Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3288

Zenu sent two alien ancestors, hiding their breath, and sneaked into the human race World to inquire about the news.

The two interracial powerhouses returned quickly, bringing news that makes Euno to be wild with joy.

“Su Fang left human race World, I don’t know where to go?” Zhou Nuo got the news and couldn’t help but be surprised and happy.

“Su Fang is not in human race World…”

Other interracial ancestors were long sighed in relief.

Although the benefits promised by Euno are attractive, but life is more expensive, there is no need to face Su Fang directly, and there is no worry about life. Naturally, it is a good thing.

Zhou Nuo coldsen said: “Go first to the gods, catch Su Fang’s relatives and men, even if Su Fang comes back, he will refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases, afraid to shoot us, As a result, we will take the lead.”


A heterosexual powerhouse suddenly said: “The cultívation should fight against the enemy just and honorably, killing directly with Su Fang, this Eminence and fearless fear, but the king of the genius is doing his best, this Eminence is ashamed. !”

Shua shua Shua!

Many foreign ancestors looked at the past.

The interracial powerhouse is a middle age person, draped in hair, pale in color, and looks like a slap in the face, but there is arrogance and ignorance in his eyes.

Many Taozu looked towards this person’s eyes, some people disdain, others are ashamed.

These alien ancestors, put into any race are all side powerhouses.

Now they are a group of ancestors, but sneaky to deal with a relative of a human race cultivator, as a key point, is really not a glorious thing.

Zhou Nuo said: “This ancestor, this Eminence spends a lot of money to ask you, not to let you know what this Eminence is. If you refuse to follow this Eminence decree, you can leave now, but the various promises of this Eminence before. The benefits are naturally gone.”

The middle age person snorted, no longer speaks.

“Go, go to the gods!”

Euno spurs the shuttle Xuanbao and enters the Nanxuan domain of Jiu Xuan Shen.

At this time, the Nanxuan domain is a desolate and dead.

The twelve ethnic cultívation who once dominated the Nanxuan domain were killed by Su Fang, and the rest were all fleeing from the Nanxuan domain. Except for a very small number of mortals, most human races were rescued by Sima Xiaoxiao and other Nanxuan cultivators. In addition to some great monsters, Nan Xuan Shen can’t see the silhouette of a cultivator.

Zenu is about to continue to push the shuttle, leaving the South Xuan Shen.

Sou sou sou!

More than fifty silhouettes broke out and blocked the shuttle’s way.

It is a Taozu powerhouse from twelve races.

It’s also a coincidence.

The twelve-ethnic powerhouse actually met with the Tianzhou powerhouse in Nanxuan Shenyu.

Su Fang killed the 12 races of the invasion of human race World. The bloody blood of the bloody gamuts was killed by Su Fang. The 12 races were furious and the ethnic groups once again sent powerful powerhouses into human race World.

After figuring out the intention of the Tianzu people to come to human race World, the two powerhouses hit it off and gathered together to kill the gods.

There are more than one hundred and fifty Taoist powerhouses, many of them are powerful ancestors, and they are all arrogant forces in any race. At this time, they all kill the gods and gods, Su Fang stays in the gods and gods in the temple. It is also dangerous.


Lei Zeyuan.

Su Fang cultívation 30 million years in the source pool and finally returned to the Peak state.

This time the injury was too heavy, almost the consumption of the medicine pill given by the treasure tree mother, and did not know how many of the alien cultívation people swallowed, and finally recovered completely.

This shows how profound the life of Su Fang and the Taoist palace are.

Su Fang thought about her son’s thoughts and refused to ask about the 6-Layer test. He quickly asked the Spirit General to send out the original realm of Reze and return to chaos.

Hail Old Ancestor is still waiting for Su Fang there.

“Senior, tell me about my son quickly.” Su Fang couldn’t wait to ask.

Hail Old Ancestor is also very happy, lost the style of the immortal powerhouse, and danced to the scene.

In fact, there is nothing to say, the process of the birth of Su Fang’er son, there is not much difference with the life of the child, that is, the time of birth is relatively long.

However, the son of Su Fang, of course, has as different as heaven and earth, out of the ordinary, out of the ordinary.

With the father of Taozu Peak, life is extremely powerful, beyond the limit of human race more than ten times, Innate is higher than the starting point of any human race, how can it be ordinary?

And the starry sky’s immortal powerhouse Qianchenzi, also gave Su Fang a 蜕凡星胎丹.

Absorbing the essence of medicine pill, Su Fang’s son is destined not to be ordinary, not inferior to the younger generation of the upper family.

According to Hail Old Ancestor, when the “Fang’er” was born, the strength of life surpassed the Taoist, so potential, it was amazing.

Since it was just born, there are no other unusual things for the time being.

Su Fang heard the news of her son, and she was very happy. The next moment she wanted to go to the Hail Sanctuary with the old Ancestor.

However, Su Fang went to good corpse, and although she couldn’t wait to see her son, the heart was calm and still sensible, knowing that it is not the time to return to the Sanctuary.

“The son is in the Sanctuary of the Hail, everything will be fine. It is imperative to take the evil body, pass the 6-Layer test of the original Xerox, and then move all the human race into the original realm of Lei Ze, completely solve the human race. Big trouble, by then, Xuan Xin and his son will all be connected to the original realm of Lei Ze.”

Su Fang thought about it and made a decision in her heart.

Then tell the idea to the old Ancestor.

Hail Old Ancestor swears: “Your son is this Eminence disciple. Even though you put it in the Sanctuary of Hail, give it to this Eminence, and you can do it with your peace event. If you need this Eminence, you can Opening.”

“Senior’s kindness is my heart, I have the ability to handle everything.” Su Fang has rejected the goodwill of the old Ancestor.

Let the old Ancestor shot, but it can solve all the troubles.

However, as a result, the hail saints will also be implicated.

And there is an immortal powerhouse to intervene, which will inevitably lead to the immortal powerhouse of the Tianzu, the Qiang and the twelve races, which will bring endless troubles.

What’s more, Su Fang has his own arrogance and strong self-confidence, strength and ability to solve everything.

Hail Old Ancestor was about to leave, and suddenly he asked: “I almost forgot, what is your son’s name?”

Su Fang startled, and suddenly laughed.

For a moment, I was so happy that I lost my head and actually forgot to give my son a name.

Precipitate for a long time.

Su Fang started talking: “My son, when I was born, it brought me the best of luck, helped me through a great tribulation, and I also hope that my son will have Great Destiny in the future, just like… Su Xuan Yun!”

“Su Xuan Yun?!”

Hail Old Ancestor A white eyebrow.

Immediately, the first words: “This name is good, you and Xuan Xin’s surname are inside…just called Su Xuan Yun!”

After the hail of Old Ancestor’s resignation, Su Fang looked towards Sky Gate over the sky and passed on to the spirits: “Spiritual Sir, and later, I will go to the evil body here.”

The spirit responded: “No matter, you are free, this Eminence is waiting for you.”

Su Fang settled in the Primal Chaos Void, preparing for the abomination.

At this time, Su Fang had already smashed the body and the corpse, and only three dead bodies were left.

Once you take the corpse again, it means that you will surpass everything in your mind and reach the height of the same with Heavenly Dao.

The mind is immortal, and then only need to continue to precipitate, constantly comprehend Heavenly Dao Shinji, the cultivation realm beyond the Tao, and then can be promoted to immortality, become the Eternal Immortal with the Heavenly Dao, that is the highest Peak of the Avenue.

Precipitated for ten years.

After being controlled by evil and crazy killing, fighting intent, it once again appeared in Su Fang’s mind.

From the day of the cultivation to the day of becoming a cultivator, the enemies of each and everyone encountered along the way also emerged in one after another in the mind.

“I have to do all the strong enemies and walk towards the enemy’s corpse to Peak, but Slaughter is just a means, and I must not control me.”

“The corpse has made my strength stronger, and it is also my fault… Hey!”

The face of the picture in the mind, the scene of the scene, was crushed by Su Fang’s will.

With an experience of getting rid of the will of the evil corpse, Su Fang became very relaxed.

Every time I go to a face, every time I interrupt a past, the evil thoughts in Su Fang’s heart will be weakened.

At the same time, there is a path of causality with the past.


A vain breath rushed out of Su Fang within the body and disappeared into the deep chaos.

After a while.

Su Fang’s overhead sky is like boiling, and it starts to sound like a thunder.

Soon thunder light surged and turned into a thousand zhang-sized thunder light knife.


Su Fang looked toward the thunder light knife, and the eyes were calm, but the incomparable decisiveness and determination.


The thunder light knife fell down with the will of Heavenly Dao, and the Lightning Spark came to the top of Su Fang, turning into a thunder light knife that was only one foot long, from the head of Su Fang. Body.

Su Fang felt that the knife seemed to split him directly into two halves, a cold, ruthless and cold blade, which detached his evil body from within the body and floated in front of him.


Su Fang The whole portrait is out of the ordinary.

At the same time, there is also a very familiar and relaxed feeling, which feels like a layer of shackles.

His eyes were cold and indifferent, like the vast chaos, without a trace of emotion.

There is no joy or no sorrow in his heart, no hate and no anger, and step into a state of emptiness.

“Heaven and Earth are not benevolent, and everything is a dog…”

Such information naturally emerges in Su Fang’s mind.

This is the state of mind that is detached from all ambiguity. After reaching a supreme realm, the Heavenly Dao will be acquired, just like Su Fang’s sacred scriptures.

“It turns out that this is called Heavenly Dao ruthless…”

Until this time, Su Fang realized what Heavenly Dao was ruthless.

Heavenly Dao doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter.

Heavenly Dao There is nothing particularly good about everything, and nothing else is particularly bad.

Everything in the world is average. In the presence of Heavenly Dao, there is no distinction between high and low, noble, noble, good or bad. Everything is equal.

Heavenly Dao is also not angry or sad, not good for good, not evil.

“If the cultivator wants to be immortal, and Heavenly Dao is eternal, he needs to reach the realm like Heavenly Dao in his mind. But who can really be ruthless? If it is so ruthless with Heavenly Dao, what is cultivation? significance?”

“Although Heavenly Dao can’t do the realm of ruthlessness, but the repairer can do it too much. It can be sentimental, hateful, good and evil, persistent, but not embarrassed, not intrusive, this is… too Forget about it!”

Su Fang raised his mouth, slightly smiled.

At this moment, Su Fang smashed three corpses, and the mood finally reached the height of the Great Perfection.

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