Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3304

Go back on one’s word.


This is the immortal powerhouse.

“Su Fang, do you think that there is shelter for Eternal Heaven, and my family and Tianzu will not dare to shoot you?”

“It’s ridiculous! Eternal Heaven is your lifeline, and this Eminence will take your lifeline and see what else you can rely on.”

“The immortal union of the Qiangzu, the Tianzu, and the twelve races directly deprives the Reze ancient inheritance of all rights in the Temple of Eternity, and see how you can be arrogant!”

The 乾元族 immortal sent out a coldly snorted, revealing the powerhouse 峥嵘.

The original spirit of Lei Ze sent out a thunder: “The Yuan people are immortal, you dare!”

The Ruze ancients used to be a glorious dominant force. Although it has already been destroyed, according to Eternal Heaven, the Reze ancients still retain a certain status and rights in the Eternal Temple.

The Reze ancients had an opportunity to send the inheritance to the Eternal Temple for assessment. If passed the assessment, the Reze ancients will be able to retain their status in the Eternal Temple and enjoy the corresponding status and rights.

The immortal powerhouse of the Yuan Dynasty intends to unite with other immortals and deprive the ancient people of Reze of their rights in the Temple of Eternity.

This means that the Reze ancients will be completely excluded from the Eternal Temple, and Su Fang, the inheritor of the original Reze, will not be sheltered by Eternal Heaven.

When the time is immortal, the powerhouse can be unscrupulously shot to him. Su Fang, even if it becomes immortal, cannot escape the fate of being suppressed and sealed.

The Yiyuan people smiled immortally: “This Eminence is not dare? This Eminence not only dares, but also the ability to do it, when the United States, together with the immortal powerhouse of twelve races and other races, will be Rezegu It is not difficult to completely remove the family from the Eternal Temple.”

On that day, the seven ancestors of the Zhou family suddenly said: “The two great families have come forward. This Eminence believes that many immortal powerhouses will still give this face. The Leize ancients have long been history, and who else will be in the early days of the Reze ancients?”

“hmph… walk!”

The snorted snorted, no longer speaks.

The 乾元族 immortally looked at Su Fang with a sly look, and then said: “When the deprivation of all elements of the original world in the eternal temple, this Eminence will be combined with other immortal powerhouse to seal the original world of Reze. You and human race will be sealed forever in the original realm of Reze, isolated from the outside world, and fend for themselves!”


Su Fang’s body trembled, and there was a roar in his head. The gnashing teeth were looked toward towards the seven ancestors of the Tianzu and the Yiyuan people.

If it is true that the Yuan race is immortal, the human race will be isolated forever, and there is almost no difference between those who live in the lower classes of the lower universe.


Absolutely unimaginable, the Yuanyuan people are so overbearing, so very ruthless.

“This is the chaotic upper class, this is the immortal powerhouse…” Su Fang is full of anger and full of powerlessness.

The Yuan and the Tianzu are chaotic people. They have a number of immortal powerhouses. To be strong and powerful, and to have power, Su Fang is difficult to fight against the two great people even if he is defying.

“Su Fang, this is the end of your offense between the Tianzu and the Qianyuan. This Eminence does not kill you, but it makes you and your race more painful than death…”

The eyes of the seven ancestors of the Tianzu family were soaked in Su Fang, and after a domineering smile, the silhouette of the illusion of disillusionment collapsed and disappeared disappear without a trace.

“The ants must have the consciousness of the ants, and they want to defying, that is the way to kill…”

The Yuan Yuan people immortalized and smiled, and displayed a Profound Light to wrap the Ten Gods and the burial gods, and disappeared into nothingness.






However, Su Fang’s heart is calm, with his mood, facing any difficulties, desperate situation, will not be chaotic.

Hail Old Ancestor sighed: “Su Fang, the Yuan and the Tianzu people’s forces cover the sky, this Eminence can’t help you, hehe…”

Su Fang smiled bitterly: “Senior doesn’t have to say much, the hail saints have to intervene, otherwise even the hail saints will be implicated.”

Hail Old Ancestor said: “You first go to healing, Xuan Xin and your son Su Xuanyun, this Eminence will take care of himself. As for the Eternal Temple…this Eminence will tell you when there is news.”

“many thanks Senior !”

When Su Fang was beheading, he would earn the treasure and the law into the palace.

Immediately a thunder light descended from the original world of Reze, shrouded Su Fang, and then inhaled it from the Sky Gate.

Jieling directly sent Su Fang to the inner space of Shenyuan Pool.

This time the consumption was very heavy, mainly lifespan and air transport.

Although Su Fang has the means to restore lifespan and air transport, it is too expensive and the recovery speed is extremely slow.

Fortunately, the time inside the Shenyuan pool is a million times different from the outside time, and Su Fang is not lacking in various resources and spiritual objects.

The essence of the corpse of the interracial powerhouse, and the precious medicine pill used to restore life, Su Fang’s almost exhausted strength of life, finally began to show signs of recovery, which means that it gradually got rid of death.

This time, not only the lifespan was consumed, but the loss of gas transportation was also amazing, and the purple body also became wilted.

“The spirit of Sir!”

Su Fang conveys the mind to the spirit.

The silhouette of the spirit suddenly condenses in front, looked towards Su Fang, shaking his head and sighing: “His Highness, Su Fang, you want to ask this Eminence about the Eternal Temple?”


“The Reze ancients have been dying for many years, and there has not been much influence in the many immortal powerhouses of the Eternal Temple. If the Yi and the Tianzu and the 12-ethnic immortal powerhouse unite, it is proposed to deprive the Reze of the ancients. No one can stop them in everything in the Temple of Eternity.”

“It seems that I have to sit still.”

Su Fang is not reconciled.

The human race’s catastrophe has just been resolved, but it has attracted more powerful enemies and faces new catastrophe.

In fact, the human race survives in the original realm of Lei Ze. Even if it is isolated from the world, it can no longer enter the chaotic family. It does not mean that it is dying, nor can it end.

However, Su Fang’s ambition is not to human race struggling on the skill at death’s door, but to lead the human race, standing proudly among the chaotic people.

If the immortal powerhouse teamed up to seal the original world of Reze, it means that the human race will always be isolated, how can Su Fang be willing?

The spirit suddenly said: “In fact, there is no way.”

Su Fang’s eyes suddenly became awkward: “What is the solution?”

“Is it true that Su Fang’s Highness has forgotten the 7-Layer day test of Reze’s original world?”

“You mean…Eternal Heaven Road?”

“Not bad.” The spirit of the world said, “As long as you have passed Eternal Heaven Road, even if you are not promoted to immortality, you can be listed in the Temple of Eternity, and have a certain right to speak in the Temple of Eternity. At that time, Tianzu and Qianyuan The immortal powerhouse, such as the family, does not dare to shoot you easily.”

“You still underestimate the very ruthless of those immortal powerhouses. It is not enough to have a certain right to speak in the Temple of Eternity.”

The spirits smiled and then snarled.

“His Highness, Su Fang, you still don’t understand the power of Eternal Heaven Road. Eternal Heaven Road, created by many immortal powerhouses, has not been tested yet. If you walk through Eternal Heaven Road, you will surely shake the Temple of Eternity and will definitely be in the future. It’s awesome.”

“At that time, those immortal powerhouses will not easily offend you even if they won’t win and show you better. The Tianzhou, the Qiang and the twelve races will deal with you, and it is not so easy to succeed.”

“In addition, if you finish the Xternal Heaven Road and finish the 7-Layer day test, then the next 8-Layer day test, you will have the opportunity to use the evolution of the Reze ancients to gain the strength of the Reze ancients. Help.”

Su Fang Eyebrow volume: “Help?”

The spirits proudly said: “There was a strong hegemony of the Luze ancients, and what is the richness of the heritage? The many immortal powerhouses of the Reze ancients. In order to continue the inheritance, how can they not leave for the inheritance before being annihilated by the heavens? Some good cards?”

The spirit of Su Fang has become awkward: “What is the card?”

“You still concentrate on preparing for the test of Eternal Heaven. As for what cards will be there, you will naturally know that if you can’t pass the 7-Layer test, it will be meaningless now.”

“Eternal Heaven Road…”

“This time, I want to use Eternal Heaven Road to prove the avenue, to be named the Eternal Temple, the famous people, and to show my peerlessness among the chaotic people!”

“Tianzu, Yuyuan, twelve races… Anyone wants to suppress me Su Fang!”

Although Su Fang’s spirit is sluggish, at this moment, there is a domineering powerhouse’s domineering.

“The immortal powerhouse of the Yuan and Tianzu people, regardless of their identity, have repeatedly wanted to put me to death. This time, they directly rescued the Ten Lords and attempted to deprive the Luze ancients of their qualifications in the Eternal Temple. Sealing the original world of Lei Ze, they made me feel bad, and I must not let the Yuan and Tianzu people better!”

Then Su Fang had a strong spirit in his heart.

Immediately ask the spirits to help each other, the purple body of the body, the worms and the spiders with the help of the original source of the Lei Ze, sent to the periphery of the sacred Yuan.

It turned out that he was going to retaliate against the Qiangyuan people and at the same time use it to restore the air transport.

Purple Yun Fa body came to one side of time and space.

There are countless interracial cultívations inhabited here, and it is one of the branches of the Yi people.

The purple method is carried in time and space with the spider and the worm.

The purple body of the body and the foot of the movement directly sneaked into the side of the side of the side of the mysterious world, deep into the Tianyun hole where the mysterious air transport concentrated, began to madly engulf the air transport of the mysterious world.

The pharyngeal worm is the Land of Sealing, which is the essence of the mysterious source. It smashes the original source seal of the mysterious world.

As a result, in the mysterious world, not only the air transport began to be lost, but the essence of the entire mysterious world was also lost.

Losing the air and the source, it means that these mysterious world will quickly become a waste land.

In order not to disturb the high-level people of the Yuan Dynasty, the purple body, the spider and the pharynx did not completely devour the mysterious air and the source, but reserved some.

When the high-level people of the Yuan Dynasty discovered an abnormality, when they were tracing, the Qianyuan people were separated from the fire branch, except for the Yuanyuan Peak. The other air and essence of the Xuanjie were almost swallowed up.

The high-level people of the Yuan Dynasty are angry!

The purple body of the law is carrying the spider and the worm, and was sent to the Tianzu by the original border of Lei Ze, and began a new mad devour.

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