Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3306

Hail the holy mountain of Saint Ancestor.

The ice cliff of thousand zhang high is steep and smooth.

On the ice cliff, cut a step by step, from the bottom of the cliff to the top of the ice cliff.

This is the ladder of the hail saints. Any ordinary clansmen of the hail saints, as long as they climb from the ladder to the top of the ice cliff, they can enter the sanctuary cultívation of the hail saint and become the seedling carefully cultivated by the hail saint.

However, the ladder is very smooth, and the Cold Qi overflows on the step by step. Even the cultívation is unbearable, let alone the ordinary clansmen, so there are very few ordinary clansmen who can finally climb the ice cliff.

And there are a lot of ordinary hail saint clansmen, because they failed in the middle, and finally died frozen and died.

At this moment, a 12-year-old youngster, used both hands and feet, struggled to climb the ice cliff.

The youngster’s appearance is obviously not a hail saint, but a human race youngster, which is unique in the hail.

Youngster’s hair and eyebrows are condensed with ice slag, his face is red and his hands and feet are frozen.

Along the way, the youngster continued to fall, and he continued to stand up and continue to climb upwards. In the end, he could only crawl with his hands and feet.

“I must climb the ladder, so my mother will let me cultívation and become a cultívation!”

Human race youngster looked towards the ice cliff where you couldn’t see the end, and your teeth continued to climb upwards.

Shua shua Shua!

More than a dozen hail saint youngsters drove the ice sword over the air and floated behind the human race youngster.

“Let’s take a look, the peerless genius Su Xuanyun, even climbed the ladder like a dog!”

“Isn’t it to say that he is born with a strong life of Daozu? Why can’t he even enter the temple, but instead come to climb the ladder?”

“Human race, a low-level race, is very difficult to become a cultívation. Once born, there is a high level of life, blow it!”


More than a dozen hawthorn saints youngster, moved towards the human race youngster.

Human race youngster turned a deaf ear and still obsessedly moved towards the top of the ice cliff.

The head of a hail saint youngster, only fifteen years old, the cultivation base is not weak, possessing the cultivation base of the dynasty, moving towards the human race youngster coldly shouted: “Su Xuanyun, you are a stream to the ice The wild species of the sacred saints, if not the hail saints to take care of your mother, how can you have this wild species?”

“Cool, too, what are you talking about?”

The youngster named Su Xuyun turned his head and gnashing teeth looked at the hail saint youngster.

“I said that you are a human race wild species, have the ability to hit me!” The hail saint youngster cold child too look towards towards Su Xuanyun, proudly said.

Su Xuanyun is not a cultívation. When he slides down from the ladder, he will be smashed and broken. Where can I get to the cold, too, I can only look at the cold, gnashing teeth.

“Su Xuanyun, do you think that you are the former darling of the hail? I used to hold you with my ancestors. When I was a child, I was fighting with you. Not only did you interrupt your leg, but you will be punished when you go back. Now you and you Mother is about to be driven out of the hail saint. You are a stray dog. You used to owe us the money. We will all take it back this time!”

“hmph, what genius, all are shit, otherwise how could your mother not teach you cultívation?”

“Do not kill him this time, but also interrupt his limbs!”

More than a dozen hail sacred youngsters are ridiculed and embarrassed behind Su Xuanyun.


The iceberg saint youngster named Lengzitai, who swung his sleeves and rolled out a cold wind, hit the body of Su Xuanyun.

Su Xuanyun was about to be frozen, and there was no cultivation base. It was a cold wind and it was hard to save on the ladder. The falling towards the ice cliff fell.

The cold child shouted loudly: “Come on, Su Xuanyun failed to climb the ladder, and fell to the ice cliff and was killed!”

Other hail saints youngster also shouted loudly.

Seeing that Su Xuanyun was about to fall to the ground, suddenly a soft airflow held him firmly, and the body gently landed on the ground.

Su Xuanyun was shocked and embarrassed.

At this time, Su Fang’s silhouette emerged from nothingness, looked toward towards Su Xuanyun, his eyes were soft, his face was full of smiles: “You are Su Xuanyun?”

Seeing Su Fang is obviously a human race cultivator, Su Xuanyun startedled, and also forgot the danger just experienced, asked: “Who are you?”

“My name is Su Fang, it’s your father.” Su Fang looked at her son and was not excited.

“You are my father?” Su Xuanyun’s eyes reveal doubts and vigilance, and immediately coldly snorted: “My mother said, my father is the top race of human race, the hero of the world, how can you have Is it like a hero of the world?”

Su Fang touched the nose, 讪讪said with a smile : “I am indeed your father, if you don’t believe, you take me to see your mother.”

“Mo urgency.” Su Xuanyun’s eye bead dribbled, and immediately pointed to the dozens of hail saints youngster floating above, said: “I was almost killed by them, since you are my father, then I avenged and killed them all!”

Su Fang has a roll of eyebrows.

Xuan Xin is the daughter of Xue Zu, and Su Xuan Yun is also the disciple of the old Ancestor of the hail. How can those hail saints youngster dare to insult him?

Su Fang passes the mind and goes: “Xuan Xin, come out!”

A silhouette suddenly emerges from the ice cliff, it is the mysterious heart.

It turned out that Xuanxin secretly hid on the ice cliff, even if Su Fang did not shoot, Su Xuanyun would not have anything.

“Do you still know to see your son?” Xuan Xin looked toward towards Su Fang and made a faint Pimordial Spirit.

Su Fang smiled: “Xuan Xin, why didn’t we let our son cultívation? And how could he be so bullied among the Hail Sanctuary, just killed almost?”

Xuan Xin explained to Su Fang.

Originally Xuan Xin wanted his son inheritance Su Fang’s cultívation, so did not let Su Xuanyun cultívation, which led to Su Xuan Yunkong has innate talent, and strong life, is still an ordinary person.

In addition, Xuan Xin did not want Su Xuanyun to be like the big force disciplines that were pampered. He deliberately let Su Xuanyun play with other hail sacred youngsters and did not treat him specially.

He even encouraged Su Xuanyun to climb the ladder to sharpen his mind.

Su Xuanyun is the discipline of the old Ancestor. Although he did not teach him cultívation, Su Xuanyun’s position in the hail saint is unparalleled. Before that, it’s the youngster, that is, the three avenues did not dare to move him. Root finger.

However, from the beginning of six months ago, there was a rumor that the wind was coming out, saying that Su Fang had offended the Yuan and Tianzu, and sooner or later they would be killed by the two superiors.

And the Qianyuan and Tianzu people sent powerhouses, forcing the old Ancestor to leave Xuanxin and Su Xuanyun away from the Hazel.

The status and treatment of Xuan Xin did not change. Su Xuan Yun began to be left out. The youngsters who had been bullied by him also took the opportunity to retaliate.

Xuan Xin has long been seen in the eyes, in order to let Su Xuan Yun go to the pro body will warm the world, temper the will, Xuan Xin will pretend not to know.

“I don’t think of the Yuan and the Tianzu. I really want to start with Xuan Xin and my son. Old Ancestor seems to have to abandon them for the sake of the hail. Fortunately, this time is timely…”

Su Fang suddenly understood.

Hail Old Ancestor has repeatedly helped, but after all he wants to think about the entire Hail Sanctuary, although he will not drive Xuan Xin and his son out of the Hail Sanctuary, but also have to clear the relationship.

It is estimated that the wind is the ice 魄 Old Ancestor deliberately revealed, so that Su Fang knows, directly take Xuan Xin and Su Xuan Yun away, so that both sides are not good-looking.

Su Fang is against the old Ancestor and the hail saint. For the entire hail saint, there is nothing wrong with him doing this.

“My Taoist and son, the outsiders are bullying? I am here to prepare to bring you back to the original world of Lei Ze.”

“I have been waiting for you soon… Su Fang, really what they said, Tianzu and Qianyuan have to deal with you and human race?”

“No matter, the Tianzu and the Qianyuan people can’t press me Su Fang. I will use my hands to go for the human race, and for my son, kill a day, who will stop me, I will kill who, The same is true of the Tianzu and the Yuanyuan!”

Su Fang shows arrogance.

Then I saw Su Xuanyun, who was almost frozen, and Su Fang felt distressed. “Xuan Xin, you watched your son suffer, are you still his mother?”

Xuan Xin smiled. “Do you think that I don’t feel bad? Unpolished jade wont be able to become a powerhouse. It is good for him to suffer more.”


Su Xuanyun hides behind her and points to Su Fang shouted: “Mother, this person is a bad person, dare to pretend to be my father!”

Xuan Xin dumbfounded, touched the head of Su Xuanyun: “Xuan Yun, don’t talk about it, he is your father Su Fang!”

“He is father? I don’t believe it!” Su Xuanyun looked at Su Fang’s eyes and shook his head and said.

Su Fang said with a bitter smile : “How do you want to believe?”

Su Xuan Yun said: “Like the cold child, they bullied me, and almost killed me. If you are my father, you should take the lead for me and kill them all!”

Su Fang Eyebrows: “All killed?”

Su Xuan Yun Road: “that’s all, temporarily leave them alive, wait for me to become a cultívation, I will beat them with my fist. But this bad breath can not help but you can help me beat their ass!”

Xuan Xin dumbfounded.

Su Fang said: “My son, Su Fang’s son should be like this, have revenge, have complaints, but rely on their own fist, relying on parents, elders, is not really true.”

After that, Su Fang waved his hand.

The dozens of hail sacred youngsters appeared in the mysterious heart, and they had long since escaped, but they could not escape Su Fang’s palm.

Shua shua Shua!

More than a dozen youngsters were directly captured by Su Fang and landed in front of Su Xuanyun.

“Son, I will give you out!”

Su Fang hehe smiled and waved a dozen or so palm prints and fell solidly on the youngster’s ass.

Su Fang naturally does not really shoot, more than a dozen hail aristocratic youngsters screamed, but they were all wounded.

Su Xuanyun was so happy that he said to Su Fang nodded: “This is like what my father looks like, but if you want to be my father, you need to test it slowly. Today is the first level, even if you have passed.”

Su Fang and Xuan Xin are bursting into laughter.

Su Fang saw her son naughty, but also very cunning, but his character is exactly the same as when he was a child, and his heart is not happy.

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