Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3275

Sensing the power of formation World, Su Fang divine light changes slightly.

With his formation, I can’t see what this is a great array, but I can see some clues.

This great array is a trapped array, and the formidable power is almost the limit of Level 9 formation. It has the power of Heavenly Dao, the leader of all creatures, and the endless change of Heavenly Dao.

The sound of Euno’s triumphant came: “Su Fang, you are ready to die in this great array!”

“Tai Shi Tongtian great array?” Su Fang stood still in the formation, said coldly: “Zuo Nuo, what do you have in addition to the family power? So mean, you are also a repairer? What qualifications do you have to compete with me for the original realm?”

“hmph, your cultivation base realm is higher than this Eminence, this Eminence is not an idiot, how can you directly confront you? In time, this Eminence must be above you, but there is not much time for this Eminence, this Eminence Only by the power behind me.”

Su Fang domineering coldly shouted: “My Su Fang, with her own efforts, went from the mortal of the lower universe to the height of the Chaos and the Peak Powerhouse. Not long ago, after the completion of the Starry Way, it is up to you. To be above my Su Fang, there is no chance forever!”

“hmph…you are better than this Eminence, what about it?”

“This Eminence is equipped with the Mark Symbol of the Qianyuan Powerhouse, with the Qianyuan World Shenwei, and this great array of Taishitiantian, combined with the strength of this Eminence, is enough to kill you!”

“Even if you are out of the ordinary, it will only be a meteor in the air for a long time, and this Eminence will become the Lord of Reze’s original world and become the existence of Eternal Immortal. Shocking forever!”

Kono’s domineering coldly shouted, urging the formation to bang. A Heavenly Dao evolution of Heavenly Dao, rolling towards Su Fang.

“Great return to the market!”

“great good fortune!”

Su Fang without the slightest hesitation shows the most powerful Divine Ability.


The light column of the color of Primal Chaos bursts out and the formation begins to break down.

Who knows~

From the Void, the gas of the vastness is constantly flowing, making the great array run endlessly and quickly return to its original state.

The sound of sinfulness of Zeno is conveyed by means of the formation of Shenwei: “Su Fang, even this Eminence has to admit that your strength is catching up with the immortality. However, this is too great, but you can shake it.乾元World is connected to each other, and you can’t live without it. Unless you have the power to shake the whole world, you can’t break it.”

“Why should I break this? I just need to kill you. The formation is unsupervised, that is, a dead matrix. I am out of this great array.”

Su Fang waved his hand and the longevity lamp appeared in front of him.

How great is this great array, and it is difficult to stop the soul attack of the long-lived lamp. As long as you kill Zenu, everything can be solved.

As everyone knows, when Su Fang wants to ignite the longevity lamp, suddenly a powerful will of immortality comes to the scene and Su Fang is stunned.

“The Yuan family is immortal!”

Su Fang’s will was shaken, and the immortal heart began to tremble, and my heart was shocked.

Absolutely did not think that the immortal powerhouse of the Yiyuan people actually shot in person.

Hong long long !

Beyond the great array, a whimsical thunder of the sound came out, and then Sky Gate appeared.

The spirits passed through the insane voice from the Sky Gate: “The Yuan people are immortal, Su Fang is one of the inheritances selected by the Reze ancients. According to Eternal Heaven, the immortal powerhouse must not shoot him.”

Su Fang was surprised and happy. It seems that Jieling is really bent on helping him.

“hmph, wait for this Eminence to become the Lord of Reze’s original world. The first thing to do is to erase your hateful spirit!” Kono heard the voice of the spirit, but gnashing teeth, but these words Is absolutely not afraid to say anything, just dare to think about that’s all in my heart.


A will silhouette quickly condensed, turned into a youth, a black robes covered with scorpion patterns, revealing the Eternal Immortal atmosphere, is an immortal powerhouse.

The young man screamed: “This Eminence is not about the human race cultivator, but the rules of my ancestors, so it is not a violation of Eternal Heaven.”

“The rules of the Yuan people?”

The youth made a cold and domineering voice: “Any cultívation who enters the Qiang nationality, including the immortal powerhouse, must not motivate Hongmeng Tianbao, otherwise…kill without mercy !this Eminence is just a warning, the next time if it spurs the longevity again Light, Hugh this Eminence is welcome!”

The spirit of the spirit said: “Why did the Qianyuan people have such strange rules?”

The young man said indifferently: “Nothing before, now this Eminence is open, that is, there is.”

This Yuanyuan powerhouse is clearly to prevent Su Fang from stimulating the longevity lamp, even for the proper reasons. Dignified immortal powerhouse, actually so overbearing, so shameless!

“Even if you don’t push the longevity lamp, what about it?” Su Fang showed a domineering smile and despised the powerhouse’s domineering.

The Profound Light of Primal Chaos flashes from the eyebrows and turns into a thousand zhang size, fierce monster, which is the worm.

When the pharyngeal worm was just born, even the Hongmeng Tianbao could be swallowed up.

Now that it has changed into an adult state, the ability to swallow is even more amazing. It is not difficult to tear a gap in the great array.

The immortal powerhouse of the Yuan dynasty suddenly opened its mouth: “The pharyngeal worms are fierce and ruthless, and there is nothing to ruin, which will destroy the Spiritual Qi of our family. Therefore, no one can use the power of this worm in the 乾元族.”

“The 乾元族 is immortal, you…shameless!”

From the Sky Gate, the voice of the spirit is angry.

Su Fang’s heart is filled with fierceness, coldly shouted: “According to Sir, is it necessary for me to directly obediently surrender, waiting to be killed by Euno?”

The youth said indifferently: “What is it?”

At this time, the original spirit of Lei Ze sent out a thunder: “The Yuan people are immortal. If you directly interfere with the competition between the two alternative inheritors of the Reze ancients, even if the Zhou Junior finally won, this Eminence will also directly obliterate it according to the rules of the original realm of Reze!”

The youth was silent for a moment, then indifferently said: “Well, in addition to the longevity lamp and the worm, you can use other means, is this fair?”

“Fair?” Su Fang sneered in his heart. “Yu Yuanzu, this hate, I Su Fang remember, there will be one day, my Su Fang will pay back ten times!”

The laughter of Euno is coming: “Su Fang, without the longevity lamp and the worm, what do you take against this Eminence?”

“Jumping the clown!” Su Fang sneaked coldly snorted, domineering shouted: “Even if there is no longevity lamp and worm, kill you this jump clown, not with no difficulty?”

Su Fang released the purple body and the spider, ignoring the formation, and went straight to the depth of the formation.

“This Eminence is a powerhouse carefully cultivated by the Tianzu people. This is the air transport of this Eminence. Is it that you can shake?”

A purple jade plate flashed from the top of the paper.

From the jade plate, a strange time Dao Aura broke out, which contained the power of air transport, enveloping it.

The goddess of engulfing the air and squandering the body of the spider and the purple body, as soon as they encounter the gods of the jade plate, quickly disappeared with time and turned into nothingness.

It is worthy of being a chaotic upper class of the Tianzu people. It has such an amazing Xuanbao that it can defend against the attack of air transport.

Hong long long !

The great array was spurred by Euno and rolled toward Su Fang, forcing Su Fang to exert his full defense.

The power of the great array of Taishoutiantian is amazing. Although Su Fang is not allowed for the time being, it is constantly consuming the power of Su Fang. As time goes by, it will be exhausted sooner or later, and eventually it will be crushed by the formation.

“Su Fang, you are definitely a peerless figure, and the people of the world are also seriously seen. But what about it? After all is a descending human race, your strength is strong, how can you fight against powerful forces? Give up in vain Fight, take out Lei Diyin, this Eminence will let you die with dignity!”

Euno is so uncomfortable, and the laughter of Zhang Kuang echoes in the formation.

“Want to kill me Su Fang, unless it is an immortal powerhouse, you are a clown, you are not qualified!”

Su Fang makes a sigh of sorrow, and the celestial body flashes from within the body.

The fate of the body is in the destiny of nothingness, unless it is the powerhouse of the Great Divine Ability, or the immortal existence, no one can detect his existence.

Although the great array is too powerful, it is difficult to form any embarrassment on the body of the destiny, and the silent silhouette flashes, following the fate of the soul of Zenuo.

at the same time.

Su Fang once again exerted her efforts to display the great returning technique and the great good fortune technique. It broke out with a shocking and fascinating world, and collided with the formation of the gods. It swayed the entire great array, and the formation world was turbulent and fragmented everywhere.

“So far, you have to continue to do the battle of the trapped beast, what is the meaning?” Zhou Nuo thought he was winning, and sneered at Su Fang.

What he absolutely did not think is that the emptiness of the celestial body has come to his vicinity, moved towards him.

The thunder light of nothingness between the five fingers surged from the thunder of the fate, and the gods who wiped out the destiny shrouded.

Su Fang Masters the Great Divine Ability of the Destiny of Destiny. After the promotion of Daozu, he forgets all Divine Ability and creates Divine Ability himself.

Divine Ability, which is displayed at this time, is very similar to the Thunder of Destiny, but it is ten times stronger than the Thunder of Destiny.

The horror of the sound of the end of the night, the fear of the end of the day, the sorrow of the heart from the bottom of my heart.

“That is the Divine Ability…human race cultivator, stop!” The 不元族的原源house made a thunder.

Su Fang was shackled in the great array of Taishitongtian, and was restricted by the eternal powerhouse of the Yuan Dynasty. The Su Fang will sooner or later be crushed by Euno with the formation of Shenwei, so he did not Su Fang is in my heart.

In addition, Su Fang exhibited the most violent offensive, which attracted the attention of the immortal powerhouse of the Yuan Dynasty. He thought that he would do the final dying, but did not expect Su Fang’s real intention to be Quano.

This person’s strength is stronger, and it is too late to stop.

As if it was hit by the invisible thunder, it made a scream and the fleshly body began to break.

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