Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3290

The entire human race World, now only a dozen or so ancestors, is the most top powerhouse of the human race.

Now more than one hundred and fifty ancestors appeared outside the Temple of Heaven, and there are many peerless ancestors with immortality.

Human race Peak powerhouse The peer-level powerhouse at the same height, now with the cabbage on the side of the road, how can the evil candle sage not be shocked and feared?

“Fortunately, Su Fang this brat is prepared in advance, otherwise this Eminence will be miserable this time…” Thinking of Su Fang’s back hand in the Tianshen Palace, the evil candle sage is suddenly bold and strong, and becomes arrogant and arrogant. .

“The evil candle holy sage? I can’t think of it, you can even advance to Daozu, and you also rely on Su Fang.” A foreign ancestor recognized the evil candle sage, and exclaimed, “The ancestors who have just been promoted, you still want to stop us.” So many powerhouses?”

“The evil candle holy deity, this Eminence remembers you!”

Zhou Nuo suddenly remembered that in the Leize ancient clan, the evil candle holy sage was just promoted to the Tao.

At that time, Zhou Nuo tried to grasp it and accepted it as a slave. As a result, he was escaped from the corpse by the evil candle sage.

Zhou Nuo looked at the evil candle sage in a sly posture, domineering coldly shouted: “The evil candle holy sacred, it seems that Su Fang will leave you in the 敕天神宫. This Eminence sees that you are not a human race, do not want to kill you, as long as You will now open the enchantment of the Tenjin Temple and catch Su Fang’s relatives and men. This Eminence can spare you from death.”

“Tianzu Junior, what are you, and dare to be arrogant in front of this Eminence?” The evil candle jié jié laughed a few times.

Immediately dismissively looked at the many foreign ancestors. “You are indeed a lot of people, and what is the use? You can’t break the defense of the Tianshen Palace in a short time. Su Fang will return for a while, and then he will return. Once the longevity lamp is urging, you will all be stripped of the soul and become the lamp oil of the longevity lamp.”

All Taoist powerhouses are a variant of the divine light.

Zhou Nuo sneered with a sneer: “A hundred ancestors, can not break the defense of the Tianshen Palace in the district? It is ridiculous!”

“With the ants of this kind of ants, what are you talking about? Directly break through the Tiantian Temple, so as not to have a long night dream!”

Beyond the body of the Tianzhou nationality powerhouse, Zhou Shu, the light fell on the evil candle holy sage, a time of the gods of the gods in the evil candle holy sacred body, and instantly smashed this thought.

“As soon as possible, break through the Tiantian Temple, otherwise it will be a big trouble to wait for Su Fang to come back!” Zhou Yu shouted loudly.

Bang bang bang!

More than a dozen Taoist priests released their thoughts and violently attacked the enchantment.

The ten thousand zhang golden light broke out in the Tianshen Palace, revealing the golden light of the golden light.

The enchantment of the Tiantian Temple is connected to Heavenly Dao, and the defense is amazing. It takes thousands of years for the Daozu Peak powerhouse to attack.

However, the Taozu brought the powerhouse of the Tao, and the Tao powerhouse from the twelve races, not the human race, can be based on equal terms, each with the out of the ordinary ability and the unrivalled divine ability.

Under the attack of more than a dozen Daozu, the enchantment began to break, but to completely break through, it was not a day or two.

“Let this Eminence come!”

That youth from the evil Mozu suddenly became domineering.


From the black corner above his head, he shot a twisted Profound Light, whirls, like a high-speed rotating drill bit, tearing time and space, but also tearing the enchantment.

“Broken, the defense of the Temple of Heaven is broken!”

Many alien ancestors showed their smiles, looked towards the eyes of the gods, like the Vicious Beast that looked toward a group of prey.

Although Su Fang is not in the human race World, they are still afraid, and they don’t dare to delay for too long. Now the enchantment is finally broken, and finally they can breathe a sigh of relief.

When I was about to break into the Tianshen Palace from the enchantment gap, suddenly a thought of the evil candle sage appeared again.

“Sir is slow and slow, and I am willing to take Su Fang’s loved ones and all of my men and give them to Sir, so that you don’t want to be hands-on.” This time, the evil candle sage suddenly became mean.

Zhou Nuo sneered with a sneer: “I don’t see the coffin without tears!”

The evil candle holy sacred nodded again and again: “Yes, yes, the small is not seeing the coffin without tears, now I see the coffin regret, please give Sir a chance.”

“Go, give you a fragrant time, this Eminence’s patience is limited.” Zhou Nuo said.

“many thanks less king.”

The sacred candle sacred body squats again and again, and then the phantom of this thought is returned to the interior of the 敕天神宫.

The torn gap on the golden light curtain quickly returned to its original state.

A fragrant time is fleeting, but there is no such thing as a sacred candle.

Obviously, it was played by the evil candle sage.

A few bursts of gnashing teeth: “The evil candle sage, dare to tease this Eminence, this Eminence wants you to die!”

Immediately a drink order, many Taozu powerhouse shot again, less than half an hour, the enchantment was once again broken.

“You are slow!” The thought of the evil candle holy reappears again. “Su Fang left a powerful back hand when he left the Tiantian Temple. You will die when you enter the Heavenly Palace.”

“Jumping the clown, die!”

Tianzhou powerhouse Zhou Hao was furious, with the slightest hesitation to kill the idea of ​​the evil candle.

From the inside of the enchantment, there is a smug laughter from the sacred candle: “This Eminence does not want to offend the Tianzu and the twelve races, so I don’t want you to die here. This is a good reminder to you, who dares to step into the knot. One step in the world is when the commandment is made, don’t blame this Eminence for no prior notice.”

“Bulky! In addition to Su Fang in the human race, who else can block the edge of this Eminence?”

The sound of 宙 峥嵘 。 。.

At the moment, Zhou Yu took a dozen of Tianzu ancestors and rushed to the broken edge of the enchantment.


A swift slamming flashes out of the enchantment gap.

As if the punishment of the heavens came, the Heavenly Dao, which contained the horror of Leifa, destroyed the reason and strength, and when it was, it was enshrined by Zhou Yu and a dozen Taoist ancestors.

Then there was a big explosion of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering.

Zhou Yu was sent out by the flying, and the fleshly body was layered into ashes under the ruin of destruction.

“Hateful, there is a peerless powerhouse hidden inside the Tianshen Palace, and it is still a powerful powerhouse to master the Great Divine Ability of the Thunder…”

Zhou Yu and frightened and angry,within the body constantly rushing out of the power of time, this will strengthen the system of Lei Lizhi and strength, but still in a state of serious injury.

The other dozens of Tianzu ancestors are not so lucky.

There were three on the spot for the ashes, and even the soul could not escape. The others were also injured and were sent out.

Sou sou sou!

Four horror giants up to eight thousand zhang, stepping out from the enchantment gap.

Like the four Pillar of Raising Heaven, the horrible thunder and ruin of the horror, forced the alien ancestors to retreat.

It was Su Fang who stayed in the Temple of Heaven and God.

This time there are four people, and one of the most powerful ones is still in the Temple of Heaven.

“Reze ancient powerhouse?!”

All interracial powerhouses are sucked in a breath of cold air , each and everyone body.

“It’s not a living Reze ancient powerhouse, but four scorpions. We have so many ancestors powerhouses, enough to kill them!” The seriously injured Cou gnashing teeth shouted.

The alien ancestral powerhouse began to hesitate.

Especially the Taozu powerhouses recruited by Euno, they came to the money, naturally do not want to send their lives because of money.

Not waiting for those foreign ancestors to shoot, the four Raytheon wars directly killed many alien ancestors.

a path of Leifa, containing the devastating Heavenly Dao, hiding the sky and covering the earth to many alien ancestors.

A world war, unfolding outside the Temple of Heaven.

Raytheon’s trenches show strong incomparable strength. They are originally embarrassing, fearless and not to mention, fleshly body is immortal, and the thunder that is displayed is also amazing, overbearing and powerful, unstoppable.

Bang bang bang!

There are always foreign ancestors, and they are killed by the thunder.

However, the strength of these alien ancestors was also out of the ordinary, plus a large number of people, after bearing the fierce bombardment of the four Raytheon trenches, they quickly stabilized their positions and surrounded the four Raytheon wars.

Raytheon’s trenches began to fall into disarray.

at this time.

Shua shua Shua!

A respectable human race is a sequel.

“absolutely can’t let Su Fang’s loved ones fall into the hands of these alien ancestors and stop them!”

Powerhouses such as Dongxuan Daozu, Dark Mother Dao, Tianmingtai Powerhouse, and other powerhouses, after the shouted of Dongxuan Daozu, joined the slightest hesitation to join the war.

However, after some human race ancestors rushed to the Tiantian domain, they saw so many powerhouses on the alien side that they were hidden in nothingness.

Zhou Nuo issued a decree to the recruited alien powerhouse: “Go, enter the Temple of Heaven, and seize Su Fang’s relatives and men anyway.”

“With this Eminence!”

Zhou Yu had already been seriously injured, and at this moment he did not hesitate to break into the broken enchantment outside the Temple of Heaven.

More than 20 foreign ancestors who were recruited by Euno have also followed the ancestors.

Soon after the independence of the ancestors of Zhou Yu and other ancestors, they suddenly heard a scream.

When Zhou Nuo heard the sound of Zhou Yu in the screams, it was obviously something unexpected. The heart suddenly sinks: “What happened?”


The soul of 桓 phan phan 倏 倏 倏 , , , phan phan phan phan phan phan phan phan phan phan phan phan phan phan phan phan phan phan phan phan phan

When the neutrons were divine light transients, it was suspected that Su Fang had set up a trap to wait for him to drill.

Sou sou sou!

A revered ancestor was teleported, and each and everyone expression panicked and escaped faster than the speed just went.


A huge palm stretched out from the Temple of Heaven.

The palm of the thunder light is surging, the speed is as fast as lightning, moving towards a foreign ancestor volley.

A burst of thunderous thunder, that the interracial ancestors had no time to make a scream, in the palm of their hands to be ashes.

Then, a huge giant of Lei Zegu, a thousand thousand zhang, was killed from the depths of the Tianshen Palace.

Many foreign ancestors were stuck in a breath of cold air, and they did not expect that there was such an amazing thunderstorm in the Temple of Heaven.

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