Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3296

“The only choice for you now is to be honest and effective for the Lord. You have already seen it. The Lord has always been unswerving for his men. He can reward those Heavenly Dao Fruits with heavenly Dao Fruit, as long as they are heavenly Dao Fruit. You are willing to contribute to the Lord, and the Lord will have the same benefits.”

“Yes, Master.”

The seven strangers of the Holy Land replied in unison, and they seemed to be somewhat languid.

Su Fang smiled and said: “You must have thought that this Lord can’t find the resources and treasures that are useful to you. Then you are wrong. The Lord killed many of the ancestors, including the powerful ancestors of the Tianzu and the Yuanyuan, and even It is the dry slaughter of the Yi people who are separated from the fire. They get their resources, and the Lord can give it to you.”

After a pause, I went on again: “And the Lord is now the Young Master of the original world of Reze. In the near future, it is the Master of the original world of Reze. At that time, let alone the ancestors, and even the immortal powerhouse. Treasure, not too.”

The seven foreign ancestors were languid before they swept away, and their eyes became very embarrassing.

“My Su Fang will sooner or later set foot on the avenue to achieve Eternal Immortal. If you can faithfully follow the Lord, the Lord promises to give him a chance to become immortal!”

Su Fang’s singer’s voice, let the seven interracial ancestors all full of energy, have sneaked into Su Fang.

These seven interracial powerhouses are all at the height of Daozu Peak. What powers and fame and fortune are not very attractive to them.

However, becoming immortal, the temptation for them is simply fatal, which one can resist?

As long as they can become immortal, let alone make them loyal to acknowledgment allegiance Su Fang, that is, let them kill their loved ones, they will do it with the slightest hesitation.

Seeing the expression of these alien ancestors, Su Fang heartlightly smiled, knowing that from now on, there are seven more powerful Taozu powerhouses.

In the past, Su Fang’s strength was not enough. Even if he could seize some of the foreign ancestors, he could not control it and could not afford it.

Now Su Fang wants strength and strength, and resources and resources, there is no scruples, how much is collected.

Enter the original realm of Lei Ze.

Su Fang will be among the people in the 6-Layer day.

Su Yaotian, Xuan Yintian and other relatives, Su Fang personally displayed Divine Ability, opened up Dao Temple, and created a Cave Mansion for their residence, cultívation.

Others are also looking for suitable places to open Dao Temple and Cave Mansion.

Su Fang, who was previously adopted by Su Fang, Su Fang also opened up a time and space to let them survive and proliferate. At the same time, they also found a large number of Shenmu, Shenhua, and Medicinal ingredient seeds from the resources obtained from the original realm of Reze. Let them start to cultivate.

After everyone in the Temple of the Gods was settled, Su Fang’s heart suddenly settled.

The next few hundred years.

Su Fang, with the help of Jieling, successively moved countless cultivators and mortals from the major gods and the chaotic low-level universe in the domain to the original boundary of Lei Ze, and settled in the next three days and three days in the original realm of Lei Ze. .

Everything is managed by Dongxuan Daozu and other Taozu powerhouses, which are in an orderly and orderly manner.

Of course, things that conflict in order to compete for interests still happen from time to time, and this cannot be eradicated.

Su Fang has not stopped it, as long as it is controlled to a certain extent, it is beneficial to the future development of human race.

In the mysterious world of the nine mysterious gods, there are countless low-level universes in the chaos in the domain, which are almost completely evacuated.

Even the Monster Race and some alien life in human race World have been moved to the original realm of Reze.

However, there are many people, even some Taoist powerhouses, who choose to stay in the human race World.

Mainly some cultivators of the Tiantian domain and the Hongtian domain.

Su Fang kills the scene of Heavenly Dao’s ancestors and makes Heavenly Dao’s ancestors, so that some of the cultivators of the two great gods have always hatred, even if they know that all these are the two avenues, they are always difficult to let go.

Of course, they are not only because they have the bones, but they stay in the human race World. They are lucky. They think that the catastrophe will not come again. There are also many low-level cultivators and mortals. They simply don’t know what kind of catastrophe the human race will face.

As for the human race ancestors who did not want to migrate to the original realm of Lei Ze, they were fleeing in the battle of the Tianshen Palace. They feared that after the original world of Lei Ze, they would become pigs and sheep that were ordered by Su Fang.

In their view, the so-called human race catastrophe was actually directed at Su Fang, Su Fang left the human race World, and all the catastrophe was naturally disappeared.

In addition, they are not willing to give up the existing power.

In human race World, they are the ancestors of aloof and remote, Peak powerhouse, Paragon.

Waiting for the original realm of Lei Ze, even if Su Fang will not pursue them, how could the original realm of Lei Ze be their turn to be the master?

Dignified Paragon, being overridden by them, these ancestors certainly wouldn’t do it.

Not only are these human races left behind, the forces under them, countless cultivators, mortals, and nature have also stayed behind.

And when the other forces of other divine fields left, these Taoist powerhouses entered the Dao Temple left by those forces and began to madly plunder.

Lei Zeyuan.

Su Fang and the human race ancestors such as Dongxuan Daozu, Tianzhu, and the Dark Mother Tao, gathered together for a long period of deliberation, and finally formulated the rules that the human race would abide by, which is also the same as Heavenly Dao.

When the day is set, Su Fang uses the will of the original realm of Reze to integrate the heavens into the rules of human race and Monster Race.

The original world of Reze is extremely broad, far beyond the human race World, Spiritual Qi, and World are far more than human race World, enough human race and some Monster Race to flourish.

Su Fang also took out the resources obtained in the 6-Layer days, mainly the classics and jade slips of the Reze ancients inheritance, as well as the cultivation technique, Divine Ability, and various alchemy, which were extracted from the memory of the alien ancestors. The skills of refining are all taught to the human race.

Su Fang’s interracial ancestors also opened Dao Temple to teach the human race cultivator.

The entire human race has begun to enter an unprecedented development and development.

I believe that as time goes by, there will be more Taoist and Taoist ancestors born.

But it is still impossible to create an immortal powerhouse from the original world of Reze.

After all, Su Fang mastered the next three days and three days, and even the Taozu powerhouse in the 6-Layer days is difficult to upgrade, not to mention the impact of immortality.

Only when Su Fang passes the test of 3-Layer, the Taozu powerhouse can enter it, so that it is possible to create an immortal powerhouse.

The original boundary of Lei Ze was handed over to the human race Daozu, such as Dongxuan Daozu, and Su Fang entered the cultívation in Shenyuan Pool.

At the same time, he also divested his thoughts, and with the help of Lei Zeyuan, he has been secretly watching the movement of Xi Xuanshan.

Bang bang bang!

Zhou Nuo commanded more than 80 foreign Taoist ancestors to attack the Xi Xuanshan seal, and the ten-party god corpse was also internally impacted, causing the seal to be broken.

It has always been difficult to break.

After all is Xi Xuan Dao Zu is a fusion of himself and Hong Meng Tian Bao, and with the powerful seal of Su Fang, the height of the cultivation base is difficult to break, which has little to do with the number of people.

“In the past 500 years, Su Fang could not have found the movement of Xi Xuanshan. Why has it not been seen so far?”

Zhou Nuo did not have the madness of the original, always worried about the appearance of Su Fang, and also worried at the moment, when will be erased by the will of the original realm of Lei Ze.

At this time, Sino was completely lost in the past, and the whole person was like Vicious Beast in the desperate situation.

“The matter is now, only desperate!”

As soon as he was gnawing his teeth, he made a decree to the five heavenly ancestors.

“Do not hesitate to burn the thoughts, cultivation base, Divine Ability, to consume the power of the seal, be sure to break the seal before Su Fang arrives!”

When he came to human race World this time, he brought a dozen Taoist ancestors.

In the battle of the Tianshen Palace, even the cymbals were killed by the thunder, and now only the five Taoist powerhouses remain.

In order to kill Su Fang, Zhou Nuo is now nothing to do, even let these Tianzhou powerhouse do not hesitate to burn themselves, but also destroy the seal.

Bang bang bang!

The five celestial celestial ancestors joined forces, bursting out a powerful time and power, madly consuming the seal.

About ten years.

The seal was finally broken through a gap.


The evil atmosphere of the sacred corpse of the Ten Commandments, and the remnant of the self-integration of the sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred.

“This Eminence is coming out, Xi Xuan Daozu, Su Fang, see how you can seal this Eminence … human race , this Eminence to completely eradicate human race , hahaha …”

The Lord of the Ten Commandments is full of evil laughter, rolling in from the broken seal.

Zhou Nuo was shocked and happy.

Inductive to the evil and vast atmosphere of the Ten Gods, completely beyond the limits of the Tao, so that all alien ancestors are divine light transients.

“The ten gods, Su Fang … that breath… how can you be so familiar?”

That is a middle-aged interracial ancestor named Yu Ming, whose body is shocked and his eyes stare at Xi Xuanshan.

The remnant atmosphere of Xi Xuan Dao evokes the cause and effect in his meditation, and some dusty memories come to mind.

“originally is this way…I, I am the reincarnation of the eighth world of Xi Xuan Daozu!”

As the dusty predecessor’s memory was interpreted, the ancestors of the ancestors understood everything. He was not the ancestor of the ancestors, but the reincarnation of Xi Xuan Dao, the body of the eighth world.

“My past life sacrificed my self to seal the Lord of the Ten Commandments. Although I am not a human race in this world, I can sit on the side of the sacred corpse and smash out the seal and destroy the human race?”

The Eighth World of Xi Xuan Daozu understood the cause and effect, and now he no longer hesitates, moving towards the five Tianzu ancestors.

Just at the moment.

Nothing only uses a pair of eyelids, and is watching the scene outside the West Xuanshan.

It is Su Fang!

The original realm of Lei Ze exists in the Heavenly Dao of nothingness. Su Fang’s consciousness merges with the original realm of Lei Ze. Every move outside Xi Xuanshan can’t escape his feelings.

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