Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3314

Su Fang is getting slower and slower on Eternal Heaven, and the distance between the Lord and the Ten Lords is getting bigger and bigger.

“The human race cultivator doesn’t look good. It can be a miracle to reach the two thousand steps of Eternal Heaven Road!”

“How does the human race cultivator pass through the starry sky? Is the starry sky family name misplaced, or is he cheating?”

The Wan Cult cultívation outside Tongtian Island was disappointing to Su Fang’s performance, and some people even began to suspect that the starry sky of the starry sky was vain.

However, some of the eyesight out of the ordinary’s powerful ancestors, but how much see some clues, looked towards Su Fang’s eyes revealing dignity.

“Su Fang, there is a problem!”

The Ten Gods stepped on two thousand steps in one breath and looked back towards Su Fang, falling far below the hundred steps.

At this time, the ten gods also noticed anomalies.

After all is the former human race Gesta genius, although only the evil corpse, the eyesight is still very out of the ordinary, after some induction, Su Fang’s intentions were detected from Su Fang’s every move.

“I don’t think that Su Fang this child’s heart is so strong, this Eminence has repeatedly mocked and provocative, he is not fooled.”

The eyebrows of the Ten Lords are a volume.

“This time I smashed Eternal Heaven Road, not only to overwhelm Su Fang, but also to prove myself in front of the immortal powerhouse and the tens of thousands of cultívation in the Eternal Temple, so Eternal Heaven Road is the chance for my heaven defying to rise, overwhelming Su Fang. Want to…”

The Ten Gods calm down and no longer deliberately provoke Su Fang.

He is also an ambitious generation. Although he was rescued from Su Fang by the immortality of the Yuan, he would never be willing to become a slave of the Yi people.

Therefore, he would like to take advantage of this opportunity to smash Eternal Heaven Road, overwhelming Su Fang, and heaven defying in the eyes of the people.

Next, the speed of the Ten Commandments of God is also slowed down. Every time you pass through one side of the avenue, you must carefully plan out the flaws.

Su Fang saw the ten-party god slow down and a sneer in his heart.

The nine mysterious scriptures of his cultívation, although from the roots, are from the ten gods, but on the height of the cultivation realm, the ten gods are far worse.


At this time, the ten-party gods are only the evil bodies of the ten gods, and they are controlled by evil consciousness.

Su Fang not only cultívation to the 8-Layer, but also has an immortal heart and a powerful fleshly body, which is unmatched by the corpse of the Ten Gods.

Even if the sacred corpse of the sacred lord finds the most effective way to 闯Eternal Heaven Road, it is difficult to follow Su Fang, with its own Heavenly Dao as a guide, to integrate the avenue time and space, and then use the Space-Time Force to break the time and space.

“The Ten Gods Lord, this Eternal Heaven Road is your place of burial!”

Su Fang’s heart is rushing to killing intent.

If the Ten Gods cannot complete the Eternal Heaven Road, it means death.

The only thing that makes Su Fang regret is that he can’t kill the ten-party gods himself, the Xixuan Taozu and the human race that died in the hands of twelve races.

Su Fang broke the time and space of one side of the avenue, and crossed the step by step, always maintaining the previous speed.

Unconsciously, it has been nearly a hundred years.

Su Fang finally stepped onto the second thousand steps.

Although he seems to be somewhat languid, his eyes are very calm, and there is no slight joy or confusion.

The avenue is tough, only to maintain a calm Heart of Cultivator, to go forward, to embark on the highest Peak.

“The last thousand steps will become even harder, but… I am still sure to take the entire Eternal Heaven Road!”

Su Fang looked towards the end of the road, sneak a smile, urging to wear the blood of the king vine, after some swallows, continue to make strides.

“Across the two thousand steps, Su Fang’s speed is not diminished… It’s a peerless figure who has crossed the starry sky, out of the ordinary, big out of the ordinary!”

“The reason why he slowed down in the front is that he wants to accumulate!”

“If this person does not want Eternal Heaven Road, it will definitely be a peerless powerhouse in the future, and it is expected to be immortal!”

“Unfortunately, once you enter Eternal Heaven Road, there is no longer a way to go. Finally, the human race cultivator will still die on Eternal Heaven.”

Outside of Thongtian Island, there are no more cultívation people to ridicule.

Now everyone has seen the strength of Su Fang, no one is shocking, but no one thinks that Su Fang can cross Eternal Heaven Road.

Among the high altitudes, those eternal temples are also ignoring Su Fang.

An immortal sigh: “This human race cultivator can become a Reze ancient inheritance, not only by luck, but also out of the ordinary strength, no wonder to dare to offend the two great families of the Tianzu and the Qianyuan!”

“Eternal Heaven Road has been opened up, and there are many peerless people who can survive 2,000 steps, even reaching 2,900 99 steps, only one step away from the last Peak. In the end, not all of them are on the Eternal Heaven road? This human race cultivator is no more out of the ordinary, the final result is not a commandment?” An immortal sneer, this person is the rotation of the ancestors.

The starry sky of the Starry Sky retorted: “This Eminence thinks that it is expected to win a Hongmeng Tianbao.”

The seven ancestors of the Tianzu family said with a laugh: “This Eminence thinks that you are more likely to lose the secluded star river.”

Under the eyes of the Wan family powerhouse, Su Fang steadily and steadily, and finally caught up with the ten-party gods in more than 2,500 steps.

Although the two men are at the same step, they are not in the same time and space after they step on the steps.

As soon as Su Fang stepped up the steps, he immediately fell into a thick fog.

The whole time and space is full of fog, covering Su Fang’s induction, and a kind of Heavenly Dao that makes Su Fang completely lost.

“The branch of Water Element Avenue, the Avenue of the Mist!”

Su Fang is trapped in the fog and time, his body shape is still motionless, and it contains the power and will of Heavenly Dao. As the Qi of Primordial Chaos emerges from within the body, it penetrates into the whole fog and space.

At this time, Su Fang is like the chaos that contains and accommodates everything. It integrates and accommodates the entire avenue of fog and then controls it.

Half a day.

Su Fang’s fog in time and space suddenly boiled up, violently rolling, suddenly expanding and exploding, as if the fog was seen, the surrounding time and space was broken, and Su Fang’s figure once again appeared on the steps.

He was not in a hurry to step into the next step, but quietly held his hand.

After waiting for three hours, the Ten Lord God finally broke the time and space, revealing the figure from the steps.

Su Fang’s ridiculous voice came: “The Ten Gods, are you not going to step me under your feet? It seems that you are being stepped on by me!”

The ten gods uttered a coldly snorted, “Su Fang, you want to irritate this Eminence and disturb the heart of this Eminence. Do you think this Eminence will be easy for you?”

“You are definitely my defeated, why should I disturb your heart?” Su Fang sneered with a sneer. “I said, you are the stepping stone for me to step onto Peak, the only meaning you have at this time. It is the peerlessness that sets off my Su Fang!”

Su Fang showed a domineering smile and suddenly accelerated.

The time and space of one side of the avenue is broken, and the step by step is surpassed by Su Fang. It soon surpasses the ten-party gods and surpasses more than thirty steps in one breath, that is, more than thirty avenues.

Now the two are equal to completely changing the position, the height between the two, can be judged,

“The Ten Gods, I will be at the end of Eternal Heaven Road, watching how you die!”

Su Fang’s domineering voice echoed on the Eternal Heaven road and was introduced into the ears of the Ten Gods.

“Little ants, dare to humiliate this Eminence!”

The Ten Gods are also shocked and unexpected. Although he knows that Su Fang is deliberately angering him, the anger and frustration in his heart is hard to suppress.

After all the is the evil body of the demon gods, it is easy to lose his senses, and he does not have the immortal heart of Su Fang. At this time, Su Fang provoked and finally began to make a big mess.

Bang bang bang!

The Ten Commandments also no longer hide their strength and struggle to catch up with Su Fang.

However, the reality is so cruel. The ten-party gods not only failed to catch up with Su Fang, but the gap between them and Su Fang is getting bigger and bigger. After losing the previous calmness and rationality, the speed is getting slower and slower, and the consumption is getting more and more amazing. .

One side of the avenue time and space, was merged and controlled by Su Fang, and then she mobilized Space-Time Force to break the entire time and space.

Su Fang’s speed doesn’t look fast, but it’s amazing, there’s almost no pause in the middle, and it’s always at the same speed.

Eternal Heaven Road is also not a name for the waves, it has caused huge consumption to Su Fang, and it is still hurting.

Fortunately, Su Fang has the ability to restore the cultivation base and the fleshly body. It can use the essence of the alien powerhouse corpse, the medicine pill and the spiritual object, especially the nine-flowered Qiong Yudan of the Tianshu nationality. The damage of the cultivation base and the fleshly body can be recovered quickly, and although it cannot always maintain the Peak state, it can be kept within the acceptable range.

Two thousand six hundred.

Two thousand seven hundred.

Two thousand eight hundred.

Two thousand nine hundred.

Su Fang went all the way to 2,990 steps, only 10 steps away from the end of Eternal Heaven Road.


Outside the island of Tongtian, there was a burst of exclamation.

“Heaven defying, that human race cultívation is heaven defying!”

“There were many peerless figures on Eternal Heaven Road, but there were quite a few more than two thousand steps. However, there are very few who can really reach 2,900 steps. The human race cultivator can reach 2,990 steps. Even if it fails in the end, this person will be shocked by ancient and modern!”

No one is not shocked, no one does not exclaim.

Even the powerhouses from the Tianzu, the Qianyuan and the Twelve races closed their mouths at the moment.

Awe in powerhouse, this is the instinct of the cultívation.

The strength that Su Fang showed, the immortal powerhouse had to be amazed and had to be awed by him, even the enemy of Su Fang.

“I didn’t expect Su Fang to be so powerful that the Tianshu people actually offended him…” Baoshu Shenmu was also shocked and trembled, and immediately fortunately: “Eternal Heaven Road can’t be seen, Su Fang is no exception, he will eventually die on Eternal Heaven Road, otherwise the days of the Acquired tree will not be so good…”

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