Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3301

The three immortal powerhouses all see the gap between Su Fang and the Ten Gods. If nothing unexpected, Su Fang is doomed to fail.

Bang bang bang!

Su Fang’s five legal bodies have been fighting with the 40 Confucius Peak Powerhouse.

The tyrannical power and the impact of Heavenly Dao’s rationality formed a large-scale destruction of the Qi Wave, causing the endless Primal Chaos Void to fall into violent turmoil.


The scorpio scorpion slid open and burst into a smoldering atmosphere, which is very similar to the atmosphere of the Ten Gods, but far from being as majestic as the Lord’s Lord, the Heavenly Dao contained in it is no longer the same height.

The scorpion of the Scorpio’s body broke into nine bloody scorpions, shrouded in the nine cemetery guards. Although they could not suppress them, they immediately entangled the nine cemetery stalkers, making them difficult to get out in a short time.

Primordial Spirit’s body is able to display the formation ability, creating a great form in chaos, trapping seven grave-seekers in the formation.

Bang bang bang!

Xuanyang’s body released nine rounds of Divine Sun, which broke out to Yang Shenwei and Zhili, and also trapped more than a dozen grave guards.

Su Fang’s Heavenly Dao’s thoughts of the body’s release are condensed in the yin and yang world, and the eight burial guards are shrouded in it.

The strength of those who keep the graves is really amazing. Su Fang’s three legal bodies are just trapping them and can’t hold them for too long.

There are also three guards who have been killed by Su Fang Xuan Huang Fa, urging the death and suffocation, to engulf the Xuan Huang body.

Who knows~

Xuan Huang is the real trump card of Su Fang.

At the moment, there are 42 revered ancestors inside the Xuan Huang Fa, and the seven 12-racial ancestors who had been conquered in the past, together with nearly 50 Taoist powerhouses, under the will of Su Fang, infiltrated all the cultivation base into the Xuan Huang body. Among them.

Treasure tower form of the mysterious yellow body, tú tú burst out of six great powers, like a rushing wave, instantly swallowed the three cemetery, shattered.

Then the treasure tower succumbed to the formation created by the Primordial Spirit, and with the help of the Primordial Spirit, the seven grave guards in the formation were killed by the crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

“Every break!”

Su Fang shows the master of the world.

Xuan Huang Fa was the same as the law, and the tombs of the Xuan Yang body and Heavenly Dao were trapped.

In this way, Su Fang relied on his many interracial powerhouses to concentrate the most powerful forces, killing all thirty-nine cemetery lords of the Ten Commandments in various ways.

“It turns out that inside your body, you have hidden the many Taoist powerhouses.”

The ten gods lost thirty-nine scorpions and did not look distressed at all.

In fact, his squats are all anger and heartache.

These tricks are all made by his own cultivation base, which consumes a lot of his strength. How can he really not feel bad?

“You have a man, don’t I?” Su Fang showed a domineering smile.

Paying attention to Su Fang’s spirit, slightly sighed in relief: “Unexpectedly, Su Fang has conquered so many Taozu powerhouses, it seems that his strength has increased greatly, no wonder there is courage to challenge the Ten Gods!”.

Hail Old Ancestor conveyed the thoughts to the seven ancestors of the Tianzu and the Yuanyuan youth: “Is this result disappointing the two?”

“Disappointment?” The seven ancestors of the Tianzu nationality sneered indifferently. “The Taoist ancestors are the Taoist ancestors, and the number is more. Under the immortal power, they are all ants.”

The Qianyuan youth faintly responded: “The two sides have not come up with real strength. It is too early to talk about the results.”

“Then we will wait and see.” Hail old man 讪讪said with a smile, seemingly relaxed, but in my heart still worried about Su Fang.

Su Fang Domineering opening: “The Ten Gods Lord, take out your true strength, your grave guards have no threat to me at all.”

“Since you want to see the true strength of this Eminence, then this Eminence is as you wish!”

a path of thoughts from the ten gods within the body, and turned into a gods, covering all directions.

A kind of overbearing rationality and power of my Lord’s ten parties, quickly created a time and space, shrouded Su Fang and his body, heaven, earth, east, west, south, north, raw gate, dead, past In the future… everything around Su Fang is sealed.

My master is ten squares!

The Ten Gods displayed his great Divine Ability, which was created by him.

Su Fang I have mastered the ten-party seal of the Lord, from the sacred sacred sacred corpse, and the same source as the evil corpse.

At this time, the ten sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred

In the time and space created by my Lord Shifang, not only the heavens, the lower land, the east, the west, the south, the north, the living gate, the dead, the past, the future, but also the Su Fang’s everything is buried. The grave, Heavenly Dao, who died in death.

Any life will be attributed to death, unless it is beyond the limits of life, reaching the height of the same with Heavenly Dao, so this Heavenly Dao contained in my Lord’s ten seals is not evil.

“My Lord is printing?”

Su Fang’s eyes sparkled with intense fighting intent.

He also mastered my Lord’s Ten Seals, and although he abandoned it now, he still knows the power of this peerless Great Divine Ability.

Now I can play with my ten-party seals, which are personally displayed by the Ten Gods, and let Su Fang burn the fighting intent.

It is the real repairer to confront the real powerhouse.

“Looking at yours, my Lord’s ten seals are very powerful, or I’ve created a great return to the market!”

Su Fang’s thoughts, Qi of Primordial Chaos emerged from within the body and quickly condensed into the mirror of the color of Primal Chaos.

Then there is the color of Primal Chaos, which contains destruction and the end of everything.

Chi chi chi!

The time and space created by my Lord Shifang was torn apart by a hole, and then spread to the surrounding, everything turned into nothingness, and the cold and dead Primal Chaos Void reappeared.

The collision of the two great Divine Ability ended in the victory of the Great Return.

Of course, it is not the strength of the ten-party gods that is not as good as Su Fang, but the height of the main ten-square seal is obviously not enough compared with Su Fang’s big return.

My Lord’s Ten Seals after all is created by the Ten Gods in the Holy Week Peak, although extremely out of the ordinary, at best, it is the height of the Taoist, the Heavenly Dao is the same, and the Great Return is obviously worse. A big cut.

The avenue to the truth, that is, the true meaning of Heavenly Dao, the gap in the rationality, led to the great retreat of the pioneering work created by Su Fang.

Su Fang quickly plunged the body into the interior of the palace.

The spirit is exclaimed in shock: “Great, so Divine Ability, really powerful, can understand the ruin of Heavenly Dao, create such a great Divine Ability, Su Fang must be awesome in the future!”

“It’s no wonder that he dared to go alone into the sacred tribe, and eventually he could retreat. The original strength was so amazing. This Eminence was not as strong as his 10% when he was at the height of the Taozu Peak.” Hail Old Ancestor When you completely let go of your heart.

“hmph, this Eminence sees that the ten-party god is also a generation of vain, but it is actually suppressed by Su Fang.”

“The ten gods did not display the last means, why should they destroy his prestige?”

The seven ancestors of the Tianzu and the youths of the Yuan Dynasty also exchanged secretly.

Su Fang shows domineering, moved toward the ten-party god shouting: “The ten-party god, your my master, the ten-party seal is just like this, there are any powerful means, all come out!”

“Su Fang, this Eminence has to admit that you have underestimated you, and even cultivating the Jiu Xuan Promise to such an amazing height, creating such a great Great Divine Ability, even above my main ten square.” God’s eyes looked toward Su Fang’s eyes, and finally became dignified, no longer contempt.

Su Fang said: “If there is no powerful means, how can I challenge you?”

The ten-party god shook his head and smiled: “If you think that the strength of this Eminence is only these, it is ridiculous. That’s all, let everything end… Ten Sides All Extinguish!”

The voice of the Lord of the Ten Commandments is still echoing, and suddenly a wave of his arms, thoughts, breath from the with the body.

Shua shua Shua!

A total of nine million thoughts, every million thoughts condense into a bloody day like black blood condensation.

During the bloody day, you can see nine graves in a vague way.

So Divine Ability, Su Fang is no stranger. In the Pan Cang universe, Su Fang once saw the evil gods cast into the world.

However, compared with the Divine Ability displayed by the Ten Gods, the Jiuyang that the evil gods concealed was like a firefly, and the nine-day bloody day at that time was the airborne sun. There is no comparable at all.

Not just the difference in power.

Among the Divine Ability of the Ten Commandments, there is the Heavenly Dao, the life of the town, and the burial of Heavenly Dao. It is like the time and space created by the nine rounds of blood, which is the final destination of Heavenly Dao Samsara.

So Heavenly Dao, and the cultivation base of the Ten Commander, is above Su Fang, making this Divine Ability’s formidable power far superior to Su Fang’s big return.

The amazing suffocating temper began to penetrate into Su Fang within the body, causing Su Fang’s fleshly body to begin to corrode, and even Qi of Primordial Chaos was difficult to block, but was smothered by evil spirits.

Even the heart of Su Fang began to be eroded, and the immortal heart was also corroded and attributed to the tomb.

This is the powerful strength that the immortal powerhouse can possess. Su Fang is able to display the extreme strength of the 90% nine, and in the face of true immortality, it is still unable to confront.

“Su Fang is in danger!”

Both the spirit and the old Ancestor are worried about Su Fang.

“The ten gods are also out of the ordinary, mastering such a Supreme Great Dao. If this person is recruited to my family, it is also a great help to my family.”

“Su Fang will be seriously injured even if he is not killed, see how he can resolve it.”

The seven ancestors of the Tianzu and the immortality of the Qiangzu are a relaxed, and it is determined that everything is over. Su Fang will be defeated, and failure will mean death.

“Heavenly Dao Samsara, how can we end, how can we end? Destroy to the extreme, not the end, but create…great good fortune!”

Su Fang within the body’s Qi of Primordial Chaos, will, thoughts burst out, shattering the surrounding sputum, re-condensing into a mirror.

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