su Fang all the way beyond Peak, until the avenue.

However, it is precisely because of the obsession that it is difficult to let go, which makes him suffer, and the distance between the avenues is different and cannot be surpassed.

Just the moment he put down his obsession, that is, the moment when he went to the body.

“Culture, oh!”

Su Fang smiled and stared at the thunder light knife of Heavenly Dao’s will.


The cold and ruthless Heavenly Dao knife slammed into Su Fang.

When he reached the top of his head, the thousand zhang thunder light knife became only one foot in size and did not enter Su Fang’s within the body.


Su Fang’s mind flashed a scene of cultívation on the road and was smashed by the Force of Heavenly Dao a path of.

At the same time, there is also a path of causality, which is the result of Su Fang.

Su Fang feels that the whole person has been torn apart. Every experience, every achievement, is stripping away in his own past and tearing his inner attachment.

a path of smashed fruit, peeled off from Su Fang within the body, condensed into a lifelike Su Fang silhouette.

Su Fang has a feeling of being stripped and has a sense of detachment.

From now on, Su Fang is no longer obsessed with the pursuit of Heavenly Dao, because he is Heavenly Dao, why bother to pursue?

At the same time, Su Fang also has a feeling of emptiness, as if he is Heavenly Dao.

Stepping into the Tao of the Tao, it disappeared disappear without a trace, only a little retreat for a while, you can step into Peak.

“The three dead bodies need to be pinned on the treasure. My good corpse is pinned in the celestial stone. Where is my corpse?” Su Fang thought sharply.

At this time, the longevity lamp Yuan Ling suddenly opened inside the Taoist Palace: “Master, you can pin your corpse in the longevity lamp.”

Su Fang’s eyebrow volume: “As a result, you will merge with me and eventually lose your intelligence.”

“Master, you don’t understand, the subordinate is Hongmeng Tianbao, not why it is rich and wealthy, and it is not the embarrassment of the avenue, it can bloom the most embarrassing brilliance, this is the meaning of subordinate existence. Master has fruit position, at this time I have already gone to good corpse and corpse, and I will be able to achieve immortality in the future, and I will be with Heavenly Dao. As a result, my subordinates can also be with Heavenly Dao.”

“The longevity lamp, that can only grieve you.”

“No grievances, this is the luck of the subordinates, but also the ultimate destination of the subordinates.”

“that’s all …”

Su Fang grabbed the longevity lamp.

The idea is moving.


The corpse that was thrown out was smashed into the longevity lamp.


The longevity lamp suddenly burns a dozen soulful flames of the soul, the horrible soul fluctuates, and the starry sky passes through the stars, affecting the entire starry star.

The souls of countless cultívation are shuddering, even those immortal powerhouses, the soul is also a trembling.

The longevity lamp Yuan Ling quickly began to collapse, and was merged by Su Fang. The atmosphere of the entire longevity lamp was completely changed. There was no longer a breath of the eternal treasure, but a part of Su Fang, revealing Eternal Immortal, and another Unparalleled attachment.

Regardless of further integration, Su Fang inhaled the longevity lamp into the palace.

At this time, the will of Heavenly Dao, which was led by Su Fang, gradually dissipated from the 360th 15th-layer starry sky. The offensive in Hongmeng space once again came to Su Fang.

“During the corpse, the Divine Ability formidable power I created is different, and I can smash this star!”

Su Fang stood up from the starlight avenue.

“Day worm, help me!”

At this time, the Qi of Primordial Chaos in the Su Fang Palace was almost exhausted, but fortunately there were also worms.

The phagocytosis eats this food, can eat anything, spit out the pure Qi of Primordial Chaos, and can be easily blended by Su Fang.

Chi chi chi!

The phagocytosis sprayed a piece of silk into the Su Fang Daogong, and as soon as it fell into the Taoist palace, it melted rapidly and became the Qi of Primordial Chaos.

“Great return to the art, great good fortune, Break for me! !”

Su Fang waved a roll, thoughts, will, Qi of Primordial Chaos, and Heavenly Dao, the genius of the world, quickly condensed into a three-footed color of Primal Chaos mirror.

The Great Return to the World is brewing to the extreme, then the creation, evolution, great good fortune!

At this time, Su Fang’s great good fortune technique, such as the flow of water, through the heavenly Dao running, the emergence of Heavenly Dao from the destruction to the evolution of the creation of the world, compared to the former forformable power, Be ten times stronger.

Before Su Fang had the extreme strength of 8-Layer, at this moment, he exhibited Divine Ability, showing the ultimate strength of 9-Layer.


Color of Primal Chaos The light column smashed out, tearing through the rules of the entire XX6 15th-layer starry sky, breaking the Void, disintegrating the will, and everything was falling apart.

Su Fang swayed towards the end of the starlight boulevard.

“After that, the human race cultivator passed the three hundred and six 15th-layer stars!”

“This person is heaven defying!”


Amazing, like a thunderstorm, I don’t know how many people are shocking and exclaiming.

“The saying that no one can walk through the starry sky road has become history!”

“This human race cultivator, and then cultívation, some days, maybe you are expected to walk through Eternal Heaven Road, even if you are not immortal realm, you can enter the Temple of Eternity!”

“absolutely, I don’t think there is such a person in the human race!”

Not only those who are ordinary cultívation and the ancestors of the starry sky, those immortal powerhouses are also unexpected and tsk tsk praise.


The seven ancestors of the Tianzu family issued a coldly snorted, and then the sound disappeared disappear without a trace.

“Thousands of children, how do you feel?”

Hail Old Ancestor passed on the mind to Qian Chenzi. It’s so unpleasant, it’s not good.

Under the witness of countless powerhouses of the Starry Sky, Su Fang has crossed the starry sky and created a brilliant future!

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