Ninth Way under the Heavens Chapter 1042

Declaring Joe had no courage to continue, but instead, to Di Jiu a cup of fist in the other hand, “Fellow Daoist Di, I think there’s a reason to be heard, no matter where the power is stronger. Fellow Daoist Di is very powerful, but Fellow Daoist Di, can you stop me from looking for someone today?

Di Jiu said with a sneer, “Dao Lord is great? Dao Lord, both words are still scaring me Di Jiu. As far as the truth is concerned, I don’t see the three gold pages, but do you Dao Lord say it’s him? I said this is primal chaos or mine. Is that I Di Jiu? You Dao Lord shameless, I can’t take care of it, but you’re gonna stretch my face out and let me hit it, that’s a bitch.”


‘s some hard looking at Joe’s face, “Fellow Daoist Di, do you think you’re holding me down? I know that people like Fellow Daoist Di are certainly not much here, but beside Dao Lord, I declare that people like me are as much as they are. Fellow Daoist Di will regret it if I’m guilty of acquitting Dao Lord.”

Di Jiu laughed, “I’ve been threatened since I was a kid, and I’m alive. Many people who threaten me don’t know where to go anymore.”

And it suddenly said, “Declares Fellow Daoist that, as far as I know, the three gold pages were actually obtained by Elilow Daoist, and that they were not owners. You Dao Lord have to say that these three gold pages are his, and there are some excesses. And I don’t know who you Dao Lord is. Maybe everybody else knows.”

Joe coldly snorted, “Five Elements, after the beginning of the universe, we have never come out of Dao Lord, unless you’re also an open person, and you have entered the primal chaos door, you won’t know us Dao Lord. You’re five Elements out of the universe, trying to get into primal chaos, naturally impossible.”

primal chaos? The three words, Di Jiu heard, immediately came to mind the giant void stone gate that had been seen with the Müseers before, and that was primal chaos. Is that where this declared Joe came out? But the primal chaos doorman can’t move, and that’s a good announcement, Di Jiu, is sure he’s almost as close as the majors.

“primal chaos can’t open the door? How can you get out?” Di Jiu doesn’t know if primal chaos can open the door, and he just saw that void stone gate without rules at all, that’s all.

“Hey, you know primal chaos doors?” Declare a shock, watched Di Jius saw some changes.

Even watched Di Jiu, who was surprised, was honest, primal chaos. In fact, she was equally creation of the World’s expert.

Di Jiu made a deep point, nodded, no talking.

See Di Jiu expressionless, declaring that “Yes, primal chaos were locked up by experts who entered the door before, with primal chaos great array, waiting for the leisure method, but for so many years Primal Chaos Aura in the Five Elements universe has been consumed. Without the repression of Primal Chaos Aura, the primal chaos doors will be opened, nor will it be difficult.”

Di Jiu and Motherfucker looked at each other in dismay, where they were located in the Five Elements universe. What did Joe say about the five Elements universe, Primal Chaos Aura, was consumed. They don’t understand.

So let’s just ask, “Where are we? Five Elements? Primal Chaos Aura consumed almost after the opening of the universe, and then returned to the universe?”

Declaring Joe disdainfully said, “After the opening of the original five Elements universe, 90 per cent of Primal Chaos Aura was sealed within the primal chaos door and called five Elements in the universe. The rest of Primal Chaos Aura was contested by everything outside the primal chaos door, that is, the universe where we are now, called five Elements, outside the universe.”

Di Jiu had some clarity, and he was surprised to ask, “Declaring Fellow Daoist, you mean, five Elements, after the opening of the universe, there were two large parts, some of which were the five Elements of the universe that we are now living in, and another part was the five Elements of the universe in primal chaos?”

Declaring Joshua nodded, “You’re not wrong. In fact, everybody’s in the same universe, the only difference is one more primal chaos doorthats all.”

Di Jiu laughed, “Declaring Fellow Daoist, you just said primal chaos were unable to open because of the 90 per cent Primal Chaos Aura repression after the opening of the Five Elements universe. If it’s not open, then there’s no treasure leak. What’s the connection between three golden leaves and five Elements?”

Declaring Joe indifferently said, “That’s because you don’t understand that the five Elements universe was isolated from the primal chaos door and there were nine separatist orders in the primal chaos door.”

Separation orders? This thing Di Jiu heard, it’s the world treasure. When the first 100 workers came out of the building door, it was because of a split order.

“The separatist routes make this thing you must have never heard, because it’s all five Elements in the universe. Usually get something like this, never get it out. As long as there’s a split order in there, any domain plane can split and let you come.”

Now you know why the three gold pages are going out of primal chaos. “

Di Jiu slowly said, “If primal chaos doors are open, why doesn’t the expert in them come out? Your Dao Lord should come out too.”

Declare Johehe, stretch his hand around pointing out, “Although this is also the Five Elements universe, you can see Heaven and Earth Origin Qi here, which is rare and invisible. As for Primal Chaos Aura, it’s almost non-existent. Which one of the experts in primal chaos’s doors is not a thousand miles a day? Qi of Primal Chaos within the primal chaos Gate, though scarce, is now how many times stronger it is in cultivating than outside.

Plus the universe is coming, who do you say will come out now? Or only if Qi of Primal Chaos is consumed so much, you’ll come out and look at thats all. ”

And after Jo, he fingered the bastard around him again, “He’s celebrating. How long has he known cultivating? Not a thousand years before and after, it’s already a mixture of cultivator. Do you think in the five Elements universe, there are hundreds of thousands of years of mixed cultivator?”

Di Jius’s face is already a bit bad, and it’s not surprising that the cultivator of the five Elements universe is weaker than the other universe, and most Primal Chaos Aura of the Five Elements universe has been surrounded up as a backyard. This reminds him of the Skywitch community, when he was impressed by all Primal Chaos Aura and treasure being sealed in a domain, leading to the tragic experience of cultivator in the Skywitch community. Now it looks like the five Elements universe is better than the Wizard.

Five Elements, when the universe was opened, had so many treasure that, in the universe, cultivation base was weaker than other universe.

“You’re too selfish.” With one of the ten Grand Dao kings of her five Elements universe, in other universe, there is no way to get to the top. Obviously, that’s five Elements’ natural resources in the universe that have been crowded. And the circles are still for the most important Primal Chaos Aura in a universe.

“Selfish?” Declare Joyced, “How many good things appeared in the universe when the five Elements were opened? Primordial Chaos Dao Principle, making treasure, countless Innate magical al treasure… while primal chaos have only 90 per cent of Qi of Primal Chaos, Dao Lord chose Qi of Primal Chaos after having received three gold pages, and did not compete for the rest of Innate Treasure and the manufacture of treasure. If that’s selfish, what if five Elements were to be more selfish than the primal chaos door of the universe?”

It sucks and strives to calm yourself down. “This is completely different. Innate Treasure and the treasure are naturally the ones who get the chance. But that 90% Qi of Primal Chaos would have been treasure of the Five Elements universe, and you would have been trapped in primal chaos’ doors for your own cultivating, which would certainly have left the five Elements universe weak and Dao Principle less than any other universe.”