Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3297

“Master …”

Looking at the Xi Xuan Dao who killed the Tianzhou powerhouse, Su Fang sighed heavily.

In fact, he has long been inferred that the reincarnation of Xi Xuan Dao’s ancestors was among the alien ancestors recruited by Euno.

At this moment, he was also able to faintly sense the destiny of the West Xuan Daozu from the fate of the alien powerhouse named the ancestral ancestor.

The last time the Tang dynasty tried to break the seal of the West Xuanshan, the result was killed by Su Fang, and the soul of Xi Xuan Daozu was captured by the master of the ancestors.


This time, the reincarnation of Xi Xuan Daozu, once again came to Xi Xuanshan.

In the midst of it, it seems that God has arranged everything for it.

The reincarnation of Xi Xuan Dao’s ancestors has obviously restored the memory of previous life.

The strength of this world reincarnation is truly amazing. However, he is now shooting against the Taoist ancestors, but it is like a moth, which means he will repeat the last mistake.

Su Fang couldn’t help but save, and he could only watch it.

Xi Xuan Daozu passed the ninth reincarnation, in order to impact the immortality, a little man-made interference, will interfere with his ninth reincarnation, thus affecting his promotion to immortality.

Therefore, Su Fang can’t shoot at this time, and can’t even save.

What makes Su Fang jealous is that he senses the extremely dangerous atmosphere from the destiny of Xi Xuan Dao’s ancestors. As long as it is contaminated with Xi Xuan Dao, it will cause terrifying consequences that make Su Fang unpredictable.

As for what it is, it is difficult for Su Fang to be able to deduct any results.

It can be seen that the danger must come from the immortal existence, and ten eight-nine is the rotation of the ancestors.

Now Su Fang is the only thing that can be done. He also witnessed that Xi Xuan Daozu fluttered to the flame like a moth.

“Or my strength is not enough, I can’t save the Master, I can’t help him.”

Su Fang once again watched the dear person rushing to death, and felt a sense of powerlessness in his heart.

Thanks to his heart, realm has reached the height of being too forgotten. Although painful, he cannot shake his will and affect his reason.

The reincarnation of Xi Xuan Dao suddenly succumbed to those Tianzu ancestors, sudden changes, all alien powerhouses were caught off guard.


The five Tianzu ancestors were also unprepared, and they were released by the eighth body of Xi Xuan Dao.

The Heavenly Wheel broke out with no phase and phase, and from Heaven to Damen, Heavenly Dao ran a rolling trend, and the five Tianzu ancestors were seriously injured at the same time.

“You are courting death!”

Zhou Nuo was also frightened and angry, moving toward the eighth sect of Xi Xuan Dao, and he gave a thunderous roar.


A black Profound Light spurt out.

It turned out to be the powerhouse from the evil Mozu, which sprayed a spiral Profound Light from the black corner above the head, like a high-speed rotating drill bit.

Black Profound Light tore everything, but also penetrated the head of the eighth body of Xi Xuan Dao.

A phantom of phantom, emerged from the eighth world of Xi Xuan Dao, and was attacked by the souls of other alien ancestors who had reacted.

The eighth body of Xi Xuan Daozu was killed.

Su Fang saw this scene in nothingness, and there was a sigh in her heart. The first thing in her eyes was the color of grief and anger, which immediately turned into a cold killing intent.

Just as the soul of the Eighth World of the West Xuan Dao was broken, a virtual light that could not be seen by an eye, flashing from the broken soul, would disappear into the ethereal Heavenly Dao.

That is the essence of the life of Xi Xuan Daozu, usually called the true spirit.

The so-called reincarnation of the soul is actually the return of the true spirit into the reincarnation of Heavenly Dao.

If the true spirit is destroyed, it will completely lose the chance of reincarnation, which means that it is completely obliterated.

“this Eminence makes you completely disappear, it’s hard to reincarnate!”

A seriously injured Tianzhou ancestor powerhouse, gnashing teeth to drink, display a time of the gods of the gods, it is necessary to kill the only remaining spirit of the West Xuan Dao.

Seeing a scene, Su Fang’s heart killing intent flashed, and it was necessary to pull out from the original world of Lei Ze.

Where do you know~

The spirit suddenly passed on to him: “Su Fang, His Royal Highness, and slow!”

Su Fang startled.

at this time.

The true spirit of Xi Xuan Dao’s ancestors suddenly flashed a will, igniting Heavenly Dao Samsara, and immediately emerged from the real spirit around the river.

The reincarnation of the long river was soaring, dragging the true spirits of Xi Xuan Dao and the ancestors of the Zhou dynasty into the long river of the reincarnation, and then disappeared with disappear without a trace.

Su Fang was shocked and stunned: “That is… the will left by the rotation of the ancestors? Is the rotation of the Yuanzu dedicated to leaving the will in the soul of the Master, is it to protect the Master’s smooth reincarnation?”

The spirit of the spirit makes a faint sound: “I am afraid that it is not as simple as you think. The rotation of the ancestor masters the true meaning of the reincarnation, and this person must report, he will leave a mark of will in the true spirit of your Master, not only for protection, but also Oh, in addition… I’m afraid there are other purposes, ten are eight-nine for you.”

“For me?”

“Before you killed the ancestors of the rotation of the ancestors, he took the soul of your Master, on the one hand to cultivate an immortal hand, and on the other hand to kill you with your Master soul as a bait.”

“You are the original inheritance of Reze. According to Eternal Heaven, the immortal powerhouse can’t take the initiative to deal with you, otherwise it will be punished by the sky, but the rotation of the ancestors will be good to rest?”

“If you are going to save your Master, and your Master reincarnation will cause cause and effect, you can find an opportunity to turn the Yuanzu, so as to lure you into the trap step by step, and then punish the law to avoid the sky, and finally use Heavenly Dao Samsara to kill you. “”

The words of the spirits made Su Fang fear after a while: “A good sinister and desperate rotation of the ancestors, even with such despicable means to deal with my cultivator.”

Obviously, the reincarnation of Xi Xuan Dao to the human race World is not a coincidence, but the rotation of the Yuanzu in the dark.

If it is really trapped in the trap set by the rotation of the ancestors, with the strength of Su Fang at this time, facing the immortal powerhouse of the rotation of the Lord, or bode ill rather than well.

The spirits shouted: “Those immortal powerhouses, like Heavenly Dao’s existence, are also as ruthless as Heavenly Dao. How can they care about what they mean?”

“I am still not strong enough, otherwise how can I watch the Master’s reincarnation being killed? Otherwise, how can human race leave the country and have to move to the original realm of Reze?”

Su Fang sighed helplessly.

“That’s because you are not immortal,” said the spiritist. “You solve the human race World as soon as possible, and then start the 7-Layer day, take the Eternal Heaven Road, as long as you are in the Eternal Temple, even the immortal powerhouse. I have to be jealous of you.”

“Eternal Heaven Road, the Temple of Eternity…”

Su Fang muttered to himself, his eyes became firm and determined.

The spirit then went on to say: “The soul of your Master has obviously been turned into a reincarnation of the ancestors. Even if it can become immortal in the future, I am afraid it will be difficult to escape the palm of the ancestors. If you want to save your Master, I am afraid it is very difficult. “”

Su Fang said with a certainty: “Everything is possible. I started on the road of cultivation. I don’t know how many difficulties and dangers, life and death, I vowed to rescue the Master. Nothing can stop me Su Fang, the rotation of the Yuanzu will not work!”

Just as Su Fang communicates with the spirits.

Nuo has organized many foreign ancestors to attack the seal.

Zhou Nuo also personally shot, he did not hesitate to burn the thoughts, spurred the jade Ruyi Tianmengbao, broke out of the Force of Eternal, making the attacking formidable power of many Taozu powerhouses even bigger.

The Lord of the Ten Commandments also slammed the inside of the seal, causing the seal to accelerate and break.

Continued attack for 30 years.


The seal finally began to collapse, and Xi Xuanshan also began to collapse.

A bloody light filled with terrifying, suffocating, and suffocating, is like being in a huge grave.

The will of death, the scent of breath, the celestial ancestors and the alien ancestors seemed to fall into the Death World. The thoughts of death poured out in their hearts, the will was shaken, and consciousness was affected.

From the blood light, a young man with a bloody robe appeared pale, at the age of eighteen, and looked like a very common human race cultivator.

However, under the seemingly ordinary appearance, it contains an incomparable evil atmosphere. The souls of all the alien powerhouses are trembled and the will is suppressed.

The evil spirits of the Ten Gods finally broke through the seal and saw the day again.

“Xi Xuan Daozu, how long can you seal this Eminence even if you sacrifice yourself? This Eminence breaks through the smashing day, when the human race is destroyed, this Eminence will completely destroy the human race and let countless human races die. I am on the road to immortality!”

The Lord of the Ten Commandments made a long scream, revealing the sounds of endless evil, and the whole Xi Xuan domain was trembled.

Those alien ancestors are also trembled, and under the will of the Ten Gods, they must not unyielding their knees.

With the help of the gods of Hongmeng Tianbao, this is the reluctance to maintain the will, and moved toward the ten-party gods: “Tianzhou Zuo Nuo, meet the ten gods!”

“See the ten gods!”

Other alien ancestors also had to acknowledge allegiance under the will of the Ten Gods. This is the gap between immortality and Taozu. In the face of the immortal powerhouse, the cultívation of the Daozu height did not have the courage to resist.

“Tianzu Junior, are you helping this Eminence to break through the seal? How do you say this Eminence to repay you?” The ten-party god converges on the gods and looks down on the sinuo.

Many alien powerhouses felt relaxed and stood up.

The sinuo cup one fist in the other hand said respectfully to the ten-party god: “I don’t ask Sir to return, just ask Sir to kill Su Fang, which is the biggest reward for the next!”

“Su Fang?” The mouth of the Shifang Protoss is slightly raised, revealing a cruel smile. “Su Fang destroys this Eminence major event, even if you don’t mention it, Su Fang is the murderer of this Eminence.”

The eyes of Euno are so excited.

The ten-party god suddenly smiled, his eyes swept over the many alien ancestors, and then said: “The Tianzu Junior, since you helped this Eminence once, then simply help this Eminence once again.”

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