Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3311


An immortal powerhouse played a Profound Light and turned into a light curtain.

The scene that emerged from the light curtain is that Su Fang is killing the Yuan Dynasty on the Yuan Dynasty, and Su Fang later squandered the picture of the Yuanyuan boundary and the origin of the Yuan Dynasty.

Seeing the scene of Su Fang killing the ancestors like killing chickens, many immortal powerhouses are also shocked.

Then the 乾 乾 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 col col col col col col col col col col col col col col col col col col col col col col col col col col ”

Then came the twelve races, as well as other immortal powerhouses that had long been bought by the Qiang and Tianzu people, and they all clamored for Su Fang.

The final result, a total of eight hundred 73 immortal powerhouse, with 859 unanimous consent, deprived the Reze ancients of all rights in the Temple of Eternity.

No one raised objections.

Only the old Ancestor and the immortal from the starry sky, and some immortal powerhouses that have hatred with the Tianzu and the Qiang people, chose to abstain.

As a result, the Reze ancients lost all their rights in the Temple of Eternity, only to wait for the Golden Horn powerhouse to announce.

Of course, if the Golden Horns are vetoed by immortality, they can directly overturn the resolutions of many immortal powerhouses. This is the power of the three major Paragon Royal Family.

But how can the three Paragon Royal Family’s immortal powerhouse use their Supreme power for this small thing?

The overall situation has been fixed and no one can change it.

As a result, the immortal powerhouse of the Tianzu, the Qiang, and other races, although anticipated, were filled with joy, but they did not reveal any points.

In the dark, they are communicating, how to seal and even work together to break through the original realm of Lei Ze, and divide the inheritance of the Luze ancients.

The Golden Horns are immortal and say: “Since all of you have a resolution, this Eminence will be announced…”



A burst of the sound of the majestic Hong Zhong, very reverberating in the interior of the palace.

Many immortal powerhouses are startled.

The golden horns are immortal with a smile: “I don’t think that there will be cultívation at this time, ringing the Eternal Heaven clock, ready to 闯Eternal Heaven Road!”

“There has been a lot of epochs that have never been smashed by Eternal Heaven Road, but now there are people planning to smash Eternal Heaven Road, interesting!”

“From Eternal Heaven Road until now, no one has ever been able to finish Eternal Heaven Road. This time, which ethnic cultívation is not afraid of death, dare to marry Eternal Heaven Road?”

Many immortal powerhouses have been talking about it for a while.

The bell settled.

A calm voice reveals a very persistent voice and then sounds in the palace: “Reze ancient inheritance, human race cultivator Su Fang, want to 闯 Eternal Heaven Road, please the eternal temple to be immortal powerhouse permission!”

“Inheritance of the original world of Reze?!”

“It’s a coincidence. It’s just a matter of deciding on the ancient people of Reze. Now, what about the Reze ancient inheritance who wants to marry Eternal Heaven?”

“Is this coincidence, or is it intentional?”

Numerous immortal powerhouses are all in vain.

The Tianzhou, the Qiangyuan and the immortal powerhouse of the twelve races are not very good-looking.

Su Fang chose to 闯Eternal Heaven Road at this time, apparently deliberately challenging the Tianzu and Qianyuan people.

Are you not depriving the Reze ancients of everything in the Temple of Eternity?

I use my own strength to prove that even if I am deprived of all rights, I am able to enter the Eternal Temple and juxtapose with many immortal powerhouses.

Su Fang This is to challenge the Qianyuan and Tianzu people with their own actions.

“Su Fang is coming!”

Hail Old Ancestor 捋捋 white whiskers, a burst of hehe laugh.

“Su Fang has passed the Starry Way, and only him, it is possible to cross the Eternal Heaven Road!”

The starry sky that immortal powerhouse hehe smiles.

Su Fang passed through the eternal Wanfa Road and made the Stars cultivating a myriad of cultívation. This starry sky immortal powerhouse is also very appreciative of Su Fang, and even gave Su Fang a star birth.

The Golden Horn powerhouse stunned: “Some meanings… No matter what the success or failure, this resolution is meaningless. It is better to let the Reze ancient inheritance first smash Eternal Heaven Road. What are your opinions?”

The Golden Horn powerhouse said that naturally, no one dared to refute anything, and they all agreed.

Then the Golden Horns immortal and majestic: “Let the Reese ancient inheritance 闯Eternal Heaven Road, after the millennium, open Eternal Heaven Road!”

The majestic voice came out of the Temple of Eternity and echoed over the island of Tongtian Island.

“It is not too light to start the Eternal Heaven Road. You also need to join forces. You are a little prepared, and wait for the millennium to shoot!”

The golden horns immortal powerhouse daggers, the body is transformed into a golden glow disappearing from the futon.

“hmph, this child is really arrogant, thinking that Eternal Heaven Road is so good? If you die on Eternal Heaven, it will save you.” The seven ancestors of Tianzu gave a coldly snorted.

The original eternal temple opened the original intention of Eternal Heaven Road, in order to avoid those cultívation people without background, who were forced by the powerful forces to die, and gave them hope, while Eternal Heaven Road is also the cultívation ascending to the skies with a single A shortcut to leap.

The Tianzu and the Yuanyuan people bully a human race cultivator. Which immortal powerhouse is not known?

It is only because of the sentiments of the two great people and other ethnic immortal powerhouses that they are not willing to say that’s all.

Now Su Fang is preparing for the Eternal Heaven Road. No matter how successful or bad, it is a big blow to the reputation of the two great families. It is not surprising that the seven ancestors of Tianzu are so angry.

That the young people of the Yuan Dynasty also made a sneer: “The human race ants are looking for dead end, no wonder others.”

The starry sky of that immortal powerhouse suddenly said: “The human race cultivator smashed through the starry sky of my starry sky, not necessarily impossible to cross the Eternal Heaven road.”

The seven ancestors of the Tianzu people did not expect the starry sky to speak for Su Fang. They said with dissatisfaction: “The starry sky of the starry sky is out of the ordinary, but after all, it is not Eternal Heaven Road. The Galaxy is so optimistic that the human race If he died on Eternal Heaven, wouldn’t he be a smirk star?”

The starry sky is immortal and bearded, said with a laugh: “Why is this Eminence making a gamble with the Tianzu people? If the Su Fang fails, this Eminence is willing to come up with the ‘湮星星河’, if he finishes the Eternal Heaven Road The Tianzhou people lost to this Eminence a worthy Hongmeng Tianbao. How?”

An immortal powerhouse exclaimed: “The Star River? The Star River is immortal. It is the peerless treasure that you have refining countless eras. Even beyond the ordinary Hongmeng Tianbao, are you willing to take a bet?”

The starry family named Xinghe is immortal with a smile: “I wait for such a existence, all the treasures are outside the body, a district, what is it?”

“Isn’t it a Hongmeng Tianbao? This Eminence bet you!” Tianzu’s seven ancestors said very decisively.

“It seems that in the hands of this Eminence, there is another piece of Hongmeng Tianbao…” The Galaxy immortal hehe smiles.

The seven ancestors of the Tianzu also followed with said with a laugh: “The Star River is immortal, this Eminence thinks that you are more likely to lose a treasure.”

“Let’s wait and see. But this Eminence puts the words first. The gambling between you and me is just a moment. This Eminence has no other meaning. If this Eminence wins, don’t be resentful.”

“hmph, this Eminence is an immortal powerhouse, how can it be so small?”

Tongtian Island.

Su Fang sat on the top of the mountain and did not move.

That old man sleeping in front of the hut has woke up and looked at Su Fang with an interest.

“brat, I am going to squat on Eternal Heaven Road. You can still stay so calm, you can see that your confidence is not small.” Old man suddenly opened his mouth.

“Since I dare to come, I naturally have full confidence in the bottom.” Su Fang eyes opened the eyes, although very polite, the tone was very responsive.

This old man who guards Tongtian Island is also the idea of ​​an immortal powerhouse. Su Fang is naturally polite in front of him.

“Since Eternal Heaven Road was created, this Eminence has been here. There are a total of 5,836 cultivists, all of whom are ancestors and genius genius. When they first came, they also told you. It’s as confident as this, but in the end, it’s none of the Eternal Heaven Roads. And Eternal Heaven Road is no way back. Once you get in, you can’t quit, and the immortal powerhouse can’t save you.”

Su Fang said with confidence: “Whenever there is an exception, the immortal powerhouse has created the Eternal Heaven Road, which means that the cultívation under the immortality still has a chance to pass. As long as there is an opportunity, it may not be able to grasp it.”

Old man grabbed the messy beard and said: “This is the best thing, this Eminence is the one who appreciates you like this cultívation. This Eminence thought of this endless life in this island, is also boring, simply Tell you about this Eternal Heaven Road.”

“many thanks Sir !”

Su Fang was shocked and happy, and the spirit became awkward.

The avatar of this immortal powerhouse, since it was built on the island of Eternal Heaven after it was created, is definitely familiar to Eternal Heaven Road. It is a good thing to get some useful information from his mouth.

Time passes by.

It will take time for Eternal Heaven to open. During this period, Su Fang 闯Eternal Heaven Road has been spread to all ethnic groups.

For a long time, there was no cultívation who dared to marry Eternal Heaven Road, and the conflict between Su Fang and the Tianzu and Qiangyuan people also shocked the people, so Su Fang’s Eternal Heaven Road suddenly attracted the attention of the people. .

There are constantly powerhouses coming to Tongtian Island in various ways, almost all of them are giants of Primal Chaos Race.

The Tianzu, the Qianyuan and the top 12 races also rushed to Tongtian Island.

Gradually, the foreign exchange of Tongtian Island has gathered millions of cultívation people.

Not only to see the excitement, but also to observe the cultívation 闯Eternal Heaven Road, it is a big opportunity for any immortal cultívation.

Although there are many people, no one dares to step into Tongtian Island and can only stay in the periphery.

Unless it is 闯Eternal Heaven Road, once you step into Tongtian Island, no matter what race, even the three Paragon Royal Family, it will be directly suppressed.

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