Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3323

Su Fang immediately passed the idea to the human race Taozu powerhouse, such as Dong Xuan Daozu, and moved them all to the 7-Layer day, letting them open the Cave Mansion on their own.

Sensing the 7-Layer day environment, all human race ancestors are delighted.

Those who are ready to use the Heavenly Dao Fruit to attack the ancestors, Su Fang also moved to the 7-Layer days, so the chances of being promoted to the ancestors will be even greater.

Then Su Fang released all the ancestors of the interior of the Xuan Huang Fa.

These ancestors were all the indigenous ancestors of Su Fang’s suppression. On the Eternal Heaven road, they gave a life to Su Fang, and at this time each and everyone was all languid.

Su Fang took out a large medicine pill, spiritual object, and gave it to these Taoist gurus, and then let them find the time and space in the 7-Layer day to open Dao Temple, cultívation to recover.

After setting up many Taoist powerhouses, Su Fang couldn’t wait to ask: “Spirit Sir, you said that the test of 8-Layer days will be a powerful boost. What is it?”

Heinghehehe smiled: “No hurry, no hurry, first cash the 7-Layer day test reward, and then say 8-Layer days is not too late.”

As soon as the reward was mentioned, Su Fang’s spirit suddenly became embarrassing.

The rewards for every 1st Layer Heaven in front are incredibly amazing, and the rewards obtained through the 7-Layer day test are definitely big out of the ordinary.

The starting of the bounds: “The Reze ancients were very strong in the past, where the Paragon battle flag went, the universal allegiance of the people. Such a strong race, naturally has countless vassal races, some of which become the Leze ancients Slave.”

Referring to the slaves of the Reze ancients, Su Fang immediately thought of the barbaric race, the Spirit Race, and asked: “Sir Ling, how many slaves were there before?”

“Not much, it is only a hundred races.”

“More than a hundred slaves? There are already quite a few.”

The spirit stunned Su Fang and said with domineering: “Do you think that the slaves of the Reze ancients are not enough? It is not the Reze ancients who have no ability to conquer more races, but the ordinary race, the Reze ancients. I don’t even look at it, I am not qualified to be a slave.”

After a pause, the spirit then said proudly: “There are more than a hundred slaves, or they are asking the Reze ancients to become slaves. The top of the Reze ancients are helpless. Seeing that they are loyal and the overall strength is good. This is reluctant to agree.”

More than a hundred races, seeking to become a slave to the Reze ancients?

The high-level leaders of the Ruze ancients also pick and choose, and barely accept these slaves?

Su Fang was stunned for a while, and the strength of the Reze ancients still far exceeded his imagination.

The spirit then went on to say: “This Eminence has also been touched by the original world of Reze. The Reze ancients have died in ruinless years. Many races have now died. There are not many races left, only 13 races remain. ”

“Thirteen races have been quite a lot. But after so many years, the slaves of the Reze ancients will certainly not continue to acknowledgment allegiance. I am the inheritor of the Reze ancients.”

“Su Fang’s Highness must be worried, those slaves still exist, their fate, blood veins have been slain by the Reze ancients, unless they reach the immortal height, it will be difficult to get rid of the slaves for generations. “”

Su Fang’s eyes became awkward: “Do you mean that if I get the Reze ancient inheritance, I can control these races?”

“Yes… this is the reward you have passed the 7-Layer day test of Reze.”

The spirit waved and grabbed a piece of Profound Light.

Among the Profound Light, there are more than a hundred bloody Mark Symbols.

Among the Scarlet Mark Symbols, the seal of the amazing blood and destiny of life, the breath is completely different, but they are extremely deep, high blood gas condensation, and the ethereal destiny.

However, some of these blood characters are gray, and some are blood red and red, and red is dripping.

“This is the blood of the slaves. If you combine these blood characters, you can use the blood to control the slaves. Any cultívation who has a slave blood vein has to 乖乖acknowledge allegiance.”

“Those gray-colored blood characters, which means that the slaves have died, no blood veins continue, and those bloody blood characters are very strong, and the clansmen are numerous.”

Su Fang sighed: “The ancient people of Reze were so overbearing in the past, in this way to control the slaves, they have to be enslaved by the Reze ancients for generations…”

At the same time, his heart was also afraid for a while.

If the human race continues to remain in the Jiu Xuan domain, it will either die in the long history or be like the slaves of the Reze ancients. It will eventually be conquered by powerful races and enslaved by powerful races for generations.

The spirits said: “This is what the slaves took the initiative to do in the past, and has little to do with the Reze ancients.”

“Now those slaves are afraid to repent…” Su Fang smiled and hid the blood in the palace.

With these blood characters, you can control those slaves, and the human race’s forces will skyrocket innumerable times. It is not difficult to rise up among the people.

The heritage of the ancient people of Reze is so strong, even if it is the endless years of dying, it still leaves the means to continue to control those slaves.

The spirit then reminded Su Fang: “His Highness Su Fang has not yet been promoted to immortality. It is not easy to control these slaves. The slaves will never be willing to continue to be enslaved by His Highness Su Fang.”

“I understand.”

Su Fang certainly understands.

Just entering the Temple of Eternity, the barbarian jumped out of immortality, not only wanting to get rid of the slaves, but also want to fight the things of the Reze ancients inheritance.

Once out of the Eternal Temple, there is another powerhouse to challenge the Spirit Race.

There are other races, and certainly not willing to be restrained by Su Fang. If you want to completely control those slaves, where would it be so easy?

Then Su Fang asked the barbarians and the Spirit Race.

The spirits shouted: “Is the savage and the Spirit Race dare to be so arrogant? Even if the savage is out of the immortal powerhouse, the savage is still a slave to the Reze ancients, unless it is the immortality of the savage, at no cost, to the supremacy Forbidden technique completely replaces blood veins for all clansmen and changes fate.”

“As for Spirit Race, there is no immortal powerhouse in the family, and there is no more waves. However, His Highness Su Fang is ready to accept the challenge of the owner of Spirit Race.”

In the words of the spirit, Su Fang suddenly burst into sorrow: “Do I have to accept the challenge of Spirit Race?”

“Yes. When the Reze ancients accepted these slaves, they made a very domineering decision. Once the slaves were acknowledgic allegiance, they must be slaves for generations. If they want to get rid of the Reze ancients, Unless someone from the slaves can defeat the Reze ancients to the powerhouse.”

“With the strong strength of the Reze ancients, which slave powerhouse can defeat the Reze ancients to the powerhouse? And no one dares to challenge. Now only Su Fang is the Reze ancient inheritance, if there are slaves The powerhouse challenge, and only you accept the challenge.”

Su Fang understands that while inheriting the inheritance of the Reze ancients, they must also assume everything from the Reze ancients.

However, with his strength at this time, there is absolutely no opponent under the immortality, and even the ordinary immortality is naturally not afraid of any challenge.

Su Fang continued: “The slaves don’t have to worry about him for a while. You said before, when you reach the 8-Layer day, you will get the powerful help from the Reze ancients. What is it?”

This is what Su Fang cares most.

The rotation of the Yuanzu, the Tianzu, the Qianyuan, and the immortal, the savage and the barbaric immortal, as well as the immortal powerhouse of the Reze ancient inheritance, will certainly not give up.

Su Fang is difficult to cope with so many powerhouses and forces even at the time of the Eternal Temple.

“As long as His Highness Su Fang passes the 8-Layer day test, apart from the three Paragon Royal Family, why are they afraid of other powerhouses and forces?”

The spirits smiled domineeringly.

“His Highness, Su Fang, come with me!”

Jieling let Su Fang strip a sense of consciousness and go to the deepest part of the 7-Layer day to enter an independent time and space where one side is heavily sealed.

Time and space is a small Cave Mansion with a strange chaotic substance.

Inside the Cave Mansion, float the color of Primal Chaos Profound Light, which is shrouded in a black secluded treasure.

The treasure shape is like a conch, black and faint, full of thunder, revealing the scent of Eternal Immortal and the amazing Heavenly Dao. It is a treasure.

Su Fang asked suddenly: “Spiritual Sir, what do you mean by the Leize ancients, is this Hongmeng Tianbao?”

“Not bad, but not all.”

The spirits smiled.

Then he suddenly asked: “His Royal Highness should know the three Paragon Royal Family?”

Su Fang said: “Know that some of the immortal powerhouses from the Golden Horn are the ones who presided over the immortal powerhouse resolution in the Eternal Temple.”

The spirit then asked: “His Highness Su Fang knows the three Paragon Royal Family, why can they override the race?”

Su Fang replied without hesitation: “Nature is because the overall strength of the three Paragon Royal Family is above the other races.”

“Not only because of the strength… the three Paragon Royal Family, the reason why they can surpass the people, not only because of the overall strength, but also because of the origins of the three Paragon Royal Family.”

Su Fang asked: “What is the origin of the three Paragon Royal Family?”

Jieling then screamed to Su Fang: “The three Paragon Royal Family are able to override the top of the family because their ancestors are Heavenly Dao will incarnation, the three Paragon Royal Family, in fact, Heavenly Dao will be the spokesperson in chaos.”

Su Fang startled : “Heavenly Dao will be the spokesperson of the will?!”

“The ethereal Heavenly Dao also has its own will. The ancestors of the three Paragon Royal Family represent Heavenly Dao, Heaven, Datian, and Heaven, the three Heavenly Dao wills, the Golden Horn, the first ancestor of His Royal Highness Su Fang. It is the incarnation of Heavenly Dao’s will.”

“originally is this way …”

Su Fang suddenly realized.

No wonder the three Paragon Royal Family can be above the top.

The three ancestors of the Paragon Royal Family are the incarnation of Heavenly Dao’s three wills. The clansmen of the three Paragon Royal Family are masters of the three Heavenly Dao wills. Who dares to fight against it?

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