Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3283

The reason why Su Fang does not kill the dry butcher is naturally his intention.

Even if you kill this powerhouse, you can’t make the Paragon flag completely red.

And Su Fang wants to report the enemies before the immortal powerhouse, just killing the dry butcher, it is not enough, can not let Su Fang vent anger and hatred.

Coupled with Su Fang, with the continuous slaughter, the evil corpse becomes more powerful, the evil will begins to quietly influence or even dominate his consciousness, the mind has the desire of a crazy slaughter, and needs a more crazy, more hearty slaughter.

And he kept the dry butcher, in order to enter the inside of the sacred tribe, ready to start a crazy slaughter.

“Spirit Sir, I want to enter the original realm of Reze!”

Su Fang spurred the original atmosphere of Lei Ze and passed on the mind.

A moment later, a Sky Gate appeared above Su Fang with a thunder, and inhaled it.

“District time, even the Paragon battle flag is red 8-Layer, you are crazy enough!” The inspiration for the Paragon battle flag, suddenly a tsk tsk amazed.

“There are still two floors. I intend to go directly into the interior of the sacred tribe, killing him and the earth turning upside down!” Su Fang murderous aura said.

The spirit reminded: “You have to be careful, the 乾 族 is not an ordinary race, even if it is a branch, it is like a dragon’s pool and tiger’s den, even if the immortal powerhouse does not shoot, it is quite dangerous to directly enter it. And this Eminence look You now seem to be affected by the evil will, and you have to lose control and become a slaughter monster.”

Su Fang cup one fist in the other hand Road: “many thanks to the spirit Sir reminds, will be careful in the next… Please send the spirit to the source of the source, I need to quickly restore the soul, cultivation base, etc. to reach Peak State, then enter the Qianyuan family from the fire branch.”

“Although the birth lamp is out of the ordinary, it is a price to pay for the growth of the longevity lamp. Only if you have an immortal heart and a strong will, will you dare to push the longevity lamp so unscrupulously… If you wish, go to the source of God. Pool!” Jieling urged Lei Ze’s original deity to send Su Fang into the source pool.

Shenyuan Pool is amazing, and the time in the internal space is a million times different from the outside world, which gives Su Fang plenty of time to recover.

This is also thanks to the help of the spirits, otherwise Su Fang can not enter the source pool again and again.

Just as Su Fang was preparing to enter the squadron to kill, a Changhong released an amazing time and power, flying in the vastness of chaos.

It was a shuttle Xuanbao, the phantom left by the shuttle.

It seems that the speed is not fast, but in reality it is beyond the shackles of time. Lightning Spark runs through endless time and space. When I see Changhong crossing, I actually see only the afterimage left a few years ago.

The interior space of the shuttle Xuanbao, a formation time and space, is actually a Cave Mansion, which is a world-class Sacred Land.

Inside a mountain valley, hundreds of cultívation from different races sit.

Quanno is also among them.

There are also more than a dozen powerhouses from the Tianzu, and from other races, except for Zhouo, the cultivation bases of others are all reaching the height of the Tao.

One of the most beautiful young people, with a pair of bat-like pointed ears, a black horn on the head, is a powerhouse from the evil Mozu, the breath is very powerful, that is, the 乾元族powerhouse Inferior.

Other Taoist powerhouses, the atmosphere is also extremely out of the ordinary, or revealing domineering, or through Fiend Qi.

“Zuo Nuo, you don’t hesitate to go bankrupt, recruit so many powerhouses, just for a human race World area cultivator, it is too big a problem.” A bald middle age person suddenly opened, revealing white sensation of the fangs, like the peerless Vicious Beast Choosing people is obviously not a good class.

“If you know the deeds of the human race cultivator Su Fang, I am afraid it will not be said. Far away, the human race cultivator has just finished the starry sky of the starry sky, so the characters can not be The mediocrity, the recruitment of these powerhouses by the Emperor Zhounuo, how can it be a big problem?”

One of the powerhouse martial arts of the Tianzu people was Zhou Yu who once suffered a big loss in the hands of Su Fang.


Zenu was not obliterated by the will of the original realm of Reze, and he thought he had lost his life.

He suffered from the failure of his life, and was abandoned by the seven ancestors of the Tianzu people, so the whole person fell into a state of madness.

So care.

Quano is almost all about it, recruiting powerhouses everywhere, and asking some powerful ancestors from the Tianzu people. This trip is a human race World, just to avenge Su Fang.

Zhou Hao once ate a big loss in the hands of Su Fang, almost died under the longevity lamp, always thinking of revenge on Su Fang, and at the same time got the acquiescence of the Tianzu people, this time without the invitation of the Arno, take the initiative to go together.

Although Zhou Yu hated Su Fang, he did not dare to despise Su Fang. He heard that the bald man was scornful of Su Fang. His Su Fang’s defeat was also felt humiliated, so he replied unceremoniously.

“The powerhouse that crossed the starry road, is the human race cultivator that this time?”

Su Fang’s smashing through the stars and the road of the law has already sensationalized the forces of the eight parties, the Protoss, and heard the saying of Zhou Yu, suddenly the divine light transient, everyone’s eyes flashed with taboo colors.

“Great, absolutely impossible to think of, there are such powerful people in the human race, this Eminence also smashed the starry road in the same year, but unfortunately stopped at the X2XXXX-layer star, if there is a starship powerhouse in time, This Eminence will die on the starry road at the time.”

That evil Monk powerhouse tsk tsk is amazing.

However, his eyes showed a strong fighting intent, and he said with arrogance: “I knew that I was going to deal with the human race cultivator. This Eminence would not receive any benefit from the king of the county, and could fight with such a person. What a blessing?”

Zhou Yu sneered coldly snorted in her heart.

The evil Mobility powerhouse is indeed out of the ordinary, and it is also famous in the evil Mozu.

However, he does not know the real power of Su Fang. When he really faces Su Fang, he is not expected to actively challenge Su Fang.

In the corner of the mountain valley, a middle-aged cultívation with a disguise was sitting there alone.

His face was pale and sloppy, but the breath was out of the ordinary, which was second only to the evil powerhouse.

Hearing other powerhouses talking about Su Fang, the middle age person reveals the color of doubt, and muttered to himself: “How can the name Su Fang?! be so familiar?”

Many alien powerhouses are talking about it, and one of the old man suddenly waved a Mark Symbol.

Interpretation of the information passed in the Mark Symbol, the old man divine light transient, the body also followed.

Hurry up started talking: “Zuo Nuo Shaojun Wang, my family has a major event, anxious to go back, this time Eminence will not go to human race World.”

A volume of Euno’s eyebrows, expression is gloomy.

桓 桓said solemnly: “You have already received the deposit of the king of the genius, but now you have to repent? This Eminence sees you for another reason!”

Old man think about it, clenching one’s teeth said : “That this Eminence is also frankly, this Eminence has a friend who is a Yi powerhouse, just he sent a message to this Eminence, saying that it is the invasion of human race World’s twelve races, billions of troops Dozens of Taoist ancestors, including the blood gamut powerhouse blood smear, were all killed by Su Fang, and only a few low-level clansmen escaped.”

When the old man’s words were exported, the temperature in the entire mountain valley seemed to drop suddenly. Everyone’s heart was chilling and the heart was shaking.

Old man Chaos cup one fist in the other hand Road: “Zuo Nuo Shaojun Wang, although under the love of wealth, but more cherish the old life, this Eminence is hopeless immortal, but there is still a lot of time to enjoy, do not want Die in human race World.”

There are also more than a dozen interracial cultívation people, all of whom have stood up and bowed to Zhounu.

There are still most powerhouses that are hesitant and shaken.

Zhou Yu’s brows were locked, and my heart was also guilty. I didn’t expect Su Fang to be so powerful at this time.

Zhouo suddenly smiled, started talking: “You must worry, this trip to human race World, not to target Su Fang himself, but to deal with his loved ones, men. After we enter human race World, we Seeing the opportunity to act, if there is no chance, then it will be time to return.”

Many alien powerhouses are still hesitant.

Euno gnawed his promise: “After waiting for the event, the benefits of this Eminence promise are doubled!”

“Well, for the Tianzu, this human race World has to go anyway.” That bald powerhouse started talking.

So other alien powerhouses are no longer opposed.

“When you enter human race World, kill Su Fang’s relatives and men, and Su Fang’s temperament, will you let go of you? At that time, you can’t be desperate with Su Fang!”

“I just don’t believe, so many powerful powerhouses, can’t kill Su Fang? Even if he can’t kill him, he should be seriously injured, so that he can’t pass the test behind Lei Ze’s original world, and it will be directly obliterated!”

When he saw the expression of the people, he felt a sneer in his heart, and there was endless madness in his eyes.


Su Fang has been cultívation in the pool of gods for nearly ten thousand years.

Constantly blending the power of the pure soul in the longevity lamp, the wounded souls in the Nan Xuan Shen and the Butterfly World finally recovered completely.

The outside world is only a decade in the past.

At the same time, Su Fang also sensed that after the alien powerhouse of slaughter that many, the evil corpse had signs of anti-customer-like, and had to try to get rid of the evil body as soon as possible.

“The thing that hates the corpse, let it go to the back… The next step is to go to the 乾元族, and complete the 6-Layer test as soon as possible!”

Su Fang conveys his mind to the spirit.

“human race Su Fang, I hope that you will have good luck this time, dye the red Paragon flag as soon as possible, and complete the 6-Layer day test.”

Spirit General Su Fang sent the original realm of Lei Ze, and when Su Fang appeared again, it was already among the Primal Chaos Void outside the fire branch.

Su Fang has a plan in mind.


The dry slaughter and cognac are released from the palace.

The cognac did not know what happened, and saw the dry butcher beside him, thinking that the dry slaughter had already slammed Su Fang, and he was saved.

Suddenly it became arrogant: “human race 蝼 ants, do you know that my family’s powerhouse is so powerful? At the end, I didn’t release this Eminence? See how this Eminence packs you!”

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