Litu Xiaowang obviously did not care about the few monks who had just discussed him. He quickly entered a medicinal pill.

Thinking of myself just going to Dao Realm, I offended a few top experts, Di Jiu has no help. Zhong You and Jiang Dai will forget, these two fellows should not know who he is. It was the vain merchant. Although he saved the king, he also offended the fellow.

Regardless of whether the void mountain is a virtual white merchant, or if the virtual white merchant knows that he took the void mountain, he will not let him go. The vain white merchant has a drop of blood essence on himself, as long as he does not take out the drop of blood essence, this self-righteous fellow certainly does not know that he has come to Dao Realm.

But added that Zhong You, River and Mountains Pot is this son of a bitch is. River and Mountains Pot For 4 Great Immortal Land, it is Moon Ruins Tomb. Many monks have tried at Moon Ruins Tomb. Once Zhong You finds Moon Ruins Tomb one day, will he drop his anger at 4 Great Immortal Land after he knows that Sacred Yin Bead and Zhong Ao are missing?

Anyway, I will first upgrade the cultivation base. If you don’t have the second step, he can’t go to Zhong You.

When Di Jiu was about to turn and leave, a slightly hesitant voice screamed, “Zimo brother…”

Di Jiu was shocked. Who knows that he is called Zimo? He turned back and saw a familiar face, hurriedly cup one fist in the other hand. “Oh brother, have you left the wormhole?”

This face, which is black and unnecessary, is exactly what he knows in the guarding area of ​​the wormhole. At that time, he killed the insects too much, and he was closest to him and took the initiative to make him.

Di Jiu’s surprise is not how he left the wormhole, but how he left the triumphant gate city. To know that he was able to leave the triumphant gate of the city, it is because he has half of Heavenly Dao.

“It’s really you, Zimo brother.” Yu Yiwei was even more surprised. “I know you are fine, and that’s it.”

Di Jiu pulls a latitude, “This is not a place to stay for a long time. Let’s talk to another place.”

After an hour, Di Jiu has found a cave mansion at an Inn on the edge of the Dan River plaza.

“Hey brother, how can you come here?” Di Jiu asked in the first sentence, he was very puzzled how the triumphant gate city can easily leave?

Even now, Di Jiu still doesn’t understand why he wants to frame some ascend monks with the triumphant gate city. In Di Jiu’s view, Dao Realm’s really powerful monks are not native to Dao Realm, but rather to these ascend monks. Each of the ascend monks was killed from hundreds of millions of monks, and none of them were geniuses.

Dao Realm’s monks have been using Spiritual Qi cultivating since childhood, cultivating with Shenjing, and Heaven and Earth Law is far stronger than Culture World and Immortal World, which is very suitable for insights Grand Dao. In the absence of cultivating to plastic roads, advance is generally easier to eat with breathing. Such cultivating is simple, but strength and mind are definitely not as good as ascend monks.

Yan Yiwei sighed and said, “I was lucky. I killed an ordinary worm. I didn’t expect to get a worm in the stomach of the worm.”

Speaking of this, the voice of Qi Yiwei is excited. “This kind of insect egg is simply a priceless treasure. I not only get the opportunity to enter the triumphant gate city, but also leave the triumphant gate city at any time.”

“Congratulations to my brother.” Di Jiu also had to admire the luck of this latitude.

“Zimo brother, I heard that you left the triumphant gate city through a road?” Yi Yiwei admired Di Jiu, Di Jiu’s thing he was too clear. Di Jiu walked forward, and someone came to investigate his situation and even turned the road to a point.

Anyone who lives in the Shudao Lake is a dead end, but Di Jiu has no half influence. Not only that, but also entered the wormhole contribution list for the first time into the triumphant gate city.

The more powerful people will be trapped in the triumphant gate city, and the Zimo brother in front of him will not leave until the day of the triumphant gate, and he will leave again.

What is strong? This is really strong. He heard that Di Jiu not only left himself, but also took Mu Zhen and Zhuo Wujia. At that time, he was annoyed and Di Jiu made a late meeting, and did not come to the door for the first time. Otherwise, when Di Jiu left, he might take him away. Fortunately, he was lucky. After a few years, he still left the wormhole guarding area.

Di Jiu, a cup one fist in the other hand, said, “My brother, my current name is Di Jiu, I joined the outer sect of Yan Zong. I want to ask some brothers, I don’t know who I am after I left. Have you investigated me?”

I heard that Di Jiu joined Yan Zong, and I was admired in my heart. He didn’t have a little bit to help Nishe’s blade and sand without concealing the meaning of concealment. He did not hide the sand without injury and the thing that Nixibla searched for him.

Di Jiu understands it at the moment. It is no wonder that he feels that there is a relationship between sand and the seven-corner species. It turns out that it really has a relationship. Fortunately, he left the cold moon holy road city with a decisive decision. If he went to the auction, he would continue to live in the cold moon holy road city, I am afraid that he would really die in the hands of sand.

“many thanks 阚 。.” Di Jiu is really grateful to Yu Yiwei, at least let him understand that his current situation is very dangerous.

It seems that he can’t go out. This place is Danhe Dabi. If Nixi Blade and Sha did not hurt to see him here, it would be worse.

“Die brother, I have always admired and respected you. These things are exactly what I know. There is nothing at all.” Yan Yiwei said quickly.

Di Jiu said with a deep sigh, “Oh brother, I am now an outer sect disciple of Yan Zong. If you want to go to a sect, I can help you one or two. Even if you can’t go inside sect, an outer The sect disciple should be similar.”

“Ah….” The excited watched Di Jiu, he was shocked by Di Jiu’s words, but he quickly reacted and hurriedly stood up in the cup one fist in the other hand, “many thanks Di brother, if you can Joining Yan Zong, that is really for me…”

To know that he can only become a rogue cultivator after entering Dao Realm. To become a disciple of first rate major sect, you need to wait until the first rate major sect recruits disciples to apply for the test. He can ascend Dao Realm, aptitude is not bad.

However, the universe is vast, and there are too many people with aptitude. Even if it is a foreigner sect, he wants to compete a bit hard. What’s more, who knows when Yan Zong will recruit disciples?

Or someone said that it would be the same to find a small sect. But in fact this is not the same. Dao Realm Five Great Sect can stand on the other sects, not because of anything else, because the inheritance of this Five Great Sect is far stronger than other sects.

Once you enter the ancestral ancestor, it is very likely to gain more sectarian inheritance than others, and it will be of great use to the future Dao Path.

An outer sect disciple does not matter, the outer sect disciple will work as soon as possible, and sooner or later will become the inner sect disciple.


After talking with Di Jiu, Yu Yiwei was very satisfied to leave. Di Jiu is not surprised at why Yu Weiwei can appear here. Dao Realm’s Danhe is a big deal. I know that I want to open my eyes and see if I can meet any chances, so I will bring it here.

From the first latitude to get the eyeless worm directly to Dao Realm, Di Jiu knows that 阚一纬 is also an organic source.

Di Jiu is not worried about whether or not he can let a sect out of the outer sect. The stacking grass on his body is more than that. He dare not give too much, an outer sect disciple as long as ten stacks of grass, should not be investigated.

Two days passed by, Di Jiu’s entry jade token just appeared a message that the time of the entry has arrived, and the latitude is deducted from the door.

Seeing Di Jiu open the restriction, he said with excitement, “Di brother, today is Dao Realm than the beginning of the Geng Danhe, we also go to see the excitement.”

Di Jiu just took out the jade token in his hand and shook it. “My brother, I am now representing the Pill Master who participated in the competition, so I have to go.”

“Ah…” I was once again stunned by Di Jiu’s move.

Is it not one of Dao Realm Five Great Sect? How is this grade ratio, let Di Jiu such an outer sect disciple participate? Isn’t a sect of a sect that has not fallen to this point?

“Don’t think too much, I am going to participate, you are watched outside. After the competition is over, let’s talk about joining the sect.” Di Jiu took a slap in the shoulder and walked out of the cave mansion.

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