Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3327

Su Fang’s bloody cold eyes swept away in the bloody powerhouse, and then said indifferently: “The bloody people are not as strong as the empty Wuzu, your strength is not as good as the sky, you are just sent to die. That’s all. If you choose to continue with acknowledgment allegiance to me now, I can spare you not to die, and I can promise that I will be kind to you bloody!”

The thirteen races will be the slaves of Su Fang in the future. Killing these challengers is tantamount to self-damage, so Su Fang gave the bloody cultívation a chance.

“Blood people can acknowledgment allegiance, but never acknowledgment allegiance. You low-level human race cultivator, you dare to despise this Eminence, this Eminence will make you pay a heavy price!”

The bloody powerhouse screamed, the incomparable blood gas surged in the body, and then a blood mist from the inside of the body, turned into a monster of eighteen blood dragons, face-faced, breathful evil , made a sharp whistle and killed Su Fang.

The bloody people are good at the bloody road, and the Divine Ability is displayed. It can transform the blood dragon, can engulf the blood and fineness of the cultívation, and the formidable power is unmatched.

“Idiot, what I am showing at this time is the body of the law, and where is the blood and fineness that makes you swallow? Jiuyang, burning the sky!”

Su Fang sneered with a sneer.

Su Fang released the thought of hundred thousand, quickly combined, arranged, and condensed into nine rounds of Shenyang, releasing the hot Xuanyang Shenwei.

Chi chi chi!

In the nine rounds of Shenyang, the light and heat of the monks broke out, and the flames of Crimson shrouded the bloody powerhouse. The amazing flames and the fires that gathered together were screaming and burning.

A loud voice screamed, the bloody Taoist ancestor was evaporated by the Divine Ability of Su Fang Xuanyang’s body, turned into ashes, and stepped into the footsteps of the empty Ukrainian challenger.

Another powerhouse was killed by Su Fang casually.

“who is the next?”

Su Fang looked through the cold, sly eyes and looked at the remaining ten challengers.

“Su Fang, you are so arrogant, this Eminence genius master challenges you!”

An interracial youth made a coldly shouted, and his body flashed into the interior of the fighting time.

“Sword of Destruction, hey!”

The young man from the ecstasy waved and grabbed a million thoughts and condensed into a huge black sword of the size of the hundred zhang. It revealed a kind of willfulness of Heavenly Dao, breaking the will of all lust, and reasoning, and slammed into Su Fang.

This kind of attack only targets the Taoist mind, and cuts off the eroticism of the cultívation, and shakes the heart of the cultívation, into the great pain of life and death.

“I have already reached the height of being too forgotten, but I am trying to break my lust, why not laugh?”

Su Fang is not moving, looked towards the eyes of the youth of the ecstasy is full of coldness.


A ruthless sword fell on Su Fang.

The scene that the ethics youth looked forward to did not appear. The great Divine Ability he relied on seemed to be useless to Su Fang.

“Impossible! Even if you are a legal person, you can’t ignore this Eminence’s sword of extinction!” The erotic youth looked at Su Fang incredulously.

“My height, is it that you can imagine this generation of ants?” Su Fang showed a domineering smile, and his body shape flashed, killing the young people in front of the lover.


The erotic youth once again applied Divine Ability, and the sword of ruthlessness was on Su Fang.

The result is exactly the same as before.

Su Fang was shot by a fist, and the heart broke out with the sound of Heavenly Dao, which was roaring in the heart of the drums. The slaughter rushed out like a tidal wave, killing the erotic youth.

The third challenger was once again crushed by Su Fang.

In addition to fighting time and space, the Tongtian Island guards shook their heads and sighed: “Su Fang is able to walk through Eternal Heaven Road, and it is an ordinary person? Even if it appears in the body of the law, it is not the thirteen races who can challenge. Know what these challengers think… challenge Su Fang? Isn’t this a self-seeking dead end?”

The remaining nine challenges are all silent, and everyone is shaking inside.

Outside of the island of Thongtian, the thirteen races and the cultívation from other races were all silent, and the heart oozing bursts of coldness.

The three powerhouses that challenged Su Fang in front of them are the top powerhouses among the Taoist ancestors, and master the peerless Divine Ability.

Now Su Fang is as easy to kill as a chicken, so many cultívation people realize that Su Fang is not something they can shake.

Fifteen immortal powerhouses in the sky above Tongtian Island, watching Su Fang crush the challenger indifferently, each and everyone are sneer.

Next, Su Fang killed five challengers in succession.

The strength of those challengers is amazing, but with the strength of Su Fang at this time, just the body can easily kill the challenger.

Above the peak of the island of Tongtian Island, there are only five challengers left.

Su Fang Overbearing, cold eyes looked towards Thirteen Slave Challenger, “Who is next?”

The five challengers are trembled. Look at me, I see you. Everyone is afraid and shrinking in their eyes.

At this time, the immortal voice of the barbarian came from outside the island of Tongtian: “Afraid of what, go, kill him!”

“Su Fang, are you arrogant enough? In this Eminence, see how far you can be!”

The powerhouse from the barbarians was forced to bite their teeth and flash into time and space.

In the eyes of Su Fang, this shows the color of dignity.

There are immortal powerhouses among the barbarians, and the overall strength is also the strongest among the thirteen races.

The innate talent of the barbarian is the defense. The Divine Ability is amazing. It is said to be difficult to break. It is designed to restrain some powerful attacks. Divine Ability

The savage barbarian powerhouse that came up to challenge is also a Taoist Peak, with the strength of 90% nine ancestors, not to be underestimated.

The barbarian powerhouse unleashes the thoughts, forming a mountain peak phantom in time and space.

The continuous mountain range releases the horrible gravity and oppressive force, and Su Fang is paralyzed.

The savage barbarian is good at defense, not to say that there is no ability to attack. On the contrary, the savage barbarian attack Divine Ability is equally amazing.

Bang bang bang!

One mountain after another, like a swell of waves, came to Su Fang and crushed Su Fang into a powder.

“敕天法法, deprived innate talent!”

Su Fang released the scorpion body and released the Heavenly Dao, which deprived the cultívation of the innate talent.

“This… This is how Divine Ability can deprive my innate talent…” The barbarian powerhouse suddenly discovered that his innate talent ability was escaping at an alarming rate and was swallowed up by the scorpion.

The mountains that surge in the tides are also blurred, and they are broken in layers.

“Kun Yushan, all the laws do not invade!”

A black and secluded Profound Light flew out from the barbarian powerhouse, and turned into a huge zhang-sized black mountain hovering over the top of the head, releasing the gods to condense into an enchantment.

That mountain peak Xuanbao is actually a Hongmeng Tianbao.

And it is still the kind of Hongmeng Tianbao that was born in the chaos of Innate, and Weineng is not under the longevity lamp.

The power of the mountain peak Xuanbao will insult the attack of the scorpion, and it will be difficult to pose any threat to the savage powerhouse.

“Su Fang, you have Hongmeng Tianbao, is this Eminence not? The barbarian is a big family with immortal existence, the power is strong, and you can imagine? This Eminence not only kills your body, but also makes the barbarian get rid of The slaves of the ancient people of Reze also need to take back everything that the Reze ancients had plundered the barbarians!”

The savage barbarian powerhouse has the protection of Hongmeng Tianbao, and immediately gives off a smug laugh, a breath from the with the body, and the integration of Hongmeng Tianbao Kunshan.

Bang bang bang!

His figure began to grow wildly, his muscles bulged rapidly, became hard and angular like a rock, and soon turned into a huge giant of thousand zhang, which looked like a mountain.

Then he strode out and killed Su Fang.

Every step taken will cause a loud bang, and the whole time of the fight will also be shaken.

“The immortality of the barbarian has given this person to Kun, and Su Fang has had trouble this time…” The Tongtian Island guardian, a white-browed volume, released his thoughts into the fight against time and space, and stabilized the enchantment. .

“It is very out of the ordinary Hongmeng Tianbao, but unfortunately you did not integrate it, but with the help of blood vein force to force it, the power that can be ignited is not even 10%, but also trying to kill My body?”

Su Fang had to retreat in the majestic powerhouse’s majestic and heavy imposing manner. However, he could not see the slightest panic in his eyes, but it was disdainful.


The purple body was released by Su Fang, and the spider also followed the inside of the palace.

The purple movement above the body of the purple movement rolled, and the purple dragon sent a Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering roar.

A superb power to control Xuanbao, shrouded Kunyu Mountain, making Nahong Meng Tianbao violently shake.

Although the purple body of the law can not directly control a Hongmeng Tianbao, it will suppress the power of Kunyu Mountain.

The savage barbarian powerhouse drove Kunshan Mountain to be somewhat reluctant. Under the power of the purple sports body, he suddenly felt that Hongmeng Tianbao had to be out of control.

The power of Kunshan Mountain was quickly suppressed, and the body of the barbarian powerhouse quickly began to shrink.

At this time, the spider began to squirt the silk thread, infiltrated into the vain air of the savage barbarian powerhouse, madly swallowed his air, and also brought him horrible robbery and bad luck, making his body from inside to outside. Start corruption.

His body defense is really amazing. It is said that it is a law that does not invade, but it is difficult to defend against the attack of air. The air transport is swallowed up by the students, and the body begins to decline rapidly under the attack of the spider.

Weng weng weng!

Under the control of Su Fang’s purple body, the savage barbarian powerhouse completely lost control of Kunshan Mountain. Kunshan Mountain was crazy and moved, moving towards Su Fang slowly moving.

Seeing that the barbarian powerhouse is about to be suppressed by Su Fang, Hongmeng Tianbao will also be plundered by Su Fang. Everyone outside the fighting time and space sees this scene, and all of them are shocked and exclaimed.

“The Su Fang has the ability to devour the cultívation’s airlift!”

“There is also a spider that can swallow a race of a race, one of the most evil lives in chaos!”

The cultívation outside Tongtian Island has no tremors.

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