Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3330

“You are immortal, Su Fang kills this Eminence acolyte, bone blood, this Eminence wants to go to the eternal temple, draw the eternal temple to make a resolution, and ask you to help me.”

乾元族 immortal moved towards other immortal powerhouse cup one fist in the other hand.

Immediately became murderous aura: “Wait for all the rights of Su Fang in the Temple of Eternity, when this Eminence will invite the present to attack the original realm of Reze, not only the seal, but also the original realm of Lei Ze. Sharing the Reze ancients inheritance.”

“So good opportunity, how can this Eminence be missed?”

The seven ancestors of the Tianzu family licked their beards and laughed happily.

Other immortal powerhouses also laughed, and their eyes were greedy.

At their moment, in their eyes, Su Fang and Lei Ze’s original world have become the fat that they can divide.


Su Fang Bloody body returns to the original world of Lei Ze, enters the source pool, and merges with this Venerable.

“This time, simply solve all the grievances.”

Su Fang looked towards the snails in front of the body, and the eyes screamed at the murderous aura, giving a sneer.

When killing the emamour female cultivator, the celestial body has already been deduced to everything. The immortal conspiracy of the sect of the sect is also clear.

Since the immortal powerhouse, such as the Qianyuan, Tianzu, and Yuanzu, repeatedly suppressed, even want to kill Su Fang and divide the original inheritance of Lei Ze, Su Fang simply took the opportunity to connect him with many immortal powerhouses. The grudges are completely solved.

He had no power and strength before, but now he has the greatest reliance.

Kill the snail!

Next, Su Fang continued to precipitate in the Shenyuan pool, constantly blending the internal formation and magic seal of the snail.

Less than ten years.

Weng weng weng!

Within the body There was a movement.

Grabbing Hong Mengling, there is a voice that reveals the supremacy and majesty: “Su Fang, come to the Temple of Eternity, there is something necessary to vote for all the eternal temples, the immortal powerhouse, must not be absent!”


Su Fang laughed, finally came.

Then he condensed a thought and left the original realm of Lei Ze through the sect of Meng, and went directly into the inner space of the Eternal Temple.

Imagine the incarnation and sit down on my own futon.

The interior of the Eternal Temple has come a lot of immortal powerhouses.

Many immortal look toward towards Su Fang, some people shook their heads and sighed, others took a ride in other people’s misfortune, and obviously knew what was going to be voted this time.

“Su Fang, how can you kill the aunts of the immortal powerhouse of the Yiyuan people, even the children who have not yet come to the world are killed?” The thought of the old Ancestor of the hail also entered the Temple of Eternity and saw Su. Fang, immediately passed on the mind.

“Someone wants to do everything possible to get rid of me that’s all.” Su Fang responded.

“This time it was a big problem, killing the immortal powerhouse acolytes, especially killing the bones of others. This is a deadly enemy. Even if the three Royal Family come out, it is difficult to resolve this matter.”

“No problem, I have my own countermeasures. If you want to do it at the time, you should not care about me.”

“You are careful, oh…”

Just finished the conversation with the old Ancestor.

The starry river of the starry sky is also immortal and conveys the mind: “Su Fang, why don’t you know how to forbear, and after the promotion is immortal, it is not too late to fight with the Qiang people. This time can cause great trouble!”

The Galaxy immortality applauded Su Fang, and by Su Fang also won a Hongmeng Tianbao, this time Su Fang caused a big disaster, seeing Su Fang can not escape bad luck, this is kindly asked Su Fang.

“Many thanks Sir is bothering, and now I can only take a step and see.”

“brat, take care of yourself, this Eminence can’t help you.”

Then, the sound of the killing intent filled with killing intent sounded in Su Fang’s mind: “Human race ants, now know the afraid right?? The ants should have the duty of the ants, hoping the heaven defying, the final result can only be Being crushed into powder!”

Su Fang said indifferently: “When I am promoted to immortality, you will be my first immortal height of the slave!”

The savage barbarian sneered with sneer: “lunatic, things have been so far, you dare to be so arrogant, and so on to break the original realm of Lei Ze, this Eminence will cramp your skin!”

Waited for about half an hour.

The Eternal Temple is immortal to the powerhouse.

A purple thunder light flashed and appeared on the golden futon in the central position, quickly becoming a purple age person.

This person’s thick eyebrows and big eyes is not only a purple robe, but even the hair and the eyelids are purple. The horrible Heavenly Dao hides the rhyme in the emptiness. When you look at him, there is a horror of Heavenly Dao destruction. The illusion is produced.

This person is from the three major Paragon Royal Family’s too Thunder Clan, this time the eternal temple deliberation, it is up to him to host.


Tailei immortal started talking, although the sound is not big, but like the destruction of the thunder in the minds of everyone.

The vast eternal temple was quiet when it was time.

The Tailei people are immortal: “This time the gathering of the eternal temples is the eternal death of the Yiyuan people to the eternal temple, saying that Su Fang killed his acolytes and bones, so he proposed to deprive Su Fang of the Eternal Temple. All qualifications. Su Fang, can you have something to say?”

Su Fang indifferently said: “I have nothing to say.”

Su Fang’s reply made many immortal powerhouses an accident.

They thought that Su Fang would try to argue hard, but he didn’t expect him to agree so.

The immortality of the Yuan Dynasty was also intended to wait for Su Fang to argue, and then he took out the hammer and humiliated Su Fang, which made him disappointed.

“The 乾 族 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不

The Tailei immortality surprised Su Fang with a glance, then waved his hand and signaled the vote to begin.

The young people of the Yuan Dynasty first made a sound: “The attendant of this Eminence was so hard that he was born with Su Fang, so lunatic, if it is severely punished, sooner or later, he will even rebel against the three Royal Family!”

Then his eyes flashed with overbearing luster, said solemnly: “Please also give this Eminence a fairness to you, condemn this Eminence, this Eminence and the Yiyuan people will remember this person. If it is against this Eminence proposal… This Eminence and the Yiyuan people will also be remembered!”

He even threatened a lot of immortality in the Temple of Eternity, what a arrogance is arrogance, what a hegemony!

The rotation of the ancestors followed the murderous aura. “Su Fang 嚣Zhang Kuang 妄, by the Eternal Heaven, sheltered, arrogant, killing the immortal powerhouse acolyte, cut off the blood, so lunatic, not only to deprive all rights, but also to Repression, cramps and souls!”

The seven ancestors of the Tianzu people also followed the voice: “this child, this kill, this Eminence and the Tianzu people are all immortal, unanimously appreciative!”

“take right!”


“The kill!”

The immortality of the Qiang nationality has long been prepared in advance, and has contacted many immortal powerhouses.

There are immortal powerhouses opening up, and even some immortal proposals not only to deprive Su Fang of all the rights in the Temple of Eternity, but also to suppress it.

Soon, all the immortal powerhouses were all voted.

Except for the immortality of the enemies of the Suiyuan people, the immortality of the old Ancestor and the starry sky, the other immortal all agreed to the immortal proposal of the Yuan.

Throughout the process, Su Fang looked at the cold eyes and did not say a word.

Tailei powerhouse looked towards Su Fang, said indifferently: “Su Fang, what else can you say?”

Su Fang casually said: “There is nothing to say.”

Although he walked through Eternal Heaven Road, he was in the Temple of Eternal, Megatron, but he was not immortal after all. In the eyes of many immortal powerhouses and forces, he was also a cultívation with unlimited potential.

Potential is potential and does not represent strength.

The most important reason, Su Fang came from a human race, without any backstage background.

How can a cultívation who has potential but no power fights the superiors?

The weak are prey to the strong, the mortal World is the same, the cultívation’s World is also true, especially in these immortal powerhouses that share the same with Heavenly Dao.

Su Fang, of course, understands that it is too lazy to argue about anything, and everything must be solved by strength.

Tailei powerhouse looked towards Su Fang, a volume of eyebrows, solemnly asked: “Do you know what will happen?”

as a result of?

The Eternal Temple also has no right to decide Su Fang’s life and death, only to deprive Su Fang of the right in the Eternal Temple.

However, once Su Fang’s rights are deprived, they will no longer be sheltered by Eternal Heaven. Then, the immortal powerhouse, such as the Yuan and Zion, will be able to unscrupulously give him an unscrupulous powerhouse.

Su Fang Even if they are hiding in the original realm of Lei Ze, the two great people combined with other immortal powerhouses, they can seal the original border of Lei Ze, and may even break the seal of the original Lei Ze, completely killing Su Fang and human race.

How can Su Fang be confused?

Su Fang stood up and looked away from the many immortal powerhouses, revealing a smile: “The truth of the matter, you are well aware, I do not explain what Su Fang, as for the consequences, I Su Fang As for the immortal powerhouse, this time I Su Fang can not care, but… If any of you appear outside the original realm of Reze, what will happen, please bear it.”

“impudent !”


There was a loud anger in the Temple of Eternity.

“Sir, my words are finished, please ruling.” Su Fang slowly sat down, closed his eyes, and looked like a light wind.

Tailei immortal powerhouse dashing eyebrows a volume, hesitated for a while, but did not say anything.

Although the Tailei people have the same source as the Leize ancients, but now the Leize ancients have died out, Su Fang is only the inheritance of the Leize ancients. He naturally cannot go to Su Fang and cancel many immortal powerhouses. Resolution passed.

“Since all of you have made a resolution, this Eminence announces that depriving human race cultivator Su Fang of all rights in the Temple of Eternity will take effect immediately!”

The sound of the Tailei immortal powerhouse reverberates in the Temple of Eternity.

A divine power descended from the Temple of Eternity and made a roll on Su Fang.

The illusion of this thought, when I felt the loss of the sense of contact with Hong Mengling, the heavens in the midst of the refuge were also gone.

The Eternal Temple represents the will of the immortal powerhouse of the Chaos, and the decision of the Eternal Temple directly deprives Su Fang of all his rights, and Hong Meng naturally loses its usefulness.

“Su Fang, now see how you are arrogant! This Eminence wants you to fall into the reincarnation, letting you experience the pain of never being overborn!”

When the rotation of the ancestors made a scream, Divine Ability was used, and with Su Fang’s thought, Su Fang fell into the reincarnation.

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