Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3286

Su Fang ignited the longevity lamp, and the burning lights released the amazing power to devour the soul.

Who knows~

The peaks of the phantoms around the cultivating people have the ability to protect the soul of the source.

The powerful power of the longevity lamp is also difficult to strip off the soul of the cultivating cultivating people, that is, letting the surrounding phantom sway continuously.

The 乾 族 尊 尊 尊 : : : : : : : human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human human Lamp. Hey, after you suppress it, you will be able to make up for all the losses of my family!”

“Want to kill me Su Fang?”

Su Fang shows an evil smile.

Then, the decree was issued to the dry slaughter: “Dry, blew!”

The soul of the dry butcher, the fleshly body, and the cultivation base of the Taozu’s Peak powerhouse began to burn wildly, followed by the big explosion of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering.

The cultivation base of the dry tortoise reaches the height of the 9-Layer ancestors’ limit. At this time, it burns all the explosive powers, and it surpasses the limit of the ancestors, which is comparable to the immortal blow.

What a horror is the Prestige of Strike of the immortal powerhouse?

The two images of the 20,000-year-old cultívation close to the dry masses were broken under the horror of the dry-slaughter, and the 20,000-year-old cultívation was shocked to death, and some directly to the ashes. .

The entire Qianyuan Yitian great array also collapsed completely. Except for the 20,000 cultivating cultívation who were directly killed, the remaining one was killed under the impact of the dry blast. The rest were all seriously injured.

Qi Yuanfeng was also shaken, and there was a sudden death of Heaven Falls and Earth Rends. I don’t know how many Dao Temple collapsed, and how many Yuan cultívation people died.

The huge phantom of the half-empty peak swayed violently and began to break. The phantom of the cultivating cultívation below collapsed like a bubble.

Su Fang was also shocked by the aftermath, and was shocked and tumbling. He even spit out the blood, but he didn’t realize it.

The long-lived madness burns the soul flame, and the gods that devour the soul cover the 乾元峰 and 10 Million Li time and space.

The defense of Shanling and the great array of Yiyuan Yitian were incited. Those who had cultívation lost their protection, and the soul began to be stripped by the longevity lamp and turned into a living dead without soul.

啪pa pa!

The flame of the longevity lamp jumps, madly burning the influx of the soul, turning into the power of a pure soul.

Among the cultivating cultivating people, in addition to a very small number of sacred treasures that have the protection of the soul, there are some cultivation base out of the ordinary ancestors who can still support it for the time being. Most of them are swallowed up by the soul. The corpse floats in the 乾元Above the peak.

Paragon’s flag smashed the blood in the body and began to change at an alarming rate.

Su Fang also paid a heavy price for this.

This time, the eternal light was spurred, and his soul was burned, and the pain hit the will, making his consciousness completely occupied by evil thoughts.

“Kill Kill Kill !”

Su Fang is like a slaughter monster at this time. The evil flame burns around his eyelid body, and the whole person turns into a bloody evil fire man.

Su Fang is not aware of this change, this Venerable and the bloody body, the scorpio body and the king of the blood, into the cultivating cultívation.

The longevity lamp is still burning, and the soul of the alien cultívation is harvested.

Unconsciously, the flag of Paragon in the air has been completely reddened.

The whole battle flag is like a bloody blood, emitting a murderous aura, a breath of breath, a screaming killing sound, a screaming screaming will, and a soul shudder, as if it were in the slaughter battlefield.

With the help of the battle flag, Su Fang’s slaughter will become even more amazing, and the will of those cultivating cultivating people is constantly being shocked.

The entire Qianyuan Peak was in a mess and turned into a party Asura Hell.

The Qianyuan people have the supreme treasure of protecting the soul. For the time being, they can also resist the power of the longevity lamp. Seeing the scene of the tragic death of the cultivating cultivating people, they are shocked and angry.

The Qiangyuan people are chaotic upper-class people, and only the Qianyuan people have slaughtered other races.

Although it is only the branch of the Yuan Dynasty, it has never been seen by the enemy in the history of the Yuan Dynasty, and there is no such thing as clansmen being forced to be slaughtered by pigs and sheep.

He immediately grabbed a Mark Symbol: “There are strong enemies invading Kuang Yuanfeng, clansmen can’t fight, please Old Ancestor Zong!”

It turned out that he was passing a thought to the immortal powerhouse.

When things get to this point, it’s not good to ask for an immortal powerhouse, and only the immortal powerhouse can suppress Su Fang and stop the catastrophe from the fire.


A strong will came to the fore, and suppressed the slaughter of Qi Yuanfeng and the whole time and space.

Even the flames of the longevity lamp are suffocating when they are suppressed, and the power is not obvious.

Immediately after the silhouette of a young man emerged from nothingness, it was the immortal powerhouse that once had a shot on Su Fang.

“See Old Ancestor!”

“Old Ancestor saves you!”

“Old Ancestor is finally here!”

Seeing this youth, all the cultivating people of the sects of the Yuan dynasty seemed to be looking forward to the savior, including the sacred sect of the Yuan dynasty.

I saw a scene on the Yuan Dynasty.

The 乾元族 immortal dashing eyebrows pick one, the eyes fell on Su Fang.

“It turned out to be you? The last time you spared you, you dared to kill the Yuanyuan Peak, killing so many clansmen, you are not only bold, but also arrogant to the extent of the law and of natural morality.”

“This Eminence tells you today that it will be the end of the offense, even if it is punished by Eternal Heaven, this Eminence will kill you… eh?”

The youth soon discovered Su Fang’s abnormality, and the pupils were slightly shrinking, revealing a faint color.

With his immortal realm, it is natural to see what happened to Su Fang.

“It turned out that the evil spirits and the fighting intent dominated the will, lost self-awareness and became a slaughter monster!”

“hmph, in the end is a low-level life, in order to be strong, for strength, regardless of any means to strengthen themselves, and ultimately the mood is not stable, the road is not strong enough, this is killed, fighting intent dominates the consciousness, sooner or later will exhaust the cultivation base, burning Life and soul are turned into a group of ashes.”

“However, this Eminence will not make you die so easily, this Eminence will save you, but also to refine you into a shackle, forever driven by my family!”

The young man smiled indifferently, and the coldness was revealed in the depths. Then the eyebrows flashed a Profound Light and turned into an azure iconic pattern.

I know it is in the next moment!

The Paragon battle flag suddenly broke out with a murderous aura, a sound of screaming and screaming, coming from the battle flag, as if it were a large army of countless powerhouses.

In the atmosphere of the battle flag, there is also a strong will, not an ordinary will, but from the immortal powerhouse, and not one, but a dozen.

It turns out that the Paragon battle flag is sealed with the strong will of the Reze ancients immortal powerhouse. At this time, the battle flag is completely red, and the will of the seal will be awakened.


The immortal thoughts of the Qiang people collapsed under the shock of the slaughter, and even his figure was shaken, and he had to withdraw three steps backwards.

Under the impact of the outbreak of the Paragon battle flag, all the people under the Daozu were all broken. Many people were directly obliterated by the will and the soul.

The Taoist ancestors, including the palm of the hand, were also moved, the will was broken, and each and everyone trembled, as the end of the day.


A battle flag.

Su Fang and the longevity lamp, the purple body, the scorpion body, and the spider are all involved in the Paragon battle flag.

Then the thunder pattern on the battle flag flashed a smash, and the time and space shattered. The battle flag quickly fell into the Void and disappeared with disappear without a trace.

“Let him let him escape… The Eze of the Reze has been destroyed for many years, but this Eminence has forgotten that the Paragon flag of the Reze ancients is a Hongmeng Tianbao, and it also seals the immortal will of the Luze ancients. It was unblocked and took the initiative to save the human race cultivator.”

The Qianyuan people were immortal, but they did not want to chase Su Fang.

Many cultivating people waking up from endless shocks and fears.

Cup of fist in the other hand: “Old Ancestor, do you send someone to chase the human race cultivator?”

The young man gave a sneer: “The human race cultivator has been controlled by the will, and it won’t last long unless he can control the evil thoughts and smash the evil bodies… and although he is caught in the crazy slaughter, the strength is not reduced, as long as Someone is close, he is crazy slaughter, how can you catch up with him?”

The palm of the hand reveals the color of sorrow: “I am incompetent, causing the Yuanyuan family to suffer heavy losses, please punish Old Ancestor.”

This time, he was attacked by a human race cultivator to Qi Yuanfeng. Some of them were slaughter, and there were countless deaths and injuries in the elite and high-level. The loss of the Yiyuan people from the fire branch was terrible. It could even be said that it was hurt and hurt. .

From the fire branch in the Qiangyuan family, the status will definitely fall thousand zhang.

If it is spread out, the entire Yiyuan people are all faceless.

“This matter has nothing to do with you. It is that the human race cultivator is too strong and daring. No one can think of him in retaliation for this Eminence. He dared to sneak into the Yuanyuan Peak… Hey, that human race cultivator dare to kill me clansmen, then Go to the human race and don’t leave it.”

The young man said abruptly, and then the figure disappeared directly into nothingness.

The 乾元族掌尊 immediately selected dozens of ancestors powerhouses that were not seriously injured, and issued the murderous aura slogan: “Go immediately to the human race, kill the human race, and don’t even let an ant pass.”

“Follow the law!”

A total of seventeen ancestors of the Yuan dynasty, and one cup in the other hand, each and everyone are killing intent.


Among the Primal Chaos Void.

The cold, dead Void suddenly bursts out of the vast slaughter, the temper of war, and then the flag flies out of nothingness.

A flag of the battle flag, a silhouette flashed, is Su Fang who escaped from the Qiang people.

The purple body of the body, the body of the celestial body, the longevity lamp, and the transporting spider were also rolled out by the battle flag and slammed into the Su Fang Daogong.


Su Fang was released and immediately gave a voice that was not like human’s Xiao Xiao.

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