Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3282

“Since you choose acknowledge allegiance, you can’t betray me in the future, otherwise… I can kill these power元族powerhouse, and you can kill your butterfly family.” Su Fang indifferently.

Under Su Fang’s Xiao killing intent, many butterflies cultívation are full of trepidation and awe.

Su Fang went on and said: “But I am not a killer. You will naturally understand it later. As long as you are willing to contribute to my work, I will not only let you live, but also let your butterfly family continue to prosper and restore the past. Strong.”

The butterfly youth Daozu was overjoyed and quickly said: “Please Master assured that although the butterfly family does not have strong strength, it has a very special innate talent ability, otherwise it is impossible to stand in the chaos for countless years.”

Su Fang smiled indifferently. “Oh? What special innate talent do you have for the butterfly family?”

The Butterfly Youth Road: “The beauty of each woman of my family, and good at singing and dancing, can serve Master…”

Su Fang Eyebrow volume: “This innate talent ability, this Eminence is not needed.”

The butterfly youth realized that this Master is different from other cultívation people, and he has settled a lot in his heart.

Then he said: “My family’s most special ability is to cultivate a variety of god flowers, sacred wood, medicinal ingredient, any rare grass that is difficult to cultivate, and my family cultívation can cultivate.”

“En? Actually has such a peculiar ability…out of the ordinary, the out of the ordinary.” Su Fang’s eyes shined.

The butterfly family has such innate talent ability and can play a big role in the future.

Even if the human race migrates to the original realm of Reze, it needs to survive and needs various cultívation resources.

The butterfly has such an innate talent, which is of great benefit to the future development of the human race.

Su Fang saved these butterflies cultívation, but it was easy, but they did not expect that they still have such out of the ordinary ability, it is also a windfall.

Then Su Fang showed his power and lifted the cockroaches of many butterfly cultívation.

“See Master!”

The butterfly youth with many butterflies cultívation, moved towards Su Fang.

They are too lazy to marry them. With the strength of Su Fang, these butterfly cultívation people can hardly make a few feet of spray even if they have any disagreement.

“Master, there is a request from the subordinate, please Master.” The butterfly youth bowed his respectfully.

Su Fang said: “Let’s talk!”

“Please allow your subordinates to cremate these dead clansmen and let them rest in the place where the butterfly family grew.”

The butterfly youth trembled.

Su Fang looked towards the mountain where the butterfly cultívation was stacked, and the heart was a sigh.

“乾元族, 实死死…”

Su Fang rushed out of the squats and waved out a mysterious Yang Fire flame, which quickly shrouded all the skulls into ashes.

Then Su Fang spurred Xuanyang Shenwei, and the side of the whole time and space in the moment ignited the fire of the sky, screaming and burning.

Among the mysterious Yang Fire flames, countless butterflies cultívation corpses for the flames, filled with resentment qi and suffocating in time and space, and also turned into nothingness.

“many thanks Master, the butterfly will be the generation of allegiance Master!”

Many butterfly cultívation people bowed to Su Fang, and then burst into tears, not bad.

Su Fang inhaled all the butterflies cultívation into the Dojo and moved to Heaven and Dao’s internal Heaven and Earth universe.

They are also given to medicine pill, allowing them to recover quickly.

After disposing of those butterflies cultívation, the mysterious Yang Fire flames in the space and time are burning rapidly, and everything is turned into ashes in the flames.

“The reinforcements of the Qiang people should be coming soon!”

Su Fang’s figure flashed, leaving the time and space of the butterfly family, and came to chaos.

Then he held his hand and absorbed the power of the pure soul in the longevity lamp to restore the soul while waiting for the arrival of the Qianyuan powerhouse.

The powerful strength has brought Su Fang’s unparalleled self-confidence, even in the state of the original soul damage, still dare to face the peerless powerhouse from the Qianyuan.

About an hour.

A silhouette with a domineering domineering and murderous aura, rolled up a chaotic mad flow.

This person is a middle age person, the national character face, revealing the mighty domineering and strong suffocating, the eyes are sharp, cold, and the golden image of the eyebrow is particularly eye-catching, and it contains the Heavenly Dao.

The middle age person’s breath is extremely impressive, not only the cultivation base, but also the amazing strength of the 9-Layer ancestors.

Such a powerful person, once promoted to immortality, must also be a powerful immortal.

Middle age person divine light A volume in Su Fang, eye stunned murderous aura: “this Eminence from your body, sensed the cause and effect of the cultívation from my family, you killed the dry Master Master and my family clansmen ?”

Su Fang responded indifferently: “Those who are cultivating the cultivating people, kill!”

Middle age person utters a coldly snorted: “It has been many years, no cultívation people dare to kill me 乾 cl cl clansmen, you humble and humble human race cultivator, dare to kill me from the fire branch Young Master and millions of elite clansmen, hundred Death is not guilty!”

Su Fang 讪讪一笑: “You 乾 族 灭 灭 其他 其他 其他 其他 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭 灭Millions of dollars are not enough, plus you are not enough.”

“lunatic, when you tremble under the majesty of this Eminence, don’t know if you will be so arrogant… Remember, this Eminence is called the dry butcher, the first powerhouse under the immortality of the fire, because of the slaughter cultívation There are countless people, so they are called butchers. You will be the 65th ancestor killed by this Eminence!”

The middle age person reveals a ferocious, cold smile, and the golden image of the eyebrows flashes. The million thoughts quickly condense into a white and thousand zhang giant blade, and moved towards Su Fang.

In an instant!

The surrounding Void is shrouded by the amazing slaughter, turned into a slaughter World, and faintly can be seen that countless cultívation people have been stunned by the phantom of the head, and there are countless souls crying around the giant blade, which makes people creepy.

The arrogant murderous aura contains a kind of horror that kills all living beings, and it is the mountain of corpses and sea of ​​blood.

“Strength is out of the ordinary, it is the first powerhouse of the Yuan dynasty. But if you want to kill me Su Fang, it is not enough!” Su Fang reveals an evil, domineering smile.

Immediately, the slaughter breath burst into the sky, breaking away the slaughter World’s embarrassment, bloody body with the evil body, slaughter to the rational, will condense into a blood knife, squatting to the giant blade.

Chi chi chi!

Two blade glow collisions like the long river, set off a shocking arrogance, the surrounding Primal Chaos Void was shattered into layers of turbulence, and the slaughter breath was like a turbulent ocean.

“In the human race cultivator, even the out of the ordinary powerhouse can be born. No wonder you are so arrogant, you are indeed arrogant capital, but in front of this Eminence, even if you are a Divine Dragon, you have to become a reptile!”

The dry butchery is coldly shouted, showing the most powerful attack.

Thousands of thoughts were incorporated into the golden image of the eyebrow, and the iconic pattern suddenly emerged.

A grand power of Heavenly Dao’s initial, all-original metamorphosis, bursting out, covering all directions.

Su Fang is as if he is caught in a kind of Heavenly Dao. The powerful and endless Heavenly Dao runs reasonably and magnificently, and runs around Su Fang.

The potential of Heavenly Dao is unstoppable, and Su Fang will be directly crushed into this powder with this Heavenly Dao trend.

“It’s a peerless powerhouse of the Yuan family. The strength is not to be underestimated… 敕天法身, depriving innate talent!”

In the face of such a terrible offensive, Su Fang’s eyes also show the shock and taboo color.

Immediately, he fully promoted the scorpion body and displayed the powerful power of the innate talent of the cultívation. A golden Mark Symbol appeared above the head of the dry butcher through the surrounding cockroaches.

The golden mark symbol broke out, and the innate talent ability of the dry mass was weakened by a layer in an instant.

Although he did not completely strip the ability of his Heaven, his Divine Ability formidable power was reduced.

Su Fang’s scorpion body is a fusion of 敕 石 cult cultívation, 敕天石 is also a Hongmeng Tianbao, although the Acquired treasure, far less than the birth of the Innate, the Moonlight, the formidable power is still amazing.

At this time, Su Fang exhibited the great retreat, destroying and ending the destruction of all things. The shattering of the gods shattered the surrounding shackles. A Primal Chaos light column hit the dry mass.

It is the first powerhouse under the immortality of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect. The sorrow of the sorrow of the sorrows of the sorrows of the sorrows of


The dry slaughter was sent out by the sent flying, the enchantment on the body was broken, and the mouth squirted a blood, and the breath suddenly became sluggish, but it was not fatal.

“human race cultivator , this Eminence Remember you, this enemies must be ten times back!”

After a while, gnashing teeth, he also knows that he is not the opponent of Su Fang, and there is no fighting spirit in his heart.

At this moment, a kind of vain power that cannot be violated by destiny can come without warning, and suppress his destiny.

It turned out that Su Fang had already released the fate of the law, and unexpectedly launched an attack on the dry butcher.

Under the power of destiny, Gan Tu also felt powerless to confront, and the color of panic was revealed in his eyes.

Chi chi chi!

Su Fang urged to wear the blood of the king vine, when the scorpion stalked the body.

The dry tortoise within the body, the horror of the gods, will shatter the roots of the king of blood, trying to get rid of the cockroaches.

However, under the dual power of suppressing the power of destiny and the double attack of the king of blood, the resistance of the dry butcher seemed very weak, and finally penetrated into the body by the blood vine, and penetrated into the flesh and blood, the interior of the palace. .

However, Su Fang did not devour the dry blood and cultivation base, but instead injected an essence into his into the body and the palace.

Those essences, it is Su Fang who devours the sorcerer’s reincarnation in the blood of the king, and has the ability to corrode and paralyze the cultívation and the consciousness of the cultívation.

About a musk time.

The dry slaughter completely gave up the resistance, the essence of the ecstasy reincarnation, and the destiny of the law, which quietly influenced and controlled his destiny, and made him completely fall into the illusion of the spiritual world.

The blood vines trembled, sucking the dry squirt into the body space, and then sealing it with the scorpio.

A powerful powerhouse of the Qianyuan people was suppressed by Su Fang!

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