Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3312

“What kind of race is human race? Is there such a powerful human race? Is there such a force on Eternal Heaven?”

“Human race is just the lowest race in chaos that’s all, I heard that it has been annihilated. I don’t know what this person got, it turned out to be so!”

“Low-ethnic cultívation, dare to marry Eternal Heaven Road?courting death that’s all !”

“I heard that this person has both the Yuan and the Tianzu people to dare to challenge, killing the two great people cultívation countless, and now ready to 闯Eternal Heaven Road, he is also a lunatic that’s all !”

“At least this person has the power to 闯Eternal Heaven Road, cultívation should be like this, even if it is dead, die on the way to climb Peak!”

Numerous powerhouses are talking.

Some people sneered at Su Fang’s behavior, and some people sneered at him and the human race.

There are also many cultívation who are of ordinary race and power, and they admire Su Fang.

Baoshu Shenmu also came to Tongtian Island, looked towards the peak of the mountain, Su Fang, a burst of gnashing teeth: “Hateful human race brat, this Eminence this time to see how you die!”

There are also many powerhouses from the Tianzu, the Qiang and the twelve races, and they are all gnashing teeth. I wish Su Fang died early on Eternal Heaven Road.

There are more than a hundred years to go from Eternal Heaven Road.


A silhouette suddenly flew out of the densely packed crowd and went straight to Tongtian Island.


The powerhouse from the Wanzu suddenly burst into amazement.

This person dared to embark on Tongtian Island, is it tired of life, want to find death?

The old man from the mountain is full of Xiao killing intent. The voice of the singer: “I am good at passing through the island, dead!”

The man shouted loudly: “And slow, you have to squat on Eternal Heaven Road!”

Su Fang heard the sound, and fixed his eyes, his eyebrows suddenly rose, and the eyelids under his eyebrows shot sharply intent.

It turns out that the cultívation who is preparing for the Eternal Heaven Road is not someone else, it is the corpse of the Ten Gods.


Absolutely unexpected.

After the defeat of Su Fang’s evil corpse and Su Fang, he was rescued by the immortal powerhouse.

I don’t think he will appear on Tongtian Island at this time, and he also wants to marry Eternal Heaven Road.

“Another one is not afraid of death… Come over!” old man’s lazy voice came.

“many thanks Sir !”

The ten-party god moved toward the mountain cup one fist in the other hand, then slowly flew to the top of the mountain.

Old man refers to the rusty bell hanging from the huts of the huts, saying to the ten-party god: “Use your thoughts, ring the Eternal Heaven clock, get the permission of the eternal temple to guard the powerhouse, and you are qualified to 闯Eternal Heaven Road “”

“Yes, Sir!”

The Ten Gods stared at the bell, and the thoughts gathered into nine rounds of bloody yang, as the Unending Nine Stars bombarded the bell.


The seemingly rusty bells sounded a majestic and loud voice, and they rushed into the depths of the stars, inciting all directions.

After a while.

A sigh of sound suddenly sounded in the mountains: “Who, why do you ring the Eternal Heaven?”

“The cult 麾 cult cultívation 者 方 神 , , , , , 闯 闯 闯 闯 闯 闯 闯 闯 闯 闯 闯 闯 闯 闯 cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult

“The sect of the Ten Commandments has claimed to be the cultívation of the Yuan dynasty?” Su Fang’s eyebrows, a clear understanding of the intention of the singer’s Eternal Heaven Road.

The sound of the sound is ringing again: “Quasi!”

“many thanks Sir !”

The ten gods and gods thank you.

The old man pointed at the side of Su Fang and said: “Sit and wait!”


The ten gods honestly sat down on the right side of Su Fang.

“Su Fang, you absolutely did not think that this Eminence will also 闯Eternal Heaven Road?” The voice of the Ten Gods sounded in Su Fang’s mind.

Su Fang responded indifferently: “I really didn’t think of it… I was worried, how to kill the Yuanyuan people and kill you. I didn’t expect you to take the initiative to come to Tongtian Island and prepare to go to Eternal Heaven Road to die. It seems that I don’t have to pay. The mind is going to kill you.”

“This Eminence, although not truly immortal, has immortal strength, and may not be able to cross the Eternal Heaven Road.” The ten gods revealed an evil smile. “This Eminence is defeated in your hands, it is a shameful shame, this time Take the Eternal Heaven Road and step on your feet!”

“The last time I was able to step you under your feet, this time is the same, you have been overtaken by me, and I am destined to be stepped on my feet forever.”

“Yes? According to this Eminence, in the Eternal Heaven Road, your role is limited, and the monsters of the worms and the spiders can’t be displayed, and the Emanence’s burial monument is unrestricted. This Eminence has such an advantage and will definitely crush you!”

The ten-party gods have a win-win situation, apparently before coming to Tongtian Island, the Yiyuan immortal powerhouse has already told him a lot of information on Eternal Heaven Road.

Su Fang is also well aware of the purpose of the sect of the Yuan dynasty.

This time, Su Fang will have a great influence on the reputation of the Yuan people regardless of success or failure.

The Qianyuan people are about to overwhelm Su Fang with the help of the Ten Gods. Even if they fail, they can save some reputation for the Yuan people.

In addition, the immortal mind of the Yuan Dynasty is very sinister.

Letting the deceased enemy of Su Fang, the surviving enemy of Su Fang, is to bring up the hatred of Su Fang and also exert tremendous pressure on Su Fang. As a result, Su Fang will be unstable and Eternal Heaven will fail. The possibility is even greater.

Dignified immortal powerhouse, in order to suppress Su Fang, even counted to such a fine point, can be described as mean, very ruthless to the extreme.

“The Yuan people tried to disturb my heart with the Ten Gods. I have an immortal heart and reach the height of being too forgotten. I will be disturbed by external forces. Just take this opportunity to kill the Ten Gods. Have a grudge!”

Su Fang made a sneer in his heart, and the heart returned to the state of the ancient well, sitting on the mountain, waiting for the opening of Eternal Heaven Road.

The Ten Gods also want to marry Eternal Heaven Road, and once again among the many cultívation people, they are screaming.

“When did the Yi Yuanzu have such a powerful person?”

“The Yuanyuan people sent the ten-party god Eternal Heaven Road, obviously against the human race cultivator, this time has a good show!”

“The two are half-step immortal, don’t know who wins and who wins?”

“No matter who wins or loses, it is impossible to take the entire Eternal Heaven Road and eventually die on Eternal Heaven Road.”

The Wanzu Powerhouse has a lot of arguments, speculating that Su Fang and the Ten Gods can go further on the Eternal Heaven road.

No one thought that the two could finish Eternal Heaven Road.

Under the immortality, no one can pass through Eternal Heaven Road. This is a recognized heavenly principle. No one can break it.

What the two are comparing is who can go further on the Eternal Heaven road.

Time passed.

For a hundred years, for Su Fang, a highly cultívation, it is just a matter of fingering.

“Eternal Heaven Road, open!”

A majestic sound like Heavenly Dao suddenly reverberated over the island of Tongtian Island.

Bang bang bang!

The stars over the island of Tongtian Island began to run, moving towards both sides, revealing a Void passage that leads to endless depth.

Then, in the starry sky, a grain of matter like a star sand appeared, gathered together, turned into a comet sand long river, vast, extending from the sky above Tongtian Island to the end of the sky.

At the end of the long river at the end of the star, there is a vaguely visible outline of a golden palace, the eternal temple that exists in the ethereal Heavenly Dao.

After a sudden surge in Xingsha, from the Changsha Shahe River, the step by step, a total of three thousand steps, constitute a heavenly road from Tongtian Island to the Eternal Temple.

“This is the Eternal Heaven Road!”

Su Fang looked towards the road, sparkling in the eyes, looking forward to the expectations, and incomparable attachment.

Su Fang knows in the exchange with the old man of the town of Tongtian Island that the step is a time and space.

It is not an ordinary time and space, but a time and space in which one side is condensed by the road.

One side of time and space is a cultivation avenue, three thousand steps, that is, three thousand avenues, in order to set foot on Peak, you must break 3,000 times and time.

Eternal Heaven Road has tested not only strength, but also the understanding and mastery of the avenue.

Only the cultívation of the top avenues of the Three Thousand Avenues, and mastering the true meaning of Supreme Great Dao, there is a glimmer of hope to break the 3,000-day time and space, complete the Eternal Heaven Road, and finally reach the Eternal Temple.

“Su Fang, this Eminence is going to step on your head this time and step on the top of the Peak!”

The Lord of the Ten Commandments made a long scream, and his body swelled up and flew into the Changsha Shahe River and set foot on the First Step.

Bang bang bang!

From the outside, it seems that Xingsha dances around the Ten Lords, sweeping away from his mightyness, and the prestige is incomparable.

The Lord of the Ten Commandments made a burst of laughter. Less than half a musk time, the surrounding sands were shattered and the figure was re-emerged.

“Su Fang, what are you still hesitating? This Eminence takes a step forward and looks at how you struggle and fall after the Eternal Heaven Road, hahaha…”

The evil laughter of the Ten Gods reverberated, and the figure flashed and flew into the second step.

Su Fang looked towards high altitude, unyielding in his eyes.

In the sky, there is a path of nothingness watching the Eternal Heaven Road, the immortal powerhouse of those eternal temples.

Su Fang did not put the Lord of the Ten Gods in his heart, and the provocation of the Ten Gods could not shake his heart.

He cares about those immortal powerhouses.

He wants to prove to the immortal powerhouse of the aloof and remote of the Eternal Temple, and the cultivating people of the Ten Thousands, that the forces of the Tianzu and the Qiang are not overwhelming him.

Heaven, can’t hold him down!

“Zhuyuan, Tianzu, and twelve races, you are trying to press me. This time I will use Eternal Heaven Road to tell you that if you want to press me, I will heaven defying!”

Su Fang’s body is full of domineering, and unparalleled attachment and unyielding, with heaven defying momentum.

“This child is really arrogant, dare to challenge!”

In the sky, the silhouette of the celestial ancestors of the Tianzu nationality sensed Su Fang’s unyielding and unspoken, and issued a coldly snorted.

“However, it is the sorrow that screams that’s all before death, why should it be true?” The Yuan dynasty sneered with immortality.


Su Fang stepped into the Xingsha range and stepped onto the First Step.

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