Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3308

Come to the depths of the Hail Sanctuary.

Su Fang held his hand in the snow and ice.

After a while.

The snow flicked and the silhouette of the old Ancestor of the hail quickly condensed.

“Su Fang, this is really sorry.” Hail Old Ancestor stared at Su Fang and smiled helplessly.

“Things don’t blame Senior.”

Su Fang smiled lightly.

Then he asked: “Is there any news about Senior, the Temple of Eternity?”

Hail Old Ancestor said: “Yes, the Tianzu, the Qiang and the twelve races have joined forces to present to the Temple of Eternity, to deprive the Reze of all the rights in the Temple of Eternity, and to wait for many immortal powerhouses. Make the final resolution.”

The Eternal Temple is an organization jointly established by the immortal powerhouse. If there are unresolved disputes and conflicts, and the immortal powerhouse is involved, it will be decided by the immortal powerhouse of the Eternal Temple.

The Tianzu and the Qianyuan are chaotic, and the immortal powerhouses of the two families add up to nearly twenty.

Coupled with the immortal powerhouse that has been handed over to the two races, and the twelve races that have been offended by Su Fang, the forces are naturally amazing in the Temple of Eternity.

Su Fang asked: “When can the Eternal Temple make the final resolution?”

“It is not an easy task to push the eternal temple to make a resolution. It is a long time to gather the immortal powerhouse of the chaotic people. It will not take too long. After the hundred years, the eternal temple will make The final resolution, by that time, unless there are three major Paragon Royal Family powerhouses, no one can change the decision of many immortal powerhouses.”

Three Paragon Royal Family?

Su Fang didn’t know much about the Chaos and the Eternal Temple. It was the first time I heard about the three Paragon Royal Family.

” Among the chaotic people, what can be called the Paragon Royal Family, there are three Great Races, which are above the upper class of the Qianyuan and Tianzu. But the three Paragon Royal Family generally do not intervene. Other ethnic things, detached from the Ten Thousands, and the things of the Reze ancients, can not alarm the three Paragon Royal Family.”

“It seems that the Eternal Temple is destined to deprive the Reze of all the rights of the ancients, but the Acquired and the Yuan people can deal with me unscrupulously!”

Hail Old Ancestor sighed: “Things are more terrifying than you think. According to this Eminence, the Yuan and the Tianzu are not only depriving the Reze of all the rights in the Temple of Eternity. Contact other immortal powerhouses and intend to seal the original world of Reze.”

Su Fang said with a sneer : “How about the seal of the original world of Reze, the human race can survive and prosper in the original realm of Reze.”

Hail Old Ancestor shook his head and said: “It is not an ordinary seal, but completely cuts off the connection between the original world of Lei Ze and the outside world, and even Heavenly Dao. As a result, the original world of Lei Ze will gradually dry up and eventually become trapped alive. “”

“Does the Tianzu and the Qianyuan have such ability?”

The original realm of Lei Ze is an independent time and space opened up in Heavenly Dao. To isolate the original realm of Lei Ze from the chaotic people, it is easy to do with the strength of the immortal powerhouse.

However, if you want to completely isolate the original Zeiser and Heavenly Dao, it is not an easy task.

“The Tianzu and the Qianyuan people can’t do it, but it is entirely possible to combine the twelve races, together with other immortal powerhouses that have been handed over to the two races.”

Su Fang realized that the severity of the situation was far beyond his imagination, and felt like wind and rain, and the tremendous pressure made him almost suffocate.

Being deprived of all rights, even the original realm of Lei Ze was sealed, certainly affecting the future of the human race, but not to extermination of the human race.

If it is true, as the old Ancestor said, human race is really dangerous.

Isolated from Heavenly Dao, Spiritual Qi will eventually run out, and it will not be able to cultívation. In the end, the entire original world of Reze will become a wasteland.

Hail Old Ancestor looked towards Su Fang, apologized: “Su Fang, this Eminence is also helpless, I am sorry.”

“Senior don’t want to blame yourself, not to mention the place where the mountains are running out.” Su Fang smiled and said goodbye to the old Ancestor.

After releasing the original atmosphere of Reze, Sky Gate appeared in the air, Su Fang flashed into the interior of Sky Gate and returned to the original realm of Reze.

Bring Xuan Xin and Su Xuan Yun directly to the time and space of the elders such as Su Yaotian.

Su Yaotian, Xuan Yintian, Xuan Lingzi and other elders, all excited, and regarded Su Xuan Yun as a treasure, all around the Su Xuan Yun group.

“Tianzu, Zangyuan, you pressure me, how can I let you do it? Even if you are this day, my Su Fang will also reverse this day!”

Seeing that the family is happy, Su Fang’s thoughts of being stronger are becoming more determined.

Su Fang left time and space.

“Spirit Sir, please send me to the Tianshu!”

Then Su Fang asked the spirit to send him to the Tianshu people with the help of the original realm of Lei Ze.

It is not a difficult thing to find out that Luotian female is in the Tianshu nationality with the influence of the two great people.

Since the Tianzu and the Qianyuan people have shot on Xuanxin and their sons, they will certainly not let Luotian women.


Primal Chaos Abyss.

A sacred tree is rooted in chaos, opening up countless branches, and growing up a time and space.

On the periphery of Shenmu, there is a layer of green enchantment.

The inner space of Shenmu, the branches are full of countless leaves, each leaf is a side of the realm, living hundreds of millions of alien life.

“This is the sky tree of the Tianshu people?”

Su Fang saw such a spectacular sky tree, and my heart was shocked. I had to admire the magicality of chaos.

Then he carefully sensed again.

I found that the tree that propped up the whole time and space reveals the amazing Wood Element essence and life, and it also contains a strong eternal and immortal atmosphere.

This tree is actually a kind of spiritual object born in a chaos. It is more powerful than the ordinary Hongmeng Tianbao, but the main ability is not attack, but breeding and rejuvenation.

At the same time, Su Fang is also in the inner space of the tree, sensing the fate of the Luotian woman, and suddenly settled in her heart.

“The Tianshu people have such a kind of spiritual object, and the treasure tree mother has Hongmeng Tianbao. It is no wonder that the Tianshu people have no immortal powerhouse, and even the chaotic people do not dare to attack the Tianshu people.”

Su Fang was shocked and dispelled the idea of ​​entering the Tianshu people.

He and the treasure tree are purely transactions.

Any transaction is based on the strength of both parties.

In the past, Baoshu Shenmu tried to suppress him and handed him over to the Tianzu. Later, it was shocked by the strength exhibited by Su Fang, which changed his mind.

Now facing the pressure of the two great peoples of Tianzu and Qianyuan, even the immortal powerhouse will come out, and Baoshu will not be able to deal with Su Fang last time, Su Fang can’t decide.

Now entering the inner space of the tree, it is equal to walking right into a trap, once you start the battle with the treasure tree godmother, it will definitely be unfavorable to Su Fang.

“I hope that Baoshu God Mother will not do anything stupid…” Su Fang laughed inexplicably, then released a thought and flew to the celestial enchantment.

Just near the enchantment, a divine glow appears, and hundreds of wills emerge from the enchantment, transforming into the silhouette of the Tianshu cultívation.

A Tianshu cultívation person moved toward Su Fang thought of a coldly shouted: “Who is here, what is it to the Tianshu people?”

Su Fang thought to release the powerful will of the Taoist ultimate powerhouse, and made a sound of sorrow: “human race Su Fang, please come to see the mother of Baoshu.”

Under the oppression of Su Fang, those of the Tianshu cultívation were trembled, and some of the wills were directly broken.

“Su Fang ?!”

The head of a Tianshu powerhouse stunned towards towards Su Fang.

Then politely said: “You and later, let’s report to the mother of Sir.”

After half a musk time.

A divine glow flashed from the enchantment outside the tree, turned into the silhouette of the treasure tree, and then flashed to Su Fang.

Baoshu Shenmu asked indifferently: “Su Fang, you personally came to the Tianshu, what?”

Su Fang started talking: “Shenzhen Sir should know the purpose of my coming to the Tianshu people. Please send the goddess and take the girl back.”

Baoshu Shenmu said coldly: “The goddess is the discipline of this Eminence. Where is she going, naturally it is decided by this Eminence, how can she be handed over to you?”

Su Fang sinks in her heart and realizes that something is going wrong.

His eyes are like ice, and his tone becomes unkind: “Although the goddess is your disciples, it is my Taoist. I took her away, but the mother Sri did not, but what else? Hidden?”

The treasure tree godmother indifferently said: “Since you have understood, then this Eminence will also be straight to the point. The Tianzu and the Qianyuan immortal powerhouse personally pass the decree to this Eminence, to this Eminence will be the goddess, wait for the two races The powerhouse came to take her away. If this Eminence handed the goddess to you at this time, the Tianshu people would suffer the catastrophe.”

Su Fang coldly shouted: “The goddess is your discipline, do you give your discipline to the Tianzu and Qianyuan?”

Baoshu God Mother: “For the Tianshu people, there are only grievances.”

“hmph, you want to hand over the goddess to the two races, it depends on my Su Fang promised not to promise. Now you hand over the goddess, I am a owed to the Tianshu people, waiting for me to get all the inheritance of the original world of Lei Ze, will mine Sato handed it to you as a reward.”

“Lezeteng? That is the necessary thing for this Eminence to be promoted to immortality. This Eminence certainly wants to get it. However, even if you get the original eneritance of Reze, it merges away from the sealed original world of Reze? This Eminence even When I got Lei Zeto, the Tianshu people were also destroyed by the two great peoples. What’s the point? Su Fang, sorry, this Eminence can’t hand you the goddess, you go, this Eminence is not difficult for you!”

“Is it not difficult for me?” Su Fang smiled and then became aggressive. “If you don’t give up the goddess, I have to be a god tree!”


Baoshu Shenmu stared at Su Fang and smiled indifferently.

“Su Fang, this Eminence knows that you are extremely out of the ordinary, and even passed the starry road that has never been passed. However, you have to forget that this Eminence has Hongmeng Tianbao, and here is the Tianshu family, unless You are immortal powerhouse, otherwise you would like to stand in the hands of this Eminence to the slightest cheap. Leave quickly, otherwise this Eminence is not you!”

Baoshu Shenmu suddenly turned her face and a layer of murderous aura appeared on her face.

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