Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3280

Chaos is extremely deep.

An ancient, vast time and space.

One side of the material is a mysterious world, and there is a layer of corpses floating in the air. On the ground is also a corpse of countless bodies.

Blood penetrates into the earth, and the air is filled with a strong bloody atmosphere.

The main world of time and space.

Hundreds of millions of heads, each head still has anger, despair and horror at the time of death, one after another piled up to form a thousand zhang high mountain.

In front of the peaks of the skull, tens of millions of interracial cultívians were kneeling on the ground.

These aliens have a pair of multi-colored wings behind them, both men and women, the face is extremely beautiful, revealing the charm.

These beggars of the interracial cultívation were looking towards a floating terrace above the skull, and the eyes were infiltrated with blood, and the eyes were filled with endless grief and despair.

On the floating terrace, a youngster sat on the throne and looked down, as if the god was looking down at a group of ants.

Youngster is extremely handsome, and his eyebrows have a very eye-catching golden image, which is the unique symbol of the Qiang people.

And the youngster has the golden image of the gods, which means that his identity in the Qiangyuan is out of the ordinary, but is a Royal Family of the Yi people.

However, the youngster’s cultivation base is not high, only the height of the landlord’s lower level, not to mention, the air floats, obviously it is accumulated by resources.

Behind the youngster, the five Taoist ancestors held their hands and stood up to the height of the Taoist Peak.

And these Taoist powerhouses are very powerful, at least the peerless powerhouse with 7-Layer’s ultimate strength, which is not comparable to the ordinary ancestor Peak powerhouse.

Over those who were shackled by the alien cultívation, there were more than one million cultívation, all from the Qiang nationality, wearing a golden armor, immersed in the smoldering gas, and the eyes of the cultivating cultivators of the superiors. There is fierceness.

Youngster looked towards the cultívation below, casually smiled: “this Eminence is just for the butterfly family to worship the thousand thousand virgins, to cultivate this Eminence’s god flower, but you push the three resistance four, dare to reject this Eminence, really do not see the coffin without tears …now the butterfly is annihilated by this Eminence, now knows regret it?”

“Dry, you can’t die! You guys, you can’t escape it for a long time…”

Among the captive cultívation, an old man of the height of the Taoist anger shouted.

However, before he finished speaking, a shattered sword slid into his chest, and then the body began to break down layer by layer, and finally turned into a pile of ashes.

The surrounding butterfly cultívation was panicked and some people screamed.

“A group of low-lying butterflies!”

The youngster, the name of the Qiangyuan, heard the snoring, and the eyes oozing cold.

Then he waved his hand, and behind the 乾 族 道 mov mov mov mov mov mov mov mov mov mov mov cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult

Shua shua Shua!

More than 10,000 butterfly girls flew from the ground and floated in the air.

The cruel eyes of the dry eyes reveal a cruel, crazy color, and waved out a group of Profound Light.

Profound Light is turned into a flower of more than three hundred feet, with a slender figure, a weak stem, and a blossoming flower on the branch.

A beautiful flower with a fascinating rhythm, it seems that a glance at one can make people forget all sorrow, pain and fear, and fall into a beautiful and eternal reincarnation.

“Ecstasy reincarnation flowers!”

Many butterfly cultívation people have divine light transients, face anger, hatred, and time to turn to fear, despair.

The women who were squatted in the air all shuddered, and could not afford to move a single step. They could only wait desperately for the end of the day.

Chi chi chi!

From a flower of magnificent flowers, a blood red filament is sprayed out, about three hundred roots, directly into the women’s eyebrows, drilled into the body, and began to madly devour their virgin Yuanyin and life essence. .

About ten breathing hours.

More than 300 women were turned into dry corpses, like butterflies with only dry shells. They fell to the ground and fell, and the broken wings fluttered around.

After more than three hundred flowers on the flower that swallowed these women, they became more beautiful and more attractive.

“The yin of the butterfly virgin and the essence of life, it really has the use of out of the ordinary for the ecstasy reincarnation!”

In the dry eyes, there is a bright ray of Zeze.

“Continue to devour this Eminence!”

Cognac continued to spur the sacred flower, squirting a bloody filament, and moving away the remaining butterfly women to spurt away.


A cold voice came from nothingness: “I can’t think of the so-called Shangzu, the so-called Shangzu, so fierce, ten times more fierce than those of the peerless Vicious Beast. This is a long experience.”

A silhouette quickly became true from the vague emptiness, and finally transformed a seventeen-year-old youngster.

No one else, it is Su Fang!

With the help of the original realm of Lei Ze, Jieling did not send Su Fang directly to the Qianyuan people, but to the periphery of the Qianyuan people.

The Qiangyuan people are the hegemons of the chaotic people. There are many clansmen, divided into the main vein and the twelve veins. They occupy hundreds of space planes and control hundreds of races.

Su Fang’s strength is no longer heaven defying, nor is it possible to completely destroy the Qianyuan people, even the immortal powerhouse can’t do it.

His purpose is to dye the red Paragon battle flag with the blood of the clansmen.

Therefore, after Su Fang’s deduction, he decided to choose a branch of the Qiangyuan family.

The branch of Su Fang’s choice is the branch of the immortal powerhouse where the Qianyuan youth are located.

The immortal powerhouse tried to kill Su Fang, planted a seal on Su Fang’s heart, and Su Fang took his clansmen to blood the Paragon battle flag.

This is Su Fang. When someone hits him with a punch, he will definitely hit back two punches, have revenge, and complain.

It’s also a coincidence.

Su Fang was sent by the spirits outside the time and space of the butterfly family. He happened to encounter the Yuanyuan army to kill the butterfly family, so he came directly here.

Seeing the scene of the butterfly world, and seeing the fate of these surviving butterfly cultívation, Su Fang associates with the human race.

If the human race is broken by twelve races, the ultimate fate is definitely no better than the butterfly.

Chaos, the rise of countless races, and the innumerable races are destroyed. The weak are prey to the strong. The race without strength is ultimately such a fate.

Su Fang appeared, flexed his fingers, and spurred a sharp sword. He smashed more than three bloody filaments.


Those delicate flowers turned out to be like a human voice, and a bloodshot moving towards Su Fang spurred out.

“So evil and vicious gods, staying in the world is also a scourge, simply let it go!”

Su Fang flashed a fierce anger in his eyes.

The ecstasy reincarnation flower is also a kind of strange flower that was born in chaos, but it is vicious and fierce. It needs to be raised by the virgin Yuanyin and essence with the special Spiritual Qi race.

This fruit of the gods has no other use, and it does not help the cultívation of the cultívation. On the contrary, there is great harm.

Refining the medicine pill with the fruit of the ecstasy, will make the cultívation fall into a real fantasy, to be windy, rainy, like Eternal Immortal, so this medicine pill is called immortal psychedelic Dan.

Only the big force discipline, who has the power and strength, but is drunk and dreamed of death, will devour this medicine pill to seek excitement.

In order to refine the immortal fantasies, the Yuansterian youngster destroyed a Primal Chaos Race, showing how very ruthless and fierce it is.

This ecstasy reincarnation flower, Su Fang naturally can not stay.

Raised his hand and rolled out a bloody vine, moved toward the ecstasy of the flower spurt.

“When you wear the blood of the king, the vines, you, the alien cultívation, dare to intervene, courting death!”

From the dry body, an old man flashed out, and a thought turned into a golden image. He broke out of Heavenly Dao, and he was attacked by Su Fang.

Su Fang’s glimmer of light, a slaughter’s will, thoughts, and the logical condensed sword qi, collided with the golden scorpion, and smashed it.

Both of them controlled their power and will to an extremely subtle point. Although it was a confrontation between the Taos and the Peak Powerhouse, it was enough to destroy one side of time and space, but they were controlled within a very small range and did not affect others.


Wearing a bloody king vine like a lightning bolt, Lightning Spark entangled the ecstasy reincarnation flower, a mad devour.

The ecstasy reincarnation sounded like a woman’s scream, and less than three breaths quickly became wilted, dry, and eventually turned into ashes.

This kind of flower is indeed poisonous and evil, but it is invisible, how can it compare with the king of blood?

“You ants, dare to destroy this Eminence’s ecstasy reincarnation! Kill him, this Eminence wants to cramp him!” Cognac issued a thunderous roar.

That cultivation base reached the Daozu Peak’s old man, and saw Su Fang’s strength out of the ordinary, did not directly shoot, asked: “Which race are you from? You know, who are you facing? ?”

Su Fang said coldly: “I am human race Su Fang. As for who I am facing, I don’t need to know, just kill it!”

Old man’s white eyebrows, domineering coldly shouted: “human race ?this Eminence Remember, human race is not a strong race, you offend the monks, you know what the consequences?”

“Kill this Eminence? This Eminence is the Young Master of one of the twelve branches of the Yuan Dynasty. The descendants of the immortal powerhouse, with the Royal Family blood vein, you trivial ant’s human race, dare to threaten this Eminence? Grab him, This Eminence is going to live!” Sneeringly sneer.


The old man released a hundred years of thought, turned into a huge zhang big hand with a sculpt pattern, and suddenly grabbed Su Fang.

This old man has the power of 8-Layer’s ancestors, and in any race, it is a peerless powerhouse that ranks among the Peaks.

Unfortunately, he met Su Fang.

Who can compete with Su Fang under immortality?


A powerful slaughter will and Heavenly Dao, who kills everything, rises to the sky and directly shatters the will and Heavenly Dao in the big hand.

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