Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3303

Chi chi chi!

From Su Fang within the body, there is a mysterious atmosphere, which contains a supreme reason to reverse Heaven and Earth and control the destiny of the universe.

Among Su Fang eyes, the black and white yin and yang vortex emerged, and it was rotated clockwise and smashed. The black and white Profound Light shrouded the mysterious yin and yang vortex.

Meditation of destiny!

Under this life and death crisis, Su Fang exhibited the last powerful means to mediate the destiny!

Although the Cyclone is only the Divine Ability that Su Fang developed in the Pan Cang universe, as Su Fang’s realm continues to improve, the power will also increase.

Su Fang’s realm has reached the limit of Daozu at this time. There is only one line difference from immortality. The power of mediation is also skyrocketing, even surpassing the limits of Taoism, reaching the height of threatening immortality.

However, any powerful Divine Ability has a corresponding limit, as is the mediation of Destiny.

Su Fang is now at the mercy of an immortal powerhouse. He wants to control the future of the Ten Lords and change the past. The price paid is naturally heavy and consumes an incredible amount of money.

His hair changed from black to white at an alarming rate and then turned white.

His skin is also rapidly becoming aging and dry from the baby’s general tenderness, and the life scent is rapidly lost.

Wearing the blood of the king vine was Su Fang spurred to the extreme, a body with a heterogeneous powerhouse instantly turned into ashes.

The blood of life is still difficult to stop the loss of life. The speed of recovery is difficult to compensate for the loss of life, but for the time being, it will not be killed because of the loss of life.

“The Ten Gods, you are the last obstacle for me to embark on Peak, even if I run out of lifespan, air transport, this time I will definitely overtake you!”

Su Fang looked towards the Lord of the Ten Commandments, and there was a decisive and domineering pledge to heaven defying.

this moment!

In order to continue the future of human race, the sacred gods and sacred corpses resolutely burn themselves and open the scene of the original world of Lei Ze.

Xi Xuan Daozu used his own as a seal to smash the scene of the evil spirits of the Ten Commandments.

There are also countless scenes of human races desperately dying under the ravages of aliens, which come together in their minds.

Even if it is not for himself, for the sake of the Ten Gods, for the sake of the West Xuan Dao, and for the human race that died in the hands of the aliens, Su Fang will kill all the gods.

Hu hu hu~

With the rotation of the yin and yang vortex, everything around the time and space of the Ten Gods began to undergo an amazing reversal.

Under the supreme power of turning Heaven and Earth, the silhouette of the Ten Gods quickly became blurred, constantly reflecting a path of light and shadow from the black and white vortex.

That is the picture after a few hours in the future.

If there is no accident, according to the development track of fate and heaven, the future will happen as the light and shadow show.

At this time, the light and shadow reflected in the yin and yang vortex is under the power of the whirlwind celestial power, which prompts the future to appear in the Ten Lords.

Not only the outside, but also the Ten Gods themselves, including his consciousness, from the present moments along the fate, the trajectory of the heavens, constantly changing.

In his mind, Su Fang was finally difficult to fight against the powerful power of the burial god monument, and he was embarrassed by him, and then consciousness was possessed by his body.

“What Divine Ability is this, with such amazing power, can reverse Heavenly Dao?”

“So Divine Ability, can threaten immortality, how can it be mastered by a Tao?”

The spirits, the old Ancestor, and the seven ancestors of the Tianzu and the monks are immortal, all shocked and unexpected.

No one can think of it, Su Fang still has such a great Divine Ability that he is defying.

“this child, absolutely can’t stay, must be killed as soon as possible…” The seven ancestors of the Tianzu and the Yiyuan are immortal. The two immortal powerhouses feel the threat from Su Fang, and the killing intent is flashing at the same time. .

About three breaths.

Su Fang suddenly moved toward the black and white vortex around the Lord of the Tens.

A light and shadow quickly emerged, and then turned into nothing by nothing.

The silhouette of the Ten Gods quickly condenses.

At this moment, he is immersed in the great pleasure of Su Fang, and laughs loudly.

I don’t know~

The Shifang God Lord soon noticed an abnormality, and the laughter stopped abruptly, and then looked away towards Su Fang.

at this time.

Su Fang swallowed the last nine flowers of Qiong Yudan given to him by Baoshu.

This pill and even the treasure of the Tianshu people, cultívation as long as the soul is not destroyed, even if only a drop of blood, a hair, you can let the cultívation to restore life.

The treasure tree mother gave a total of Su Fang three nine flowers Qiong Yudan, and now only the last one, so critical moments, Su Fang will no longer care about anything.

With the amazing resilience of medicinal power, Su Fang’s nearly exhausted strength of Life suddenly skyrocketed.

Then Su Fang exerted his great good fortune technique, and the light column of the color of Primal Chaos exploded and hit the body of the Ten Gods.

“I lost to Su Fang, I am not willing…”

The shape of the Ten Gods has just condensed, and it is difficult to display any Divine Ability. It can only survive Su Fang’s most powerful attack.

At this moment, he was full of unwillingness.

When he was in the human race World, Su Fang was not even born.

Su Fang cultívation’s Nine Yang Nine Transformations is the Jiu Xuan Wuji Sutra that was deliberately circulated to the human race World by the corpse of the Ten Gods.

Now I am defeated in the hands of Su Fang, how can the Ten Gods be willing?

The immortal strength of the ten parties comes from the monument of the treasure of the gods. However, he himself did not reach the immortal height, and he was fully attacked by the great good fortune technique. The body defense was broken like a city filled with sand, and it was destroyed together with the surrounding time and space.


A large hand full of sacred gods appeared very abruptly, and slammed around the ten gods.

The horror power of great good fortune was suddenly broken, and the Lord of the Ten Gods was also taken away by the big hand, out of the attack range of great good fortune.


Su Fang, a cockroach, squirted a breath of death.

His face, hair, and breath are the appearance of the old-fashioned old man of 70, and he will die all the time.

“It’s you!”

Su Fang barely stabilized his body, looked at towards nothingness, and gnashing teeth.

It is the immortality of the monks who saved the ten-party gods.

“From the old Ancestor, you can’t say anything!”

Hail Old Ancestor makes a sigh of anger, and consciousness is turned into a silhouette in chaos.

Then a thunderous roar, a thunder light emerged from the chaos, quickly condensed into a Sky Gate.

From there, a thunder of Lei Ze’s original boundary spirit was heard: “Why are the Yuan Yuan people immortal, why do you interfere with the life and death of my original Reze’s descendants? Are you not afraid of Eternal Heaven’s punishment?”

The immortal thoughts of the Yuan dynasty transformed a young man out of nothingness and made a sneer: “This Eminence is not a shot for Su Fang, it is not a letter of trust, and Eternal Heaven can’t do this Eminence.”

“Dignified immortal powerhouse, it would be so shameless, my Su Fang is finally seeing it today.” Su Fang gnashing teeth.

Seeing that the Ten Lords must be killed, but did not expect the Yuan to be immortal, Su Fang, although the inner anger can burn the sky, but there is no way for the Yuanyuan immortal powerhouse.

Strength is always the last word.


The Qiang people sneered at the nose with immortality.

Immediately he will show the domineering powerhouse’s domineering: “What is shame? It is just the rule of the weak, this Eminence and Heavenly Dao coexist, you constrain this Eminence with shame, is it not ridiculous? It seems that your heart is stillm Not enough, it’s not enough to be promoted to immortality.”

The immortal powerhouse reaches the height of the same as Heavenly Dao, and is generally ruthless with Heavenly Dao, do as one pleases.

For the average person, it is a mean, shameless means, for the immortal powerhouse, everything does not matter.

Su Fang made a whispered voice: “It seems that the Yuanyuan people are bent on putting me to death… Hey, since I can defeat the Ten Gods for the first time, there will be a second time. It will not matter if you are saved.” I don’t believe that the Yuan people can protect the Ten Lords forever.”

The ten gods revealed an evil smile: “There is a powerhouse to save, that is also the creation of this Eminence. Why don’t you fight me?”

Su Fang sneaked with a sneer: “You are lucky enough to save your life by the immortal powerhouse. What qualifications are there to fight me?”

Su Fang is not an idiot. At this time, on the verge of dying life, how can he fight with the Ten Gods?

Of course, there will be opportunities for further warfare in the future. At that time, the Ten Commandments will be killed in one fell swoop.

The ten gods gave a coldly snorted.

I couldn’t suppress Su Fang, and I didn’t expect to kill the entire human race. The Ten Gods did not really promote the hope of immortality. Even if he was lucky enough to save his life, he would not be happy anyway.

“This hatred, I remember Su Fang!” Su Fang’s cold eyes are in the immortality of the Yuan and the seven ancestors of the Tianzu, and they will enter the original realm of Lei Ze.


“You kill me Tianzhou genius genius, and the powerhouse in the family is countless, this Eminence can not let you?” Tianzu seven ancestors suddenly issued a sound full of Xiao killing intent, a time to calm the Shenwei 将 将 Su Fang shrouded.


The power of time suddenly accelerated in Su Fang. At the time of Lightning Spark, Su Fang seemed to have experienced several epochs.

“Tianzu is immortal, stop!”

The spirit and the old Ancestor also angered at the same time.

From the Sky Gate, a strong will of the original realm of Reze broke out and rolled away to the seven ancestors of the Tianzu.

Hail Old Ancestor also released his thoughts and attacked the seven ancestors of the Tianzu.

The seven ancestors of the Tianzu people made a big laugh, and the silhouette of the condensed thought quickly turned into nothingness, disappeared from chaos, and then reappeared on the immortal side of the Yuan.

Su Fang was originally in a state of heavy consumption in lifespan. She was attacked by the seven ancestors of the Tianzu people. It looked like she was a few years old, and she was exhausted and burned at all times.

Hurry to rush to wear the blood of the king vine, a mad devour, this only slightly restored.

The spirits angered: “The heavens are immortal, you are not afraid of Eternal Heaven?”

The seven ancestors of the Tianzu family said with a smile: “Heaven is dead, but people are alive. This Eminence did not kill Su Fang, but it was to discipline him or not. How could Eternal Heaven punish this Eminence?”

Then he made a domineering and cold voice: “The majesty of the chaos, and the challenge of the existence of this trivial ant? Grinding your ants, you don’t need this Eminence, even if you have Eternal Heaven, the day, It is easy for the Zhou to crush you.”

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