Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3329

Not only was the lion cultívation being killed.

All traces of the lion face powerhouse have been erased by the power of destiny. In addition to those immortal powerhouses, the memories of the lion face powerhouse in the memory of everyone quickly began to become blurred and then completely forgotten.

The unrivalled divine ability that obliterates the destiny is overbearing!

The sacred method of killing the lion face powerhouse made Su Fang pay a lot of money.

Bloody body and other body, the breath has all become wilting.

Even Su Fang this Venerable, inside the original source pool of Lei Ze, suddenly opened a mouth and blew a blood. The two hairs quickly turned white and the appearance turned into a thirties.

Many alien cultívation people look at towards the fighting space, no one is not shocked, stunned, and immediately confused with the face, how can you not recall what happened just now.

Only the immortal powerhouse is unaffected, and there are very few powerful ancestors who have vaguely remembered some, and no one is shuddering at Su Fang’s peerless Divine Ability.

Su Fang flew out of time and space under the watchful eyes of awe.

Moved towards the Tongtian Island guardian cup one fist in the other hand : “Thirteen slave challenge is over, there is a work for Sir!”

“It doesn’t matter, that is, it has delayed the time of this Eminence sleeping…” The Tongtian Island guards waved their hands.

Then pass on to Su Fang: “This thirteen race challenge, although you won, but things will never be so simple, be careful of those immortal powerhouse …”

“many thanks Sir reminder!”

Su Fang moved towards the Tongtian Island Guardian, a cup one fist in the other hand, and then moved towards the outside of the island.

Appeared over the thirteen slaves.

Su Fang, like the same hegemony, issued a majestic voice: “You challenge the failure, which means that I will still be the slave of my Su Fang from now on. Now see the Lord, don’t you still?”

Many of the cultivating people of the Thirteen slaves, some gnashing teeth, looked at Su Fang angrily, and some people sighed unwillingly.

“See Master!”

The three slaves powerhouse, which has been acknowledgment allegiance Su Fang, came over from Tongtian Island and took the clansmen to kneel down Su Fang.

There are ten other races, but they all stand there, and there is no meaning of acknowledgment allegiance.

“So far, you still don’t want to acknowledge allegiance?”

Su Fang’s thoughts moved, and the bloody blood inside the bloody body also broke out at the same time.

The ten races that refused to acknowledge allegiance suddenly broke out from their vain destiny and from the body blood vein, forcing them to have the will of acknowledgment allegiance Su Fang, no one can defy, 乖乖Squat down to Su Fang.

These thirteen ethnic cultívation people are all high-level, giants of all ethnic groups.

At this time, acknowledgment allegiance Su Fang means that Su Fang successfully conquered all the slaves of the Reze ancients.

These thirteen slaves are all powerful races and even surpass the twelve races that invaded the human race World.

With these slaves, the overall power of Su Fang and human race has skyrocketed.

However, in order to truly control these slaves, it is necessary to use a variety of means, and it is not a short time to control the 13 slaves.

The savage barbarian shouted angrily: “Su Fang, do you dare to face this Eminence, so humiliating this Eminence clansmen?”


Su Fang smiled.

Immediately, he said: “They are my slaves, why should they humiliate? I Su Fang has always been a man, I respect a man, they are contending for the traitor, they take my own Reze ancient inheritance I want to be polite with them?”

The savage barbarian burned in immortal anger: “You are so arrogant, do you really think that this Eminence is afraid to shoot you?”

“I don’t want to be suppressed by Eternal Heaven. You are shooting to me. You are also an immortal powerhouse. I have already given you a face, so I have to take it for myself!” Su Fang gave a sneer, now with The savage barbarian completely tears his face, and naturally he doesn’t have to be polite.

The barbarian immortalized a while of gnashing teeth, but did not dare to shoot Su Fang, simply do not look at it, turned into a divine glow into the void.


More than a dozen cultívation people suddenly angered from the crowd.

“This Eminence is not an acknowledgment allegiance human race!”

“Human race ants, also want to enslave this Eminence, dream!”

Then the dozens of cultívation figures flashed and teleported out of the crowd.


Su Fang absolutely did not expect that there were even 13 nudist cultívation people who were not controlled by blood.

Immediately, he understood that the thirteen slave cultívians who escaped were not controlled by the blood, and there was an immortal powerhouse for them to defy the heaven and change life, change the blood vein, and the blood characters lost their effect.

“If you let me escape from my eyelids, isn’t it a joke?” Su Fang gave a sneer.

The powerful slaughter will burst into a void.

The cultívation of the thirteen slaves had already been teleported, but Su Fang followed their breath, and under the impact of the slaughter will, they rolled out of nothingness.

“Spell with him!”

More than a dozen slave cultívation, screaming, moved towards Su Fang to kill.

“Follow me, are you qualified?”

Su Fang’s slaughter will break out again.

The dozens of slave cultívation are all ordinary ancestors, and how to block Su Fang’s slaughter will?

Immediately, the heart is broken and the soul is obliterated.

Where do you know~

There is a female cultivator with a genius, and I don’t know what the protective heart is. If I am swaying, I will be fine again. I will teleport again.


Su Fang has a roll of eyebrows and an accident.


A Shenwei will use the female cultivator, followed by Su Fang to condense Slaughtering Qi’s sword qi, which will be killed.

Weng weng weng!

The fate of the law is slightly trembling, and naturally a huge sense of crisis emerges.

At the same time, from the breath of the actor’s female cultivator, it senses a very familiar destiny, which is from the immortality of the 乾 乾.

Lightning Spark room.

The fate of the law has been carried out hundreds of millions of times.

“It turned out that this is the real conspiracy of the Yuan people!”

Su Fang’s decree was deduced, and he understood the cause and effect.

Then Su Fang flashed a rush of very ruthless, slaughter sword qi broke out, the soul of the female cultivator was wiped out, and all the vitality of the fleshly body was wiped out.


From the air, the angry roar of the 乾元族: “Su Fang, you dare to kill this Eminence acolyte, this Eminence is not with you!”


The 乾元族 is immortal with raging anger, appearing in front of the slayed female cultivator.

With a wave of hands, I will take a fetus from the female cultivator within the body.

Unexpectedly, the in the the body of the emaciator female cultivator, still gave birth to a fetus.

The 乾元族 immortal look toward towards Su Fang, a burst of gnashing teeth: “Su Fang, you know who you killed?”

Su Fang’s eyes are calm, indifferently said: “I don’t know.”

The 乾 族 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不After killing the descendants of this Eminence, can this Eminence spare you?”

Many cultívation people are in awe.

Unexpectedly, the succulent female cultivator, which was killed by Su Fang, would be an immortal acolyte of the sect, and still pregnant with his child.

Shua shua Shua!

More than a dozen immortal powerhouses broke through, and the Tongtian Island guards also teleported.

Induction of the fetus’s breath, Tongtian Island guardian white eyebrows: “It’s really your bloodblood!”

Immediately understand, looked towards Su Fang, said: “Su Fang, you this time is too much trouble.”

Su Fang casually smiled.

Obviously, the Yuan dynasty immortally intentionally mixed the acolyte among the cultivating cultívation, and then took the opportunity to escape, the purpose is to let Su Fang kill it.

Su Fang killed the aunts of the immortal powerhouse and the children who have not yet been born. This hatred is an indescribable death.

The Qiang people also had an excuse to propose a resolution in the Temple of Eternity to deprive Su Fang of his rights and identity in the Temple of Eternity.

In this way, the Qianyuan people can also unscrupulously attack the Su Fang without worrying about Eternal Heaven.

The previous thirteen slave challenge was nothing but a scorpion. This is the fatal trap for Su Fang.

In order to deal with Su Fang, at the expense of an acolyte and bone blood, the 乾 族 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不

The seven ancestors of the Tianzu family looked towards Su Fang, the eyes are taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune: “human race 蝼 ants, the last time you walked through Eternal Heaven Road, you escaped, this Eminence see you this time How to escape this robber!”

The ancestors of the ancestors looked at the immortal, the murderous aura said: “So great hatred, irreconcilable until death. When suppressing this human race ants, attacking the original world of Reze, this Eminence is willing to help you.”

The 乾元族 immortal gaze at Su Fang, “Su Fang, see you in the Temple of Eternity!”

“There will be a period later!”

Su Fang was lightly laughed, and immortalized the dagger to Tongtian Island, then teleported out to the Void away from Tongtian Island.

Immediately after the appearance of the Ray Gate original Sky Gate, Su Fang entered the Sky Gate and disappeared with the Sky Gate disappear without a trace.

“This brat is about to come to a big disaster. Why is it so fearless?” The Tongtian Island guards saw Su Fang as if nothing had happened. He was so confused that he couldn’t understand why Su Fang had no fear, shook his head and returned to Tongtian Island to continue sleeping. .

“Many thanks Rotate Sir… If you don’t help, with the strength of this Eminence, how can this female cultivator be pregnant with the blood of this Eminence?” The Yuan dynasty immortalized the Yuan ancestors to pass the mind.

The rotation of the ancestors gave a full of sneer: “Show the reincarnation road forbidden technique, let the woman bear your bones, although it is difficult, this Eminence also took some time, but can kill the human race ants, pay this The point cost is also worthwhile.”

The higher the level of life, the more difficult it is to breed offspring.

The immortal powerhouse is the existence of Supreme, and the chances of giving birth to future generations are lower. This is also the limit of Heavenly Dao’s immortal powerhouse.

The rotation of the ancestor mastered the reincarnation of the true avenue, the display of the regenerative road Divine Ability, let the erotic female cultivator bear the immortal child of the 乾 Yuan, but also cost a lot.

And that child can’t live at all, and it won’t take long to die.

Two immortal powerhouses in order to deal with Su Fang, can be described as a painstaking effort.

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