Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3295

Seeing a sentimental and disappointing look of Dong Xuan Daozu, Su Fang said: “Master, you don’t need to feel anything. It is only temporary to enter the original world of Lei Ze. Sooner or later, the human race will not only return to nine. Xuan Shen domain, will also be called the chaotic million.”

Dong Xuan Dao’s ancestor: “I hope that day will come soon!”

Then Su Fang grabbed a storage ring and flew to Dongxuan Daozu: “Master, you first enter the original realm of Lei Ze, settle the cultivator of Dong Xuan Shen, and open Dao Temple. These resources are held by you.”

Dongxuan Daozu grabbed the storage ring and permeated the consciousness. It was suddenly displayed: “There are so many resources, enough teachers to reorganize the power of one of the gods! Too many, Dong Xuan Shenyu has accumulated a lot of foundations over the years. Going to the original realm of Reze, can you use your resources?”

“Master doesn’t want to quit. For me, these resources are nothing.” Su Fang smiled.

He is telling the truth.

Through the 6-Layer test of the original world of Lei Ze, Su Fang’s resources were amazing, and it was not even one of the ten thousandths of the Dong Xuan Dao.

And Su Fang has killed countless cultivating 乾 族 、 、 、 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult

Then Su Fang waved again, and the ten-pass Heavenly Dao Fruit floated in front of him and flew to the east Xuan Daozu: “Master, this is the Heavenly Dao Fruit, also called Lei Zedao, with the help of this supreme spiritual object. It can increase the chance of attacking the ancestors. I hope that Master can cultivate more Taozu powerhouses from the Dongxuan cultivator.”

Among the rewards on 6-Layer, there are thousands of Heavenly Dao Fruits, and Su Fang can’t use Heavenly Dao Fruit now, but he can use the Heavenly Dao Fruit to train more human races.

“Through Heavenly Dao Fruit? It seems that you are in the original realm of Reze, and made a fortune!”

The eyes of Dongxuan Dao’s eyes flashed in Guanghua, and he unknowingly put away Heavenly Dao Fruit.

Then Su Fang conveyed his mind to the spirit, and inhaled him and Dong Xuan Dao from the Sky Gate into the original realm of Lei Ze.

Go to the 6-Layer day.

Su Fang sensed the scene in the next three days and three days, and the eyebrows suddenly burst.

It turned out that he felt that the human race cultivator and mortal who entered the original realm of Lei Ze found that the spiritual field and spiritual object born in the original realm of Lei Ze began to be madly seized. There was a constant conflict and even a scene of death and death. .

Now only the Dong Xuan domain is relocated to the original realm of Lei Ze. If other cultivators and mortals are being moved, isn’t it going to make a fuss?

Su Fang immediately passed the thoughts to the Eastern Xuan Daozu, and with the help of the gods, the scene of the 6-Layer sky was condensed into a picture scroll, which was seen by Dong Xuan Daozu.

“Just got rid of the catastrophe of life and death, it began to show the original shape, killing each other, and committing to kill!” Dong Xuan Daozu revealed 峥嵘murderous aura.

“Please ask the Master to make the law so that you can constrain the human race. But it does not limit the competition between the various forces. This is not the case for the development of human race in the future.”

“The teacher understands.”

“In the future, the matter of the original world of Lei Ze, please ask the Master to worry more.”

“Are you going to give power to the teacher? Hehe, teacher is not a daring power, it will affect the teacher’s cultívation, the teacher’s ambition is the same as you, the Supreme’s immortality.”

“Now everything is at the beginning, and the Master can only be bothered. When everything is stable, then I will discuss how to manage the human race.”

“It’s so good, it’s a good idea to make some rules.”

Ending the exchange with Dong Xuan Dao, Su Fang returned to the Tiantian Temple.

Next, it is the family, friends, and many of the experts in the Temple of Tenjin.

Everyone in the Temple of Heaven has long been ready to wait for this day to come.

This time, there was no trouble to migrate the Dong Xuan Shen cultivator. Su Fang directly transferred everyone to the interior of the Taoist palace.

They are not in a hurry to bring them into the original realm of Reze.

Condensing a space in the depths of the Dojo, moving all the cultivators and great monsters that have not yet surpassed the low-level universe into the space.

Su Fang’s loved ones, friends, Fang’s clansmen, and from the world of Small World to All Heavens and Myriad Realms, all gathered together.


Su Fang Yu Tianfa came into the space.

It turns out that Su Fang is going to use the technique of sacredness and grace to help those cultivators and great monsters that have not been detached, all of which are beyond the low-level universe.

The heavenly body is actually a huge rock of the hundred zhang, like a square seal, releasing a path of golden Profound Light, which will cover everyone.

Chi chi chi!

Profound Light condenses into a path of golden Mark Symbol, immersed in many cultivators, great monster within the body.

A kind of Heavenly Dao, Force of Heavenly Dao, bestowed by the heavenly dao, prompted the life, soul and destiny of all cultivators and great monsters, and began to have an amazing reversal.

Every cultivator, every great monster, is like a caterpillar butterfly. It has undergone amazing changes both inside and outside the body, and the breath is also reversed.

This is the supreme ability of the heavenly body, not only to deprive the cultívation of the innate talent, but also to give.

Of course, the ability of the scorpion body can not be used without limit. Now it is aimed at the life of the lower universe. It is easy to give so many cultivators and great monsters to get detached.

If it is a higher stage cultivator or a great monster, Su Fang can’t be so easy, even consuming his own magic power, life, and air.

“Super off, this is detachment!”

“My Shangdang Great Buddhist Monk, drinking and eating meat all day, there is also a day of detachment, hahaha…”

“The detachment, the emperor has also become a detached person… Zhu Huang thanks Master!”

“Master is mighty!”

Each and everyone cultivator, great monster, no one is shocking, no one is not surprised.

Limited by the innate talent, Su Fang has conquered the vast majority of cultivators and great monsters in the three circles of Pan Cong universe. Until the end of lifespan, it is difficult to surpass the low-level universe and become a real Deity.

Now I finally got detached, so how can they not be surprised?

Su Fang is just a Divine Ability, you can directly let tens of millions of cultivator and great monster, but also make everyone shocked, awe, and grateful.

For a time, the thunder of the space, every cultivator, every great monster, is excited and screaming.

Next, Su Fang continued to display his abilities and gave his seniors such as Su Yaotian, Xuan Yintian and Xuan Lingzi, as well as friends such as Luo, White Spirit and Qing Yu, and gave them a senior strength of life and according to the avenue of their respective cultívation. Give them different innate talent skills.

In fact, Su Fang’s ability to give up the law is not to come out of thin air. How can he defying the heavenly body, and it is impossible to give the cultívation innate talent ability out of thin air.

It was the innate talent ability of Su Fang who was deprived of countless interracial cultívations before, and then transferred to relatives.

Gaining the innate talent ability of the gods, these relatives and friends can not even become a peerless powerhouse in the future, and at least have a longer lifespan.

One person got the word, the chicken dog ascended to heaven.

With the strength of Su Fang and the resources in his hands, all of Su Fang’s relatives, friends, and followers have all received great good fortune, which is ascending to the skies with a single leap.

After doing all this, the scorpion body is almost exhausted and returns to the space of the body to recover.

“Autumn, secluded, sly, blame… come out!”

Su Fang’s consciousness came to a space deep in the Daogong and passed on the idea.

The alien powerhouses that were conquered by him, as well as other human races, appeared in the space.

Then Su Fang’s thoughts were another move.

The seven twelve-ethnic ancestors who had been suppressed by him outside the Shrine of Heaven also came inside the space.

These alien ancestors saw that clansmen had long been dependent on Su Fang, and some of them were clansmen they met, and the squats flashed a stern color.

“The Lord has promised you before, to help you become a Taozu powerhouse, and now the Lord will honor the promise.”

Su Fang looked towards the rest of the sacred, quiet and other sacred, and then waved out more than a dozen Passively Dao Fruit, each one got one.

“This is, this is legendary pass Heavenly Dao Fruit !”

“With Heavenly Dao Fruit, there are 9-Layer to grasp the promotion of the ancestor, many thanks Master!”

“The next time you will be able to cover the liver and brain!”

Su Fang’s Taoist powerhouse has smashed his head toward Su Fang, and everyone and everyone are not excited.

The seven interracial ancestors, looked towards Heavenly Dao Fruit, also showed envy in their eyes.

How difficult is it to advance to the ancestors?

Even if the innate talent of the alien cultívation transcends the human race, the Taoist who can advance to the Taoist ancestors is not have one in ten thousand.

After all, resources are only that many, coupled with the limitations of innate talent, coupled with air transport, it is not easy to become a Taoist ancestors.

These pilgrimages by Su Fang, with the Heavenly Dao Fruit, will increase the chances of promotion to the ancestors, and less the cultívation of endless years.

When I think of the difficulties and sinisters of my promotion to the Taoist ancestors, it will be extremely easy to see the sacred ancestors of the sacred priests, and how can these alien ancestors not envy?

Then Su Fang took out the resources and distributed them to the Taoist priests. He said: “When you wait for the original realm of Lei Ze, you will open Dao Temple yourself, retreat cultívation, and advance to the Taoist ancestors. In the future, with the Lord, you will fight Chaos!”

“Yes, Master!”

The singularity, the slaughter and other interracial and human races echoed in unison, until then, they were completely ruthless to Su Fang.


Su Fang waved his hand and many Taoist sacred from the space.

Looked towards those interracial ancestors, Su Fang said indifferently: “The Lord knows that you have to acknowledgment allegiance at the moment of life and death, and I have been thinking about finding opportunities to betray the Lord and restore freedom.”

Su Fang’s gaze is like seeing through the hearts of these alien ancestors, letting them tremble and squat down.

“It is impossible to betray the Lord. Your original soul is shackled by the Lord with the power of the soul of the longevity lamp. Even if the Lord is killed, the soul is not destroyed, so you will never escape the Lord forever. Control.”

Su Fang’s icy voice completely ruined any luck in the hearts of these alien ancestors.

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