Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3291

Ten thousand zhang The huge thunder battle smashed out of the air.

Ka-cha !

Waving is a swift smashing of the power of Heavenly Dao, and a foreign ancestor was murdered and completely smashed into ashes.

The human race Daozu of Dong Xuan Dao and other ancestors suddenly felt a great spirit and made a burst of cheers.

Many alien powerhouses began to panic, and their hearts began to retreat.

On the overall strength, the alien side can completely overwhelm the human race side.

However, Su Fang’s five Raytheon wars are not only powerful, but also do not know what is dead.

Which of the alien ancestors who were recruited by Euno, who are willing to work hard for the money of Euno?

For a time, the human race party has the upper hand.


A respectful silhouette is drawn from nothingness, and it is also a thirteen Taoist powerhouse.

“It’s the powerhouse of the Yi Yuan!”

Accor was surprised and surprised, and absolutely did not expect that he would come back again.

Thirty powerhouses are from the Qianyuan people.

Su Fang smashed the Quartet on the Yuanyuan Peak, causing the Yuanyuan people to lose a lot from the fire branch. How can the Yuanyuan people not retaliate?

Until then, these Qianyuan powerhouses arrived at the Tiantian Temple, just in time for this battle.

“Where did Su Fang attract so many powerful enemies?” Dong Xuan Daozu and other human race ancestors suddenly sink into the bottom of the valley.

The head of the ancestral Taoist ancestors took a point and turned into a golden image, which appeared on the top of a thunder.

That Raytheon is immediately smashed, difficult to move, and it is even more difficult to display any Divine Ability.

Then two of the two Yuanyuan powerhouses simultaneously shot and sealed the thunder.

There is also a Qianyuan powerhouse that motivates a token printed with a golden image, moving towards a thunderous war.

The Void around the thunderstorm suddenly collapsed, and there was a stream of air that shook the Thunder and was swallowed into chaotic time and space.

Bang bang bang!

The other Qianyuan powerhouses also shot at the same time, the twelve races and the powerhouse recruited by the sinuo also followed, and there will be three Raytheon trenches left.

Headed by the old man cold and severe eyes, in the human race Daozu and the Tiantian Temple, a roll, immediately domineering coldly shouted said: “Su Fang has been killed, you human race ants, all have to be wiped out… kill all Human race, an ant has to stay!”

“What, Su Fang is dead?”

The words of the old man of the monk, whether it is the mechanical house that Quanno and his recruited, or the powerhouse from the twelve races, and the human race, are all stunned and unbelievably watching the old man.

In the head of Euno, “hong” screamed, and it was hard to believe his ears. He forcibly suppressed the shock and ecstasy in his heart. He quickly asked: “Sir, Sir, in the next day, Zuo, Su Fang really Is it already killed?”

“Su Fang that lunatic, bold and daring, even mixed into my family, Yuanfeng, although I killed some clansmen of my family, I was finally killed by my powerhouse!”

The old man, who is called the cadre of the squadron, showed his domineering arrogance.

Su Fang is killing a lot of powerhouses in the Yuan Dynasty. He naturally does not take the initiative to say it.

Did not say Su Fang is because of the crazy slaughter, was killed, fighting intent dominated and fell into madness, but claimed to be killed by the Qianyuan powerhouse, completely to save the face of the Yuan people.

According to the immortality of the Qianyuan people, Su Fang will die undoubtedly, but it is dead. As for how to die, who will care about that?

“Su Fang is dead?!hahaha…”

Euno couldn’t help but laugh and vented his inner gloom and resentment since his failure.

He even began to think about it.

The reason why the Fifth Layer test failed was not obliterated by the original will of Lei Ze, because Su Fang was killed, and Lei Ze’s original boundary spirit left him a life, and perhaps there is still the opportunity to continue the test of the original realm of Lei Ze.

“Now, Su Fang is dead!”

“It’s too mad. He thought he was an immortal powerhouse. He dared to kill the Yuan Yuanfeng of the Qiang nationality. He wanted to die and he was no stranger to anyone!”

Other interracial ancestors, all of them are sighed in relief, and their hearts are very happy.

“Impossible, how could Su Fang die?”

The human race ancestors such as the Eastern Xuan Dao and the Dark Mother Tao, had a feeling of falling into the sky.

Su Fang is the hope of the human race. He is so dead, what hope is there for the human race?

“It seems that Heavenly Dao wants to destroy the human race, and it is difficult for anyone to reverse it, hehe…” Some human races sighed with sighs, and their hearts were full of pessimism and despair.

The human race Dao, who was hiding in the dark, was shocked and scared to go.

The words of the Yuanyuan powerhouse were introduced into the interior of the dry Primordial Spirit Palace.

In an instant!

Everyone in the Temple of Heaven, Su Yaotian, Xuan Yintian and other relatives, White Spirit, Qing Yu, Luo and other friends, each and everyone are all stunned.

This moment, Heaven Falls and Earth Rends.

The sacred candle sacred priest hides inside the 敕天神宫, trembles, and can’t be utterly stunned: “It’s over, this time is over, originally intended to follow Su Fang that brat, and later can eat spicy and spicy, now it’s good, Su Fang that brat turned out to be It’s a short-lived ghost. This Eminence also offended the Tianzu and the 12 races. How is this time?”

Zhou Nuo issued a murderous aura thundering thunder: “Su Fang is dead, but his relatives, friends, and his men, but the human race that has a relationship with Su Fang, one can not let go!”

A Yi nationality ancestor Peak powerhouse smiled and said: “Su Fang kills my family that many powerhouse, just killing him, not enough, the entire human race, all dead!”

The party is indifferent: “The decree of my family’s immortal powerhouse is that even an ant of human race World has to let go!”

The tripartite forces, one more than a very ruthless, at this time regarded the entire human race as a bag of things, the lamb to be slaughtered.

“Human race is not the ants that let you slaughter, even if Su Fang is really degraded, and I am waiting for the human race powerhouse, even if it is at the last moment, you will never be allowed to step into the Temple of Heaven!”

Dong Xuan Dao Zu with a decisive intention, his body shape flashed, blocking the front of the Temple of Heaven.

“This Eminence has long wanted to follow Xi Xuan’s old ghost. This opportunity is just right… count this Eminence one!”

The dark mother ancestors made a faint sound, and they also teleported to the side, standing side by side with Dong Xuan Dao.

“This Eminence cultivate Fate is connected to the fate of the human race, the human race is booming, this Eminence is strong, the human race is dead, and this Eminence can’t escape. It’s better to die like this!” Powerhouse from Heavenly Platform A long shout was heard and it was followed by a teleport.

Shua shua Shua!

There are also five human race ancestors, North Xuan Daozu, Huang Quan Fazu, 颢 Heavenly Dao ancestor, and two other rogue cultivators, all of which are decisive, standing with Dong Xuan Dao and the others.

There are also three Taoist ancestors, but hesitating, and he is lucky, and plans to wait for an opportunity to escape.

“that’s all …”

A silhouette flashed from the Temple of Heaven, appearing on the side of Dongxuan Dao.

A scroll of eyebrows of Dongxuan Dao: “The candle of the evil spirits, you are not a human race. At this time, you can leave it.”

The sacred candle sacred jié jié smirked: “If it wasn’t for Su Fang that brat, this Eminence was still squatting in the ice cave of the Hail Sanctuary. When he left, he gave the Temple of Heaven to this Eminence. This Eminence can’t be done, but simply fight for it!”

Shua shua Shua!

A statue of cultivator flies out of the Temple of Heaven.

The head of the person, turned out to be a middle-aged cultivator of the Tao Jun realm, followed by him, are also some low-order cultivator, great monster, in front of the Taozu powerhouse even the ants are not counted, at most can only be regarded as A grain of dust.

Behind the mighty tens of millions of cultivators, at this moment, Su Fang’s men in the Temple of Heaven, almost come out.

See the middle age person headed, Dong Xuan Dao divine light transient: “Su Yaotian, what are you doing, go back quickly!”

It turns out that the middle age person is Su Fang’s father, Su Yaotian!

Around him, all of them are Su Fang’s relatives and friends. Except those who failed to reach the true state of the world and could not afford the World of Yu Xuan, they all came out at the moment.

Su Yaotian, a beard, said with a smile: “I didn’t have much interest in my life, but I gave birth to a good son like Su Fang. From Small World to the present, I have been relying on my son’s shelter, now my son is gone, I am This is the nature of Father to stand up, even if it is dead, it will never lose face to his son!”

“Brother Su …”

The human race Dazu of Dong Xuan Dao and other ancestors were all shocked, and a sense of anger and anger came out from the heart.

Shu Wei really made a cold voice: “I am a Taoist monk. If he is dead, I will not live. Even if I can’t kill the enemy, I will die!”

“In Su Fang’s friends, there is never a cartilage head. Isn’t it a death? What are the fears?”

Luo gave a coldly shouted, and the pride of death was born.

Qing Yu followed the domineering shouted: “This Eminence was originally a great monster of the low-level universe Small World, from Small World to Great World, from Great World to All Heavens and Myriad Realms, and then detached from the low-level universe, and saw Jiu Xuan The scenery is dead enough!”

“Unfortunately, I can’t kill a few ancestors, even if I broke the hair of a Taoist powerhouse, this Young Lady has no regrets…” White Spirit regretted that there was no fear of coming to death.

Zhou Nuo sneered with a sneer: “A group of ants, when they die, they still have to say such rhetoric, wait for this Eminence to step on your head, when you tremble at the foot of this Eminence, beg for mercy, see how long you can hold… All suppression!”

The three human race ancestors who were still hesitating, no longer hesitated at this time, turned and fled.

Where do you know~

The powerhouse of the Qianyuan people had long anticipated that the Divine Ability had imprisoned time and space, and then the five Daozu joined forces to kill the three human race ancestors.

Bang bang bang!

More than one hundred interracial ancestors, killed to the East Xuan Dao and the others.

Su Fang The five Raytheon trenches that stayed at the Tianshen Palace were either smashed by the Qianyuan powerhouse or exiled to chaos, and now it is difficult to play a role.

The remaining human race ancestors, together with a sacred candle sage, have only eight sects, and there are more than one hundred in different races. The strength of the two sides is at a glance.

Waiting for the human race party will be a disaster!

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