Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3322

Su Fang responded coldly to the immortality of the barbarian: “If I don’t agree?”

“If you don’t agree… Hey, this Eminence will only join forces with the Tianzu and Qianyuan people. Sooner or later, they will break through the original realm of Lei Ze and divide all the inheritance of the Luze ancients. When you don’t get Rezegu. Family inheritance, even you and the human race can’t escape. How to choose, you can do it yourself!”

The barbaric sneer sneered with immortality and then sneaked away.

“The slave of the Reze ancients, in front of my inheritance of the future of the Reze ancients, dare to be so arrogant… to get the resources of the Reze ancient inheritance, and also become the fat in the eyes of many immortal powerhouses. But… my Su Fang is not a soft persimmon!”

Su Fang gave a sneer in his heart.

Then urging Hong Mengling.

In the Hongmeng order, a golden Profound Light broke out, and Su Fang was caught, disappearing from the eternal temple and disappearing without a trace.

When Su Fang appeared again, it had already arrived over Tongtian Island.

“Su Fang !”

A thought of the old Ancestor of the hail flashed into the silhouette of the white clothed old man.

“I can’t think of it, you actually finished the entire Eternal Heaven Road, even this Eminence has to admire you!” Hail Old Ancestor smiled and bowed his politeness.

Su Fang smiled: “many thanks Senior praises.”

Hail Old Ancestor followed the words: “You are now in the Temple of Eternity, even if it is an immortal powerhouse, you can’t help you, but you should not care, the Tianzu, the Yuanyuan and the turn of the Yuanzu will never It’s easy to give up.”

He is worried that the move of Xuan Xin and Su Xuanyun out of the Hail Sanctuary will cause Su Fang to create a barrier. This time it is specifically to make up for the relationship with Su Fang.

Su Fang casually smiled. “Not only is the rotation of the ancestors and the two great people, but also the immortal powerhouse of the Tai and the barbarians. It seems that they are not willing to give up.”

Hail Old Ancestor startled.

Then Su Fang will use the immortal powerhouse of Taihaotian and the savage barbarian to infect the old people of Lei Ze, and come to Hail Old Ancestor.

Hail Old Ancestor sighed with a brow: “This time is really a little troublesome.”

Su Fang sneered disdainfully: “No, I have a honour, and I can’t help me with immortal powerhouse. Who is my opponent under immortality?”

Hail Old Ancestor shook his head and said: “You are too small to look at the overall strength of the chaotic superiors, and underestimate their very ruthless means. If they want to deal with you, they will use all means to evade the heavens, and finally Strong strength to suppress you, as long as you are not promoted to immortality, and may even kill you.”

“I understand, many thanks Sir.”

Su Fang is in the heart and thanked the old Ancestor cup one fist in the other hand.

“Even the Taitian and the savage people are immortal in the idea of ​​playing the Reze ancients inheritance, I am afraid that there are not a few powerhouses with the same minds. In addition, the Reze ancients also have many strong enemies, it is estimated that they will be ready to move, you cut be careful.”

The old Ancestor hailed again, and then the thought turned into nothingness.

“It seems that Hong Meng has made this amulet far from enough… The spirit has said that the 8-Layer test of the original world of Lei Ze is the powerful card left by the Luze ancients, with the glory of the ancient people of Lei Ze. The left card must be extraordinary, enough to help me resolve any crisis… first return to the original world of Lei Ze!”

Su Fang stunned and left the sky above Tongtian Island.

The time and space around Tongtian Island was smashed, the Sky Gate of the original Leize could not come, and Su Fang could only leave the area of ​​Tongtian Island.

His body shape just appeared on the outskirts of Tongtian Island, and immediately caused a big sensation.

“That is human race Su Fang !”

“The first person to finish Eternal Heaven Road!”

“Su Fang is mighty!”

Countless Wan Chou cultívation screamed and yelled Su Fang’s name, looked at towards Su Fang’s eyes, with awe and incomparable fanaticism.

Su Fang smiled and spurred the original atmosphere of Lei Ze.


A silhouette comes from the air.

Unexpectedly, it was actually Baoshu Shenmu.

Su Fang Indifferent towards Baoshu Shenmu: “Bao Shu Shenmu, last time I plundered the innate talent of the tree, are you planning to seek revenge for me?”

Baoshu Shenmu showed a bitter smile: “You have just finished the Eternal Heaven Road. At this time, the famous people, this Eminence has a few courage to seek revenge for you? This Eminence is coming to pay for you!”

Su Fang is quite surprised: “What is the gift?”

Baoshu Shenmu grabbed a Profound Light, which has three medicine pills, which look similar to Jiuhuaqiong Yudan, but they have to be bigger and more breathable.

Su Fang senses the breath of medicine pill, raised his eyebrows: “This is…”

Baoshu Shenmu said: “This is the nine-flowered Qiong Yudan made from the Tianshu mother flower. It is ten times more powerful than the nine flowers Qiong Yudan that was given to you before. It is useful for the immortal powerhouse. It is a gift for you.”

Su Fang is also welcome, grab the medicine pill and inhale the body from the palm of your hand.

Then indifferently said: “that’s all, from the future, I have nothing to do with the Tianshu people, the previous things will not be pursued.”

Baoshu Shenmu suddenly sighed in relief.

Then I sighed in my heart: “When I knew this, why should I be at the beginning…”

As long as Su Fang no longer remembers the Tianshu people, Baoshu Shenmu is already satisfied, and Tiantianto does not dare to mention it for the time being.

Just as Su Fang communicated with Baoshu, the cultívation from the Wanzu was looking up at Su Fang.

Among the crowd, there was a lion-faced cultívation with blond hair, suddenly golden raised his eyebrows.

After a hesitation.

This lion face cultívation suddenly moved towards Su Fang and made a roar: “Su Fang, this Eminence 慑Spirit Race Lord screams, challenge you!”

The sound contains horrible power, the sound comes out, rising winds, scudding clouds, the space is shaking, inciting the soul, immediately shaking all directions.

The Wan Cong cultívation is silent.

Countless astounding eyes, shua shua fell on the lion cultívation.

Then there was a lot of discussion.

“Where is the Lord of Spirit Race crazy? I want to challenge Su Fang?”

“慑Spirit Race is not a chaotic race, there is no immortal powerhouse in the family, but it is still a great race among the nations. The lion of the Spirit Race is also a peerless powerhouse that is expected to enter the immortal, but to challenge Su Fang, but not enough!”

“The owner of the Spirit Race is afraid to be famous and want to be crazy. Su Fang has just finished the Eternal Heaven Road, and even has immortal strength, but what can he challenge?”

“However, I want to step on the head of someone’s Su Fang to name that’s all. If you have strength, why don’t you dare to go to Eternal Heaven?”

The tens of thousands of cultívation were horrified and scoffed at the challenge of the lion cultívation.

Su Fang casually smiled and looked down at the lioní cultívation. “I walked through Eternal Heaven Road, which I had never walked before. At this time, you are going to step on my head and come to fulfill yours.” Fame. Why do I have to promise you?”

The lion face cultívation is followed by a thunder: “human race cultivator, 慑Spirit Race is the slave of the Reze ancients, and you are the inheritor of the Reze ancients, in order to get rid of the enslavement of the Reze ancients, this Eminence is here to challenge you, not to make a name. If you are really a Reze ancient inheritance, you must fight this Eminence!”

“The slaves of the Reze ancients?”

Su Fang has a roll of eyebrows.

The Luze ancients had a lot of vassal races, but Su Fang didn’t know much.

Unexpectedly, he had just finished the Eternal Heaven Road, and there was a savage barbarian in the Temple of Eternity. Now there is another 慑Spirit Race jumping out.

But not surprising.

He used to be famous among the chaotic people, and he did not really get the inheritance of the Reze ancients. It is still not the inheritance of the Leize ancients. Naturally, it is not for the former slaves of the Reze ancients. know.

Now Su Fang is famous, and naturally they have jumped out.

“You are not my opponent. I have no interest in your challenge. And the Reze ancients have died for so many years. You have already regained your freedom in Spirit Race. The reason you want to challenge me is ridiculous, so you For other purposes, I will not promise you.”

Su Fang’s sharp eyes seem to be able to see through the heart of the lion cultívation.

The lion face cultívation is a tremble in the heart, a trembling, a bite: “Why, you dare?”

“Don’t you? Are you qualified to challenge me?”

Su Fang smiled and spurred the original source of the original image of Lei Ze, which was sealed inside the palace. A Dao Aura disappeared into nothingness.

The tens of thousands of cultívation people have been talking about it, and they are secretly laughing at the lioní cultívation overestimate one’s capabilities.

Hong long long !

After a thunderstorm, the thunder light condensed Sky Gate appeared over Su Fang.

Su Fang flashes into the Sky Gate and goes straight into the original realm of Reze.

Su Fang appears directly in the time and space of the original world of Reze, but not in the 6-Layer day, but in a strange space.

Among the vast and innocent spaces, there is a focus on time and space.

In one side of time and space, there is a side of material.

The mysterious world reveals the incomparable Spiritual Qi, and the ancient source of the atmosphere, Heavenly Dao Law is also more mysterious, deep, in the space and time, the ethereal Heavenly Dao seems to be within reach.

“Here is…the 7-Layer day of the original Reze?” Su Fang was amazed.

The silhouette of the spirits suddenly appeared, moved towards Su Fang. First of all, “Hi Fang’s completion of the Eternal Heaven Road means that the 7-Layer day is completed and the 7-Layer days can be easily entered.”

“That is, I can open Cave Mansion in the 7-Layer day, let all the Taoist and Taoist powerhouses enter the 7-Layer cultívation?”

The 6-Layer day’s cultívation environment is good, but for the Taozu powerhouse, it can only be barely inhabited.

After a long time, there is no benefit to promotion, and it is very difficult to create more ancestors.

The 7-Layer days and time, can make the Daozu powerhouse cultívation, and also means that more Taozu powerhouses can be cultivated in the future.

Said with a smile : “Su Fang is the young master of the original world of Lei Ze, now through the 7-Layer day test, naturally can control 7-Layer days.”

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