Outside the Great Geng Dan River, not only are Elder and Deacon, which represent the major sects, but also crowded bystanders.

Although they can’t see the Pill Master condense God Origin Pill now, the two huge array techniques appear on the screen.

The first huge array technique screen appears on the screen, and the second array technique screen is the ranking of the Pill Master.

This time Dao Realm is a big Geng Dan River, and the Pill Master of each Zongmen is basically three people. Such as the extension of a large ancestor, this is just a sect of the Pill Master who did not enter the stream. There is almost no such thing as the first rate major sect. Even the general sect will not do this.

Because this kind of competition is not only related to the Zongmen face, but also related to the cultivation resources of Zongmen.

Participate in the Prin Master’s acquisition of the Greek Origin Pill, and finally some will be assigned to the participating Zongmen. Therefore, the more Godin Pill the Pill Master gets, the greater the gains from participating in the sect.

Yan Zongzong is a problem inside the Zongmen, and this is the case of a Pill Master. Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible.

The Zongmen ranking array technique is very clear on the screen. The first name is Wondanmen, the score is 2820; the second is Guangjing Shengmen 2432; the third is Qinglan Daozong 2428…

The ranking of the participating Pill Master is also clear. The first fish, 1811, comes from the Shendan Gate. The second place is Yuhe, with a score of 1400, from Yongting Shengdao City…

The score is the number of Origin Pill of the condense. The game is not until the semi-column of the game. The fisherman of the Wondanmen can sneak into the corner and get the RA and RA.

The Vice City Lord of the Holy Land in the Holy Land of the City of Sanctuary, which is the anti-reef, the 黾嗫仄 仙 ィ恍 ィ恍 ィ恍 档 澳 澳 澳 澳 澳 ! ! ! ! !!

Don’t use Wanhe to stop the B.

On the huge array technique screen, the last one is a sect, with zero points. The last one on the second array technique screen is naturally a Pill Master Di Jiu, and the points are also zero.

In addition to Wanhe 诩シ碇猓溆嗟淖诿懦だ hi 19. Swing 嗷 嗷 K inscribed 宄芤 谀诓 谀诓 谀诓 ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α ǘ崂睦骱Α笞冢渌蹬 诘 诘 诘 诘 诘 谝 谝 谝 谝 谝 谝 匆 匆 匆 2 2 2 2 2


Di Jiu watched All Pill Masters are crazy condense God Origin Pill, he guessed that the first few must have won. He estimated that he was a fake entrant. Not only did he come to know what to do, but he also had any prizes in the game and how many prizes he had. He did not know.

It can be seen that for An Tu Ning, he only needs to participate, and nothing else matters.

But since he came, he definitely did not intend to go back empty-handed. With so much Dan, he is guilty if he misses it.

Isn’t he urgently in need of cultivation resources? Is there any place in the cultivation resources that can be compared to this big river?

Other monks can’t bring the ring in, and they can’t arrange any great array here, or even if it is allowed to be placed, other Pill Masters can’t be arranged. At least one other Pill Master can’t do it, how to integrate your Dao of Alchemy into the great array. Don’t say that Pill Master can’t do it, even a top-level Array Dao can’t do it.

Di Jiu has no such concern. He has the Law Array Flag and has his own Dao of Alchemy system. He can arrange a Law great array of condense God Origin Pill.

Di Jiu is already familiar with Heaven and Earth Law here. He uses the Heaven and Earth Law here to outline a Law Array Flag and then integrate his Dao of Alchemy rules into the Law great array to make the great array work. , will transform Tiandi Dan into the god Origin Pill.

Although Di Jiu laid out the great array of condense God Origin Pill, he did not dare to arrange the size of this great array. If he alone involved the Danish gas in this Danhe River, he was looking for death.

Di Jiu’s Law great array is placed in the Great Universe Cauldron. As soon as Dan entered the Great Universe Cauldron, it was immediately condensed into the Greek Pill, and then the Greek Origin Pill was sent to the ninth world.

For the ninth world, Di Jiu is very relieved. If someone can perceive his ninth world, he does not expect to stand here.

After the condense god Origin Pill’s Law great array was put up and running, a vortex formed quickly above the Great Universe Cauldron. The vortex is drawn into the plum of the pill furnace, and in a twinkling, it turns into another one of the gods, the Original Pill. Each of the gods, the Original Pill, is the same size, with a strong and pure heaven and earth.

Just a dozen breaths, Di Jiu’s ninth world has thousands of Godrin Pill.

Di Jiu is worried that the vortex of the Danish air above his Great Universe Cauldron is getting bigger and bigger. If this place has a monitoring great array, then he is likely to be discovered.

In desperation, Di Jiu once again arranged the Law great array. This great array has only one effect, which weakens the vortex, but Dan is still inhaled into the pill furnace.

Only his monks who used the Heaven and Earth Law to arrange the great array dared to do so. Otherwise, an Array Flag was thrown out and everything was exposed.

After the second anti-rotation Law great array was arranged, Di Jiu’s spiritual sense observed the Pill refining vortex around Pill Master, and his vortex control was weaker than the Pill refining vortex of the surrounding Pill Master, which was relieved. .

Ten thousand gods Origin Pill quickly entered the ninth world, and Di Jiu began to distribute God Origin Pill. He came here not for the award. Since he met the god Origin Pill, he came here to make a fortune.

Every hundred gods Origin Pill, he sent a god Origin Pill into the ring, and the rest went into the ninth world.

Di Jiu This number is not given casually, but is based on the conclusion that the surrounding monks were involved in the sleek vortex of the pill furnace. He certainly can’t be more than others, but he can’t be too ridiculous.

Although Di Jiu can make his Law great array bigger, he feels that he is still a low-key one. It’s good to have money, don’t be too greedy.

Great Universe Cauldron started with automatic condense god Origin Pill with the help of Law great array. Di Jiu doesn’t have to pay half the effort, and doesn’t need to constantly play Dao of Alchemy.

His extra time is simply used to cultivating, this place is not cultivating, where to go to cultivating?

Pure and strong heaven and earth gas was swept away by Di Jiu, Di Jiu’s cultivation base quickly condense, and the gods became stronger.

Soon Di Jiu fell into a deep level of seclusion, this kind of strong cultivating, and even the insights are clearer.

After Di Jiu seclusion did not know the situation, his score outside was ceng ceng rose.

Although he is as low-key as possible, even the condense god Origin Pill’s Law great array is controlled as much as possible, but he is Law great array, unlike the general Pill Master condense God Origin Pill. In general, the Pill Master is still awesome, and the condense God Origin Pill still needs rest. They can recover Origin Qi with the help of the heavens and earth, and then continue to condense.

Di Jiu’s condense God Original Pill great array, no need to rest at all, as long as there is enough heaven and earth to condense enough top-level god Origin Pill.


“This is not quite right. The ranking of Yan Zong has actually risen to the top 100…”

Someone in the crowd finally found something wrong. Not only did the ranking of the ancestor rise to the top 100, but the number of disciples who participated in the competition was also rising. Nearly 2,000 Pill Masters entered the competition. Currently ranked 50th.

“It’s not quite right. His points rise very evenly. It seems that there is a certain amount of increase every moment…” Once attention is paid, the number of Di Jiu God Origin Pill rises and some oddity is revealed.

Plastic road perfection, want to go further and definitely not seclusion can be solved, Di Jiu finally opened his eyes.

His spiritual sense fell into the ninth world, and then he was shocked to discover that his ninth world had at least hundreds of millions of gods, Origin Pill.

In the ninth world, hundreds of millions of gods, Original Pill, are piled up. It can be seen that there are millions of God Pills thrown into the ring by the great array.

No, Di Jiu found this situation the first time. I have neglected the terrible of the Law great array. The Law great array is always in the condense god Origin Pill. If it is more than a hundred thousand, that’s all, now millions of gods, Origin Pill, will definitely be discovered by others.

After understanding this, Di Jiu was sweating.

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