Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3324

Su Fang thought about it and asked: “Is the Mo Fei Reze ancients related to the three Paragon Royal Family?”

The spirit of the singer said: “This is exactly the case… The reason why the Leize ancients could become the hegemon of the tens of thousands of people was also because the Leize ancients and the Tailei who were in charge of Heavenly Dao’s will have a source, Tailei It is the main vein, and the Leize ancients are the branches. Otherwise, the Leize ancients will dominate the chaotic people, how can the three Paragon Royal Family not be suppressed?”

Su Fang was amazed: “I don’t think that the Reze ancients would have such a big coming.”

The spirits sighed and sighed: “It’s a pity that the Reze ancients are immortal because they are too powerful and inflated. They want to open up time and space in the Heavenly Dao with the three Paragon Royal Family, so that the clansmen become the three major Paragon Royals. Family is so eternal, and the result is a punishment, and with the immortal powerhouse, the entire Reze ancients are all wiped out.”

Su Fang asked inexplicably: “Since the Leize ancients and the Tailei people have the same source, why did the Tailei not save when they were subjected to natural punishment? There is also Heavenly Dao incarnation, why Indifferent?”

The spirit of the circle: “Tai Lei is a descendant of Heavenly Dao incarnation, but it is not Heavenly Dao will incarnation, even if it wants to stop it can not stop. Heavenly Dao ruthless, let alone the Reze ancients, is too The Lei people are punished by nature, and the incarnation of the will will not come out to save.”

Su Fang smiled: “I think it’s too simple.”

Then he looked toward the piece of Hongmeng Tianbao and asked: “Is this Hongmeng Tianbao, related to the Taishi?”

“Not bad!”

The spirit of the next explanation.

On the occasion of the demise of the Ruze ancients, the immortality of the family knew that the Leize ancients could not escape the fate, so they requested assistance from the Tailei people.

The Tailei people even awakened Heavenly Dao to the will to kill the heavens, but it was still difficult to change the fate of the Leize ancients.

However, the Tiantian will once lowered the decree and gave the Reze ancients an opportunity to allow the Reze ancients to leave inheritance.

Su Fang suddenly understood that the shape of the conch-shaped Hongmeng Tianbao is the treasure that the will of the heavens will leave.

Jieling explained: “This treasure is called the snail, and it evokes this treasure. It can awaken a strong will to stay in the will and help the Reze ancients inheritance.”

The Reze ancients left inheritance in the original realm of Reze. In order to prevent inheritance from falling into the hands of mediocrity, it left the 9-Layer test in the original realm of Reze.

The descendants of the Ruze ancients are not so good. The 9th Layer Heaven test of the Reze ancients’ immortal powerhouse is not simple. The test of 1st Layer Heaven is simple.

Not to mention anything else, it is the Eternal Heaven Road, even if it is the genius genius, it is difficult to pass.

Su Fang’s eyes flashed in the ray of Zize: “As long as you can motivate this snail, you can wake up the will of the snail in the snail. When you don’t say it is the Tianzu and the Yuan, it’s the three Paragon. Royal Family can’t suppress me anymore.”

“You don’t have to be happy too soon.”

Bingling poured a cold water on Su Fang without any politeness.

“First of all, if you want to integrate and provoke the snails of the heavens, and awaken the will to destroy the heavens, it is not as easy as you think. Secondly, the snails can only be provoked once, and then they will be taken back by the will. At best, it is only to protect the Reze ancients inheritance. As for the future, it depends on your own efforts.”

“No problem, no matter how difficult, after all, it is just a treasure, I don’t believe that there is a treasure that I can’t integrate. As long as it can shock the Tianzhou, the Yuan and the immortal powerhouses that are greedy. In the chaos of the family, I will work hard to become an immortal powerhouse, leading the human race to expand in the Wanzu, and stand proudly in the forest of the people!”

Su Fang made a sigh of sorrow, and the domineering power of the hegemony was born at this moment.

The spirit tsk tsk praised: “Yes, you also have such a Heart of Cultivator, in order to reach such a height, complete the test of the original realm of Lei Ze. But the personal strength is limited, so the snail is your future. The greatest dependence of chaos. As long as you can spur the snails, the Tailei will also value you and support you. After all, the Leize ancients are the side branches of the Tailei, and you are the inheritance of the Leize ancients. ”

Su Fang looked towards the snail, and the heart is full of expectations.

Then he curiously asked: “What is the test of 9th Layer Heaven in the original world of Lei Ze?”

Heinghehehe smiled: “The test of 9th Layer Heaven has almost no difficulty for you, that is, it takes an endless period of time, and you will know by then that this Eminence is meaningless to you. You are still attentive. Combine the snails!”

I don’t think that the spirits have sold off.

Su Fang smiles and no longer asks.

This consciousness returns to this Venerable within the body, and it also inhales the snails into the interior of the palace.

“Next, we must go all out to integrate the snails…”

Through Eternal Heaven Road, Su Fang is the First Step to Chaos, and Su Fang is the biggest reliance of Su Fang to lead the human race. Therefore, Su Fang must go all out to integrate the snail.

Su Fang projects the force of the induction, covering every corner of the original 7-Layer day.

I saw Su Xunyun, the son of treasure hunt in the ridiculous Danger Land, along with a group of mercenaries in the 1st Layer Heaven.

I also saw the cultivator from 1st Layer Heaven to 7-Layer, the human race from the Pan Cang universe, the Su Fang universe, the great monster, and the human race of the Jiu Xuan Shen domain.

“Because the human race is weak, I don’t have any power, background, and shallow foundation. Even if I walked through the Eternal Heaven Road, the famous people, the Yuanzu, the Yuan, the Tianzu, and the Taiyuan. Still dare to despise me, even the slaves of the Reze ancients jumped out to challenge me.”

“Since there is no backer, then I will be the backer of the entire human race. I want my son, and the entire human race, to walk out of the original realm of Lei Ze in the future, and stand proudly among the people!”

Su Fang regains the power of induction and shows hegemony.

Next, Su Fang entered the pool of Shenyuan and began to merge with the snail.

Grab the snails from the palace.

After condensing the gods, look at the snails.

This Hongmeng Tianbao is entirely black and secluded, and is covered with a path of natural gods, like a naturally-generated conch.

The breath of the snails of the snails contains the ruin of Heavenly Dao, which makes Su Fang tremble, and reveals a dead silence.

The Heavenly Dao will incarnation left the Hongmeng Tianbao, of course, it should not be underestimated, and it is much more powerful than the longevity lamp and the Paragon battle flag.

“Beginning to merge…”

Su Fang stripped a drop of blood and floated to the snail.

Su Fang can’t help but feel a little nervous, her eyes are constantly magnifying, and heartbeat is jumping out of her throat.

The blood light shrouded the snail and quickly penetrated it, not excluding Su Fang’s blood.

I don’t know~

Although it is not repelled, this drop of blood penetrates into the snail, but it is like a throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea, disappearing without a trace, Su Fang has only a hint of faintly discernable.

“It seems that we need to integrate more snails and more blood…”

Su Fang condensed a dozen drops of blood and dripped it on the snail.

The snail is like a sponge, and the blood is inhaled in an instant.

What disappoints Su Fang is that there is still no movement, and some of the surface of the surface of the snail is still completely motionless, so that Su Fang’s consciousness can’t penetrate it.

No way, Su Fang only continued to strip the blood, zi zi to penetrate into the snail.

Su Fang has been consuming nearly one third of the blood, and some of the gods on the surface of the snails began to loosen, becoming a channel, and the thunder began to surge. Su Fang also had a feeling of fusion, and the consciousness penetrated into it and entered the interior space.

It is no wonder that the spirit of the spirit said that it is not easy to push the snails to annihilate the snails. It is only a matter of merging them, so that Su Fang has paid a huge amount of consumption.

Consumption is close to one third blood. If it is an ordinary ancestor, it is estimated that it has long since collapsed because of the loss of too much strength of Life.

Su Fang quickly swallowed a nine-flowered Qiong Yudan, and it is not the ordinary Jiuhua Qiong Yudan, but the three most powerful Jiuhua Qiong Yudan given by Baoshu Shenmu outside Tongtian Island.

When the blood of life is slightly restored, Su Fang continues to refining medicinal power and infiltrate the consciousness into the inner space of the snail.

The interior of the snail is the vast formation, the magic seal, and the gods intertwined into a vast World.

The entire interior space, revealing the devastating atmosphere of the monks, is a horror more than Su Fang’s great retreat. It is not an ordinary atmosphere, but from Heavenly Dao of Supreme.

And Su Fang also vaguely sensed that inside the snails, sleeping with a powerful will, Su Fang’s consciousness in the formation, also have guts feeling trepidation, as if facing the punishment.

Although the sleeping will is not a punishment, it is at the same height as the heavenly punishment, and it is also the supreme will of Supreme.

After a long time of integration, Su Fang began to condense into it, mastering the overall formation of the snail and the mysterious magic seal.

Only by thoroughly mastering the formation and the magic seal can we spur the snails and wake up the will to sleep in the snails.


a path of thought, it will start to break soon.

Those formations and magic seals contain Heavenly Dao’s most original source and the highest level of supremacy. Su Fang’s cultivation realm, which is the same height as immortality, can’t bear too much pressure and the thoughts are broken.

The spirits really don’t lie, it is not easy to integrate the snails. It is not easy to master the whole snail.

Su Fang estimates that at this rate, it is difficult to integrate all the forms and magic seals in ten eras.

Fortunately, here is the source pool, time has little meaning for Su Fang. The time of ten epochs can also be affordable for Su Fang, that is, the process of fusion is too painful. For Su Fang A tough test.

No way, Su Fang can only be honestly integrated.

At the same time, it is also constantly comprehend cultívation Jiu Xuan Wuji and various Divine Ability, and strive to be able to combine the three corpses as soon as possible, and then promote to immortality.

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