Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3307


Su Fang’s eyebrows are rolled up and looked towards the ice cliff.

“Xuan Xin, you are a woman, dare to insult my son!”

A thunder of general anger came, and immediately a silhouette burst out.

It was a man in his twenties. The body was like a snow and ice. His face was handsome, his eyes were cold and sharp, his eyebrows were like swords, and he was a arrogant look.

It was actually an acquaintance of Su Fang, Elder Leng Lingfeng of the Holy Ling Palace.

“Su Xuanyun, you are finished, I am coming, not only you, even your parents have to follow bad luck!” The youngster named Leng Zitai sneered smugly.

It turned out that he was the son of Leng Lingfeng.

“My son is afraid, who dares to bully you, and the father will lick his skin.” Leng Lingfeng is domineering shouted.

Then flew down the cliff.

Moved towards Xuan Xin said coldly: “Xuan Xin, do you think that no one dares to provoke you as before? You will be driven out of the hail saint, you dare to be so arrogant, even the son of this Eminence dare Bullying… Ah… Su, Su Fang!”

At the beginning of the cold, Feng Lingfeng was still a high-spirited and unpredictable one. When he saw Su Fang, the sound suddenly stopped and the body shook uneasily.

“Not that I bully your son, but your son bullied my son Su Xuyun, and even tried to kill him.” Su Fang said indifferently, his cold eyes were on the body of Lengzi Tai.

Then he became domineering and laughing: “Moreover, even if I bully your son, what about it?”

“Su Fang Sir, spare!”

Cold Ling Feng’s murderous flames suddenly disappeared. He quickly squatted down to Su Fang and asked for mercy.

The cold son was too stunned by the youngster.

Su Xuanyun was also a shocking and unexpected expression. He asked incredibly to Xuan Xin: “Mother, this is so powerful, even the father of the cold child is so afraid of him?”

Xuan Xin touched the head of Su Xuyun, and said proudly: “Mother once said to you, your father is the hero of the world, killing the ancestors like killing chickens, who is not afraid of him?”

“Killing the ancestors like killing chickens?”

Su Xuanyun shocked, looked towards Su Fang’s eyes suddenly became very embarrassing, full of reverence.

Leng Lingfeng took his son Lengzitai, moved towards Su Fang and repeatedly gimmick: “Cold child is too damn, offended Su Fang Sir, begging Sir to be young, let him go this time, the small willing to bear all the blame for him. “”

“go away!”

Su Fang swings his hand.

The first time he met his son, he would naturally not be hurt by other things.

What’s more, the cold Ling Feng at this time, in the eyes of Su Fang like the existence of trivial ant, how can he put this kind of character in his heart?

Leng Lingfeng was a big man.


Su Fang has a roll of eyebrows and looks up towards the sky. His eyes are like ice.

Leng Lingfeng thought that Su Fang changed his mind and suddenly trembled.


More than 20 cultívation people flew here, and there were more than a dozen cultívation people, which were from the Tianzu and the Qianyuan.

Su Fang has already sensed the arrival of these cultívation people.

The two powerhouses, headed by the Qiang and Tianzhou, are the Taobao Peak powerhouse.

And the breath is very powerful, at least the peerless powerhouse with the ultimate strength of 9-Layer.

Xuezu, Shengling Daozu, and Shengluo Dao, the three hail sacred ancestors powerhouse, accompanied by the two Taozu Peak powerhouse sides, are expressions of wood.

More than 20 cultívation people went straight to the side and stood up against Su Fang and the others.

Leng Lingfeng saw the powerhouse of the Tianzu and the Yuanyuan people, and they suddenly became bold.

In his opinion, even if Su Fang has the strength to kill the Taoist ancestors, how can he deal with so many peerless powerhouses from the Qianyuan and Tianzu?

Su Fang sees that it is difficult to protect himself, and Leng Lingfeng will naturally not be afraid of him.

“Killing the ancestors like killing chickens?” Leng Lingfeng sneered in his heart, “this Eminence see how you kill these ancestors this time!”


The sound of Hail Old Ancestor sounded abruptly in Su Fang’s mind: “Su Fang, you have to blame this Eminence, Tianzu and Qianyuan have joined forces to press this Eminence, this Eminence is helpless, after all, hail The saints can afford to offend the two great people, only to grieve Xuan Xin and Su Xuan Yun.”

Su Fang responded: “Junior understands.”

The meaning of the old Ancestor is very clear. In order to keep the hail saints, forced by the pressure of the two great people, Xuanxin and Su Xuanyun have to leave the hail sanctuary.

Su Fang understands the hardships of the old Ancestor, but the feelings with the hail saints will stop here, at least not as before.

Hail Old Ancestor went on to say: “The Great Elders of the two Qiang and Tianzu people have been coming to the Hail Sanctuary for some time. This Eminence has been pressing, now that you are here, then they will Give it out!”

“many thanks Senior.”

Su Fang smiled and looked towards the two Taozu Peak powerhouses, which ooze cold and cold.

The old Ancestor was forced by the Tianzu and the Qianyuan people. It was obviously very annoyed, but they could not be used by the two cultivating people. So they asked them to come to Su Fang, apparently let them die.

That Great Elder from the Tianzu is a white eyebrows old man, overlooking Xuan Xin and Su Xuanyun, and indifferently said: “They are Su Fang’s Taoist and son?”

Su Fang did not deliberately hide anything, but after he cultívation to the 8-Layer, he became more vain, as if he was blended with Heavenly Dao, the cultívation of the Tianzu and the Qianyuan people turned out to be Did not recognize him, thought he was just an ordinary person cultivator.

Xuezu, Shengling Daozu, and Shenglu Daozu apparently got the embarrassment of the old Ancestor in advance, and there was no sound on the side.

Under the pressure of Daozu Peak, Xuan Xin and Su Xuanyun trembled.

Su Xuanyun was so pale that he was pale in his arms, and then looked toward towards the white eyebrows old man. He replied with no humbleness: “Yes, I am Su Fang, this is my son.”

“I don’t think that there is such a good seedling among the human race ants…” The middle age person divine light from the Qiang nationality had a roll on Su Xuanyun, and then tsk tsk sighed.

I don’t know~

He was followed by a turn, 讪讪said with a smile: “It’s a pity to kill such a genius seedling.”

White eyebrows old man said with a laugh: “It’s better to grab it back, as a slave, if you train it carefully, it will be a powerful powerhouse in the future.”

The middle age person said with a smile : “The existence of trivial ant, it is not worth spending energy, kill it directly!”

These two Tianzu and Qianyuan people’s powerhouse moved towards Su Xuanyun pointed to it, and did not put anyone in the eye.

Xuezu and other hail saint powerhouse look at Su Fang, then look at the two powerhouses, no one is not sighing, no one is not sympathetic for these two people.

Su Fang suddenly looked toward towards Su Xuanyun, started talking: “Yun, see no, no strength, you are the ants, fate, life and death are controlled by others, to control their own destiny, but also rely on strength.”

Su Xuanyun said: “See, Lord Father, child now knows.”

Su Fang smiled and said: “In the chaotic family, the world is big, only the strength is the biggest! Next, father lets you see and have the power to control the lives and deaths of others!”

“Who are you, dare to speak in front of this Eminence…” The middle age person is only aware of Su Fang, first domineering coldly shouted.

Immediately seeing Su Fang’s face, when the divine light transient, the body shape is a sly, almost fell from the air, “You…you are Su Fang!”

“The existence of trivial ant, dare to swear in front of my Su Fang, madly want to kill my Taoist, son? All suppression!”

Su Fang showed the demise of the tyrannical hegemony, and the powerful will rallied, shrouded all the 乾 族 and 天 cult cultívation.

Under the impact of Su Fang’s will, more than a dozen cultivating people of the Qiang and Tianzu tribes were shaken, and it was difficult to maintain the state of the air, and they fell to the ground.

That Tian zu white haired old man and the Yuan age person’s strength out of the ordinary, actually with Su Fang’s will attack, the body shape, and immediately will go away.

Pa pa!

Su Fang’s eyes suddenly beat the soul flame.

Two fires shrouded the two powerhouses, and the overbearing and powerful soul force took their souls away from the body, Su Fang inhaled the palace, and the longevity lights burned, refining the two souls into purity. The power of the soul.

The bodies of the two men fell from the air on the ground and died.

Then Su Fang’s eyebrows released his thoughts and condensed into a path of slaughter sword qi, moving toward a dozen celestial celestial cultivating cultivators.

After a scream, in addition to the two cultívation, the other powerhouses were all killed by Su Fang.

Between the laughter and the laughter, the two masters who reached the 9-Layer’s main limit, Peak, plus a dozen powerful powerhouses, the strength of Su Fang at this time is powerful!

The three ancestors of Xuezu, Shengling Daozu and Shengluo Daozu are all shocked and fearful.

Leng Lingfeng shuddered and couldn’t help but scream and fear.

His son, Lengzi, was too scared to pee directly into his pants. The other dozens of hail saints youngsters were also shuddering and frightened.

“This is my father. Killing the ancestors is as easy as killing a chicken. When I grow up, I have to become a peerless powerhouse like Father…”

Su Xuanyun looked at Su Fang with his incomparable eyes. In addition to the shock, there was incomparable reverence.

“Go back and tell you the immortal powerhouse of the two races. Xuan Xin and Su Xuanyun have nothing to do with the Hazel saint. I want to deal with my Su Fang, I will come directly to me, but… the Yu and the Tianzu are the best Consider the consequences.” Su Fang gave a sneer, and immediately swung a sleeve and flew the surviving two.

Xuezu and other hail saint powerhouse flew down the ice cliff, moved towards Su Fang respectfully cup one fist in the other hand.

Su Fang slightly nodded, then looked towards Su Xuanyun, seeing his eyes, 讪讪said with a smile: “Su Xuan Yun, can now prove that I am your father?”

Su Xuanyun is nodded like the chicken glutinous rice.

Su Fang said with a laugh: “My strength is strong, you will recognize me as father. If I am an ordinary person with no strength, wouldn’t you not admit it?”

Su Xuanyun replied: “If father is an ordinary person without any strength, you are always my father. When I grow up, I will protect father and mother.”

“I am the son of my Su Fang…hahaha…”

Su Fang burst into laughter and inhaled Xuan Xin and Su Xuan into the interior of the palace. Then he flashed his body and disappeared from the ice cliff to disappear without a trace.

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