Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3328

The Tianzu and the Yuanyuan people saw the purple body and the spider, and a hateful feeling could not help but rise from the bottom of my heart.

Su Fang is using the spider and the purple scorpion to devour the two races. This has grown to such a high level. How do the two immortal powerhouses hate?

The savage barbarian powerhouse Thunder’s general anger, from outside the island of Tongtian: “Su Fang, stop!”

Su Fang looked towards that the barbaric immortal powerhouse, sneered with a disdainful sneer: “You said let me stop, I will stop?”

The barbarian immortal swears: “Put this Eminence clansmen, this battle is a failure of the barbarian!”

“He said before that he was going to kill me. Now he is in my hands, but he wants to let him go. Where else will there be such a cheap thing? Don’t forget, this confrontation, life and death no matter!”

Su Fang gave a sneer and unknowingly killed the killer.


Purple Yun Tianlong on the top of the purple transport method made a roar, and began to madly devour the gas of the barbarian challenger.

In a two-pronged approach, the savage of the savage challenger was quickly swallowed up by the purple body and the spider.

Heavenly Dao, a terrible horror, and the horror of Godly Dao’s rejection and rejection, blessed the savage challenger.

His fleshly body began to decline and collapse, and less than ten breaths turned into a body with a rancid smell.

“Su Fang, you dare to face this Eminence face, kill this Eminence clansmen, this Eminence is going to kill you!” The savage barbarian is completely irritated, and the growl echoes like the Heavenly Dao in Tongtian Island.

When he was about to take the shot, the Tongtian Island guards said indifferently: “The savage barbarian is immortal. You are not even looking at this Eminence. Do you want to provoke this Eminence?”

The barbarian immortal sent out a coldly snorted, although he was full of anger, he had to suppress it, waved his volley and grabbed it, taking Kun Lushan’s life from the time and space of fighting.

Kunyu Mountain is his Hongmeng Tianbao, and Su Fang is also difficult to take it for himself.

The Tongtian Island guards did not stop it. Hongmeng Tianbao is also very important for the immortal powerhouse. The immortality of the barbarians is impossible to watch their own Hongmeng Tianbao in the hands of Su Fang.

Su Fang’s eyes shuttled to the enchantment and fell on the thirteen slaves on the mountain. “Is there still to die?”

At this time, Su Fang’s thirteen slave cultívation was challenged, leaving only four.

In addition to the lion’s face powerhouse at Spirit Race, the other three challengers trembled with helpless eyes looking towards the immortal powerhouse outside Tongtian Island.

The Tianzu and the Yuanyuan people have promised them beforehand. As long as they are willing to challenge Su Fang, they will try to kill Su Fang, and then they will try to get rid of their slaves and even promise to give them a A resource of the Reze ancient inheritance.

I don’t know~

The immortal powerhouse of the Tianzu, the Qianyuan and other forces, each and everyone held their hands, the expression was indifferent, and there was no meaning to save.

The challengers of the three thirteen slaves realized that they were pitted by the immortal powerhouse.

In the eyes of those immortal powerhouses, they are the pieces, which are taken out when they are used. When they are not used, they will be discarded directly without the slightest hesitation.

A challenger suddenly moved towards Su Fang cup one fist in the other hand, shouting loudly: “Let’s admit defeat, this fight gives up!”

“Put away?”

Su Fang smiled.

Then domineering said: “Light is not enough to admit defeat, this is not an ordinary exchange test, but a life-and-death relationship that affects the fate of a family. In addition to admit defeat, you have to swear, you and your race must continue acknowledgment allegiance to me, generation Be a slave!”

The challenger bite his teeth shouted: “You…Su Fang, you don’t want to be unbelievable!”

“I don’t want to be awkward?” Su Fang sneered with a sneer. “You were originally a slave to the Reze ancients. I got the inheritance of the Reze ancients. You naturally became my slave. And you are in the others. Provoking under the Lord, will I spare you?”

The challenger hesitated for a while.

Su Fang then said with a sneer: “You can’t acknowledge allegiance. Maybe, at most, I will kill you and then spend more hands and feet. Control the blood veins and fate of you and your clansmen with blood. When you don’t acknowledge Allegiance also has acknowledgment allegiance. If you now have allegiance, you can not only live, but I will also consider your position in the slaves.”

“In the 10,000th Yi people, willing to continue the acknowledgment allegiance Master, generations as slaves!” The cultívation also knows that the arm can not twist the thigh, moved towards Su Fang under the acknowledgment allegiance.

After the other two challengers hesitated, they also moved towards Su Fang.

“Do you still want to fight with me?”

Su Fang’s cold-eyed look looks towards that the only slave powerhouse without the acknowledgment allegiance, which is the lion face powerhouse from 慑Spirit Race.

“This Eminence Lions, in order to smash the future fate of Spirit Race, I would rather die with you!”

The lion’s face powerhouse made a roar, and with the murderous flames into the fighting time and space.

Su Fang stares at the lion face powerhouse and speaks indifferently: “You are only because of the benefits that the Tianzu and Qianyuan promised, so you want to betray the Reze ancients, but say what is for the future of Spirit Race. Ridiculous!”

The lion face powerhouse emits a thunderous sound: “The Reze ancients have long since died out. This Eminence has taken the 慑Spirit Race to other nobles, and it is also for the future of the whole family. You are just a human race cultivator, even if it has immortal strength. What qualifications are the masters of my family?”

Su Fang’s cold eyes seem to be able to see through the heart of the lion’s powerhouse: “Hey Spirit Race wants to get rid of being enslaved by other forces, I can understand. But you have colluded with my enemies, betrayed the old master, and also tried to divide the Reze ancients. Inheritance, can I accommodate you? You will only come out to challenge in the end, there must be any cards, come out, otherwise you will not have the opportunity to display.”

“You can finish Eternal Heaven Road. If you kill you, this Eminence will not only be able to get the benefits of Tianda, but also be famous. Su Fang, let’s die!”

The lion face powerhouse issues an angry roar.

In an instant!

The sound waves oscillate in time and space, and wherever they go, the time and space are broken.

In the shock of the sound wave, a respectable rare beast phantom quickly condensed, like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, revealing a horrible imposing manner of blowing Heaven and Earth, and rolling towards Su Fang.

Such a sonic attack on Divine Ability’s formidable power is amazing.

Not only that, but the sound wave actually contains the attacking power, and the sound of the griffin is introduced into Su Fang’s mind, and his soul is also violently shocked.

At the same time, the sound wave attacked Divine Ability, which also contained a horrible will attack, which made everything convinced, trembling in fear, and the heart collapsed.

“The strength is good, but unfortunately I want to compete with my Su Fang, but it is not enough!” Su Fang showed a domineering smile and waved the flag of Paragon.

Seeing that Su Fang’s soul and will are unaffected, the lion face powerhouse suddenly changes slightly.

Then see the Paragon battle flag, the divine light of the lion face powerhouse changes again, and the eyes are full of awe and fear.

Hua hua hua!

The battle flag waved over Su Fang, hunting and screaming, the horrible slaughter, and the war-torn atmosphere rushed out. When the time was over, the entire fighting time and space were covered, making the entire fighting time and space become a battlefield.

Shua shua Shua!

Countless phantoms, with the murderous aura from the Paragon battle flag, were killed with the rare beast phantom of the lion face powerhouse.

Although it is only a confrontation between two people, from the outside, it is like a two-nation army is killing, Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, murderous aura.

Less than half a musk time, the Paragon of the Paragon battle flag swept all the rare beast phantoms.

Paragon’s battle flag is Hongmeng Tianbao. It absorbs the “fighting intent” and killing of the powerhouse. It is also the Divine Ability of the Lions Powerhouse. Can it be based on equal terms?

“Su Fang, go to hell!”

The Lion Face Powerhouse suddenly grabbed a Mark Symbol and then spurred it.

In an instant!

A horrible reason and power that brought Heavenly Dao into an eternal quiescence broke out from the fragmented Mark Symbol, and the whole time and space fell into a state of quiescence.

A moment of eternal charm!

And it is not an instant eternal symbol created by the ordinary powerhouse, but the immortal powerhouse created by hand, equivalent to the full blow of the immortal powerhouse.

“A moment of eternal charm?!”

Su Fang’s pupil slammed, and realized that this was the conspiracy of the Tianzu.

In addition to fighting time and space, the Tongtian Island guardian white eyebrows a volume, issued a coldly snorted: “Tianzhou, this time some have passed!”

“That is the moment of the Tianzu people! I don’t think that the owner of the Spirit Race has such a powerful Mark Symbol, this battle is no suspense!”

“Su Fang, how can heaven defying, can you fight against the immortal powerhouse? See how he died this time!”

“As long as you beat Su Fang, even if it is just killing his body, my Spirit Race has since got rid of the slavery of the Reze ancients!”

The alien cultívation outside Tongtian Island, especially those who 慑Spirit Race cultívation, suddenly burst into excitement.

In the sky, the seven ancestors of the Tianzu people made a strange sneer: “This Mark, created by Eminence, see how you can solve it!”

In the time and space of the battle, Su Fang was stunned by the power of the eternal symbol, and everything fell into a state of quiescence.

The lion face powerhouse suddenly laughed proudly, and his body flashed. If the same Vicious Beast was killed in front of Su Fang, and then opened his mouth to reveal his teeth, he would make a fatal blow to Su Fang.

Where do you know~

In the face of life and death, Su Fang can not only see the slightest panic, despair, but also ridicule, just like watching someone who is dying.

The lion face powerhouse is in the heart.

At this moment, the fate of the lion face powerhouse suddenly burst into thunder.

It turned out that Su Fang was born.

The eternal symbol created by the seven ancestors of the Tianzu nationality is indeed extremely powerful. Even if Su Fang this Venerable is here, it is difficult to break the curtain of an immortal powerhouse by displaying the great retreat and great good fortune. The power of the eternal character.

However, the Divine Ability of Time Avenue is no longer powerful, nor can it be worthy of nothing.

Su Fang’s bloody body was shackled, but the fate of the law was quietly out, giving the lion face powerhouse a critical strike in times of crisis.

The fate of the lion face powerhouse began to burn, and the layers collapsed.

The fate was obliterated, his nothing ceased to exist, the fleshly body began to collapse, destroy, and the soul was turned into ashes.

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