Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3332

Dong Ziyan sneered indifferently: “Now I understand that it is too late… As for the Treasure Mirror, I advise you to peel off yourself and read the old feelings. I will ask the father to leave you a life.”

“Smell, what to say to this generation of ants, directly stripped off his treasure.”

The Immortal Emperor powerhouse of the Xinghan Palace was indifferent, then moved towards Su Xuanyun, and several Profound Lights fell on the body of Su Xuanyun.


A blood light was taken from the in the body of Su Xuanyun, and the blood light was wrapped in an ancient mirror.

“That’s not a fairy, but a Supreme Divine Artifact… No, it’s not an ordinary Divine Artifact. This Eminence was lucky enough to have seen Divine Artifact from All Heavens and Myriad Realms. It’s not so amazing…”

The eyes of the Immortal Emperor of Xinghan Palace stare at the ancient mirror, and the brilliance of the stars blooms in the eyes.

Dong Ziyan’s eyes also became embarrassing when he was awkward. The cold arrogance and noble spirit just now disappeared at this moment, and his eyes were full of greed.

Other Star Palace powerhouses and everyone are also exposed to greed.

Su Xuanyun shouted: “That is my magical treasure, you strip my treasure, you will regret it forever!”

“Repent?” Immortal Emperor, starring at the Palace, sneered at him. “At Immortal World, there is nothing that can make this Eminence regret!”

After that, he waved his volley and grabbed the ancient mirror.

Where do you know~

A sneer came from the ancient mirror, and then a sacred explosion broke out from the ancient mirror and caught Su Xuanyun.

“Who is it? To the treasure in the hands of this Eminence, no one can take it!”

The Immortal Emperor of Xinghan Palace produced a stunning magic seal.

A starlight landed like a star river from nine days, bombarded above the ancient mirror and the protection of the gods around Su Xuanyun.

Hong long long !

Heaven and Earth turbulent, the Immortal Emperor of the Star Palace and the powerhouses of the many Star Palace powerhouses were shocked back by Treasure Mirror, shaking the body backwards and squirting blood in the mouth.

The palace of Daohan Palace, Dao Temple, I don’t know how many collapses with the shock, and I don’t know how many people are killed.

When everything calms down, Su Xuanyun and the ancient mirror have disappeared disappear without a trace.

“Look for this Eminence, even if you are looking for the entire Immortal World, you should also find Su Xuanyun and the ancient mirror for this Eminence!”

The Immortal Emperor of Xinghan Palace made a whistle and completely lost the majesty of Immortal Emperor powerhouse.

Where does he know that the master of the voice from the ancient mirror is the 2-Layer day, and the entire day of the original world of Lei Ze, if you want to kill him, it is easier than killing an ant. He also wants to get the Treasure Mirror, which is really recklessly.

Su Xuanyun was inhaled into the Treasure Mirror interior, and he did not know where he was now.

“Su Xuanyun!”

A silhouette emerges from the surrounding formation, which is the illusion of Su Fang’s thoughts in Treasure Mirror.

“many thanks Senior, help!”

Su Xuanyun respectfully cup one fist in the other hand.

It is also the guidance of this mysterious “Senior” that Su Xuanyun can become a fairy from a mortal age from the time of the millennium.

This time he saved his life, Su Xuanyun naturally is awe and grateful to him.


Su Fang smiled, but did not explain anything.

Su Xuanyun reveals the shameful color: “Disciple this time blinded by the lust of the eyes, almost killed, there is the guidance of Senior normally.”

“The life of the cultivator must be alive and well, and dare to love and hate. You are not wrong… However, on the road to cultivation, if you make a mistake, you may leave the hatred of the ages. I hope that you have this lesson. Will not make mistakes in women.”

“Yes, the discipline understands.”

“You stay in the ancient mirror cultívation, this Eminence will point you by the way. Xinghan Palace’s hatred, you need to ask yourself to come back.”

“hmph… I am Xu Xuanyun, and I am a weak chicken that I have been slaughtered? Xinghan Palace is so oppressing me that one day I will destroy the Xinghan Palace. Heaven will press me, I will be heaven defying!”

“heaven defying?”

Su Fang shook his head and smiled.

He is now the whole day of the original world of Lei Ze, Su Xuan Yun actually wants to relyen defying, do you want to disobey him as father?

“Su Xuanyun, your future, not in Immortal World, nor in All Heavens and Myriad Realms, even in this day, your future will have a broader sky, I hope that you can take every step and go higher. farther…”

Su Fang stares at Su Xuanyun, when he is decapitated, his body is turned into nothingness, disappearing from the formation and disappearing without a trace.

Put the ancient mirror together with Su Xuanyun inside the palace, and then solve the immortal powerhouse and then send Su Xuanyun back to the 2-Layer day.

Su Fang muttered to himself: “Son, don’t you blame father for your tempering…”

Su Fang is the supreme ruler of Lei Ze’s original world. Su Xuanyun is his son. What do you want?

However, Su Fang let his son honed and swayed. He was silently watching and pointing as a senior.

The road to cultivation depends on oneself. The cultivator is going to take risks and challenges, and surpass the peaks. If you don’t need any effort, you can get it at your fingertips. What is the meaning of living?

Next, Su Fang continues to settle in the Shenyuan pool.

The formation and magic seal inside the snails are constantly fused by Su Fang, from 90% to 90% one, 90% two…

At the same time, Su Fang also began to combine this Venerable with the three corpses of the celestial stone, the Paragon battle flag, and the longevity lamp.

Not as simple as the fusion of Xuanbao.

Instead, the three great treasures and the three corpses that are pinned to them are integrated with Su Fang and become part of Su Fang, regardless of each other.

After the three corpses are merged, Su Fang will enter a state of great silence, with only a little obsession in mind, and then pin the Heavenly Dao, coexisting with Heavenly Dao, Eternal Immortal.

Unconsciously, Su Fang has passed another 300 million years in the source pool.

The outside world is also the past three hundred years.

this day.

Chi chi chi!

Su Fang within the body suddenly burst into a violent robbery.

The robbery suddenly became a flame, and a large piece was burned in the space of the Shenyuan pool, as if Su Fang was to be burned together with the whole time and space.

This time, the burning fire, the Tribulation Fire, is not a promotion, but the three bodies and the body merge to the limit, it is necessary to break and reshape.

Not only is the fleshly body burning, but Su Fang’s palace and soul are burning, as if to turn everything of him into ashes.

In this amazing burning, Su Fang’s soul, Taoist palace, and fleshly body began to oscillate and break, and the three great Mongolian Tianbao were also broken.

Then with the burning of the Tribulation Fire, and a wonderful Force of Heavenly Dao, the broken fleshly body, the Dojo, the soul and the three great treasures began to reshape and blend thoroughly.

Su Fang’s three corpses are gradually merging with the ontology. The obsessiveness in the corpse, the good thoughts in the corpse, and the evil thoughts in the corpse are also incinerated by the Tribulation Fire, that is, only a little obsession, blending with the Su Fang body. .

The pain of the whole process is ten times and ten thousand times stronger than the pain caused by any previous promotion by Su Fang.

However, Su Fang is still calm in the eyes of the Tribulation Fire, and it is difficult for any pain to shake his heart.

Su Fang grabbed a nine-flowered Qiong Yudan to swallow, prompting the fleshly body to speed up the remodeling. His fleshly body is constantly changing in reshaping, towards the ultimate impact of life.

The power of the pure soul in the longevity lamp is also injected into the soul, making Su Fang’s soul quickly become powerful, truly reaching the Eternal Inextinguishable like a longevity lamp.

Wearing the blood of the king vines also swallowed a variety of medicine pill, spiritual object, the worms madly spit silk, turned into a pure Qi of Primordial Chaos, help reshape fleshly body, Dao Gong.

Only his Taoist palace, Qi of Primordial Chaos, is still within the limits of Daozu, and cannot break through the limits in a short time.

Su Fang’s breath has also begun to change dramatically with the combination of the scorpion body, the longevity lamp, the Paragon battle flag, and the three corpses among the three great treasures.

The whole person’s breath is becoming more and more illusory, as if it is to disappear from the source pool and blend into Heavenly Dao.

Gradually, Su Fang’s fleshly body, Taoist palace, and soul were remodeled, and Su Fang finally ended this huge pain.

But this transformation is still far from over.


A vain breath, from Su Fang within the body, disappeared into nothingness.

Su Fang’s consciousness also disappeared with the breath, not really disappearing, but into the ethereal Heavenly Dao.

In an instant!

Su Fang’s consciousness travels into chaos and endless time and space. After the infinite evolution of Heavenly Dao, wandering among the rivers that converge on a boulevard, eventually reaching the highest source of life, energy, and law, and even sensing the three kinds of Supreme’s Heavenly Dao will. Life, heaven, and punishment.

I don’t know how long it has been, or that time is gone.


Su Fang is immersed in the consciousness of Heavenly Dao, and suddenly senses that there are dozens of wills, which are being melted into Heavenly Dao and infiltrated into the original realm of Reze.

“It is the immortal powerhouse of the forces of the Yuan and the Tianzu, and is attacking the original realm of Lei Ze…”

Su Fang’s heart suddenly disappeared, and the consciousness that blended into Heavenly Dao returned to within the body, and the whole person was awake.

“This is immortal…”

Su Fang carefully recalled the experience just now, and her heart was bright.

I will feel the body within the body.

He is immersed in the Eternal Immortal atmosphere, which is only available in the immortal powerhouse, but reveals the ordinary, Return to the Natural State.

The three great Mongolian Tianbao have completely integrated with him and turned into a part of him.

The corpse, the good corpse, and the evil corpse are also integrated into the body. The heart is like Heavenly Dao. There is no good or evil. Only one thing is to become an immortal obsession.

At this time, Su Fang is only a short distance from immortality. The only difference is the precipitation of Qi of Primordial Chaos.

“When I solve those immortal powerhouses, I can start to impact the immortal…” Su Fang slightly smiled.

“The immortal powerhouse of the Qiang and Tianzu people is about to break through the original realm of Lei Ze!”

Then Su Fang suddenly had a roll of eyebrows and it was another induction.

The combination of three corpses made his consciousness experience the experience of Heavenly Dao, which made him feel very sensitive to Heavenly Dao.

He found that a strong will of the stock was integrated into Heavenly Dao, constantly infiltrating into the original world of Reize, trying to break through the Heavenly Dao enchantment of the original world of Reize.

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