Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3293

In the cover of the Paragon battle flag, the screams and explosions are one after another. Is it ten times more fierce than the previous war?

Su Fang smashed three corpses, and his mind was detached. The Divine Ability formidable power was also greatly increased, and the overall strength was also improved. He had the powerful strength of 90%.

Coupled with the paradise of the Paragon battle flag, not only can suppress the strong enemy, but also the growth of Su Fang’s body and the strength of the Thor spirit, making Su Fang’s overall strength stronger.

This change has made the whole situation show a one-sided trend.

With the power of one person fighting more than 50 foreign ancestors, and also showing the trend of crushing, what is this shocking world?

Dong Xuan Dao and the others In the enchantment, seeing this scene, no one is not shocked, no one is not exclaiming.

“Su Fang left human race World this time. What kind of creation has it achieved, and the strength has become so amazing?”

“Su Fang’s strength at this time, I am afraid that it can be immortal!”

“Well, well, the stronger the strength of Su Fang, the more hopeful the human race will be. In the future, he will be able to take the human race and stand proudly in the chaos!”

Human race Daozu powerhouse communicates in secret, each and everyone is very excited.

Su Yaotian and the others, great monster, is stunned, stunned there, radical speechless.

“I don’t think Su Fang this brat is not only dead, but the strength has become so amazing. Fortunately, this Eminence didn’t escape before, otherwise the bran’s temper, this Eminence, what good fruit to eat after?” The evil candle holy sacred in the dark Not only, but also for a while.

Crazy killing lasts for three hours.

40’s many ordinary ancestors, all killed by Su Fang, the soul was picked up by the eternal life.

In the time of slaughter, there are still twelve Taobao Peak powerhouses.

The surrounding time and space are paralyzed by the Paragon Battlefield, and the rest of the Taoist powerhouses are not likely to escape. Even if they have the strength and ability to break through the treasures, Su Fang will not give them any chance.

The Qianyuan powerhouse is in the midst of the huge thunder battle with that ten thousand zhang, and Su Fang this Venerable appears in front of him.

Looking towards the dry side, Su Fang whispered coldly: “You just said that you want to kill all human races, even an ant has to let go, now I am afraid there is no chance.”

The party is confronted with the most powerful Thor, and it has been completely suppressed by the trenches.

When I saw Su Fang coming, I also knew that I couldn’t escape, but I was not reconciled. I threatened to say: “Su Fang, you dare to kill this Eminence. You will never let go of you, even the human race you shelter. It’s hard to live!”

“If you let go, will the Yuanyuan family let me Su Fang and let go of the human race?”

Su Fang faintly smiled, urging to wear the blood of the king vine, as if the tens of snakes dance, moved towards killing.

The cadre was affected by the Paragon battle flag, and his body became dull. He had to burn his thoughts and then cast a teleport to escape the attack of wearing the blood.

But it doesn’t prevent that Raytheon’s trenches are killed from the side, and a Destruction Divine Thunder is bombarded on the dry fleshly body, and the fleshly body is broken.

The origin of the soul of the party escaped, but it was entangled in a raging fire.

“Su Fang, this Eminence is dead, you can’t die! You are waiting to be cramped by my family’s immortal powerhouse, eternal refining soul!”

Under the power of the longevity lamp, the origin of the soul of the party has no room for resistance. It seems to be swallowed up by the longevity lamp, and moved towards Su Fang to issue a full of grievances.

“Want to die? How easy it is… All the aliens who attacked the Temple of Heaven, all in my longevity lamp, the soul of the eternal life, you are no exception!” Su Fang indifferent voice, like the ruthless Heavenly Dao.

The party is completely desperate and can only be inhaled by the longevity lamp.

“acknowledge allegiance, I am willing to acknowledgment allegiance, just ask Su Fang Sir for the next life!” A powerhouse from the Yi people, witnessing the end of the party, will suddenly collapse, moved towards Su Fang pleading for mercy.

“I am also willing to acknowledge allegiance, Su Fang Sir!”

The other six interracial powerhouses have also opened their mouths, all from the 12-ethnic Taozu powerhouse.

The ancestors of the Qiangyuan people are still still fighting the beastly beast, and they are willing to burn everything and try to kill the paradise of the Paragon battle flag.

The Qiang nationality is a chaotic upper class, and nature will not easily be acknowledgment allegiance.

And they want acknowledge allegiance is also impossible, they have a soul in the 乾元族, once the traitor, they will be directly killed by the immortal powerhouse with the forbidden technique, so even if they die, they will never acknowledge Su Fang Allegiance.

“Willing for acknowledgment allegiance, open the soul, the palace, accept the cockroach!” Su Fang is based on the longevity lamp, condenses the soul seal seeds, and enters the soul of the seven alien powerhouses.

The soul of the source is shackled, and Su Fang has a longevity lamp, and the soul does not die. Even if Su Fang is killed, these alien ancestors cannot be rebellious.

Although Su Fang also wants to kill all these alien ancestors, his heart has always remained calm. These alien ancestors remain useful and cannot be killed for the time being.

The human race needs to continue to grow and develop even if it is moved into the original realm of Reze. These alien ancestors will also play a big role in the future, at least for cannon fodder.

The cannon fodder of the Daozu is quite difficult to find.

After the 12-ethnic Taoist powerhouses were paralyzed, Su Fang inhaled them all into the palace, waiting for time to adjust and let them completely reassure them.

Then Su Fang began to concentrate on the remaining Qianyuan powerhouse.

The strength of these Qianyuan powerhouses is out of the ordinary, but they have encountered Su Fang, plus the Paragon battle flag and the longevity lamp. Unless they have immortal strength, how can they escape the suppressed fate? ?

The rest of the remaining powerhouses, all of them were stripped by Su Fang with a longevity lamp, inside the longevity lamp.

Of course, these Qianyuan powerhouses will not be easily killed, so they have to be burned and tortured in the longevity lamp.

If Su Fang is so cruel to torture cultívation before he smashes the evil body, how much will affect the Tao.

Now that he has gone to the evil body, his heart is full of heart, Heavenly Dao is ruthless, tormenting these enemies, it is difficult to affect his heart.

In addition, Su Fang will be the soul of so many ancestors, and other intentions.

These alien ancestors come from different Primal Chaos Races, have different innate talents, and have the cultivation technique, Divine Ability, and the various abilities of alchemy and refining, which are among the top of the Primal Chaos Race.

Su Fang intends to divest their memories and let the human race cultivator learn from it, and will have great benefits for the overall improvement of the human race in the future.

Completely solve all the strong enemies, Su Fang will all the treasures and the body are all in the Dojo.

Then grabbed a dozen medicine pills and began to spur the madness of the king.

Just a battle, it seems easy, but how can it be easy to face so many Taozu powerhouses?

In this battle, more than 50 ancestors were suppressed, and the top powerhouses with the strength of the 9-Layer ancestors were also quite a lot. The consumption of Su Fang was also quite large.

After a little recovery, Su Fang’s fate was deduced, and everything that happened before was instantly understood.

“This time, it is really dangerous…”

Su Fang was fortunate in the heart and feared.

Then he put away the scorpion, and the enchantment that protected many human race cultivators disappeared.

Those human race ancestors were all injured and all recovered.

Su Fang found the storage ring from the corpses of the smashed Qianyuan powerhouse and took out the medicine pill inside, all of them to Dong Xuan Dao and the others.

The cadre is also a giant of the Qiang nationality, and the medicine pill he carries with him is naturally very powerful.

With these medicine pill, Dong Xuan Dao and the others can not only recover quickly, but may also use the medicine pill to refine the cultivation base.

Su Fang looked toward father Su Yaotian, out of the voice: “Child makes father frightened.”

Su Yaotian laughed and said: “I am not afraid of being afraid. If you are a son, you can risk your life and death. What if you are occasionally frightened by your father? Even if it is a transfer.”

Su Fang laughed aloud, Su Yaotian, this is also used to leisure, actually taking life and death as a adjustment.

Then looked towards Xuan Yintian, Shu Yuntian and other elders, and then his eyes fell on Shu Weizhen, his eyes became soft: “Let Senior Sister worry.”

He is so respectful to Shu Yuzhen, although he is not as affectionate as Xuan Xin and Luo Tiannu, but has a respectful meaning.

“Who is worried about you, brat!” Shu Wei’s face was slightly red, and her eyes were a little red.

His eyes passed from White Spirit, Qing Yu, Luo and other friends, and they found that their eyes were less than the previous ones, and they were a bit more awe.

Su Fang sighed in the heart.

His current strength is only one line away from the height of Heavenly Dao. Which one is not awe? Even a close relative is no exception.

Su Fang said solemnly: “Su Fang, and the same day, the Zeus of the Zhou family escaped, this person will definitely be a big problem in the future.”

Su Fang smiled. “Nothing, he can’t escape.”

Only Su Fang nodded, the spirit can use the will of the original realm of Lei Ze to easily kill Zeon, even if the immortal powerhouse can not save him, it is useless to escape to where.

The dark mother ancestors then said coldly: “There are still some human race ancestors. In the critical moments of the Tianshen Temple, there are some people waiting to stop and watch, and there are also those who escape. These people should all kill!”

Dongxuan Daozu, Tianzhu and other powerhouses are all angry.

Su Fang shook his head and said: “Which one is not afraid of death? What’s more, after they are all human human ancestors…that’s all!”

At this time, Su Fang’s heart is open-minded. If it is placed before, it will naturally not let go of the human race ancestors who fled.

Of course, although they are not dead, waiting for the human race to migrate to the original realm of Leze, those human race ancestors who escaped will naturally be excluded from the core of human race by Su Fang.

Those who truly grasp the power of the human race are also the human race ancestors who came forward in times of crisis.

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