Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3336

Shua shua Shua!

The silhouette of Su Fang’s illusion has just condensed, and immediately ushered in a path of full of shock, even awe.

Su Fang This is the third time to enter the Temple of Eternity.

The first time I entered the Temple of Eternal, it was because I had finished the Eternal Heaven Road that I was able to stand in the Temple of Eternity.

At that time, in the eyes of many immortal, Su Fang is also a potential genius.

However, genius is not a powerhouse. At most, it is the immortal powerhouse that allows many immortal powerhouses to appreciate. Aloof and remote will never look at him with equal eyes.

The second time I entered the Temple of Eternity, Su Fang was waiting for the ruling pig, and many immortal powerhouses looked at him with a gaze.

However, this time, it is completely different from the previous two.

Su Fang with 50 killings of immortal powerhouse Yu Wei into the Temple of Eternity, those immortal powerhouse, where is the previous aloof and remote posture?

Of course, they will not know that Su Fang can only provoke a snail, and at this time, the snail has been taken back by the will.

These immortal powerhouses still think that Su Fang still holds the killing of the immortal killer, which one can not fear and fear Su Fang?

Su Fang divine light swept past the Temple of Eternity, and took the eyes of everyone’s expressions with a cold smile.

The three great Paragon Royal Family of Taishi, Jinjiao and Tailei are immortal. They all show up at this time and sit side by side in the center.

All the immortal powerhouses are now all in order.

Of course, there are fifty immortals that will never appear again in the Temple of Eternity.


The immortal gaze of the Tailei falls on Su Fang’s eyebrows, seeing the thunder of the eternal will, and a shocking, unexpected expression from his squat.

The Taishou and Jinjiao immortal powerhouses saw Su Fang’s eyebrows and the divine light.


Seeing Su Fang, the immortal powerhouse from the Thirteen slaves, and the immortal powerhouse from the 13th slaves, they got up from the futon and moved toward Su Fang to respectfully bow.

“Master ?!”

“Six immortal, even Su Fang is the main?!”

Many immortal powerhouses, once again shocked and stunned.

Six immortal powerhouses, even acknowledgment allegiance to a ancestor, what a shocking thing?

It can also be proved that Su Fang killed 50 immortal things without any falsehood.

Seeing many immortal expressions, the six slaves immortality was originally filled with humiliation and unwillingness, and suddenly it was relieved.

In the immortality of the chaotic people, how many people can make so many immortals so awe?

Now it seems that acknowledgment allegiance Su Fang is not too bad, at least a lot of balance.

“Su Fang, this time, let you reverse the sky!” Hail Old Ancestor passed the mind to Su Fang, and his eyes were full of shock.

The starry river of the starry sky is immortal, and other immortal powerhouses have also passed on to Su Fang, and the words show their intentions.

Su Fang is about to sit down in his position. The Tailei immortal suddenly said: “Come to the front, anyway, there have been a lot of positions!”


Many immortal surprises.

The Tianzu and Qianyuan are the chaotic upper-class people. The position of the immortal powerhouse of the two communities in the Temple of Eternity is naturally very high.

The two families are killed by Su Fang and killed as many as eighteen. Now there are only three, and naturally there are a lot of positions.

Su Fang was placed in front by the Tailei powerhouse, meaning that Su Fang killed 50 immortals not only nothing, but was recognized by the three Paragon Royal Family.

“many thanks Sir !”

Su Fang cup one fist in the other hand Thanks, then Xu Xu flew to an empty futon in the front row and sat down.

Looking at Su Fang sitting on the futon, many immortal powerhouses sighed in the heart. From this moment, Su Fang could no longer be moved in the position of the Eternal Temple.

“Su Fang !”

The eyes full of hatred and resentment came from both sides, and it was the immortal powerhouse of the Tianzu and the Yuan.

“Three immortal, is the funeral of the Qianyuan and Tianzu people done?” Su Fang smiled and responded unceremoniously.

The three immortal powerhouses of the two races suddenly became furious and screaming.


A golden robed golden horned immortal coldly shouted, three immortal powerhouses.

“Now start talking about it.”

The Taishi people were open to death, and this was quiet in the palace.

“With the unanimous consent of the three Paragon Royal Family, all rights of Su Fang in the Temple of Eternity will be restored. Should there be any opinions on immortality?”


Who will dare to defy the will of the three major Paragon Royal Family?

Even if he dared to defy the decision of the three major Paragon Royal Family, how many dare offend Su Fang?

In addition to the immortality of the Tianzu and the Yuanyuan, other immortal powerhouses have agreed to decapitate.

In this way, Su Fang once again re-entered the Temple of Eternity.

Although it was recovered, Su Fang’s identity and status in the Eternal Temple at this time is comparable to before.

The golden horns immortal look toward towards Su Fang, and then said: “The Yuan and the Tianzu people are immortal to appeal to the eternal temple, saying that you are killing the two immortal powerhouses, Su Fang, what do you say?”

“Break the killing? The two chaotic people of the Tianzu and the Yuanyuan people, when did they become so poor?”

Su Fang laughed and laughed.

Disdainful eyes, a volume in the two remaining nobles who are immortal.

Immediately sneer: “First I was killed by clansmen, then I was killed by the acolyte, bone blood, and now even the immortal powerhouse was killed by me… dignified chaotic people, so pitiful, really sigh!”

Some immortal powerhouse couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Some people are feeling deeply and feel incredible.

The dignified chaos is actually inconceivable in the hands of a Taoist priest.

Su Fang looked towards the three immortal powerhouses, and the tone became cold: “I don’t know where I killed the immortal powerhouse of the two races?”

“Reze’s original world!”

“The immortality of the two great peoples, why did they enter the original realm of Lei Ze? They attacked the original realm of Lei Ze, trying to kill me, taking me inheritance, can’t kill?”

Under Su Fang’s persuasion, the Qianyuan and Tianzu people were immortal powerhouses, and suddenly they were speechless.

Not because Su Fang is in charge.

But because Su Fang has the ability to kill the immortal powerhouse, otherwise what is the reason?

The Tailei people are immortal and say: “The Yuan and the Tianzu people are immortal, and the eternal temple should be used to suppress Su Fang. Let’s start the resolution now!”

As soon as the sound fell, the interior of the Eternal Temple suddenly became silent.


The Tailei immortal suddenly said: “Su Fang is recognized by the will, and will belong to the Tailei lineage from the future, that is, this Eminence family.”

Su Fang is not at all unexpected, moving towards Tai Lei immortal dagger smile.

The eyes of many immortal powerhouse looked towards Su Fang suddenly changed, and the meaning of awe was obviously strong and strong.

The results of the resolution are not as expected. Except for the three immortals of the Qiang and Tianzu, there is no one immortal powerhouse.

The wall is pushed down by everyone.

The last time the Yuan people were immortal proposed to deprive Su Fang of everything in the Temple of Eternity, threatening in public, no one dared to oppose it, what a domineering, what a arrogance!

Nowadays, it is the opposite, so many immortal powerhouses are saddened by the two great families.

The Golden Horn is immortal started: “The proposal is not passed. If nothing happens, the resolution ends here…”


Su Fang suddenly started talking: “Sir, there are proposals underneath.”

The Golden Horns are immortal and say: “Speak!”

Su Fang refers to the three immortal powerhouses of the Yuan and the Tianzu. “The two tribes combined with other immortal and unprovoked attacks on the original realm of Lei Ze, causing the loss of the original realm of Lei Ze. Therefore, I proposed to the Eternal Temple, the Yuan And the Tianzhou family should compensate me for the loss.”

“Su Fang, you bullly intolerably !”

The three immortal powerhouses of the two races screamed in unison.

Killing the immortal powerhouse of the two families, many of them now, in turn, asking for compensation, what a hegemony?

It has always been the Tianzu and Qianyuan people who bullied other races. Now they are being bullied against the heads of the two races, so how can they not be angry?

Su Fang sneered at the sneer, aggressive eyes looked toward three immortal: “I Su Fang is bully intolerably, then how?”

The Tailei people are immortal: “Since Su Fang proposes, you will start voting!”

“There should be compensation!”

His voice has just fallen, and the six immortals from the thirteen slaves immediately bowed.

The immortality of the old Ancestor and the starry sky is also followed.

Then the immortal powerhouses of other races voted. Apart from the three immortal powerhouses of the Tianzu and the Qianyuan, no one objected and no one abstained.

An old man shouted in a deep voice : “Su Fang, there is this Eminence, you can’t take a medicine pill from the 乾元族!”

Su Fang said indifferently: “If you are not willing to pay compensation, then I Su Fang only personally bring people to take.”

The immortal powerhouse body of the two families trembled.

At this time, Su Fang is not immortal, but has six immortal powerhouses under his hand, and he also holds the supreme treasure that kills immortality, and is also recognized by the Tailei.

The two families suffered heavy losses. Now the overall strength has fallen into a trough. The wall is pushed down by everyone. Naturally, there will be no shortage of people who have fallen into the graves. Together with the former enemies of the two races, the two races are not far from the real genocide.

The only remaining Tianzhou people immortally gave a cry of helplessness: “The Tianzhou people are willing to pay compensation.”

The immortality of the Yiyuan people also promised to helplessly.

“This is the loss of the original world of Lei Ze, so the two families will compensate for it!” Su Fang grabbed two jade slips and flew to the two families of immortal powerhouse.

Interpretation of the list of compensation in Yu Jian, the immortality of both families is the divine light transient.

Su Fang’s resources for the two great families are equivalent to one third of the two ethnic groups.

This time, Tianzu and Qiangyuan may have major bleeding.

Although it is difficult to accept, but has to accept, the two families are destined to decline, and no amount of resources can not keep.

“This resolution is here, Su Fang stays, everyone else is gone!” Tailei powerhouse said awkwardly.

The immortality of the Taizu and the Golden Horns, as well as other immortal powerhouses, have left.

Tailei immortal looked towards Su Fang, dagger with a smile: “this Eminence see you will soon be promoted to immortality, then you should concentrate on the full impact of immortality, as for your race, the Tailei will be sheltered. ”

Su Fang’s promise was met, and Su Fang’s heart was suddenly settled.

With the protection of the Tailei people, it means that the human race will be in the chaotic state, no one can shake it anymore. It is only a matter of time before the rise of the family.

“You are only a short distance from immortality. However, if you really want to be immortal, there is still a long way to go, and immortality is not the end of Heavenly Dao… After you are promoted to immortality, come to the Tailei people, I will point you to the real Peak!”

When the Taileis were immortal, the figure quickly became blurred and disappeared into the Temple of Eternity.

“Imperial realm, not the highest Peak in the avenue?” Su Fang thought for a while.

Not at all unexpected.

The 8-Layer is the immortal realm.

And Jiu Xuan Wuji has a total of 9-Layer, which means there is a higher realm than immortality.

“The road to cultivation is never ending… but I don’t care about anything now, let go of everything, to accompany Father, Xuan Xin, Tian Nu, Sui Seni Sister, and son!”

Su Fang’s face was filled with a smile, his body gradually blurred, disappearing from the Temple of Eternity.

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