Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3278

Then Su Fang began to contact the human race powerhouse such as Dongxuan Daozu, Dark Mother Tao, and Tianzhu.

Hu hu hu~

a path of thoughts in the space around Su Fang, turned into a silhouette of a human race Taozu powerhouse.

“Su Fang, is it because there is a heterosexual powerhouse invasion in the Tiantian domain?” Dongxuan Daozu solemnly asked, and other Taoists are also very nervous.

Su Fang smiled easily. “Nothing, I have passed through the Fifth Layer of Lei Ze, and I am about to start the 6-Layer day test. Before I leave, I will visit my loved ones.”

Many human races have been relieved, and they are also happy.

Su Fang’s performance in the original world of Reze is directly related to the survival of the entire human race. Now Su Fang has passed the Fifth Layer test, which is naturally a good thing.

Then Su Fang asked the news of the ten gods of Xi Xuanshan.

The expression of Dong Xuan Dao and the others suddenly became dignified.

Tianmingtai powerhouse Tianzhu said: “The situation is not good, the ten-party God is always in the impact of the seal, it is estimated that less than five years, the seal will be broken by the ten gods.”

“five hundred thousand years? Time is enough!” Su Fang put her heart down.

It is only through the test of 6-Layer days that all human races can be moved into the original realm of Reze, and the ten gods will be fearless.

The 6-Layer day is hard to test, and Su Fang is confident that it can be completed within five hundred years.

The only thing that needs to be worried now is the Tianzu, and that, once the 12 races of the invasion of human race World and the slaughter of the Qiang people, they will attract revenge from these races.

However, there are five powerful Raytheon trenches in the Temple of Heaven, as long as it is not the immortal powerhouse, as long as you enter human race World, it is equal to death.

The immortal powerhouse is not self-defeating, it is not easy to shoot, or even rarely, so Su Fang does not need to worry about the immortal powerhouse will be shot.

Su Fang went on to the east and the other started talking: “Please come to the Master and the public, there is a major event.”

Then Su Fang moved the human race to the original idea of ​​Reze, and came to the human race.

Some people are excited, others are hesitant, fall into thought, and a few human races are not moving.

Su Fang smiled.

The thoughts of these human races, how can Su Fang not know?

These human race ancestors present, which one is not a peerless figure with high weight?

After the migration to the original realm of Lei Ze, although they are still the ancestors of aloof and remote, but there is a layer of heaven on the head, and even handed over everything to Su Fang, can they not hesitate?

Dongxuan Dao’s ancestors said: “The human race has already faced the catastrophe, and each and everyone is still thinking about their own self-interest. Oh, hesitate, just wait for the annihilation! This Eminence will not stay in the Jiu Xuan domain, will bring All the cultivators of the Dong Xuan Shen domain, together with the Dong Xuan Tiange, all migrated to the original realm of Lei Ze.”

Scorpio also said: “The destiny will not stay in human race World.”

Other ancestors also quickly expressed their position.

Su Fang indifferently said: “I don’t want to go, I won’t be reluctant.”

Is the cultivation environment of the original realm of Reze ten times stronger than the human race World?

In the original world of Reze, more Taoist, Taoist, and even immortal can be born.

For any cultívation, entering the original realm of Reze is a good opportunity.

It’s ridiculous that some human races are short-sighted and think that Su Fang wants to control them.

They don’t want to go, Su Fang will not go to force anything.

Su Fang went on to say: “You must also be careful about the revenge of the Tianzu people, but I have left some backhands in the Tianshen Palace, but I don’t have to worry too much.”

After secretly communicating with Dong Xuan Dao and the secret mother Tao, Su Fang went away.

Nan Xuan Shen.

The southern mysterious domain of one of the nine great gods of the human race has long fallen into the hands of aliens.

One side of the mysterious world.

The human race, the Monster Race cultivator, the accumulated resentment qi, the suffocation, and the evil spirits of some alien cultívation, filled with the twelve races, are filled with the entire Nanxuan domain.

After the Tianqi Conference, although the alien races have released many human race cultivators, many cultivators in the Nanxuan Shenque, especially mortals, have been ruled by the aliens.

In the eyes of the aliens, the human race is not as good as the pigs and sheep. I don’t know how many human races and Monster Races have been tortured to death by aliens. The resentment that has accumulated over millions of years has always permeated the Nanxuan.

The bustling Cultural World in the past has disappeared from the moment and has become a side of hell.


The silhouette of Su Fang appears in the middle of the side of the Nan Xuan Shen domain.

The force of induction instantly puts the entire mysterious world into the sensing range, and sees the horrific scene of the horror, and senses the grievances in the mysterious world. Su Fang slanders his consciousness.


A will suddenly came to the mysterious world.

All the alien cultívation people under the supremacy of Su Fang, the instantaneous will collapse, the soul will also collapse, and a scream will come and go.

With the strength of Su Fang at this time, the power of the will has been controlled to the point where the human race cultivator, the mortal and the great monster, as well as other life besides the aliens, are unaffected.


Su Fang waved out a battle flag and hunt and danced above the head. It was the Paragon battle flag.


A bloody spurt out of the mysterious world, gathered into a bloody long rainbow roaring and fell into the Paragon battle flag.

Absorbing the lives of the indiscriminate cultívation, the Paragon battle flag is only slightly red, with little change.

Su Fang with the Paragon battle flag disappeared from the sky.

After a while.

There was a cheering and crying in the mysterious world.

It was the tormented human race and Monster Race, and all the indiscriminate cultívation who tortured them all died, and they returned to freedom and fell into unexpected ecstasy.

In this way, Su Fang moved toward the depths of the South Xuan Shen, and every time he passed a party, he would set off a bloody hurricane. Numerous interracial cultívation were killed by Su Fang, and the blood of life was absorbed by the Paragon flag.

More than a dozen squares have been killed, and more than 100 million interracial cultívations have been killed by Su Fang.

However, those who were killed were some low-level interracial cultívation, and the highest strength was the Taoist.

The Paragon battle flag absorbed so many bloods, and finally some changes occurred on the flag surface, a path of blood, about 10% of the flag, the entire flag is blood red, murderous aura, warfare change More intense.

“This is not enough!” Su Fang’s eyebrows, a red one, to make the entire Paragon battle flag red, more difficult than he thought.

The number of alien cultívations that are mainly strangled is large, but the strength is too low.

“You must kill those alien ancestors so that you can quickly redeem the Paragon flag…”

Su Fang finds some shackles and prepares to go straight to the concentration of power in Nan Xuan Shen.

I don’t know if he took the initiative to go, before the big slaughter, has already alarmed the alien powerhouse.

Sou sou sou!

A total of five alien ancestors, one of which has a cultivation base to reach the height of the Taozu Peak, and broke out in front of Su Fang.

“human race cultivator, you dare to slaughter me twelve ethnic cultívation, you…ahhhh ah…you, you are Su Fang!” The first generation of the Dai Tao ancestor Peak powerhouse finally recognized Su Fang, when the divine light transient .

The other four ancestors also trembled.

For the 12 races that invaded the human race, Su Fang was their nightmare. They couldn’t hide. At this moment, they suddenly hit Su Fang. How can they not be afraid?

“All death!”

Su Fang On the way, witnessing the tragic experience of the human race, the inner killing intent is pervasive, and the whole person is dominated by the evil corpse, naturally it will not be polite with these alien ancestors.

“敕天法身, peeling innate talent ability!”

Su Fang spurred the sacred body and displayed the power of the innate talent of the cultívation, shrouded five alien ancestors.

“Su Fang, you don’t want to be bulky intolerably, this Eminence is not a weak chicken that you are willing to slaughter, or big to the fish dies or the net splits !”

The ancestral ancestors of the Yi people made a fierce roar, desperately moving toward Su Fang to kill, and the gods of the gods and gods were also difficult to smash.


Su Fang’s cold killing intent shot, the evil will come out, impacting the heart of the Yi powerhouse.

The martial arts of the Yi people’s ancestors disappeared, and Su Fang’s eyes ignited the flames of the soul. The longevity lamp engulfed the supreme power of the soul, and his life swayed his soul and swallowed it.


A singularly swayed from the palm of Su Fang, and directly penetrated the head of the Dai people.

The golden Mark Symbol, which was condensed by the scorpion, was stripped, sealed, and inhaled into the inside of the body.

The other four foreign ancestors also quickly entered the footsteps of the Yi people.

Less than ten breaths, all five foreign ancestors were killed by Su Fang.


Paragon battles the flag and sings all the blood of the five alien ancestors into the battle flag.

On the flag side of the battle flag, there was a lot of blood lines again. One side of the thunder pattern began to glow with blood light, and the other side of Lei Ze also began to surge the amazing blood light.

Su Fang smiled coldly and broke into nothingness. When he appeared again, he came to the deepest part of Nan Xuan Shen.

The Nanxuan Shennyu was the first domain to be captured by the twelve races. In the past, the power of the Nanxuan Shendi was concentrated, and now it is the nest of twelve races.

Su Fang appeared, flying a flag, floating in the sky, the murderous aura, hiding the sky and covering the earth between Heaven and Earth, when all the alien cultívation was alarmed.

Sou sou sou!

Numerous interracial cultívation people came to Su Fang.


A scream came: “It is human race Su Fang! All are back!”

“Su Fang ?!”

“Human race Su Fang is coming!”

The interracial cultívation hears the name of Su Fang and immediately retreats like a tide.

Immediately after a blood light flashed, it quickly became the silhouette of the bloody powerhouse bloodline.

“Su Fang, your courage is not small. Last time you left a life in the Shenshen god market, I don’t think you dare to come to Nanxuan Shenyu. Since you are here, leave this Eminence forever!”

Bloody domineering coldly shouted, grabbed a Xuanbao, it is the Hongmeng Tianbao Huaxue Shenjian.

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