Ninth Way under the Heavens Chapter 1040

Patriarch, the expert of my family… a family of Dao Cultivator’s eyes were red, and his hands were shaking when he spoke.

“Yes, my family, from today on, has no third step in cultivator except Old Ancestor, who left the Five Elements universe.”

“Why?” There’s another soldier, Dao Cultivator, who asked, almost got the space out of the water.

“The man called Di Jiu, the top expert of Di Family.” Because Di Family was killed by four of my exam disciple, including the only ones I had left behind in Old Ancestor lineage. Kill my house, disciple. My family naturally wants to go out and find out who killed it, and it leads to the man. “

“Good bullshit, kill my disciple, come to me, and I dare be so poisoned, don’t I think there’s nobody in my house?” There’s another sergeant, Dao Cultivator.

He didn’t know how many boys went out after the second great war. And over the years, there has been no idea how many offensive incidents have occurred. But every time it appears, it ended with the destruction of the cultivator family completely, who offended his family. Today, it’s coming back.

When people calm down, that’s what slowly said. “This revenge will be paid, not only for it, but also for Di Family’s murder, not to mention chicken dogs. This time, in order to preserve the family, I swear to blood. This blood swore that my family could unravel and then borrow the statue. After I disbanded this bloody oath, my family left immediately. From today on, the disciple of the stars is definitely not more than 30 per cent. Every departing disciple must have cultivating bloodline divided divine ability…”

the bloodline is divided into divine ability, and it’s absolutely impossible that someone wants to kill his family through the bloodline search method.

The silence in Hall is as frightening as the flames of fire, surrounded by all, gathered in Hall.

The birth of the family is a noble existence, a monk inheritance, only a family to destroy the family of others, and when is the turn to extinguish the family?

It slowed down, “Every brother of the family must avenge my family, kill that Di Jiu, and kill Di Family”.

“Kill Di Family”, and yell from the temple of the stars.

He called for breath and didn’t kill all Di Family, and his family was white cultivating in this universe. Whoever it is, don’t try to kill his family.

“bang!” The sound of a broken sound came out with a blood mist.

He looked at it, and that was a disciple who broke up directly.

We haven’t waited to see what happened, and bang bang bang’s voices broke. Several disciple families were surrounded and turned into a blood mist. But that’s not the end, but just the beginning, it’s like a whip, and the disciple in Hall started to connect the blood.

Many disciple finally couldn’t stand fear, and they ran out of the temple, but even if they were out of the temple, their bodies were still bleeding.


white paper on the face of Anne is white, he’s shaking, his lips screaming, and he finally understands his stupid, dumb, dumb than pigs.

Di Jiu, like the world expert, can’t you see the problem of his bloody oath? It is true that 90 per cent of his blood vows do not see the problem, but that 90 per cent of his body does not include Di Jiu.

“After all, the family is finished.” His spiritual sense has seen the spontaneous eruption of the disciple family everywhere.

How evil a method, under his bloody oath, he didn’t see it foolishly.

A bloodline is going to collapse in aura, and it’s impossible to suppress it. He looked up to sky and heave a deep sigh, “I’m finished, and I’m a sinner…”

bang! The body blew up for a blood mist.

Di Jiu stopped. He put Di Qin down and said, “Where have you been?”

Dicken shook the head, “I don’t know, when I was born, I father left. He said that he was deeply hostile to the bloody sea and had to look for the cultivating machine and then go back to revenge.”

Di Jiu was silent, and it felt so sad for DiQin’s mother. Obviously, Dicken married his mother, just for inheritance of Di Family bloodline. And Ding Qin’s name is probably too much for Di to remember the old lover Qin.

“Before Dietrich Big Brother Di, what realm is your cultivation base, that family is like a chicken dog in your hands.” Dicken can’t stop asking.

“I just entered the third step, and your cultivation base is really too weak, and you cultivating cultivation technique is too bad. If you didn’t meet me, you wouldn’t have had the chance to enter the third step.” Di Jiu watched Dicken said.

In fact, Di Jiu said to the good place that if he hadn’t met Di Jiu, Di Qin’s life would have been a success, it would have been two things.

DiQin’s eyes are bleak, “I know, after my father left, my mother took me out of the street. My mother came from a rogue cultivator family, and there was no bottom breath. I can cultivating to Immortal Venerable, or because my dad’s bloodline is strong, otherwise I’m afraid Immortal King cultivating can’t.”

“Where’s your mother?” Di Jiu asked.

Dicken shook the head, the eyeballs were slightly red, and “My mother never came out again when I was looking for secret Realm.”

Di Jiu was silent and said, “Di Qin, I intend to reproduce my cultivation technique to you, and you’ll change my cultivation technique later. And, I want you to go to Secret Realm, where your mother is, to find out, maybe your mother’s still alive. Life can give up a lot of things in the world, but if you give up the guts, it will amount to giving up your life. You cultivating Dao is meaningless, and Grand Dao is also limited. Remember how you can live in the world.”

“Many thanks to Brother Jiu, DiQin is not forgotten.”

No mother, he doesn’t know how many times he died. No, without mother, he’s not going to come to this world at all.

Di Jiu nodded, put your hands in DiQin’s eyebrows, and put his cultivation technique in the Sea of Consciousness in DiQin, while sending that Di’s open bloodline to DiQin.

His Di Jiu was the one who opened up primal chaos, and there was no need for Di to open the bloodline, and his bloodline was stronger than Di’s opening bloodline. So this bloodline, to Dicken is the best.

“Brother Jiu, you gave it to me.” DiQin not only felt the cultivating method of Grand Dao Law at this moment, but also the bloodline.

“I gave you a True Spirit World in your Sea of Consciousness, in addition to cultivation technique. In addition to the fact that True Spirit World has something you cultivating and what you need, I have given you the opportunity to open the bloodline together, which should have been left by Di Family Old Ancestor following the opening of the Five Elements universe. Ninety percent of them should be on your dad, and there’s one more thing I got, and today, Di Jiu says to you.

“It’s really the bloodline.” Dicken’s voice is trembling.

He knew that his mother said that because he had an open bloodline, he could cultivating so far. But when he dad leaves, you’re not at all going to leave the bloodline to him. I didn’t think Di Jiu, the invisible Di clansman, gave it to him.

Di Jiu pats DiQin’s shoulder, “Go on, go on your own, go to whatever extent, be your own effort, and I can help you so much.”

Dicken bows for a week, “Brother Jiu, I will remember your commandment and will not be weak to others.”

Di Jiu nodded, think about it, and take another ring to DiQin, “This ring has a defensive effect, you take it, but defense is limited.”

The ring Di Jiu was not intended to give, considering that in the world, the cultivation base of Dicken was really too weak. Even a mirex can shoot Dicken.

“Yes.” Di Jiu is very respectful of Di Jiu at this moment, and no one will help him so much except his mother.

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