Ninth Way under the Heavens Chapter 1041

After Di Jiu split up, Di Jiu is moving fast to the Unseen heaven beyond the heaven. Only one day later, Di Jiu has reached the outside of the Unseen Church beyond the heaven.

Di Jiu is outrageous on void plaza outside the heaven. cultivating is a very young month, from when he left the Unseen Church beyond the heaven to today, and I don’t know how many years have elapsed.

Di Jius spiritual sense swept in without entering the Unseen heaven beyond the heaven. Nong Xiuqi is still in seclusion, and her aura is already perfection level of the tunnel, and is still insane cultivating, and obviously wants a breath to hit Origin Realm. See the level of seclusion of Nong Xiuqi, which should have been attacked earlier by Huang heaven beyond the heaven’s protection array, and she has not moved.

Di Jiu estimated that the attackers of protection array had not been surprised that Nong Xiuqi had been pushed down.

And the ice is also in secluded cultivation, where she cultivating is the Catholic capital of the Unseen Church beyond the heaven. And obviously, Yellow heaven beyond the heaven is now in control.

The fatal monk was not treated, and Di Jius spiritual sense did not infiltrate her cave mansion, just as it could be seen from Dao Rhyme of cave mansion surrounding.

Di Jiu picked Array Flag and continued to repair the great array of the Unseen heaven beyond the heaven. There are four five Directions Flag’s repression here, and Di Jiu believes that it is almost impossible to open the Unseen Church beyond the protection array of the heaven unless it comes to more than a dozen third steps of expert once.

After strengthening the protection array, Di Jiu was trying to get into Hyung heaven beyond the heaven, and that was why did you not have cultivator guarding on void plaza outside the heaven?

Even if the former Guardian was killed, then Maurice Senior Sister came to learn from people and should send a new escort.

Di Jiu was still hesitating at the door, and two Daoist shadows fell on the void plaza of the Unseen Church beyond the heaven.

Di Jiu saw both of them jumping in the eye, one of them mixed Origin Realm cultivator, and another Di Jiu couldn’t see what level his cultivation base was. This fellow week, Dao Rhyme rule vague, looks like cultivating is not the cultivation technique of the five Elements universe.

The two of them, Origin Realm cultivator, look very young, handsome, and some of the eyes jump. That cultivation base Di Jiu couldn’t even see fellow, a dressed, looks like a mid-year, growing up into starry sky. Honestly, cultivator in void, the Jobs are not much dressed.

“Are you Hyung heaven beyond the Guardian of the heaven?” The Mid-Year Joan’s eyes fall on Di Jiu, with indifferently said. He was surprised, Di Jius cultivation base, and he couldn’t see it.

“Yes, I am the Guardian of the Unseen heaven beyond the heaven, what are you doing here?” Di Jiu speaking in the middle of seeing the Fatherland King and the ice coming.

Di Jiu believes that she will soon be able to enter the third step if it continues to be so fast.

“Big Brother Di” saw Di Jiu come back in the ice.

“Junior Brother Di, you’re back.”

Di Jiu was still worried about going after that graceful man. The majesty of that bitch is too strong.

“Open Array Gate, I’m going to go in and talk to the director about a few things.” The junkie had a slight eyebrowing in the middle of the year, and still said it.

Di Jiu made a little bit of nodded about Mo, and then pointing to the ice saying, “She’s the director of the Unseen Church beyond the heaven, and what you say here is the same thing.”

Especially that Mid-Year Job, cultivation base Di Jiu, can’t see, and it’s very doubtful that this fellow is not the five Elements universe.

Di Jiu will rarely remain in the Unseen heaven beyond the heaven, and Yellow Church beyond the heaven has always been watched. So Di Jiu said she was the owner, and she wasn’t wrong.

“Are you the master?” Mid-year-old Juan looked at the ice, and then looked at the Di Jiu. As he sees in the cold cultivation base, apparently not entering the third step. And Di Jius cultivation base is kind of weird, and he thought he had some clarity in his heart before the ice was called Di Jiu Big Brother Di.

“You have something to say directly to me like that.”

Mid-year-old jockey, nodded, “Okay, I’ll just say it. I’m Chow, come from a very far place. There’s only one purpose here: to find Yemmer, and I hear Yemmer’s in the Unseen heaven beyond the heaven, or the Hyun-jing Church beyond the heaven’s Sir.”

Yemmer? And Di Jiu’s three people look at each other as a result of ice and mood. Three of them know who Yammah is, and before the war of creation, Yammah is indeed a flag of the Unseen heaven beyond the heaven.

And suddenly, “What are you looking for?”

Yemmer and she were very good friends, and Yelmer cultivating through her destiny cultivation technique. In terms of strength, she’s far more than Yelmer. But the men and the people of Yamah do not appreciate it very much.

Saw Joe said, “Yemmer took the same thing from our family, and over the years he should have returned it. I came this time to ask him to return our things.”

Di Jiu and Yammer didn’t see it, and he heard about it, and he and Yelmer’s daughter’s memories were friends, and they saved Ye’s memories once.


is clear that the wounds of this moment have not been fully restored and that the power of the ice is not enough to speak, and Di Jiu stands out and says, “What did I take from you?”

“This” declares Joe hesitated to say something.

Di Jiu indifferently said, “If you can’t say it, please, we don’t know about the Church.”

Declaring Joshua nodded, “It’s nothing, it’s three gold pages that were supposed to be our Dao Lord’s stuff, it’s just that we Dao Lord seclusion, for a while, didn’t care that the three gold pages were stolen by disciple. After many years of speculation, we only assumed that the three gold pages had fallen in the Five Elements universe. When I was ordered to come to the five Elements universe, I found these three gold pages here, taken by a cultivator named Yemmer.”

And the irony says, “When’s the three gold pages one of five great good fortune treasure after the opening of the universe? Don’t say you Dao Lord, even if you don’t want to say that the three gold pages are his.”

Declare Joe indifferently said, “TooPart or no, let that Yelmer come out and ask the question.”

“How many things do you have to talk to, like, those who have nothing to do with you?” So the ice sees those who come wrong, and you don’t have to talk.

Declaring Joe is still calm, “If you don’t want to come out, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

speaking in between them, declaring that Joe openhand suddenly caught Array Gate.

Di Jiu didn’t move, he smiled in his heart, and he wouldn’t believe he just stepped up his protection array, which fellow could catch.

“bang!” The protection array door was just shaking, and then restored as initially.

This fellow is not simple, Di Jiu is sure that just 30 per cent of each other’s strength will make it possible for Yellow heaven beyond the protection array of the heaven, as seen in this fellow fellow more powerful than those of the family.

“Huh?” The door of protection array in front of the old watched, whose strength to seize such a door, should be easy, but 30 per cent of power was just shaking. So, as you can see, he’s full of action, and he can’t open it.

Declaring Joe open hand, a big axe appeared in his heart. A knight dressed, magical treasure was a big axe, and it seemed weird.

the big axe was gathered around Dao Rhyme, next moment the endless killing potential rolls, and even if Joe had not moved, the imposing way had to get back from the ice.

Di Jiu without the slightest hesitation grabbed Blade, staring at the middle of the year and said, “Your claws just grabbed the door of the unseen heaven beyond the heaven, and I didn’t move you. Now you move, I promise you won’t see the sun tomorrow.”

The same imposing way down the past, the killing potential, who announced that Josh’s roll, immediately collapsed. How can the five Elements universe have such a tough man?

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