Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3318

“Hey, Su Fang is starting to counter the Great Dao of Yin-Yang time and space!”

“He has returned to the state of Peak, so he resumed speed and made sure defying!”

“It turns out that he has been in the Great Dao of Yin-Yang for so long, not being shackled, but recovering from delay!”

“I thought he was on the struggle at the torture at the door. I didn’t expect him to be in the momentum. The strength and morality of this child is extraordinary!”

Seeing the scene of Great Dao of Yin-Yang in time and space, all the immortal powerhouses were accidental.

Hail Old Ancestor with a whiskey said with a laugh: “It seems to underestimate Su Fang’s will and ability, this time he may be able to create a miracle!”

The starry river’s immortal spirit has become embarrassing. “This Eminence’s secluded star river not only saved, but also won a treasure, hahaha…”

The rotation of the ancestors and the seven ancestors of the Tianzu, the immortal and the others, are silent.

Great Dao of Yin-Yang In the time and space, Su Fang wants to integrate the whole time and space, and then use the yin and yang Force of Great Dao to break the whole time and space, it is not an easy task.

He will defend himself and immediately be stunned by the horrible power of the yin and yang big grindstone. The yin and yang Force of Heavenly Dao rushes into his fleshly body and the Daogong as a flood, and he will be smashed into ashes and turned into nothing.

There is also the amazing Heavenly Dao will, to wipe out his heart and soul together, and the smog is gone.


Su Fang issued a groan, opened his mouth and spit out a blood, his face showing painful color.

Bang bang bang!

Great Dao of Yin-Yang Powerful influx into the Dojo, causing a big shock in the palace.

Su Fang mobilized Qi of Primordial Chaos to cover and infiltrate the Force of Heavenly Dao that penetrated into the Dojo, and then quickly integrated and controlled it.

The horror Force of Heavenly Dao inside the fleshly body is also dissolved and merged by Su Fang into the Qi of Primordial Chaos and life energy inside the fleshly body.

As for Su Fang’s heart and soul, the Heavenly Dao attack is hard to shake.

Great Dao of Yin-Yang The power of time and space is amazing. Su Fang is now opening the fleshly body and the Taoist palace. He has not exerted defenses, and the pressure can be imagined.

The palace is in turmoil, sky and the earth turning upside down.

The interior of the fleshly body is also destroyed by layers, and it is in a state of serious injury. The strength of life is amazing.

“All the ancestors, give a life to the Lord!”

Su Fang conveys his mind to the powerhouse inside Xuan Huang’s body.

In order to smash Eternal Heaven Road, Su Fang puts all of his ancestors’ powerhouses in the interior of the Xuan Huang Fa.

On Eternal Heaven, although you can’t let your team play, you can borrow their strength of Life.

For those of them, Su Fang’s will no one dares to defy, and they have infiltrated the blood of life into the interior of Xuan Huang.

Then, with the help of the power of Xuan Huang Fa, the layers penetrated into the fleshly body of Su Fang and were merged by the fleshly body.

Suddenly, I got the life of more than 50 Taoist powerhouses. Su Fang was quickly becoming wilted, and when it was awkward, the fleshly body was quickly recovered.

Hold on for about three hours.

Su Fang’s fleshly body and the interior of the palace are all the yin and yang Force of Heavenly Dao, but there is more Su Fang’s breath.

Su Fang The whole person seems to be part of the Great Dao of Yin-Yang time and space. The Great Dao of Yin-Yang’s time and space attack on him has also begun to weaken rapidly.

Then Su Fang began to release the will, the breath, the energy, and the surrounding, infiltrating, and throughout the Great Dao of Yin-Yang time and space.

One percent.


30% …

About half a month later, Su Fang finally integrated the entire Great Dao of Yin-Yang time and space.

“Heavenly Dao is also difficult for me Su Fang, Great Dao of Yin-Yang time and space, Break for me! !”

Su Fang made a squeaking sound, like the general will of Heavenly Dao.

Hong long long !

Under Su Fang’s control, the yin and yang big grindstone began to run with his will, and finally broke the whole time and space.

Su Fang made a scream of joy and reappeared on the steps.

The second step, the nine hundred and ninety-eight steps, was passed by Su Fang, just two steps away from the end of Eternal Heaven Road.

Su Fang stands proudly above the steps, looked towards the high altitude, and his eyes are full of unremarkable colors. It seems to be challenging the Yuan, the Tianzu and the ancestors.

“lunatic !”

The rotation of the Yuanzu issued a coldly snorted.

The immortal powerhouse of the Qiang, Tian, ​​and other twelve races, expressions are not very good-looking.

The starry sky immortal powerhouse star river, moved towards the Tianzu seven ancestors smiled and said: “Have you been prepared to take out your Hongmen Tianbao?”

The seven ancestors of the Tianzu clan said: “There are two major time and space of destiny and Hongmeng, unless the human race cultivator can defi the heaven and change life, and he will not be able to come to an end.”

The Qianyuan youth also made a sneer: “The higher the climb, the worse it will fall. Let the human race be happy for a while, and it will die even worse.”


The silhouette of the golden horned immortal powerhouse emerged from nothingness. He saw Su Fang licking the Great Dao of Yin-Yang time and space, and at this time some could not sit still.

炯炯divine light in Su Fang, a golden horned immortal powerhouse started talking: “this child repaired the fate of the body, master the fate of the road, destiny avenue time is difficult to smash him, but he also has to pay a huge price, the last sacred Heavenly Dao is his most severe test, and this Eminence hopes that he will come to the end.”

Outside the island of Tongtian.

Seeing Su Fang actually killing the Great Dao of Yin-Yang time and space, the cultívation from the Wanzu people is not shocked, and countless people are screaming.

I thought that Su Fang would stop here. I wondered that Su Fang could break through the Great Dao of Yin-Yang time and space after eight years of silence. How can people not be surprised?

Looking at the Ten Commandments, he is still trapped in the time and space of Causal Avenue, and countless causal lines have completely engulfed him.

“That cult cultívation, that’s over!”

“This person is out of the ordinary, immortal, rare rivals, but this is Eternal Heaven Road…”

Everyone saw the ten gods who were shackled in the time and space of causal avenues, and they were sighing.

As for the immortality of the 乾 乾 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

There is only one piece in the district. It was originally intended to use him to overwhelm Su Fang, defeating Su Fang’s heart. Now it seems obviously impossible, and death will die.

Su Fang sat on the steps and quickly recovered with the help of Jiuhua Qiong Yudan.

Three days are fleeting.

“The next step is the time and space of Destiny Avenue. My destiny is dominated by me. Heavenly Dao is also difficult to stop me!”

Su Fang started from the steps and then stepped out, a kind of domineering in the past.

As soon as I entered the 2,900th 99 step, I immediately fell into a timeless and ethereal time and space.

The starry sand is full of sky, Su Fang’s surroundings, the sky and the foot, all are nothingness.

A grain of star sand gathers together to form a vast river, floating, faintly discernible, illusory, illusory, seemingly non-existent, like the river of destiny.

Su Fang is in the middle of fate. There is no past, no present, no future. The only thing that can be done is to float with fate.

Hua hua 哗~

In the sky above Su Fang, Xingsha continued to fly and sway, condensed into a path of vain fate chain, penetrated the comet sand, and fell on Su Fang’s body, smashing his fate.

Su Fang feels that every time he wraps around a chain of destiny, there will be a feeling of being unable to escape the fate of the fate, and the body is constantly moving toward the fate of the river.

He tried to struggle from the long river, but was heavily chained, and a destiny power from the surrounding world was forced to perish, forcing him to sink in the middle of the river.

“The destiny of man is already doomed from the beginning of his birth. The cultivation of the cultivator is to get rid of the fate of fate, break the shackles of fate, defy the heaven and change life, control his own destiny and change his future.”

“I have risen from the mortal world of the Pan Cang universe, all the way to heaven defying, stepping on the bones of strong enemies, and finally to the present-day Peak, changing my destiny again and again, but in fact my fate is still bound. Controlled by Heavenly Dao.”

“If you want to be immortal, you can live with Heavenly Dao, not only to forget the corpse, to surpass the limits of life, but most importantly, to get rid of the fate of destiny and to be detached from destiny.”

“Although the destiny is hard to change, the fate is hard to change, but I have cultivated the fruit, I have already gained the cultívation, and I have already proved the right position. In addition, I have cultivated the fate of the body and mastered the great Divine Ability. I want to break the time and space of this fate. It is not difficult.”

“Just like this, I will definitely consume a lot of lifespan, the last time of the Road of Eternal, the difficulty will multiply, maybe the final step will fall short.”

Su Fang is calm and watery, not rushing out of the long river of fate, but rising and falling with the long river.

Hua hua 哗~

The chain of fate fell on him, densely packed, layered, and his destiny was firmly fixed, but he was unaware.

Among the high-altitude, many immortal powerhouses saw Su Fang, who was ups and downs in the fate of the river, all accidental and confused.

The Golden Horn powerhouse suddenly said: “en? It is reasonable to say that the human race cultivator masters the Divine Ability of Destiny Avenue, getting rid of the fate, and rushing out of the destiny of time and space, it should not be difficult, why did he sink into it?”

The rotation of the Yuanzu issued a gloomy voice: “Maybe he knows that the destiny is hard to violate, and he is willing to surrender his destiny, to be willing to accept his life, and finally to perish…”

The words have not yet been lost.


Su Fang, who is in the midst of a long river of fate, has eyes opened and his mouth is slightly raised, drawing a faint smile.

“defy the heaven and change life, it will pay a price.”

“Since the destiny is hard to break, why should I go to the heaven defying? I don’t have to go defy the heaven and change life, because I Am Heaven, my destiny, I am naturally dominated by me!”

“It’s hard to live, I’m destined!”

Su Fang’s voice, like the voice of Heavenly Dao, reverberates in the time and space of Destiny Avenue.

One is the supreme will and domineeringness of my destiny, which broke out at this moment.

Then, his Heaven’s body of law, along with his destiny, collapsed layer by layer, scattered in the long river of fate.

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