Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3331

The Temple of Eternity has just made a decision to deprive Su Fang of all the rights in the Temple of Eternity, and the rotation of the ancestors can’t wait to shoot Su Fang.

Although Su Fang entered the Eternal Temple, it was only a thought. However, the rotation of the Yuanzu mastered the reincarnation avenue, and it was entirely possible to use Su Fang’s thought to make him fall into a land of eternal annihilation.

The Tianzu, the Qiang and the savage are immortal, look at it all with a cold eye, just wait to see Su Fang bad luck.

Where do you know~

“I am in the middle of Reze’s original world…”

Su Fang echoed in the eternal temple with a cold voice. This thought was with the body and suddenly there was a destiny power, and the body snorted and burned.

In a flash, Su Fang’s thoughts turned into nothing, and even a trace of fate never left.

It turned out that Su Fang’s thought entered the Temple of Eternity and never thought about leaving.

Therefore, he sealed the energy seed that had been condensed by a destiny power in advance. When the eternal temple resolution was certain, he began to self-immolate, and the calculation of the rotation of the Yuanzu was lost.

The rotation of the ancestors was not unexpected, and then screamed: “hmph, this time let you escape, wait for this Eminence to kill the original realm of Lei Ze, when you will not be able to die!”

“This child is deceitful and has been prepared for a long time.”

Other immortal powerhouses waiting to watch the show are also an accident.

“This resolution is over now, let it go…”

The Tailei powerhouse’s cold-eyed gaze is on the body of the rotating Yuanzu. The rotation of the Yuanzu in front of him faces Su Fang, apparently making him extremely unhappy.

However, he did not blame the rotation of the ancestors, waved his hand, collapsed, and turned into a divine glow.

When the Tailei powerhouse left the Eternal Temple, other immortal powerhouses began to leave.

The immortal family immortalized an immortal powerhouse with a close relationship with the Qiang people. “You are immortal. This Eminence invites you to go to the original realm of Lei Ze, and to attack the original realm of Lei Ze. The natural enlightenment of the Reze is naturally indispensable. One.”

Many immortal powerhouses invited, some with the slightest hesitation promised down, and some are hesitant.

The original realm of Lei Ze is the world that the Leize ancients opened up in the Heavenly Dao. It is very difficult to seal it, not to mention breaking the original realm of Lei Ze.

Then the Reze ancients after all is the chaotic overlord of Megatron, what is the richness of the underlying, how can you not leave a strong card?

Su Fang was so calm in the Temple of Eternity that many immortal powerhouses had to be jealous.

Therefore, attacking the original realm of Reze, these immortal powerhouses have to be carefully considered.

In the end, I received the immortal invitation of the Qiang people, together with the immortal powerhouse of the Yuan Dynasty, a total of fifty-six immortal.

The rotation of the Yuanzu, the savage barbarian immortality, and the twelve ethnic immortal powerhouses that once invaded the human race World are among them.

“There are so many immortal powerhouses that are enough to break through the original realm of Reze, the inheritance of the Reze ancients, and disappoint this Eminence…” The eternal life of the 乾 族 不 不 不 婪 婪 婪 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不.

Others promised to attack the original powerhouse of the original world of Reze, each and everyone eyes, the heart is also full of expectations.

Lei Zeyuan.

Su Fang’s thoughts in the Temple of Eternity are devastating, and this Venerable eyes in the source pool are opened.

Casually smile, and then convey the idea to the spirit: “Spirit Sir!”

The spirits condense from nothingness: “His Highness, Su Fang, what?”

Su Fang will prepare to lure many immortal powerhouses and come to the world.

The spirits shocked and exclaimed: “His Highness, Su Fang, you are so angry, you are going to use the law to kill the snails, killing the immortal powerhouse… and not one!”

“I was forced to go to the road, and I had to do it.” Su Fang smiled.

Immediately revealing the color of sorrow: “Which powerhouse, which side of power, the road to rise is not blood flowing into a river, white bones? I am going to step on the bones of those immortal powerhouse, with human race heaven defying rise to chaos Ten thousand people, let those immortal powerhouses, chaotic upper class, hear me Su Fang’s name also tremble!”

“ambition, temperament, domineering, very ruthless… no wonder you can become the inheritance of the Reze ancients!” singer tsk tsk sighs.

After some thoughts.

The spirit reminded: “His Highness, Su Fang, as long as you can spur the snails of the snails, and awaken the will of the heavens, even if it is the immortal powerhouse coexisting with Heavenly Dao, it can be easily killed. However, this is definitely not a move. Small risk.”

“Spirit Sir, please.”

“First of all, you have the ability to push the snails out of the sky. I don’t know how much the Su Fang’s Highness is now merging the snails?”

“9-Layer … and I can be sure that before the immortal powerhouse attacked the original world of Reze, it would be possible to completely integrate the snails.”

“That this Eminence is relieved… Reze’s original world is in Heavenly Dao, and His Highness Su Fang is not promoted to immortality, so he can’t be in the ethereal Heavenly Dao. To kill those immortal powerhouses, they can only be them. Leading to the inside of the original world of Lei Ze. This is like introducing the robbers into the home. Even if the robbers can be killed, the family will be damaged.”

Jieling came to Su Fang.

The original realm of Reze exists in the ethereal Heavenly Dao. The only way for Su Fang to kill those immortal powerhouses is to introduce them into the original realm of Reze.

And the only way for the immortal powerhouse to break through the original realm of Reze is to fit Heavenly Dao and then infiltrate the original world with the Force of Heavenly Dao and replace Heavenly Dao with itself to control the original world of Reze.

At that time, the spirit will fully promote the original realm of Lei Ze, intending to introduce those immortal powerhouse into the 7-Layer days.

This means that the war will begin on the 7-Layer day, and the human races living in the original realm of Reze, especially those in the 7-Layer days, will be in extremely dangerous position.

Su Fang thought about it, started talking: “Whether, I will transfer all the Taoist powerhouses to my palace. By the way, how can I deal with the many lives that live under 7-Layer?”

“The goal of those immortal powerhouses is you. If you don’t suppress you, you will definitely not take the initiative to go down 6-Layer. In their eyes, those lives are just a group of ants that’s all. But they can’t guarantee, just in case. If there is an immortal powerhouse, it will be dangerous.”

“Now I haven’t taken care of that many.”

At the end of the exchange with the spirits, Su Fang began to prepare for the immortal powerhouse, while continuing to merge the snails, and began to transfer the men in the original realm of Lei Ze.

“The ancestors of the ancestors, the original world of Lei Ze will face a big battle, all of them will enter the interior of my palace to avoid.”

Su Fang conveyed his thoughts to Dong Xuan Daozu, the dark mother Taoist ancestor, and the Taoist powerhouse.

Sou sou sou!

A respectful Taoist ancestor entered the pool of the source of God.

“Su Fang, what happened?”

Dong Xuan Dao asked nervously.

Other Taoist powerhouses are also very nervous.

They thought that after entering the original realm of Reze, they could rest easy.

I know that I have not waited for how long they have settled, and there are strong enemies who have entered the original realm of Lei Ze.

Can you have this ability, and only the immortal powerhouse, how can these ancestors not be nervous?

“Nothing, I have Su Fang, I can’t turn the day.”

Su Fang casually smiled and inhaled many Taozu powerhouses into the interior of the palace.

Next, many of the 7-Layer days were prepared to attack the Taoist priests, all of which were moved into the interior of the Dojo by Su Fang.

Hu hu hu~

Although the spirit said that 7-Layer will not have anything under the sky, Su Fang did not dare to care about it, and moved his loved ones and friends in 6-Layer’s days to Heavenly Dao’s internal World.

“I don’t know how my son is doing now!”

Thinking of Su Xuanyun, Su Fang’s eyes became softer, and then the force of induction was projected.

2-Layer day.

Under the 3-Layer day cultivator, the 2-Layer day is called Immortal World, and the 2-Layer day cultivator is naturally Immortal.

In the Immortal World plane named Xinghan Immortal World, the biggest force is a Sect called Xinghan Palace, which controls the entire Xinghan Immortal World.

At this time, in the depths of the Immortal Palace in Xinghan Palace, in front of a palace, there are hundreds of Xinghan Palace powerhouses, one of which is a peerless Immortal Emperor, and the volley is holding hands.

On the ground, a youngster had to squat on the ground under the horror of the powerhouse released by the Starhan Palace powerhouse. The legs broke and oozing blood and reddening the ground.

Youngster’s cultivation base is very out of the ordinary, it is a fairy, the district can have such strength, and some out of the ordinary.

However, compared with those of the Star Palace powerhouse, the youngster is like a trivial ant.

Although youngster was forced to kneel on the ground, he unyielding his head and stared at the purple clothed girl next to Immortal Emperor. He asked me: “Dong Zi smoke, you and I have also vowed, but now why Will I lie into Xinghan Palace and set a trap to harm me?”

The purple clothed girl has a beautiful face and noble temperament, clear as ice and clean as jade skin, cultivation base and youngster at the same height, is also a fairy.

When I heard the youngster, the purple clothed girl’s squats showed a shy color, but soon disappeared without the trace, and returned to the cold, noble expression.

She said coldly: “Su Xuanyun, don’t blame me for being ruthless. You are too stupid to believe in the ghosts of the Shanmeng Oath. I am the daughter of Immortal Emperor, and what are you? The Mortal World is a cultivator. What else? Qualified to be a Taoist woman of Immortal Emperor?”

“The original swearing of the squad, all of them are fake…” Purple clothed the girl’s words, let the youngster face the painful color.

This youngster is exactly Su Xuanyun.

The woman named Dong Ziyan smiled indifferently: “Su Xuanyun, your innate talent out of the ordinary, above any genius. If you are willing to join the Xinghan Palace, donate the ancient mirror to the father, you may not be with me. Keep a lifetime. However, you are self-proclaimed innate talent and refuse to come up with Treasure Mirror. How can I continue to be with you?”

“Dong Zi smoked, I finally understand what kind of woman you are, and blame me that Su Xuanyun had no eyes before, and was blindfolded by your beauty.”

The painful color on Su Xuanyun’s face gradually disappeared, replaced by a face, unyielding.

Immediately with a sneer: “Join the Xinghan Palace, become the chess piece of the Xinghan Palace, but also to seize my treasure, rest!”

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