“It seems that you can’t get in, just stay outside and wait for me.” When Di Jiu and Yu Yiwei came to the protection array outside Danhe, it was already a sea of ​​people.

The Array Gate in Danhe has been opened, and several registered monks are sitting at the Array Gate. Each Pill Master will register at the gate and receive a ring.

Outside the Dan River, there is a huge array technique screen, and only the Law Competition is on the array technique screen. The Law Competition is written in great detail. All the Pill Master condensed gods Origin Pill must be placed in the ring. The monk can not carry a ring in addition to a pill furnace.

Di Jiu is foggy, isn’t it Danby? Danby is refining medicinal pill. What does it mean to condense God Origin Pill?

“Di Jiu, don’t come over soon, where are you going to send anything?” An Tu Ning, who sat on the entry gate, saw Di Jiu dumbfounded, and the tone was very cold shouted.

“Oh brother, you are here waiting for me, I am going to Danby.” Di Jiu did not dare to talk nonsense, and quickly lost a word to the latitude, hurriedly to the entrance of the Danhe Array Gate.

“Give me the cards.” Seeing Di Jiu standing in front of him, the monk at the entrance responsible for registration said coldly.

Di Jiu quickly took out the card and carefully asked, “excuse me, isn’t Danby a pill refining game? Why are everyone sitting outside, we have to enter Dan River?”

I want to come to Di Jiu. Since it is a pill refining competition, it is natural that everyone is pill refining, each major sect and many monks watching it. Now these sacred doors are just outside the Dan River. The monks from afar are also outside. They are the Pill Masters who enter the Dan River from the protection array. What is this game?

Close the door to the game, who knows who is powerful?

The monk in charge of the registration snorted. “Since it is pill refining, how do you not enter the Dan River?”

Speaking in between, he has already thrown a ring to Di Jiu. “Dan refining in the Danqi River must be placed in this ring. If there is a private possession, die. The jade token in the ring is not allowed to be taken out. Also, give me the ring in your hand. As for the pill furnace, you will take it out first.”

“My ring is going to give you?” Di Jiu surprised watched the registered monk, even more dissatisfied.

The monk in charge of the registration frowned. “All cultivator’s rings will be placed here, only the pill furnace is allowed to enter the Dan River.”

The reason why he frowned is because everyone knows this rule. In fact, the monks who came here, the rings are empty, only one pill furnace to prepare for the competition. What is an empty ring placed on him? This Di Jiu actually has an objection?

Di Jiu Only then did he understand that his heart was really speechless, and that An Tu was not a competent leader. Fortunately, there is nothing in his ring, only some low level spirit grass and hundreds of high grade gods. He took the Great Universe Cauldron and handed the ring to the other party.

Seeing Di Jiu handing over the ring, the gentleman’s face was alleviated. “Go in with your pill furnace and wait for the game to begin.”

Di Jiu’s subconscious looked at the eye of An Xiang, who was sitting in the distance, and smothered the foreign body. He didn’t pay attention to him at all. It was obviously, as long as he entered Danhe, everything else had nothing to do with her. .

Di Jiu shook his head silently, and before entering Array Gate, he asked again, “excuse me, when pill refining, is Divine Spirit Grass out of the game or the game? Pill Fire is using his own, or Originally there?”

What worried Di Jiu most was Pill Fire. He had the top Dao Fire, but it didn’t work. His Dao Fire rank is still low, even the flames are still missing a little, this Dao Fire is here refining, afraid to fall this humble one wind.

However, Di Jiu regretted this sentence, and he did not need him to come out of Divine Spirit Grass. If he needed Divine Spirit Grass, why bother to receive the ring? He is because there is a ninth world, and the subconscious mind thinks that his own things are still there, and this asks questions about this brain damage.

The monk in charge of the registration stared at Di Jiu with a big eye, after a while then said, “You don’t even know this?”

Di Jiu nodded. “I don’t know.”

The monk who was responsible for the registration wanted to ridicule Di Jiu a few words, but thought that Di Jiu was a representative of Yan Zong. He swallowed the sarcasm and snorted. “When you enter, you know, since you registered It is not allowed to stand here.”

Di Jiu is very helpless. He is an outer sect disciple, and he is still being arrested. Where is the temper and the responsible monk who is responsible for registration?

After Di Jiu entered, several other monks in charge of registration finally couldn’t help but laugh. They were the first to see a Pill Master like Di Jiu, and they didn’t even know what to do.

It seems that Di Jiu has entered the Array Gate and An Tucheng stood up.

“Haha…Angu master, the game has only begun, are you going to leave?” Sitting in the smudge of the smear, the old man who saw the smear stood up and seemed to know that the plan was Speaking ironically.

An Tu Ning stared coldly at the suede veteran, “Wan and stunned 闶怯 ナサ ナサ ナサ 背 背 背 背 背 背 背 背 背 背 背 背 背 背 谖颐媲跋 谖颐媲跋 谖颐媲跋 谖颐媲跋 谖颐媲跋 谖颐媲跋 谖颐媲跋 谖颐媲跋 谖颐媲跋 谖颐媲跋 谖颐媲跋 谖颐媲跋 谖颐媲跋叩 遣 遣 遣 遣 遣!

The old man of the mink snorted and did not care about it.

An condensed with the slightest hesitation left the stadium of the Zongmen, and quickly went away. Very obviously, she simply did not intend to stay here.

The only purpose of her coming here is to stare at Di Jiu into the Dan River, and nothing else has nothing to do with her. As for Di Jiu, I can still get a place, huh, she didn’t even think about it.


Di Jiu was stagnant, and in front of him was a vast expanse of rivers, all of which were full of medicinal herbs.

There is no need to cultivating here. As long as you stand here, you are relaxed and happy. The kind of Dan penetration is in the body. It is a kind of ultimate enjoyment. If it is cultivating here… Di Jiu doesn’t even think about it, he must be cultivating here, is the speed of progress so fast?

In the sky above the lingering Dan, there are five large characters floating in the big Geng Dan River.

Such a good place to participate in Danby? If this Danhe River is occupied by people and becomes a private place, it is the ultimate enjoyment.

Di Jiu took his mind back and found that there were two thousand Pill Masters coming here. What puzzles Di Jiu is that these Pill Masters don’t seem to be so excited and excited, but they are all with a closed face and don’t know what they are thinking.

After a fragrant time, Di Jiu sensed that the Array Gate behind him slowly closed, and then he heard a cold voice. “All the Pill Masters entered the Dan River condense God Origin Pill for one month. ”

With this voice, Di Jiu saw the two thousand Pill Master rushing into the Dan River. Only Di Jiu was standing in the river, and he was still wondering. What does this mean?

“Don’t get into Dan River soon?” The cold voice interrupted Di Jiu’s doubts. He didn’t understand that Di Jiu was still playing.

To know that in this Danby, even if it is a time to rest, it may eventually become the key to victory or defeat.

Di Jiu hurried into the Dan River and brought it even more powerful. Di Jiu was not in the mood to cultivating. His spiritual sense quickly penetrated into the remaining Pill Masters. He wanted to see these Pill Masters. What to do.

Di Jiu quickly understood what these Pill Masters were doing, and all of them took out the pill furnace and refined the god Origin Pill in the Danga River.

It is not so much the refining god Origin Pill, but rather the condense god Origin Pill. There is a faint snail in the sky above each pill furnace. These Pill Masters absorb Dan into the pill furnace, and then transform these Danes absorbed into the pill furnace into gods through their own gods and Pill Art. Origin Pill.

After each furnace god Origin Pill came out, these Pill Master quickly sent the god Origin Pill into the ring and continued to condense the second furnace god Origin Pill. Some of the slow monks even offered flames to help.

Di Jiu suck in a breath of cold air, he finally understands why these Pill Masters are not very happy to come here. God Origin Pill Di Jiu know, this is much better than the high grade god.

God Origin Pill is the essence of heaven and earth, without any pill toxin, cultivating is very fast, and it is most suitable for insights of various divine ability and impact bottlenecks. Not only that, this natural condensate god Origin Pill can also eliminate pill toxin.

If you take too many artificial medicinal pills, you can use the Origin Pill cultivating to remove the pill toxin.

However, condense God Origin Pill is not a human thing, condense God Origin Pill not only needs Pill Master, but also needs the Pill Master. These Pill Masters unknowingly consume their own blood essence when they use the Pill furnace condense god Origin Pill.

If these gods, Origin Pill, are their own, that’s all, the key of these gods, Origin Pill, is sent to the ring. The ring is sent down. The medicinal pill inside is definitely not related to the condense god Origin Pill’s Pill Master. That is to say that after the refining of these gods, Origin Pill, they are all turned in.

It is no wonder that the Pill Master did not want to come, only he was arrested.

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