Ninth Way under the Heavens Chapter 1045


rate of declaring Joe is fast, even if it’s only a mixture of middle stage celebrations, but for Di Jiu, it’s not much faster than snail.


rules of this place and the rules of the Five Elements universe are indeed very different, but Di Jiu of cultivating Grand Dao Law soon found their connections. Heaven and Earth Law here are complementary to Heaven and Earth Law in the Five Elements universe, that is, if primal chaos doors are opened, the universe rules within and outside the Five Elements universe, combined with Qi of Primal Chaos, and the St. cultivator’s understanding of Grand Dao will certainly go upstairs.

Even if it is not for other reasons, it is only for the Hyun-jing Church beyond the heaven and the extreme, Di Jiu has decided to bomb this primal chaos door.

Di Jius spiritual sense infiltrated and found this universe’s void clean and clean to a small piece of meteorite. Not to mention that all kinds of rotten planet are crossed in void.

Seems like this side of the universe has never been destroyed. Also, if there’s a place where cultivation resources are spoken everywhere, where do you have time to fight? I’m afraid to use all the time for cultivating. If that’s true, it’s better than cultivator here, and he’s Di Jiu has his own advantage. From cultivating, he struggled to survive in life and Death, at least more experience than the cultivator here. How about a long time? Fighting this thing is about experience.

Just a couple of days, declaring Joe stopped. Needless to announce Joe, both Di Jiu and Arthur walkers saw their immediate place.

It’s not a planet, but it almost hides all the land of void in front of it.

Di Jiu and Arthur can feel that strong life force aura even if they have not yet entered the land.

“Here, two of you, come with me.” Declare Joe’s step across this huge, borderless continent.

Di Jiu, together with the Arthur walker, found that there was no protection array outside the continent, completely integrated with void.

This is not the point, and the point is that Di Jiu and Arthur have felt strong to the extreme Primal Chaos Aura when they left the continent. This Primal Chaos Aura parcel on this continent does not spill void. Stand here, as long as there’s room magical treasure, Qi of Primal Chaos can be collected at any time.

Even if not cultivating Di Jiu felt that the cultivation base had risen so fast as ceng ceng, Di Jiu had crossed the creation line for the first time.

After the break-up of primal chaos in Ho primal chaos, strong Qi of Primal Chaos is also owned, but that Qi of Primal Chaos and Qi of Primal Chaos here are not exactly the same concept.

Qi of Primal Chaos who opened domain who could cultivating, and Qi of Primal Chaos with a strong personal Dao Principle aura. And here’s Qi of Primal Chaos, completely for cultivating. Not only are the rules of the universe clear, but they are extremely clean.

Di Jiu suck in a breath of cold air, where cultivating countless years, what level is that? The Dao Lord behind Joe has been cultivating to today, I’m afraid it’s all over the sky.

Di Jiu does not believe that such a place is human slash, and he has slash over primal chaos World. When primal chaos World is slash, even if it can grow up, it will never grow up. It’s just five Elements in the universe.

This five Elements universe is probably not human slash, and as to how it was formed, Di Jiu has no head.

“The Qi of Primal Chaos of the original Five Elements universe is here, and it is not surprising…” The Arthur player suck in a breath of cold air understands why.

More than Di Jiu, he met, more knowing. Even before, it was not known that it was in the universe of five Elements, that nearly 90 per cent of the Qi of Primal Chaos in the Five Elements universe was blocked, and now people came to this place and understood what was going on.

He was not saddened by the passing, and if the Qi of the Primal Chaos of the Five Elements universe were not banned from the internal circle, the power of the transition would have already ripped off the space plane.

“Come with me to see Dao Lord.” The watched Di Jiu and Arthur of Joe smilingly said.

See Dao Lord? The watched Di Jiu, who was sceptical, had no intention of seeing Dao Lord. This place is the best place for him to return to Transformation Realm. Where’s the time to see Dao Lord?

Di Jiu laughed, “Declare Fellow Daoist, please, I see this is the benefit of cultivating, and I’m going to be here for a while.”

“You’re not going to see Dao Lord?”

Di Jiu complexion sank, “Declare Fellow Daoist, what does your Dao Lord have to do with me? Why am I going to see him? I’m just saying we’re going into primal chaos with you, but we’re not going to see anything Dao Lord.”

“You said before that you knew where Yelmer went…” The face of Joe was somehow hard to look.

Di Jiu slightly smiled, “Yes, I do know where Yelmer went, so what happened?”

“Good, nothing.” Declare Joe no more crap, roll up and shine, disappear without a trace. “

Declaring Joe disappeared, Di Jius’s face is dizzy. He’s sure he’s not that Dao Lord’s opponent right now, and in this place, he’s a pig with countless years and Dao Lord. And, according to declared Joe, Qi of Primal Chaos here has long been unable to compare to the first time.

Not that Dao Lord’s opponent. See that Dao Lord again. Is he courting death? At this point, Di Jiu Know himself is in danger. The main thing is he took out a Creating Wood branch. But he didn’t regret it, and it was better in his hand than in that Dao Lord’s hand.

It may be within the mixture of Sects Exclusive, and only he is present.

“Fellow Daoist Di, I have also resigned, and this is a good place…” The Winston walker is leaving when Di Jiu cup one fist in the other hand.

Di Jiu sighed said, “Fellow Daoist, if you listen to me, will not rob that creating Wood branch. The Dao Lord behind Joe, I’m afraid more powerful than you are. Not in front of him, even worse.”

“What?” “” Complexion changed, the sportsman, is really going to rob that creating Wood branch. Before Di Jiu had been, he had no chance to do it.

“believing or not in you, well, without protection array in this place, I can leave anytime.” Di Jiu doesn’t say anything, it feels wrong.

Not yet, when he keeps watching, Checkled, “Fellow Daoist Di, do you think there’s no protection array here? I told you, not only are there protection array, but also the top natural primal chaos great array, including murder. This great array is going to start. It’ll only take more than ten breathing hours…”

When Di Jiu shined, he disappeared without a trace.

Reese Traveller complexion change, he didn’t hesitate to come out of the continent with Di Jiu, and then disappeared in void.

Almost at a moment when Di Jiu and Arthur are now fleeing this continent, this continent’s primal chaos great array started. Look at this time, this continent has half a bit of green aura.

Di Jiu’s not stopping, it’s getting faster. In fact, Di Jiu felt incorrect after he said he left the two words, and then he discovered the top natural Great Trapping Slaughter Array. Good for him to run fast.

After taking out this continent, the Arthur walker chose the opposite direction to the Di Jiu Rapid Report. Di Jius will never be weaker than him, and Di Jiu is not a cowardly life. Now Di Jiu turned around and he didn’t wait to die?

“Uncle Joe, did great array start?”

Declaring Joe Turned, “Yes, it’s been activated. Fortunately, I am entitled to launch a great array here on behalf of Dao Lord, otherwise Di Jiu will definitely react, and that person is not a simple generation. Come on, we’ll see Dao Lord in a minute. The creation of Wood appears equally a major event than three gold pages. Because I started continent’s great array, and the continent seclusion expert must have been investigating what happened.”

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