Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3316

“Causal avenue time and space is different from any previous avenue. The method of destroying this time and space is also very different.”

“Each line of cause and effect is a slap of the cultívation, and only by breaking all the lines of cause and effect, we can get rid of all the shackles and rush out of the causal avenue.”

Su Fang saw the emptiness between herself and the surrounding phantoms and understood how to break this causal avenue.

“There are countless powerhouses with me, and even the immortal powerhouse, how come?”

Su Fang’s brows tightly knit.

In this life, people are influenced by all kinds of people, things, and things. With the tide, they sink into it unconsciously, and fate is left to all kinds of people and things.

Every causal line in Cao Cao’s time and space is implicated in a person or a thing or something.

A little touch, it is possible to trigger all kinds of possibilities, and then lead to a series of causes and consequences, it will lead yourself into one after another causal, difficult to break through the cause and effect.

By cutting off these lines, you are free from the cause and effect.

However, how difficult is it to break the cause and effect?

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This is not the biggest trouble.

The causal avenue of Eternal Heaven is time-spaced. Although it is an immortal powerhouse created by the Great Divine Ability, it is no different from reality and connected to the cause and effect of the tester.

Su Fang has countless lines of cause and effect, connected with all people, things, and things in reality.

Ordinary people, things, things, as long as the cultivation base is lower than Su Fang, and Su Fang can control, he can easily go.

However, the immortal powerhouse of the Qiangzu, the Tianzu and the twelve races, and the immortal existence of the rotation Yuanzu, how does Su Fang and their cause and effect go?

Once it fails, or those immortal powerhouses do a little bit of hands and feet, Su Fang will be backlash, trapped in this infinite cause and effect.

The failure on the Eternal Heaven road means degeneration.

Among the high-altitude, the immortality of the Qiang and the Tianzu, and the powerhouse such as the rotation of the Yuanzu, Su Fang, who overlooks the cause and effect avenue, are sneer in my heart.

“The cause and effect between the human race ants and this Eminence, see how he goes!”

“If he dares to force the cause and effect between this Eminence and him, this Eminence will cause him to suffer a causal backlash, so that he will remain entangled in causality!”

“The causal avenue of this 2,799 steps is time and space, that is the land of the human race ants!”

The eyes of these immortal powerhouses look through the time and space barriers, and the mind is surging with killing intent.

“Su Fang can’t cut off all the causes and effects, and it’s detached from all the hustle and bustle… I’m afraid to be trapped in the cause and effect avenue!”

Hail Old Ancestor began to get nervous.

The starry river of the starry sky is immortal, and it is not as confident and calm as before.

Those immortal powerhouses, some are waiting for the death of Su Fang, and only a few are worried about Su Fang.

There are also many immortal powerhouses, including the Golden Horn’s immortal powerhouse, which are full of curiosity. See how Su Fang breaks all the lines of cause and effect and breaks through the causal avenue.

I don’t know~

Inside the time and space of Causal Avenue, Su Fang, who was supposed to be entangled and even burnt, suddenly showed a light smile, flying with a strange look.

“There are so many lines of cause and effect, including the many immortal powerhouses of that many, and the chaotic upper-class people like the Qianyuan and Tianzhou, I can’t cut them all.”

“Since I am constantly, why should I go?”

“The cause and effect avenue comes from fate, affecting destiny. If my destiny is gone, it will also break the causal link with anyone and anything, and naturally there will be no embarrassment.”

“So, to break through the shackles of the cause and effect avenue, I don’t need to go!”

Su Fang cultívation Destiny, the celestial avenue, mastering the destiny, the true meaning of heaven, and the ability to cut off the fate.

The fate is cut off, and all causes and effects are not connected, and naturally there is no embarrassment.

“The fate of the law, cut off the fate!”

Su Fang was coldly shouted in her heart, and her thoughts moved.

A vain destiny power, from the with the body, slammed him and all the fate of reality, but also cut off all causes and effects.


A root cause and effect line, lost its awkward goal, and shattered from Su Fang.

The other end of the line of causality is a path of phantom, and it also becomes awkward, like a kite that is broken and generally wanders in time and space.

“I don’t think that the human race cultivator actually mastered the great Divine Ability of fate. Even more unexpectedly, he could use this way to directly avoid the embarrassment of the line of cause and effect.”

“cunning, this child is a cunning!”

“Cheat, in this way through the test of the cause and effect of time and space, is like cheating.”

Through the time and space barriers of many immortal powerhouses, I saw this scene, and all of them were unexpected and utterly endless.

The golden horns’s immortal laughter came out: “Interesting… This human race junior really has some meaning. Although it is suspected of every opportunity, it is also a wonderful method.”

“Cause is also difficult to drive me, Break for me! !”

Su Fang is the power of fate, condensing a knives of nothingness, moving toward Void.

Time and space were torn apart, and Su Fang’s figure was coming out of it.

At that moment, in a floating causal phantom, suddenly a line of causality, beyond the bondage of time and space, instantly fell on Su Fang’s body, entangled him.

The phantom that has a causal link with Su Fang is from the ancestors of the rotation.


Seeing that Su Fang is going through the key moments of the causal avenue time and space, the rotation of the ancestors suddenly inserted one hand and renewed the cause and effect between the two. Even if Su Fang cut off the fate, it is difficult to escape the bondage of the causal line.

“Rotating Yuanzu, you take my Master’s soul, master his reincarnation and don’t say it, now I am going to shoot at me, I want to put me to death… When I am promoted to immortality, I will definitely repay you ten times!”

Su Fang’s eyes burned with blazing flames, and the killing intent emerged.

Although her heart was full of anger, Su Fang had to deal with the crisis at hand.

“To deal with my Su Fang, you have to be prepared to pay the price!”

Su Fang suddenly turned his hand and grabbed a powerful Heavenly Dao, who was ruined by fate, and thundered from the palm of his hand, falling on the line of causality.


The line of cause and effect suddenly broke.

Su Fang got rid of the embarrassment, his body squatting, flashing from the crack that was about to heal, and appeared on the steps.

Then Su Fang opened his mouth and blew a blood, and the breath became languid at an alarming rate.

His hair and appearance began to grow old at a speed visible to the naked eye, and he turned into a fifties, and this stopped.

Su Fang’s life at this time is almost eternal, and the loss of life of this loss is still so amazing, showing that the loss is heavy.

The fate of the fate of the body, although the loss of Su Fang’s lifespan, but Su Fang’s current cultivation base, is still within the acceptable range.

Breaking the line of cause and effect, getting rid of cockroaches, will not let Su Fang lose so many lifespan.

Suddenly lost so many lifespans, because Su Fang not only cuts the cause and effect by the fate of life, but also kills the destiny of the supreme power, and follows the fate of the emptiness, giving the rotation of the ancestors with a very ruthless counterattack.

To erase the fate of an immortal powerhouse, can Su Fang consume less lifespan?

In the sky.

The rotation of the Yuanzu Road, with the illusion of the silhouette, suddenly burned, and instantly turned into ashes.

Then, the rotation of the ancestors was smashed out of nothingness with a silhouette of a condensed mind.

Looked towards Eternal Heaven Su Fang on the road, the turn of the Yuanzu cross-browed cold, issued a thunder: “human race 蝼 ants, you dare to hurt this Eminence! Even if you fall in Eternal Heaven Road, this Eminence also let You are immersed in reincarnation forever!”

The immortal powerhouse is the supreme being with Heavenly Dao, and Su Fang’s counterattack cannot erase the fate of an immortal powerhouse.

However, the rotation of the ancestor was still a little hurt, almost no impact on him.

However, for the immortal powerhouse of the rotation Yuanzu, it was hurt by a Taoist priest, as if he had hit his face in public, how can he not be angry?

The wrath of the immortal powerhouse, like the sky wrath, is a horror of the horror of Heavenly Dao Samsara.

Some immortal powerhouse can’t help but laugh.

Dignified immortal, shot against a Daozu, not only failed to succeed, but also counterattack, this time the face of the rotation of the ancestors was thrown away, it can be said that stealing chicken does not erode the rice.

“Rotating Yuanzu!”

A golden silhouette emerges from nothingness, indifferent towards the thoughts of the rotation of the ancestors.

The raging anger of the ancestors of the ancestors suddenly disappeared, respectfully the cup one fist in the other hand : “Sir !”

The Golden Horn powerhouse makes a dignified voice: “There is a test of the Eternal Heaven road. You know the crime? This time Eminence presided over the Eternal Temple resolution, but you openly shot and put this Eminence where?”

Eternal Heaven Road is a combination of all the immortal powerhouses, dedicated to those who have no influence, background cultívation.

And Su Fang 闯Eternal Heaven Road is the permission of this Golden Horn powerhouse.

The rotation of Yuanzu, but it was taken against Su Fang, who was testing the Eternal Heaven Road, naturally destroyed the rules of the Eternal Temple.

Even more terrible is that the rotation of the ancestor is still in front of the Golden Horn powerhouse, can he not be irritated?

After turning the Yuanzu, I realized that I had made a big mistake, and my body shape shook. I quickly said, “Because you know the sin, please Sir forgive!”

“When the human race cultivator ends Eternal Heaven Road, come back to liquidate you… oh, no matter how successful the human race cultivator is, you can’t escape the punishment!” The Golden Horn powerhouse is indifferently coldly snorted, and the figure is hidden in nothingness. in.

The rotation of the ancestors unexpectedly caused such a big trouble, his face was gloomy, and there was no longer the graceful powerhouse.

Hail Old Ancestor, the Milky Way immortal, and some immortal powerhouses with the turn of the ancestors, watching the rotation of the ancestors all take pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

Now the rotation of the Yuanzu is not only stealing the chickens, but the chickens are smashed, and then it must be extremely unlucky.

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