Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3298

Zhou Nuo said very simply: “The ten-party god Sir should be polite, as long as it can be done under the hood, it is necessary to help Sir.”

“That this Eminence will thank you first…”

The Ten Gods suddenly revealed an evil smile.


From the eye of the Ten Gods, he shot the blood mans, and turned it into nine blood tombs, and the Taozu powerhouse recruited by the nine Zuonuo.

The nine interracial ancestors had no resistance, and they were swept away by the bloody tomb. They were quickly swallowed up, and there was no left bone. They finally turned into nine blood lights, and they plunged into the eyebrows of the ten gods. in.

“Sir, what do you mean?”

Why did he not think that the ten-party gods would suddenly take a shot, and suddenly they were shocked and embarrassed.

Other alien ancestors did not expect that the Ten Gods would be so temperamental, saying that the shots were shot, and each and everyone was scared of soul destroyed.

“This Eminence has been shackled for so many years. Before the impact seal was also consumed, it is necessary to recover. In addition, it needs some embarrassment. If you want to help this Eminence, then you can help the end…”

The ten-party god smiled coldly, and then shot the blood light again from the eyelids. It was also the nine blood tombs, and the nine indigenous ancestors were among them.

Other alien ancestors were scared and scared. However, under the pressure of the sacred corpses of the Ten Commandments, time and space were sealed and no one could escape.

The Shifang gods successively shot four times in succession, that is, thirty-six alien ancestors were swallowed by his life, and this stopped.

The rest are 40’s many interracial ancestors, like the death row of a big prisoner, feeling like walking away from the edge of death, dignified Daozu powerhouse, scared to be soaked in sweat.

Only Zeno and the last four Tianzhou powerhouses performed slightly better. The ten-party gods were so evil and arrogant that they did not dare to offend the Tianzu.

“Next, it is killing the human race, first find Su Fang!”

The Ten Gods are no longer paying attention to those alien powerhouses, projecting the power of induction.

Although the Ten Commandments have not really reached immortality, they have the strength of the world that is not weaker than the immortal powerhouse. The power of induction is integrated into the Heavenly Dao, and the Jiu Xuan domain can be covered within the sensing range.

The result is that the Ten Gods are unexpected.

When Zeun pays attention to the expression of the Ten Gods, he asks: “Sir can’t find Su Fang? He must have escaped into the original realm of Lei Ze, so Sir can hardly sense his existence.”

“Leze’s original world? Su Fang actually got the original realm of Lei Ze?” The ten-party god startedled, and immediately burned evil flames in the eyes, “that good corpse is really damned, even handed over the original border of Lei Ze to Su Fang! ”

“Su Fang only passed the test of first five layers, and did not really get the original realm of Lei Ze.” Zhou Nuo explained quickly.

He still doesn’t know that Su Fang has completed the 6-Layer day test and has become the Young Master of Reze’s original world.

The ten-party god said: “So Su Fang has achieved this achievement because of this Eminence inheritance. Can it surpass this Eminence? This Eminence three corpses still exist, and they dare not easily enter the original realm of Reze to test. But I want to get the original realm of Reze, sooner or later, it’s a dead end!”

The body of Euno is shaking.

He failed in the test of the Fifth Layer of the original world of Reze, meaning that he would be obsessed with the will of the original realm of Reze, can he not be afraid?

After a pause, the ten gods raised their eyebrows, and then said: “hmph, not only does not sense Su Fang’s breath, human race, except for a few cultivators, mortals, and some great monsters. Most of them have disappeared. Could it be that Su Fang transferred them all to the original realm of Reze?”

Zhou Nuo said: “That is impossible! How difficult is the test of the original world of Lei Ze, Su Fang can not pass the 6-Layer day test in such a short time, and it is impossible to transfer the human race to Ray. Zeyuanjie. Ten has eight-nine. He took the human race and moved to other time and space of chaos.”

“No matter where you flee, you can’t escape the palm of this Eminence… Waiting for this Eminence to catch the ancestors cultivator who stayed in the human race World, it is natural to find out where the human race is going.”

After the deduction of the Ten Gods, the expression became gloomy, with a cold, squeaky voice, and then flashed and smashed away.


Fortunately, the alien powerhouses who have saved their lives are all put out a breath.

Too scary!

In front of the Ten Lords, these Taoist powerhouses are also like weak chickens. Only those who have been slaughtered have completely lost their will and courage.

“Zuo Nuo Shaojun Wang, this trip to human race World is really dangerous, but as you wish, the benefits you promised, you may have to repent.” That evil Mozu ancestors did not worry.

Shua shua Shua!

All the recruited alien ancestors were all looked at towards the sinuo. They had just been scared. They just hoped to get the benefits and leave human race World as soon as possible.

Zhou Nuo smiled and said with a certainty: “Reassure, this Eminence promises you the benefits, definitely not less than you.”


There was a sudden thunder in the sky.

Immediately after the thunder light surged, it quickly condensed into a Sky Gate, and a silhouette walked out of the Sky Gate inside the thunder light.

“Su Fang !”

Accor was an accident first, and it was a burst of gnashing teeth.

40’s many interracial ancestors powerhouses are all tense, and each and everyone is trembling.

However, after thinking about it, the Ten Gods have already rushed out, as long as he senses the existence of Su Fang, he can come in a flash.

With the strength of these Taozu powerhouses, although it is difficult to fight against Su Fang, it is always possible to delay for a while.

As long as the ten-party God Lord arrives, Su Fang himself is hard to protect, and how can he still care about them?

As soon as I read this, each and everyone suddenly became bold.

There is no fear of Euno, looked towards Su Fang proudly with a sneer: “Su Fang, you absolutely never thought that this Eminence will help the ten gods to break through the seal?”

Su Fang looks down on the many interracial cultívation, as if watching a group of ants who are going to die, and then indifferently to Zonuo: “What about the ten gods rushing out of the seal?”

“The Ten Gods will kill you and all the human races. How can you beat this Eminence even in the test of the Fifth Layer of the original world? See who can laugh at the end!” Kono laughed happily stand up.

Su Fang casually smiled: “Is it? But laughing at the last one, definitely not you!”

Zhouo hehe, taunted: “Su Fang, you are still so arrogant now, I really don’t know where your enthusiasm comes from.”

“Zuo Nuo, you attacked Xi Xuanshan for so many years, I have been able to detect it with my strength, but it has not stopped you. Do you know why?”

Su Fang stares at Zenuo, his eyes are like watching someone who is about to die, full of disdain, sympathy, and endless ridicule.

Zhou Nuo said: “Why?”

Su Fang indifferently said: “The reason is very simple. I just want to use your hand to release the Ten Gods from the seal, lest I be hands-on and waste my energy.”

The smile on the face of Euno is stiff, and suddenly he laughs: “The ten gods break through the seal, which means that you and the human race are facing the catastrophe. You now say that you want the Ten Gods to come out. Isn’t that ridiculous?”

“At this moment, when I was a child, I was really afraid that the ten-party gods would break through the seal and bring disaster to the human race. As for now…the human race has all been moved to the original realm of Lei Ze, I have no worries. I It is also the hope that the Ten Gods will come out and fight with him to prove my strength.”

Zhou Nuo exclaimed: “I can’t… you, how could you pass the 6-Layer test of the original era of Reze in such a short time?”

“For my Su Fang, there is nothing impossible… I killed 12 ethnic cultivators, and countless powerhouses, and the red Paragon flag with the blood of hundreds of millions of cultívation, passed the 6-Layer The test of the day, at this time, I am already the Young Master of Lei Ze.”

Su Fang showed a domineering smile, waved out a battle flag, floated in the sky, released an amazing battle, slaughter breath, condensed into a slaughter battlefield, smashing Euno and all the alien powerhouse.

As if he was struck by lightning, he was swaying, his feet were awkward, and his face became pale when he was stunned.

Still not reconciled: “Since you passed the 6-Layer day test, the spirit should have erased this Eminence, why have I been alive until now?”

“If you are dead, the Tianzu people will come to the human race World in person, which is what I don’t want. It is because of the usefulness of you. I have let the spirits not kill you for the time being. It’s not a very interesting thing to be like a clown.

“Jumping the clown?”

The body of Euno is shaking.

What is his performance, not what is the clown?


Absolutely unexpected, it was actually played by Su Fang as a monkey.

Su Fang went on to say: “Zuo Nuo, you are born in addition to the Tianzu, have identity, and backer, plus a little innate talent, but in my Su Fang eyes, you are nothing at all, I have never I didn’t think of you as an opponent, because you don’t deserve it. The meaning of your existence is to give me a stepping stone. I stepped on my feet and helped me to step on the avenue Peak.”


Zhou Nuo made a sigh of grief.

Then there was a broken sound of nothing in his heart.

That is his heart. In such a heavy blow, it is hard to bear. At this time, the will collapses and the heart is broken.

“Now that you have no value to use, you should die….Sir, killing him!” Su Fang made a ruthless voice.


The fleshly body of Zeuno, the Dojo, and his original soul began to break down layer by layer.

From the time he entered the original realm of Reze and accepted the test of the original realm of Reze, the will of the original realm of Reze was planted in his within the body and the fate of nothingness.

The result of the test of failure is death, and even the immortal powerhouse can’t save him.

In less than five hours of breathing, Quano was completely turned into ashes, and there is no such thing as a person in the world.

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