Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3325

Endless years are lost.

Su Fang integrated the snails in the source pool and completely forgot the loss of time.

Until this day.

Su Fang opened the eyes and grabbed a golden token. It was Hong Mengling.

From the Hongmeng order, a majestic voice came out: “Su Fang, the ancient hero of the Reze, is coming to the Temple of Eternity!”

Su Fang’s eyebrows are a volume, when a thought is about to enter the Hongmeng order.

Coming to a form inside the Hongmeng order, the formation released a gods, and the thoughts were rolled up and sent out, and the time was beyond the original world of Lei Ze.

The thought was sent to the interior of the Eternal Temple by Hong Meng, and turned into the silhouette of Su Fang.

Looking at it, the Eternal Temple is hollow, and only one white robe cultívation sits on the central futon.

The white robe cultívation is only seventeen years old and has a flawless face. The facial features, skin and hair are all beautiful and perfect. It is perfect.

The white robe cultívation is nothing but a fusion of Heavenly Dao and an immortal powerhouse that is a bit more powerful than the Golden Horn’s immortal powerhouse.

“See the Taishi Sir!”

Su Fang is politely cup one fist in the other hand.

The white robe cultivator is the Taishi from one of the three Paragon Royal Family.

The three Paragon Royal Family are derived from Heavenly Dao’s three wills incarnation, birth, destruction, and punishment. The ancestor of the Taishi is the Heavenly Dao incarnation.

White robe cultívation Decapitated: “You don’t have to be polite… because there are thirteen races, such as the Barbarian race, the Spirit Race, and so on, jointly appealing to the Eternal Temple, to challenge you, the Reze ancient inheritance, just to turn this Eminence turn This will call you.”

“The slaves of the Reze ancients, would you challenge me?” Su Fang startled, I don’t think that the slaves of the Reze ancients actually challenged.

“The Reze ancients promised that all the slaves can get rid of the blood veins and the fate, as long as they have the cultívation to defeat the Reze ancients to the powerhouse, thus getting rid of the slave control.”

“Other races, the Eternal Temple can’t be controlled, but those races with immortal powerhouses have to come forward to host this event because of the immortal powerhouse.”

The white robe cultívation explained.

Su Fang smiled. “If I don’t want to accept the challenge?”

The white robe cultívation stunned: “If you don’t accept the challenge, those races with immortal powerhouses will have a reason to deal with you, and Eternal Heaven is no longer restricted.”

Su Fang asked: “Is the immortal powerhouse in those slaves challenging me, and I must accept it?”

“The challenger’s cultivation base must be at the same height as you, so the immortal powerhouse must not be shot at you.”

Su Fang’s heart suddenly settled, as long as the immortal powerhouse does not shoot, which Taozu can come to him?

At the same time, Su Fang is full of doubts.

He walked through the Eternal Heaven Road, the Wan people shook, the Thirteen slaves were not unclear, but now they took the initiative to challenge. I really don’t know where they came from, and there must be no fear.

“Through what conspiracy he has, I crush it with great strength!” Su Fang showed a domineering smile.

Immediately and decisively said: “After the millennium, I accepted the challenge of the thirteen slaves on Tongtian Island. Whether it is the race of the immortal powerhouse or the race of the immortal powerhouse, I have all taken it!”

The white robe cultívation swears: “So great!”

Su Fang’s thought left the Eternal Temple and returned directly to the original Venerable within the body.

“Thirteen slaves dare to unite and challenge me. They must be reliant. Ten eight-nine are the provocations of the Tianzu and Qianyuan people…”

Su Fang is vigilant, but she has not taken the challenge of the Thirteen slaves too much.

For the millennium, there are nearly ten epochs in the source pool.

Su Fang estimated that by that time, the snails had been merged almost, even if there were any conspiracy of the Tianzu and Qianyuan people.

Next, Su Fang began to fully integrate the snails.

Time flies.

Su Fang constantly integrates the snails and masters the formation and magic seal.

One layer, two layers, 3-Layer, 5-Layer …

Su Fang has been merging the snails into 7-Layer.

Compared with Su Fang’s initial estimation, the more the formation and the magic seal are, the more difficult it is to consume.

Thousands of years have passed, and Su Fang has spent nearly a decade in the Shenyuan pool.

this day.

Su Fang eyes opened the eyes, it was time to agree to accept the thirteen slaves challenge.

“The long years of nearly ten eras have passed.”

Su Fang for a while, have guts like the feeling of being separated.

“Now is the way to integrate 8-Layer with the snails, and you have to continue!”

Su Fang’s bloody body flashes out of the fleshly body.

Not only the bloody body, the body of the gods, the body of the gods, the body of the body, but also the body of the body, but also all in the bloody body within the body.

Then let the spirits directly send the bloody body to Tongtian Island through the gods of the original realm of Lei Ze.

It turns out that Su Fang is going to accept the challenge of the Thirteen slaves directly, and his this Venerable is to remain in the pool of the source of the gods, and strive to integrate the snails as soon as possible.

Tongtian Island.

Thirteen interracial cultívation gather on top of a mountain.

The cultívation, all from the Barbarian, the Spirit Race and other former Reze Clan slaves, are all top Taoist powerhouses, gathered here to challenge Su Fang.

In addition to the Eternal Heaven Road, the usual cultívation is not allowed to step into the island of Tongtian.

However, Su Fang accepted the thirteen slave challenge, but the eternal temple came out, so the location of the challenge was placed on Tongtian Island.

Beyond Tongtian Island, there are more than 100,000 interracial people, from the Thirteen slaves cultívation, and many from other races.

This war is related to the future destiny of the thirteen slaves, and each of the thirteen slaves’ cultívation is nervous and excited.

waited for so long.

After a delay, Su Fang appeared, and the challengers of the 13 slaves on Tongtian Island began to scream.

“The millennium time has come, Su Fang has not seen it for a long time, is it because he is afraid to come?”

“Hmph, the eternal temple comes out, he dare not come?”

“As long as he dares to come to Tongtian Island, he must let him go without it!”

“When he was on Eternal Heaven Road, this Eminence was not present. This Eminence is going to have a look at this time. What human race cultivator is and what others are, and they are trying to dominate the fate of my family!”

Some of the challengers of the Thirteen slaves are talking and sneering at Su Fang.

Hearing the arguments of these powerhouses, the lion face cultívation gave a sneer full of disdain.

Immediately coldly shouted: “All shut up! Su Fang can finish Eternal Heaven Road, set a miracle that has never been seen in the ancient times, and tolerant Xiao Yan? If you despise Su Fang and confront him, you don’t know it. How to die!”

The challenges of the other thirteen slaves all closed their mouths, and some people were dissatisfied with the color, while others were embarrassed.

Hong long long !

Among the Voids outside Tongtian Island.

A thunderous roar, Sky Gate appeared, Su Fang bloody body flashed out of the Sky Gate.

“Su Fang is finally here!”

Many foreign cultívation people outside Tongtian Island had a commotion, a path of gaze looked towards towards Su Fang, and the eyes were full of taboos and awe.

The challengers of the Thirteen Slave on Tongtian Island were all nervous, and even the challengers who had just sneered at Su Fang were all like the enemy.


Su Fang’s figure flashed and teleported to the interior of Tongtian Island, appearing over the peak of the thirteen slave cultívation.

“It’s not Su Fang’s this Venerable, but a legal body!”

慑Spirit Race’s lion face cultívation divine light on Su Fang’s body, immediately seeing clues.

Immediately he was shouted in a deep voice: “Su Fang, since you promised to challenge, why did you only come to a legal body?”

Su Fang’s bloody body smiled casually. “To deal with these slaves, it is enough to rely on the body!”

Despising the powerhouse, the domineering of everything, is now alive.

Thirteen slave challengers didn’t expect Su Fang to be so angry that they didn’t put them in their eyes.

The people of the Ten Thousand Cultívations outside Tongtian Island also followed a burst of sorrow.

“It’s just that Su Fang who has finished Eternal Heaven Road is so domineering!”

“It’s too arrogant, Su Fang hasn’t reached the height of immortality, so she despised the thirteen strong, so arrogant!”

“Su Fang is too much of a sight, and this time it might be a big one!”

Many interracial cultívation people have been talking about it. Some people are convinced by Su Fang’s domineering. Some people think that Su Fang is too arrogant.

慑Spirit Race Lions powerhouse issued a coldly shouted: “Su Fang, whether you are fighting with the law or this Venerable, since accepting the challenge, you must fulfill your promise.”

Su Fang said: “Yes.”

The challenger of the thirteen slaves suddenly became awkward.

Su Fang walked through Eternal Heaven Road, famous for the family.

The big name is there, the powerhouses of these thirteen slaves have been hard-pressed before, but which one is not worried?

Now that Su Fang has only sent a lawsuit, they will have a chance.

A savage barbarian ancestor shouted: “Su Fang, if you are defeated, you must not only dismiss the slaves of my family, but also return all the resources of the ruling ancients to plunder my family!”

慑Spirit Race Lions Powerhouse also followed the opening: “When the Reze ancients enslaved me to Spirit Race, I don’t know how much resources and treasures to plunder my family. This time, if you are defeated, you should spit it out this Eminence!”

The other thirteen slave cultívation people also followed suit.

“Slavery you?”

Su Fang’s cold eyes passed over the thirteen powerhouses and sneered.

“When the Reze ancients were strong, you took the initiative to rely on the Luze ancients and cried and asked to become the slaves of the Leize ancients. Now that the Leize ancients have died, you not only betray the Reze ancients, but also bite a bite. , 妄图染 refers to the Reze ancients inheritance.”

“There are even some shameless races among you, so that Su Fang is blushing for you, and it is no wonder that you will become a slave to the Reze ancients.”

“I will give you the opportunity to challenge me with the 13 slaves, but I want to tell you that one day is a slave, the generation is a slave. You used to be the slave of the Reze ancients. Now and in the future, you will be me for generations. Su Fang’s slave!”

Su Fang’s overbearing and strong voice echoed over Tongtian Island.

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