Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3302

“Su Fang, Divine Ability you just showed is out of the ordinary, even at the same height as this Eminence’s Jiuyang funeral, but your cultivation base is very different from this Eminence, and Divine Ability is out of the Ordinary, can only be crushed by this Eminence for a long time. Give up the futile struggle, if you are now acknowledgment allegiance, this Eminence promise is still valid.”

The ten-party god sees Su Fang once again showing the great returning technique, and sneer in a burst.

“ackenowledge allegiance to you? If I want to give my destiny to others, why don’t I go directly to the allegiance of the aliens, why are the allegiances of the aliens, why are you half-step immortal? Your Jiuyang funeral day, though out of the ordinary, still It’s hard to suppress my Su Fang. If you only have these means, then you can die!”

Su Fang’s voice is like a spring thunder.

The devastating atmosphere on the mirror was brewed to the extreme, and then burst into a color of Primal Chaos.

From the great destruction to the supremacy of great creation, it is above the principle of the Ten Gods, and it is shattered.

The nine rounds of blood began to break, and finally collapsed, revealing the nine blood tombs inside.

Just like turning the clouds to see the sky, the surrounding chaos has returned to normal.

Under the violent impact of the collision, the Primal Chaos Void was in a state of turmoil and became extremely chaotic. The Taozu powerhouse entered the area and was injured. The cultivator under the Taozu was directly strangled by the chaotic airflow.

Su Fang grabbed hundreds of medicine pill and swallowed it.

Wearing the blood of the king vines also in the body crazy engulfing the interracial powerhouse corpse essence, even the worms madly vomit Qi of Primordial Chaos, to make up for the huge emptiness of the palace, restore the fleshly body injury.

The body of the Ten Gods shook, the pale face appeared a bit of blood, the breath was a lot, Divine Ability was broken, and his loss was not small.

Both the spirits and the three immortal powerhouses are accidental.

The spirit is muttering to himself: “out of the ordinary, the out of the ordinary, it seems that the future master of the original world of Lei Ze, can certainly reproduce the glory of the ancient people of Lei Ze!”

Hail Old Ancestor smirked: “The two are immortal, do you think this result is satisfactory?”

“hmph ~”

The seven ancestors of the Tianzu people issued a coldly snorted.

“This Eminence is indeed an accident. The human race is a low-level race that can produce such a shocking figure, but how can he go out of the ordinary, but he is alone? This time, even if he is not dead, he will be killed sooner or later!” Among the immortal ideas of the Yuan family, there is a fierce killing intent.

“If you are not afraid of Eternal Heaven, you can shoot him.” Hail Old Ancestor 哼said with a smile.

“The way to circumvent the law is not that there is no such thing as the Yuan Dynasty. At most, it has to pay some price that’s all.”

“Su Fang is not a soft persimmon that you are kneading, but you are afraid that the Yuan will be the same as the last time, and finally try to gain an advantage only to end up worse off.”

The old Ancestor and the 乾 族 are immortal.

“Su Fang, you really make this Eminence shock, even this Eminence is hard to imagine, you can have such amazing strength. But you also have to be proud, it should be your most powerful trump card, and this Eminence is really powerful. Means, but not yet displayed, can only laugh at the last is this Eminence!”

The Ten Gods began to burn evil flames, fierce, evil arrogance, and Primal Chaos Void shuddered and boiled.

The nine blood graves began to flood and then he was inhaled with the body.


A black tombstone rises from his within the body and finally turns into a tombstone of ten thousand zhang size, standing like a mountain.

The tombstone reveals a vicissitudes of life, Eternal Immortal, and is a treasure.

And it is not the kind of Acquired refining Hongmeng Tianbao, but it is born and born in chaos, which contains the Heavenly Dao Supreme.

And the tombstone is obviously connected with the atmosphere of the ten-party god. He is the evil body of the ten-party god. At this time, it is obviously blended with the tombstone, and the tombstone is regarded as the treasure of the evil body.

“It’s no wonder that the Ten Gods are not immortal realm, but they can have an immortal strength. It turned out to be such a powerful Hongmeng Tianbao.”

“Nahong Meng Tianbao is named as the burial god monument. It is said that it has the power of burial. I didn’t expect it to fall into the hands of the Ten Gods. This treasure is perfectly matched with Heavenly Dao, which is mastered by the Ten Gods, making him immortal. Strength is not surprising.”

“Su Fang, even with the longevity lamp and the Paragon flag of the Reze ancients, is not the opponent of the Ten Gods, this time he will die!”

“This war is over, there is no suspense, and the human race ants don’t need this Eminence any more!”

The spirits, the old Ancestor, the seven ancestors of the Tianzu, and the Hongyuan Tianbao, who were immortal witnessed by the ten-party gods, could not help but exclaim.

The old spirit and the old Ancestor are worried about Su Fang, the latter two are a sneer sneer.

The idea of ​​the old Ancestor of the hail began to brew a powerful attack.

Who knows~

The 乾元族 immortally passed on the mind: “Hail Old Ancestor, you have to give yourself and the hail of the Holy Family!”

Hail Old Ancestor had to worry about it.


The monument of the great ten thousand zhang broke out the omnipotence and power of the burial of Heavenly Dao. In the chaos, it opened up a time and space, and surrounded Su Fang and the surrounding area, and buried it there.

The Qi of Primordial Chaos in the Su Fang Dao Palace rushed out to form a defensive enchantment against the embarrassment and erosion of the stone monument.

His heart is also shocking and stunned.

However, it is not surprising that the Ten Gods are the first powerhouses with immortal strength since the human race, as well as the Great Destiny.

Su Fang can have Hongmeng Tianbao, and it is still two pieces. The ten-party god has a Hongmeng Tianbao, what is so strange?

“Su Fang, this is the real strength of this Eminence. Although you out of the ordinary, even beyond this Eminence, you can fight this Eminence to this point, so this Eminence is also unexpected and shocking, but you can’t always heaven Defying.”

The voice of the Lord of the Ten Gods is coming, and he is very proud, and all the circumstances are in his grasp.

In the surrounding time and space, the horrible death and suffocation are constantly released, and there is a will to death. Su Fang should be dragged into death.

There is a face on the monument, and each person’s face is full of pain, bitterness, densely packed, and cold cold shivers down one’s spine.

In the mouth of the face, a cry, screaming, releasing a force of the soul of the soul, to tear the soul of Su Fang, and then eat it.

From the monument to the gods, the blood light is constantly rushing, and it becomes the four gods of “Su Fang’s tomb”, releasing a power to devour fate.

Once Su Fang’s name condenses on the tombstone, his fate is coming to an end.

This Hongmeng Tianbao of the Ten Commandments is worthy of the name of “buried heaven”, and it has powerful power to attack life, soul and even destiny.

And this piece of Hongmeng Tianbao, named the burial god monument, released the power completely beyond the limit height of the Taoist ancestors, comparable to an immortal blow.

Although Su Fang has the strength of the 90% Jiu Dazu limit, it is just such a gap, but it is only crushed, and there is no resistance.

His defense is broken like layers of sand, life and soul are being stripped, immortality is also eroded, and even fate begins to end.

“The one to emerge victorious, not necessarily… fight!”

Su Fang is shocking, but it has not yet reached despair. On the contrary, there is a strong fighting intent in the eyelids.


Su Fang spurred the Paragon battle flag and flew out of the palace.

The battle flag hua hua fluttered, bursting out of a savage war, slaughter breath, and the dead air and the suffocating air erupted from the burial god monument, causing large-scale collapse of time and space.

The scorpion body and the purple body also flashed out from the body.

The purple movement method cooperated with the Shenwei that erupted from the celestial stone. Although it failed to strip off the ability to bury the monument of the gods, it suppressed it a lot, making the power of the burial god gods sharply reduce 3-Layer.

啪pa pa!

The flames of the longevity lamp burned wildly, and the lights burst into flames, exploding a path of soul attack.

As the lights ignited, a face on the burial god’s monument made a scream, burning and crashing.

“The fate of the law, cut off the fate!”

Then, Su Fang’s destiny came out of the Taoist palace, and the power of destiny condensed into a knife and slammed in front of himself.


The funeral god monument locked in Su Fang’s power to bury the fate, was cut off by this knife, making Su Fang completely free from the control of fate.

Su Fang urged Hongmeng Tianbao and the body of the law to finally resolve the attack of the Ten Gods.

However, Su Fang is also very consuming, not only the will, thoughts, lifespan, and air transport. His life became wilting, and his body was still covered with a layer of suffocation.

“Su Fang’s strength is out of the ordinary, there is the strength of a battle with the immortal powerhouse, this child out of the ordinary, big out of the ordinary !”

“It is indeed a big out of the ordinary, but still can’t compete with the Ten Gods, and ultimately can’t escape the fate of being killed!”

“He is now just overdrafting himself, plus the treasure, he is reluctant to fight against the Ten Gods, as if drinking and quenching thirst, how long can he support?”

The spirits, the old Ancestor and the seven ancestors of the Tianzu and the Yiyuan people are all shocked.

However, no one thinks that Su Fang can defeat the ten gods and the suppression of the ten gods is only a matter of time.

No one expected that Su Fang, who seemed to be sitting still, began to brew the most amazing blow.


The celestial worm came out of Su Fang within the body and went straight to the monument of the burial god on the top of the ten gods. It flew down and began to madly smash.

The burial god monument is really amazing, and it is difficult for the worms to shake it in a short time, but it still distracts a lot of energy from the ten gods, and the offensive of the burial god monument has also weakened a lot.

Su Fang took this opportunity to fully push the king of blood.

A bloody vine is plunged into the body of a heterogeneous powerhouse with a height of Daozu. The essence of life floods into Su Fang within the body.

Then, through the blood of the venomous vine, it penetrated into every corner of Su Fang’s fleshly body, prompting Su Fang within the body. The flame of life began to burn and rush in the direction of heaven defying.

The life that Su Fang just consumed is recovering at an alarming rate.

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