Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3287

“Dare to block the enemy of my way, kill!”

“Cheat me, press me, kill! Threat my loved ones, friends, kill!”

“Bound my heart, kill!”

“Where is my enemy, one does not stay, all kills… I want to let this day, let this land, full of enemy corpses, rogue enemy blood, I want to make my heart innocent, Kill Kill Kill!”

At this moment in his heart, all are the slaughter thoughts of the sky, to kill everything.

From the time of the Small World of the Cang universe, until now, the once powerful enemies came out one after another in the mind.

What his eyes can see is all powerful enemies of each and everyone.

Bang bang bang!

Su Fang moved towards Primal Chaos Void Erupted a full-scale attack, as if there were enemies in front of it.

Every time he kills a strong enemy, Su Fang’s innermost feelings can’t help but rush out of extreme pleasure.

At the same time, Su Fang fell into a slaughter and got a deeper one.

Primal Chaos Void is caught in a mad turmoil, causing a chaotic airflow.

Hong long long !

Su Fang’s sky, a horrible thunder of the sound, followed by the thunder light, condensed into a Sky Gate.

Inside the Sky Gate, a pair of eyes stared at Su Fang.

“I don’t think that the Qianyuan people could not kill him. He himself was controlled by the evil killing and fighting intent. This time he can hard to avoid calamity…”

The voice of the spirits sounded from the inside of the Sky Gate.

“If you can get through this pass and go to the evil body, he will be able to achieve immortality in the future and become the Lord of the original world of Lei Ze. If it is not ruined… it will only be completely burned and turned into a group of ashes!”

The spirits sighed again and again, Su Fang was in such a state, he could not insert his hand, but he could only watch it.

Su Fang is in this state, moving toward the imaginary enemy to attack again and again.

Consciousness has also deepened and deepened, making it difficult to extricate themselves.

It lasts for about half a month.

Su Fang’s cultivation base is exhausted, and the fleshly body, the Taoist palace, and the original soul are beginning to burn. The whole person becomes even more crazy.

“It seems that Su Fang is hard to get rid of the evil body. This time hard to avoid calamity, hehe… I thought that the original world of Lei Ze finally found the Master. I didn’t expect it to be such a result. This Eminence has to wait a long time. I don’t know when I can wait for a new tester…”

The spirit of faintly sighed, it is necessary to take the Paragon battle flag back to the original realm of Lei Ze.


A silhouette of the shuttle chaos out of the air, it is the hail saint to powerhouse, hail Old Ancestor!

Looked towards Su Fang, hail Old Ancestor suddenly a white eyebrow.

“Don’t wake up quickly!”

Hail Old Ancestor made a thunder and will attack the world of Su Fang’s deepest thoughts, trying to wake up Su Fang.

However, Su Fang was completely dominated by consciousness at this time, and all ideas were immersed in the slaughter, and it was so easy to be awakened?

The old breeches of the old Ancestor of the hail are twisted, and from the with the body, an ice Cold Qi will cover Su Fang.

Ka ka ka!

Cold Qi quickly condensed and turned into a layer of ice, and Su Fang was picked up.

Ice Cold Qi penetrates into Su Fang within the body, and the Heavenly Dao, which contains all the icy things, seals the evil flames of Su Fang with the body.

As a result, Su Fang finally got rid of the bad luck of self-immolation in the slaughter.

However, his will is still controlled by evil desires, still immersed in the crazy slaughter, even the immortal powerhouse of the old Ancestor is hard to stop.

“This time is a little troublesome, what should I do? Is this just letting him run out of will?”

Hail Old Ancestor can only save Su Fang for a while, to get rid of it completely, you can only rely on yourself.

Thinking for a long time.

Hail Old Ancestor suddenly eyes shined, 讪讪said with a smile : “How do I forget the intention to find him this time? Only this thing can wake him up!”

Then a sense of the old Ancestor of the hail entered the consciousness World of Su Fang’s deepest thoughts.

The whole consciousness World is blood red, filled with slaughter and fierce breath.

As soon as it appeared, Su Fang, who was burning evil and burning, was attacked by the old Ancestor: “The enemy…kill!”

Hail Old Ancestor’s illusion of phantom gives a majestic, cold anger: “Su Fang, are you going to sink into the slaughter until the consciousness is annihilated?”

“Who dares to block me, I will kill who, stop me, I heaven defying!” Su Fang issued a murderous aura, and rushed to the old Ancestor.

Hail Old Ancestor is still moving, 讪讪said with a smile : “Su Fang, can you remember mysterious?”

“Xuan Xin? Who is Xuan Xin?” Su Fang startled, and immediately became murderous aura, “Who is who he is, Kill Kill Kill!”

Hail Old Ancestor shouted: “Xuan Xin is your Taoist. I gave birth to you yesterday, my son… Su Fang, you have a son!”

“Son… son?! I, I have a son? Son, son, hahaha, I have a son with Su Fang…”

Su Fang was shocked, and the deepest part of the mind, a warm current, diluted the full of killing intent.

His face’s killing intent began to fade, and the evil flames on his eyes and body began to fade.

Finally, his eyes suddenly lit up, just the evil killing, fighting intent, like the sky that was smashed into the dark clouds, when it became clear.

“Son, I have a son, and my Su Fang is also a father…” Su Fang laughed heartily, and the whole person finally woke up.

The sensation of the old Ancestor of the hail left Su Fang’s spiritual world, and then the ice seal on Su Fang was lifted.

Behind the Sky Gate in the air, Lei Ze’s original spirit sighed: “It seems that Su Fang’s life should not be over, and it’s finally awakened.”

Su Fang recalled the scene of the previous experience, still vivid in the general, feeling like a clear nightmare, the heart suddenly oozing cold.

The whole person is completely collapsed. The force of the cultivation base is exhausted. The fleshly body, the soul, and the heart are burned. The soul of the source and the immortal heart are all right, and the strength of life consumes nearly one third.

Such a serious injury can be said to be a lifeline.

Fortunately, the old Ancestor hail arrives in time, otherwise this time it is really hard to avoid calamity.

“many thanks Senior !”

Su Fang sincerely thanked the old Ancestor.

Hail Old Ancestor said: “Everything depends on you. It’s just a handy work for this Eminence. It can only be said that your air traffic is amazing, just in time for this Eminence to come to you, this is coming to you.”

This time it was a bit of luck, thanks to the old Ancestor happily looking for Su Fang, if it wasn’t for Xuan Xin, the old Ancestor would not come to find Su Fang.

Everything seems coincidental, but it is arranged in the middle of it.

“My son…hehe, just born, will save your life.” Su Fang had a hehe in his heart and smiled on his face.

Then I can’t wait to ask about Xuan Xin and my son.

“You still have to recover quickly, and when you recover, this Eminence will tell you not too late.” Hail Old Ancestor took a roll on Su Fang and saw Su Fang’s injury, suddenly a white eyebrow.

“Please Senior for a while.” Su Fang trembled and said to the old Ancestor.

Then pass the mind to the spirit.

From the Sky Gate, a Shenwei shrouded Su Fang, and together with the Paragon battle flag, went straight to Sky Gate and inhaled into the original realm of Lei Ze.

“That is the original realm of Reze?”

Hail Old Ancestor stares at the Sky Gate in the air, sparkling in the eyes.

“Su Fang this child is amazing, and I got the inheritance of the legendary Reze ancients. I will be able to achieve immortality in the future. At that time, the Hazel saint will have a strong support…”

Hail Old Ancestor muttered to himself and then held his hand in chaos.

As soon as Su Fang entered Lei Ze’s original world, he immediately felt that it was obviously different from before.

In the midst of it, he had a wonderful connection with the original world of Reze.

The idea is moving.

Su Fang’s consciousness permeates every corner of the 5th layer under the original Leize. It is like controlling the Xuanbao, and can control the Heavenly Dao of every 1st Layer Heaven.

Not only the following 5th layer days, but even the 6-Layer days that have not yet entered, Su Fang has a very clear sense.

6-Layer days above 3-Layer days are heavily blocked, and Su Fang is hard to feel.

“How is this going?”

Su Fang was shocked and embarrassed, and passed on his mind to the spirit.

“When you recover from your injury, then enter the 6-Layer day, this Eminence tells you again, go to the source pool!”

Jieling hehe smiled, and a pair of good moods, the performance of a Shenwei sent Su Fang directly into the Shenyuan pool.

When I came to the inner space of Shenyuanchi, Su Fang would feel in the body.

In the crazy slaughter of Qi Yuanfeng, he fell into a state of madness, almost consumed all the cultivation base, and even burned his life. At this time, he also went to the arrow at the end of its flight.

“This is really dangerous…”

Su Fang was afraid after a while.

Fortunately, he does not lack the means to restore the cultivation base, life, and resources.

Beginning to devour the medicine pill of the Tianshu nationality, and at the same time urging the king of blood to devour the life essence and energy left in the bodies of the alien powerhouse.

Su Fang has killed dozens of races and a thousand powerhouses. There are many Taoist powerhouses. The blood in the body is absorbed by the Paragon flag. However, there are still a lot of life essence and energy left in the body, which is just used to recover.


After a body, absorbed by the essence and energy, it turned into a pile of white bones and finally turned into ashes.

Su Fang’s fleshly body, gradually igniting the flame of life, was very weak at first, and finally snarled in the body with the body, sweeping every corner of the body.

The dry and even broken Dojo Palace began to gradually recover.

The longevity lamp combines the power of pure soul with the soul of Su Fang to make the soul recover at an amazing speed.

Just as Su Fang was healing in the original world of Lei Ze, a rainbow emerged from the void of nothingness and coldness, appearing in Void outside the Nanxuan domain.

Euno and many interracial powerhouses finally came to human race World.

“Less County King, you must first send someone into the human race World to inquire about it, and then make a decision.” Tianzhou powerhouse Zhou Yu started talking to yinuo.

Although Zunuo is out of favor now, he is still a powerful descendant of the Tianzu people. In the future, there will be no re-emergence, so Zhou Hao is still very polite to Sino.

“That is natural…”

Euno is also very jealous of Su Fang’s strength, and he did not dare to enter human race World without knowing the status of human race World.

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